(HY)Lights #45 – Samurai JACK (Season 5 Final Impressions/Thoughts)

WARNING: The following post you are about to see will contain spoilers of SAMURAI JACK Season 5 and maybe other seasons. If you have not seen the show or its finale as of now. DO NOT READ THIS POST!! I repeat, if you care about being spoiled, don’t read this.

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So……back in late 2015 (possibly around December or so), there was a special surprise waiting for us that day……It was announced that Samurai Jack will return to Cartoon Network for a fifth and final season. After 13 years of being dormant, the show returns for one more round with everyone returning back including the show’s creator Genndy Tartakovsky as writer, director and storyboarder and of course, the original cast returns with one obvious exception but we will get to that. Oh, and by returning to Cartoon Network, I actually meant it was moving to Adult Swim on their Toonami block as the tone of this is more mature than its previous seasons.

Now usually, you’ll know my full opinion at the end of this but I’m gonna tell you right now: This season was fucking FANTASTIC!!!

This season was definitely a far cry from the past seasons during its 2001-2004 run and while the show has more of a mature tone, it is handled consistently throughout and there were little moments that felt inorganic in the show. The whole story (or part of it) is that after 50 years, Jack (who still retains his young looks) is at the point of just giving up because Aku has pretty much won and all hope is beyond fucked at this point and also he lost his sword and has visions of the people of his past from his family to Aku’s victims telling him that he’s let them down and it’s all his fault. Hell, he was on the verge of suicide. SUICIDE!! You know, a touchy subject that was handled actually well here unlike some other TV show I’ve been hearing about.

Other than that, Aku knows Jack is still alive and so he sends his set of girls, the daughters of Aku to kill Jack and well……yeah, Jack kills them all except for one. Yes, I meant kill as in they bleed blood, not oil as they are not robots but HUMANZ. He killed a human! He kills motherfuckers in this show but yeah, this shit was definitely hard for him as HE NEVER KILLED A HUMAN BEFORE!!

Like I said, the tone of this is more mature but it isn’t like ALL BLOOD AND GORE AND ALL THAT SHIT. I mean, this isn’t Akame ga Kill….the writing here is actually clever and the characters are actually redeemable. Anyway, the one he left alive is named Ashi and of course, she tries to kill his ass while he looked slightly annoyed at this (I would, too.) but he does save her ass at the end. Jack eventually does tell Ashi the real truth about Aku and how much of an evil son-of-a-bitch he is and how he destroy lives and all that with him brainwashing her and her sisters to believe the shit he spews out to them. Yeah, she got the realization of that soon, which makes Mommy Dearest very unhappy and yeah, that bitch is just as crazy as Aku. I mean, she just give birth to seven girls and walk it off like she was lifting weights or some shit.

But yeah, Ashi and Ma Dukes do fight it out and of course, Ashi killed her ass.

Oh and if you ask me about that whole Jack and Ashi kiss and how I feel about that, here’s my full response.

There you go.


So anyway, Jack gets his final showdown with Aku….except he possesses controls Ashi to kill Jack for him and she begs him to kill her but he won’t do that and he is doomed!
Until the whole gang of people he know comes in unity to defeat Aku and yes, Jack does eventually go free and continues to battle possessed Ashi and with the POWER OF LOVE, she breaks out of that and learns she got Aku’s powers, too….thus he goes back to the past and finally defeats Aku and at last, Jack and Ashi are together fore–Image result for PSYCH!

NOPE!! They was but you forget, he kills Aku and guess what? Ashi can’t exist anymore and it was at their wedding, meaning this whole sequence is directly (no, very directly) similar to Gurren Lagann‘s ending where Nia disappears forever and ever. While Jack may be lonely, at least he knows the world is at peace and with seeing a ladybug, he remembers the time he spent with her.


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention there was a side villain here named Scaramouche, the Sammy Davis Jr.-bot that tried to kill Jack the first episode of this and he was a funny delight on there.
Anyway, yes, I got no problems with this ending. In fact, this was a beautiful ending to go out on and it felt like to Ashi to go out like that. I mean, eventually that shit was going to happen sooner or later. It would’ve been dumb if you didn’t go that route.

Also, to be completely honest, while I did find the Jack/Ashi thing kinda odd at first, that never deter any enjoyment I had for the show and you’re reading something from a guy that watched 10-15 new anime per season. I have seen bullshit worse than that moment overall. Hell, another honest thing to say, that part with the penis thing (which is more stupid than not funny) and the whole Da’ Samurai thing felt so very unnecessary and more unfunny as I thought about it. I mean, I like Keegan-Michael Key’s voice as Da’ Samurai but it felt like because they were on Adult Swim, they can now get away with some things and to add some shock value to it. I mean, it’s not to the level with it’s obnoxious as hell but it was too on the nose.

As for voice acting, Phil Lamarr as Samurai Jack is still one of his best roles in his career and definitely one that showcases his voice acting skills as a lead. Of course, you know Mako is no longer with us so they got Greg Baldwin to replace him as Aku and no surprise, Greg is good considering this isn’t all that new to him as he’s usually the guy to replace Mako in his past various roles. Remember Iroh from Avatar? Of course, veteran voice actors we all know from our childhood appear here like Tara Strong as Ashi, Tom Kenny doing his Sammy Davis. Jr impression that’s not Eddie Griffin as Scaramouche, Grey Griffin as the High Priestess and some other well-knowns in smaller roles like Kari Wahlgren, Lauren Tom, Jeff Bennett, Daran Norris…..it’s a lot of people I can’t mention all of them here but yeah, their shit is fantastic.


So yeah, Season 5 of Samurai Jack….this shit was great from to beginning to end with a little oddness at the near end but nothing to sway me from enjoying it.

In other words…..Image result for 9/10

Definitely FIRST CLASS material.


And now…….we wait to see how they do with FLCL sequel that Adult Swim and Production I.G. got coming. Yeah, we didn’t forget about that.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and play us off, Mako and Will.I.Am!!!


SAMURAI JACK – courtesy of Cartoon Network Studios/Williams Street (Season 5)

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