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So…….for those wondering…..what the hell is a HIDIVE?

Yeah, you remember that streaming service Sentai Filmworks have for their licensed anime? You know, The Anime Network? That site, like FUNimation NOW, that lets you watched a lot of their content and of course, got a monthly subscription for their dubs as well?

You don’t?

I don’t blame you. I don’t think a lot of people pay attention to that service as much and partially the reason why most Sentai Filmworks dubs don’t get as much coverage as something like FUNi dubs or any California-based dubs and considering things for Sentai hasn’t been favorable for them since the whole CR/FUNi thing and the whole Anime Strike thing although I heard that service is actually doing fine, this is another service that could help them out….

Image result for hidive anime streaming

And its logo is a monkey with spiral eyes that looks like he might lick my hand.


It is HIDIVE!!!

Like how Sentai Filmworks is the successor of ADV Films, you can say that it is the successor of Anime Network Online as most of the content from here is primarily from Section23 Films, the main distributor that handles its many divisions including Sentai, Switchblade Pictures, Maiden Japan, AEsir Holdings, Kraken Releasing and SoftCel Pictures…although the platform are open to other publishers.

In that case, Aniplex USA…..join up with them!!! And put your dubs on there, too!!! You know, the ones from shows we can’t get on disc anymore like Read or Die. I mean, you are platform agnostic after all. In other words, PUT MORE OF YOUR SHIT ON SOME LEGAL STREAMS….at least the ones I can afford.

Speaking of that….the membership that includes English dubs, exclusive titles, uncensored content, subtitle style options, and HD video costs……$4 per month?

BUT…..that’s for a limited time for an intro price and there’s a week free trial with that…and while I wished it was a month, this is slightly fair, more fair than Anime Strike’s free-week trial bullshit. Also subscribers can add up to two simultaneous streams for US$1 each. There is some apps being developed as of now and I’m sure it’s going to come on PS4, which I really need to get this year because I can’t keep living on this PS3 forever.

Image result for hidive anime streaming

Oh and if you noticed that the previous titles from the Spring line-up that were airing on Anime Strike were coming to HiDIVE and your first thoughts were “HELL YEAH!!!”, rewind that because that’s for the non-U.S./International audiences so you’re shit out of luck if you live here. Anywhere else…..hey, you get to avoid Amazon’s crap. I envy you.


Now, my thoughts on this whole thing…..this is something I might give a chance. Hell, $4 a month, I’ll get on that shit….probably quick since that price may not be for long and I’ll probably have to check if it can play on my computer since FUNi NOW doesn’t do shit on mine.

Again, I need some new shit or borrow someone else’s shit.


Well, HiDive, let’s hope your journey does a little better than ANO….and hopefully, your apps are on PS4 and PS3, too.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and seriously, that monkey looks like he’s gonna eat me.

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