TIME of the SEASON Summer 2017 Edition: My First GIRLFRIEND is a GAL

Um…..”gal”? Why does a term from the 1950s is used to describe a certain type of girl in Japan? If someone care to explain that to me, I appreciate the effort.

For now…..this is My First Girlfriend is a Gal.

DirectorHiroyuki Furukawa

Series CompositionYūichirō Momose


Original creatorMeguru Ueno

Character DesignHiroyuki Furukawa

Art Director:
Masakazu Miyake
Masazumi Matsumiya (LOFT)

Chief Animation Director:
Kenji Terao
Yae Ootsuka

Sound DirectorMasakatsu Oomuro

Director of PhotographyToshitomo Kuno


Animation ProductionNAZ

Internet StreamingCrunchyroll

Plot Summary: Junichi “Jun” Hashiba is an uncool high school student who frets about wanting to lose his virginity. Egged on by his friends, Jun gets on his knees and confesses his love to a classmate named Yukana Yame. The confession surprisingly works and the couple goes out. However, Jun finds himself in uncharted waters with Yame, a trendy and fashion-conscious “gal.”

First Thoughts: OK, I did get the gist of this show from the get-go with the main guy Jun desperately wants to get some ass from any girl he finds attractive and of course, he got friends who are bigger losers (OK, not losers, more like THIRSTY-ASS MOTHERFUCKERS!) than him that egged him on about it and of course, they encounter someone who is a ‘gal’ and they think that they are the easiest to get in bed with and of course, the friends pushed Jun into it because no, duh, they picked the only sensible friend of that group. I also noticed that the other girls in the show that might be more involved in the plot or something since there is also some other girls that’s close to Jun, particularity the younger-looking one who…..yes, yes, the one that looks like a little sister-type that got …well….

Exactly. Thank you, Danny McBride in Tropic Thunder.

But would I want to see how this will go? Actually, I do and with only 10 episodes, it shouldn’t waste any time.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and I’m betting his friends thought if she was really his little sister, they would dream of her naked anyway.

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