Anime Discovery 2017: ATTACK on TITAN Season 2 – #177

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So……4 years ago in the spring season of anime in 2013, one anime managed to become one of the most popular talked-about series in that year. It was that hyped anime of the year in 2013 (to most people, it was…. #2 or 3 for me) and so many people were hungry for more and they wanted a 2nd season so bad.

And eventually they will receive it……after 2 recap movies, 2 live-action Japanese movies, a comedic spin-off set in high school. Oh, and yes, it took them 4 years to announce a date that’s actually real, straight from the source and not some fake link your friends on FB posted because they don’t know how to check for legitimacy or just too damn lazy.

Oh, and yes, this is only for 12 episodes. Not 24 as most of you wanted to be but half of that. I’ll get to my thoughts on that later but now, we take a look at Attack on Titan Season 2.

Eren Yeager and others of the 104th Training Corps have just begun to become full members of the Survey Corps. As they ready themselves to face the Titans once again, their preparations are interrupted by the invasion of Wall Rose—but all is not as it seems as more mysteries are unraveled. As the Survey Corps races to save the wall, they uncover more about the invading Titans and the dark secrets of their own members.

I have to be honest…..I was skeptical knowing that it’s only going to be 12 episodes and it’s only WIT Studio doing the animation this time, as compared to them and Prod. I.G. doing the animation for the 1st series. That got me worried there as WIT as a studio has a lot of weak projects under their belt, with the worse being Seraph of the End, and what if 12 episodes isn’t enough to tell the story or answer the questions we’ve been waiting for…….and it paid off.

First, I have to say that this being 12 episodes actually worked out in their favor as it didn’t have the pacing issues of the first season as most people pointed out and it definitely starts where the first season left off at and the mysteries still continue on bout the existence of Titans among other things involving most of the characters that are pretty spoiler-ific, at least to those that didn’t read the manga first and I’m sure someone who did probably will say they knew and all that and yadda yadda yadda.

What I really love about this season is that the character focus is majorly focused on the supporting characters of the story than our main leads of Eren, Mikasa and Armin. While I do like those characters, it is refreshing we see characters like Sasha, Connie, Ymir, Krista, Reiner, Bertholdt get some characterization and development within the story. There are even some concrete serious moments with Hange, a character whom most people would just say she’s the craziest scientist type but her character in here has more rage than you think. Also, she takes charge like a motherfucker here!! Now I’ll also say that they really can’t fit everyone in here. You like Levi? Too bad, he’s not in here as much? Like Jean? Welp, he’s not in here that much either….personally……I don’t give a fuck since those two aren’t really my favorite characters in here, same can be said for Annie (hell, she was only interesting she was the Female Titan last season) and I really didn’t see any use for them here anyway.

The animation quality has improved over the last season as WIT definitely stepped it up in terms of action being animated just right and having the good amount of time spent on it. The Titan designs are just as terrifying and frightening as the titans last season and there is definitely the fear of being eaten alive by one of them. Hell, the end of the 1st episode will haunt you for a while.

As for music…..well, don’t expect another “Guren no Yumiya” here because the theme for here “Shinzou wo Sasageyo!” by Linked Horizon is….it’s good but doesn’t have much of an impact as the original theme did. The ending theme, “Yuugure no Tori (夕暮れの鳥)” by Shinsei Kamattechan, honestly felt out of place when the episode ends because we got a choir of children singing, like it’s coming from some trading card anime or something.

I got nothing new to say about the dub at this point but I did get some good performances from everyone in the cast. I still dig the hell out of Jessica Calvello as Hange Zoe and I was delighted with Ashly Burch as Sasha but I got to give props to Bryn Apprill and Elizabeth Maxwell as Krista and Ymir, respectively. They definitely have some great highlights here.

FINAL VERDICT: Season 2 was definitely an improvement over the first season and it manages to go for more when it has less. It is still the thrilling and entertaining show we got in 2013 with all the action, mystery and horror elements combined and while the hype of this gone down a lot, it still manages to hold some attention to their audiences. I mean, it was enough to earn them a Season 3.

8.5/10 Low FIRST CLASS

ATTACK ON TITAN Season 2 is available to stream on FUNIMATION|NOW, CRUNCHYROLL, HULU and it previously aired on TOONAMI/Adult Swim. Season 3 will come in 2018.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The BLUE HYBRID and when are we seeing Titan Dinosaurs?

ATTACK ON TITAN SEASON 2 – Animated by WIT STUDIO / licensed by FUNimation Entertainment

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