WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, mild language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.

“AAAAHHHH!!!! OOOOOOO!!!!! NOOOOO!!!! STOP! PLEASE!” The sound of someone screaming in fear because they are about to be experimented on.
“Someone get the restraints!!” One guy said, “We need to hold him down!! In case he escapes!!”
“LET ME OUTTA HERE!!!” he kept on screaming.
While that was happening, one young kid kept in a cage as he is the next one in line and his face is caked in fear of what’s going to happen next.

“NO! NOT THE TWEEZERS!!” The victim yelled. “Wait, that’s not……PLEASE!! NO!!”
The kid kept on whimpering as he heard the victim’s screams.
“Help me….” He silently said. “Please.”

Next up, two guards came in to check on the room to make sure everything’s intact.
“Room is secure.” One guard said, “No intruders. No missing supplies and no…” Then suddenly, the other guard knocks out the first one, grab his keys and unlocked the cage.

“Huh? What the–” The kid said.
“Akio!” he shouted.
“Huh……who are you?” As the easily frightened Akio asked.
He took off his mask and see that it’s…
“KATO!” He said.
“That’s right, little bro.” he said, “I’m busting you out of here.”

He got Akio out of there but then the knocked-out guard was starting to wake up and see them escaping.
“INTRUDER!!” He shouted, “Prisoner is escaping.” He got out his gun, aiming at Kato but Kato pulled out his gun, shooting that guy and both brothers ran for their lives.

“AAHH!!! We got an escapee in our hands.” The guard shouted. “Dr. Atlas!!!”
“Have all the guards to lock down everything.” Dr. Atlas said, “They will not escape.”
“And how in the hell are you going to catch them?” One woman said.
“Oh, believe me, I got the best guards money can afford.”

“HURRY, AKIO!” Kato said, “They are locking every entrance and exit out there!!”
“THERE THEY ARE!” Three more guards show up.
“AAHH!” Akio said.
“QUICK! A WINDOW!” Kato said. “You go first!”
So, Kato had to hold off the guards while Akio jumped off.
Kato then shot that guy.
“NOT ON YOUR LIFE, FOOL!” Kato shouted as he jumped out and he and Akio are now on the run.

A barrage of guards were lined up waiting to pounce and attack on the two.
“GET ‘EM!” three guards went and jump on the two. Kato got to his pocket knife and stab one of them in the stomach, shoving it to the other guards while Akio kicks one of them from trying to grab him.
“You little shit!”
“AAH!!” Then part of Akio’s foot felt a bit warm to a burning hot that it burns the man’s hand.
Nevertheless, Kato got Akio out of there in time and outside the gates of the Atlas laboratory.

“The best guards money can afford, huh?” the woman said.
“Oh, shut up, Jackie.” Dr. Atlas said.
“Well, now….you let your most dangerous experiment get away.” Jackie said, “What’s going to happen now?”

“RUN!” The two brothers made a run for it and flee from the facility and went deep into the woods to search for a hiding spot and that was until they reached the city.

Elsewhere on the other side of town…..

“Julie!! JULIE!!!! JULIANNA!!”
A moan is heard in the bedroom and it turns out she is still asleep.
“Oh, damn it.” She said, “Julianna Juelz!!! Will you get up already?”

“AARGHH!!” Then Julianna got up. “Fine, Mom. I’m awake.”
“You are a heavy sleeper.” Her mom said, “Come on, this is your big day! Your first day at a new college!!”

“I know, I know.” Julianna said as she’s getting dressed, “And believe me, I’m excited as you are. I’m finally moving out and going to the University of my Dreams.”
“I can’t believe it….” Mom said, “My Julie going to the Atlas School for the Arts.”
“Yeah, I was psyched to hear I got accepted.” Julianna said.
“Hey, isn’t Alicia going there, too?” Mom asked.
“Yup.” Julianna said, “She’s just about as excited as I am!” They heard a knock on the door.

