Anime Discovery 2017: BLAME!! – #175

Looks like we got ourselves another Netflix Original in our hands…..or Netflix premiere…..or Netflix something. Fuck it, it’s on Netflix so there’s that.

It seems like a while that I have looked upon any anime that’s streaming on Netflix and mostly that’s because I was going to do Season 2 of Ajin but my interest of that show instantly died and as for Cyborg 009: Call of Justice…..I didn’t have too much interest in the show, let alone the series itself so that’s out.

Then I noticed an anime movie was recently added on there. Plus, the source material is from somebody whose name has been seen before on Netflix and that is Tsutomu Nihei. You may remember him as the creator of the manga Knights of Sidonia, which has been turned into an 2-season anime adaptation that streamed on Netflix at the Summer of 2014 and 2015, respectively.

Now his earliest project got an anime theatrical film adaptation, despite it first being a 6-episode ONA shorts in 2003, and that is the cyberpunk manga BLAME! 


In the post-apocalyptic future, the complex networks of machines have created chaos and the human world was destroyed. The robots known as the “Constructer” continued to build a meaningless structure with no one to guide them. Soon these cities reach out to the outer planets and another breed of life form emerges. Follow the journey of a strange man, name Killy, in his search for the understanding of the chaotic world being run by Silicon lifeforms out to destroy him and every living thing in their path.


So how does this all turn out?

Well…..I definitely wanted to like this but I couldn’t go all the way with this movie. It is by no means awful but it isn’t all that enthralling. The situation does play like an usual post-apocalyptic setting with everything dour and grey and signs of no hope whatsoever i.e., a bunch of youths were doing a food-scavenging mission but it doesn’t too well and yes, some of them die and come back with this guy….who is a human….but aren’t they human, too? Or Killy is some special type of human because he has the Net Terminal gene.

Anyway, back to the story, this is more of the ‘here’s an outsider that we might trust a bit and maybe he’ll help us destroy these Exterminators and we can regain the world back’ type of story. OK, that was a bit specific but yeah, that is the story and this is actually entertaining but not to the highest level of that but more of just being satisfied with what I got.

And for those saying that this was just some action sci-fi romp……well, that’s not entirely true. Some action here is really not all that noticeable. Yeah, there is some big action sequences here and there with some short tinges but saying it was all action…..yeah, no.

I will say for characters that I wouldn’t find much character development among the majority but you do still have a sense of caring what happens to them….however, Killy is not one of them and before you tell me ‘but the manga does this differently!’, I’m not reviewing the manga so there’s that. But Killy….yeah, this character is your typical bland stoic outsider character who is also a badass and while him shooting down Exterminators are cool and all, I don’t have the urgency to say, “OH NO, KILLY!” Yes, I also know this is told by the POV of the lead girl Zuru and maybe that might be a part of why Killy is not that interesting but yet I actually like Zuru the most in terms of characters in the story. Hell, I give a shit about Cibo and I didn’t notice that much of her until the 50-minute mark of this. Oh, and I need to mention that Fusata is a dumbass at the 3rd act of this.


Time to welcome an old friend back…Hey, Polygon Pictures! It’s no surprise that they were involved in the animation for this and well, it’s better animated than your past Netflix shows, especially Ajin. The colors are fitting for the movie’s tone with its dark but not greyish palette that still has color in its design, just not that bright. The CG here is not as clunky but still could use a bit more rendering although I guess they were running out of their budget near the end of the movie.

Music score does have that intensity when it comes to the action sequences but that’s about it and the ending theme sung by angela (well, because King Records is involved in this, too.) is moderately all right.

And of course, we got ourselves an English dub for the movie and for the most part, the performances were pretty solid although the English credits listing at the end of the movie got the cast listing wrong and we have to seek the right ones through the VAs on Twitter. You thought Johnny Yong Bosch played Killy? Nope, that was Kyle McCarley aka Mob from Mob Psycho 100. You thought Cristina Vee was Zuru? Nuh-uh, that honor goes to Christine Marie Cabanos and I actually like that she played this type of role in something than her usual range. Cristina Vee does play Cibo and this is up to her usual range and I think Cherami Leigh is in here somewhere. I don’t want to say who because I’m definitely not sure. I think she was Tae or somebody in here but yeah, this dub is very watchable.


FINAL VERDICT: All-in-all, BLAME! is an entertaining action sci-fi movie that doesn’t have much in depth but yet it’s still a good watch although I wouldn’t rush to watch it on Netflix. This isn’t a must-see. This isn’t anything like your name or shit like that but if you’re bored as shit and looking for 105 minutes to kill and you don’t want to leave home…..well, here you go.

So will BLAME! get the blame!?

Image result for 7/10

Yeah, this was OK.

Oh, and you know I already mentioned this is only on Netflix so yeah.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and again, how the hell do you pronounce this title?


BLAME! – animated by POLYGON PICTURES / streaming on NETFLIX

3 thoughts on “Anime Discovery 2017: BLAME!! – #175

  1. I’ve seen a lot of posts telling me how great this film was a few that have said its good but not great. This is probably the first that I’ve read that has actually looked at the story and characters in any kind of critical light. Thank you for providing your view on this. I’ve been tossing up whether to watch this or not and I’ll probably still check it out but I now have a better idea of what I’m going in to.

    1. You’re welcome and yeah, I got a bit of that, too when I was reading some reviews of this earlier before watching the movie twice. But yeah…..tis OK.

  2. First time I heard about this. Thanks for letting us know. The trailer actually looks good and makes me want to watch it. The animation looks amazing. I’ll see for myself if it really lacks depth. Cheers, Mark!

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