TIME of the SEASON Summer 2017 Edition: The REFLECTION

So, we got one more title to cover and why it had to air a week after some of the new stuff has already aired? I don’t know. This one does have a major profile behind it since it is from the man, the legend known as Stan Lee through his POW! Entertainment label. And yes, this is about superheroes in here.

Series DirectorKoichiro Sohtome

DirectorHiroshi Nagahama

ScriptYasuyuki Suzuki

MusicTrevor Horn

Original creator:
Hiroshi Nagahama
Stan Lee

Original Character DesignHiroshi Nagahama

Character DesignYoshihiko Umakoshi

Art DirectorHisaharu Iijima

Chief Animation DirectorMasaki Yamada


Animation ProductionStudio DEEN

Internet Streaming: Crunchyroll / Funimation



Plot Summary: The Reflection Event that covered the world in a black smoke that robbed the world of sunlight. Many people lost their lives, but those few who survived gained superpowers and became known as The Reflected. Some chose to be heroes, and others villains. But the how and why The Reflection itself happened remains a mystery.

First Thoughts: WOW…..first thing about this is the visuals. Yeah, the show’s art style does have that comic book look going into it and the more I think about it, it does fit within the show and it looking like any other Japanese anime series would been bland for the part being. Hell, remember the Madhouse/Marvel Anime? Actually, don’t remember that. Story-wise, the phenomenon of the black smoke giving people superpowers and of course, heroes and villains arise in that situation and yeah, I don’t have much else to say on this but hey, it’s watchable and I have some worries about this one in particular….mainly because Studio Deen is involved and they have been involved in shows I flat-out don’t like (i.e. Sakamoto and Rakugo) but I do appreciate the visuals in here. Yeah, I’m good with this.



AND…..That’s it!! Yeah, it took about a week off but that is it!!! As usual, expect my final thoughts on these shows coming in September. As of now, I got stories to finish and things to review.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, and don’t fuck this up, Studio Deen.

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