“JULIE!!” A voice shouted at the door. “Hello?”
“That must be Alicia.” Mom said.
She opens the door and Alicia squeals in excitement.
“YAAAHH!!!” As she jumps in and hugs Julianna.
“OW! Damn, good morning to you, Alicia.” Julianna said, “I see you’re just excited as me.”
“Well, it’s not every day that you go to the most prodigious art school with your best friend.” Alicia said, “Especially one with room and board already paid for.”
“In other words, you don’t have to call me all the time for money?” Mom said, “If so, then great. But…..I’ll still send you some things in case you’re trying to save up. You know how college goes nowadays.”

Then someone else showed up at the door.
“Luisa!!” Julianna shouted.
“JULIE!” Luisa also yelled. “YAY!! It’s great to see you again!”
“Hey, Luisa. You’re planning on spending the day with me and Alicia?”
“Yup,” Alicia said, “Luisa gets to spend time with her best older sister in the world.”
“….But you’re my only older sister in the world.” Luisa joked with Julianna and her mother laughing.

“HA-HA! True!” Alicia said, “But I do want to show you where I’m going to be at for the next…..3-4 years.”
“3-4 Years?” Luisa said.
“Yeah….depending on my stay there based off that Ella Grant I got.” Alicia said, “And I have applied for it the next 2 semesters so I’m good on that.”
“You can do that?” Luisa asked.
“Well…..no.” Alicia said, “But I’m sure I’ll get it every time I do it.”

“Welp, time for you girls to get moving on.” Mom said, “When does the orientation start?”
“In about……30 minutes from now.” Julianna said, “We should get moving!”
“Oh, you’re right!” Alicia said, “Luisa, we’ll be right back to pick you up later.”
“ALL RIGHT!!” Luisa said, “I’ll be here….waiting…..for you to come back.”
“It won’t be long. It’s about 15 minutes from here.” Alicia said.

15 minutes later

Julianna and Alicia have arrived at the Mira Atlas School for the Arts, just in time for the orientation and they were in awe of how extravagant and wide the university is, surrounded with many of their future peers and associates.

“Wow……” An excited Julianna said, “I forgot how gorgeous this place looks. It makes me want to stay here forever.”
“I know, right?” Alicia said, “I can definitely see Luisa going here myself. Better here than at home.”
“Now we just got to find the Radius Hall for the orientation class….wherever that’s at.”

“JUELZ!!” Another voice called out her name.
“Huh?” Julianna said.
“I didn’t say anything.” Alicia said.
Then comes another friend of theirs (or mainly Julianna’s) Daniella.

“DANIELLA!?” Julianna shouted. “OH MY GOD!”
“Daniella.” Alicia just flatly said. “Oh………K.”
“Hey, girls!!!” Daniella said, “Nice to finally see you two here at Atlas!”
“Yeah, it’s about time we got ourselves in here.” Julianna said, “I’ve been looking forward to this since hearing about it.”
“Oh, hey ALICIA!” Daniella cheerfully said.
“Daniella.” Alicia tediously said. “You go to this school, too?”
“I thought you knew that.” She said, “This is my 2nd year here in my degree of art design. Anything you’re getting your majors in?”
“Graphic Design.” Julianna said.
“Animation.” Alicia said.

“ATTENTION! The orientation will begin in 5 minutes. Report to Radius Hall.”
“Oh shit, we need to hurry.” Daniella said as she ran along.
“Great…..” Alicia said. “Just great.”
“What?” Julianna asked.
“You forgot how annoying she can be sometimes?” Alicia said, “I mean, I got nothing against her but damn, she does talk all the damn time and never shuts up. It’s like if the Energizer Bunny talked and he kept going and going and going and g—you put the picture.”
“What? She’s a very social butterfly.” Julianna said, “Besides, you know how creative she is and she can give us a few pointers with some projects and given enough time hanging with her and you’ll be smitten with her.”
She sighs. “OK, OK, fine. But if we end her roommates with her….you’re sharing a room with her.”

While the orientation was proceeding, the two brothers Kato and Akio were hiding out somewhere in the private garden.
They were sat in the long bush.
“I think we lost them.” Kato said, “Or maybe that was a while back.”
“Maybe they stop looking for us.” Akio said.
“I doubt it.” Kato said, “They’re probably going to look for us again and they might find us here. We got to keep moving no matter the cost.”

