TIME of the SEASON Summer 2017 Edition: A Centaur’s LIFE

OK, I know some of you are thinking “what the hell is this? an anime about a human/centaur hybrid girl?” and OK, this sounds weird yet fascinating and got some people talking.

I mean, from what I saw, it– actually, I’m just going to introduce the show now.
This is A Centaur’s Life.

Series DirectorFumitoshi Oizaki

DirectorNaoyuki Konno

Series CompositionTouko Machida

MusicTak Miyazawa

Original creatorKei Murayama

Character DesignSakae Shibuya

Chief Animation DirectorSakae Shibuya

Sound DirectorHiroto Morishita


Animation ProductionEmon Animation Company

Animation Production AssistanceEncourage Films


Internet StreamingCrunchyroll / Funimation

Plot Summary: Hime is a teenage centaur, who lives in a world where evolution rendered four-limbed creatures extinct in favor of six-limbed creatures. As a result, modern humanity takes four forms: centaurs, merfolk, angels and draconids, alongside humanoid animal folk like fauns, catpeople, and goatfolk. Equality between the races is strictly enforced to prevent conflicts, which makes for a peaceful school life where a centaur can be a princess in the school play and have goatfolk and draconid best friends, but that doesn’t mean life is perfect. Her goat friend struggles to keep up in P.E. while her draconid buddy is falling behind academically, and Hime herself is bound to find a few worries of her own.

First Summary: OK, now I can say it. The first episode does remind me of the very easy slice of life vibe I got when watching Interviews with Monster Girls earlier this year and yes, this is a very chill and charming show. I did like the bond among the three friends Hime, Kyoko and Nozomi going through their everyday school life and I get that not much happen aside from a school play and some info dump on the existence of their human/animal hybrids and the evolution of that but that complaint felt like obvious nitpicking to me. It’s not really a show that has much on plot but just daily life as…..well…..a centaur girl and I’m OK with that.

Yeah, I’m CONTINUING THIS. This is actually pretty good.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and here comes all of you asking some awkward questions about the centaur girl.


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