TIME of the SEASON Summer 2017 Edition: AHO GIRL

OK….what the hell does AHO Girl mean? AHO? A Ho? Is she one?

Nah, she’s just that stupid.

This is AHO Girl. (which means Clueless Girl…..yeah, that fits.)

Chief DirectorKeizou Kusakawa

DirectorShingo Tamaki

Series CompositionTakashi Aoshima


Original creatorHiroyuki

Character DesignMasakazu Ishikawa

Sound DirectorSatoshi Motoyama


Animation Productiondiomedea


Internet StreamingCrunchyroll


Plot Summary: Yoshiko, is a high school girl who is so ridiculously stupid everyday that even her childhood friend Takkun wants to give her a big punch.

First Thoughts: OK, a 12-minute formatted series….not too shabby and yet it was split up to 4 parts of showing how dumb this girl is and oh boy, she is a dumb one and yet not in a ‘she’s dumb but so lovable’ kind of way. More of the “I’m going to annoy the living fuck out of you and wreck your live” type of dumb and how is that guy still friends with her? Oh wait, the mother wants her to marry him and I pondered….why? Also, the one normal character Sayaka…..I actually feel scared for considering your two friends are now the very annoying air-headed girl and the obvious tsundere boy who might have a crush on you..

But hey, it’s more of the gag that matters and him basically knocking the fuck out of her……well, I don’t know if it’s going to get old or not. Probably will yet at least it’s done with the genders switched so it doesn’t feel stale but that doesn’t mean it’s automatically going to be good.

I’ll give this 3 EPISODES…. Thankfully it’s 12 minutes but why is the first episode split into 4 parts?


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and at least its short.



One thought on “TIME of the SEASON Summer 2017 Edition: AHO GIRL

  1. It’s done in four parts because it’s adapted from a 4-koma manga, and that’s generally how they are adapted. You don’t have to look far to find another example, in this season there is a show called Tsurezure children that is also adapted from a 4-koma manga and is done in 4 parts.

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