“But, Kato, I’m getting tired.” Akio said.
“Look, we can’t stop running.” Kato said, “Atlas Labs are going to keep looking for you and they were definitely going to kill me so we need to move on from here.”
“But where?” Akio said.
Kato kept thinking and grunted, “Shit, I don’t know. But we do need to get out of this garden.” However, he walked outside and see the sign that says “The Mira Atlas School for the Arts.”

“Wait…..” Kato said, “DAMN! We’re at another Atlas property!”
“You didn’t notice?” Akio said.
“And you did!?” Kato shouted.
“You told me to keep quiet!” he said.
“DAMN!” Kato screamed, “OK…….Maybe we can hide out somewhere or masquerade as people that go here. But you…….how am I going to explain you in here?”
He then see someone coming out of a room and without anyone noticing, they went in there and they find out it’s the student database.
“Well, maybe this will help.” Akio said.
“Yeah, you’re right!” Kato said, “I can get inside the system and add us in there but we have to use fake names so no one will notice.”
“Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! I wanna be Jet Tavish!!” Akio suggested.
Kato looked confused at that suggestion. “Um, who!? OK, bad idea. We need inconspicuous names like Jeff Williams or Rodrick Green or something like that.”
“How about Tremaine and Jermaine?” Akio said.
“THERE YOU GO!” Kato said, “Those are good names to disguise ourselves as.” So Kato logs in to the system and created fake names and attributes for themselves while Akio is the lookout.
“Let’s see……room…….131…….Freshman…..free room and board. GOT IT!”
“KATO! We got company!” Akio shouted.
“SHIT! Time to dash!”

We go the orientation and a bunch of motivation speakers, instructors and higher-ups were giving their introduction to the school about entering the next phase of their life and careers and goals, mainly the usual spiel you’ll get as you enter a college or university.
“How long is this orientation?” Julianna asked Alicia.
“We got 5 minutes left.” Alicia said, “It’ll be over before you know it.”
“Hmmm, I thought it was 10.” Daniella said.
“10!?” Julianna shouted that everybody heard her including the speakers. “Oh no….” As she ducked her head in humiliation.
“We got 10 minutes left if that’s what you’re asking.” One guy whispered to her.
“Oh….” Julianna still hid on the ground.
“Look, don’t worry about it.” He said, “One guy accidentally shouted that he was hard and I think no one can top that in terms of humiliation.”
“No one let him live it down?” she asked.
“That and he smoked a lot of crack.” He said. “That’s the bigger issue with him…..and by the way, Hi, I’m Miles. Miles Riley.”
“Julianna.” She said, “Julianna Juelz.”
“Ohh, what a fascinating name.” Miles said.
“You mean Julianna or Juelz?” She asked. “There are girls named Julianna.”
“Well, both.” He said, “Julianna is a pretty name but I never heard anyone with the last name Juelz.”
They both had to eventually stop talking as one more speaker went up to the stage and this time, it was the founder of the school Jackie Atlas.
“Fellow students of Atlas, I hope that the next 4 years of your life in this prodigious school will be a wondrous and pleasant experience and will also guide you to your future career in the arts. I see many minds in here that can be the next revolutionary artist of tomorrow. I wish you the best, my inquiring minds.”

In the intervening time at Atlas Labs, they were investigating to see where Kato and Akio went.
“Damn, they have pulled a fast one.” Dr. Atlas said, “They could be anywhere in the city and if someone finds out that my experiments is out on the loose, I could be reamed for this.”
“Sir, your wife has just finished her speech at Atlas Arts.” One guy said.
“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” He said.
“Also, do you notice there were two more students added in the roster?”
“Huh?” Dr. Atlas said, “That’s something Jackie should look up herself. What’s that got to do with me?”
“You don’t think….they might infiltrated into the school to expose you?” he said.
Atlas looked puzzled for a minute but then laughed it off at the idea of that.
“Really? Come on, man.” Atlas said, “Who would be dumb enough to sneak in a place that’s associated with the same person you’re running away from?”

