TIME of the SEASON Summer 2017 Edition: CHRONOS Ruler

Someone I follow on Twitter said that this looks like if Hand Shakers got a season 2…….well, he’s not wrong. Oh, and I was about to write this yesterday but I got busy that day or at least later on that day but anyway…..

Here’s……Chronos Ruler…..which sounds like a old Sega video game.

DirectorMasato Matsune

Series CompositionMichiko Yokote

Hiroyuki Yoshino
Masato Matsune
Michiko Yokote

MusicEvan Call

Original creatorPONJEA

Character DesignHiroya Iijima

Art DirectorYusuke Ikeda (Barn Storm Design Lab)

Sound DirectorFumiyuki Go

Director of PhotographyJunpei Takatsu


Animation Productionproject No.9

Internet StreamingCrunchyroll

Plot Summary: Koyuki is a high school student who’s cheerfully trying to lead preparations for graduation even though she has recently lost her only living relative, her brother. While visiting her brother’s grave, she encounters a strange creature called a Horologue, which is attracted to human regret and eats the time of its victims, causing them to age in reverse. She is saved by Kiri Putin, a serious-minded swordsman who works with his “brother” as a Chronos Ruler, agents who attempt to thwart the activities of the Horologues by slowing down or speeding up time to fight. In defeating the Horologue, the two are able to help Koyuki understand that dwelling on her regret forever isn’t safe or healthy.

First Thoughts: And….I have found an anime this season even more boring than Knight’s & Magic and oh man, this is bland as Kix Cereal. It’s your typical run-of-the-mill action series with the whole “I got my brother killed because I’m a dumbass who stood on the road like I’m a moron!” shtick and the horrible animation with a lot of frame dropping in its movement. Hell, it’s almost as bad as Hand Shakers although I didn’t see any boobs that moved on their own and that’s probably a good thing but this story and characters just seem so blase and I don’t care to get that invested in here….yet do I want to see how shit it gets? Maybe. Although I am starting to not get enthused with the whole “so bad it’s good” type of thing because sometimes people say shows like Taboo Tattoo is like that except I find that anime absolutely horrid.

This gets the 3-EPISODE treatment.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and can people just stop playing in the middle of the road!?


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