Soon, everyone left the hall and went back to their regular duties while Julianna and Alicia are getting their dorm rooms.
“Hi-ya!” Two girls just walked in front of them.
“I am Chinami Azuri and this is Kazumi Anno. We are your dorm room residents.”
Kazumi then added, “We keep everything in this dormitory in tip-top shape. How may we be able to help?”
“Hi, I’m Julianna Juelz.”
“And I’m Alicia Watts. We’re here for our assigned dorm room.”

“AH!” Chinami shouted, “We’re part of the new crop of students arriving today. We’ll just look up what we got around this time.”
They look up to see what vacancies are available to them at this time.
“Hmm…let’s see……..OK! We got something available for you….are you two sharing a room?”
“Yes.” Julianna and Alicia said.
Kazumi then got the number for them, “OK then. Juelz and Watts…..you are signed to Room…131.”
“Alright. Nice choice.” Chinami said, “That one’s a good live-in place for the two of you….and yes, nobody was murdered there.”
“O….K…..” Alicia said, “At least I got nothing to worry about then.”

“Now we do have some rules to abide by here….” Kazumi said, “While we do co-ed rooms in here, don’t have a lot of guys here at midnight for some obvious reasons.”
“I’m sure these girls are smart enough to not do that.” Chinami said.
“Yeah……” Julianna said, “I don’t think any of that is going to happen.”
“Yeah, we’re responsible adults. We can be good tenants.” Alicia said, holding a big stuffed bear.
“All right then.” Chinami said handing them the keys. “Welcome to your new room, Tenants Juelz and Watts.”
“Hope you also enjoy your new roommates!” Kazumi said.
“OK THEN!” Julianna said but Alicia stopped in her tracks and notice that one word.

Back at Room 131, Kato and Akio are hiding out for the time being.
“Well, it’s a good thing this room got beds and some essentials.” Kato said. “Maybe I should’ve asked for a TV in here.”
“I don’t think they would allow that, Kato.” Akio said. “Maybe somebody will bring one here when our roommates come in here.”
“Well, we have—Wait, roommates?” Kato said. “I don’t remember adding in people in here.”
Akio added, “We just got a notice that we have incoming roommates.
“WHAT!? DAMMIT!” Kato said, “We can’t risk have other people possibly knowing about us and what you are! And this is a part of ATLAS!! They’re lock you up forever with God knows what experiments they’ll do to you.”
“Well, we are under fake names right?” Akio asked.
“Yeah.” Kato said. “As long as we stick by them, we will be alright. Hopefully our roommates won’t be that nosey.”

Akio looks up who is going to be their roommates are and sees the pics of Julianna and Alicia. “Well, we got these girls for roommates.”
“Hmmm, let me see.” Akio showed him the pics.
“OK…..these girls are cute but hopefully they won’t know what shit we into.”
“I’m sure they’re nice.” Akio said.
Then Kato said, “I’m not denying that but we shouldn’t be too close to them.”
The two then walk to one of the other rooms and it was right around that time Julianna and Alicia were coming.

“OK, Jermaine and Tremaine Patterson?” Alicia said, looking at who were their roommates.
“I guess they’re brothers.” Julianna said.
Alicia said, “I hope both of them won’t try any shit on us….or on Luisa when I pick her up.”
“Are they even there?” Julianna knocks on the door.

“HELLO!” She shouts, “Anybody home?”
“We got the key.” Alicia said, “Maybe they’re not there yet. Hopefully I can get dressed in there before they show up.” They open the door and notice everything looked untouched and new.

“OK…..” Alicia said as she glares around the place, “Damn, this is really nice. It looks very lived-in and after each class session, I can definitely see myself relax here with no one around and possibly sleeping.
“So me every other day?” Julianna said.
“Yep.” Alicia said, “I see why you do it often.”

Unknown to them, Kato and Akio were staying hidden from the girls at the underground floorboards.
“Those are the girls?” Kato said.
“Wow, they look so pretty.” Akio said.
“You say that about any girl you’re in close proximity to you. Then you get swayed by their charms and…”

“Anyway, I’m going to change clothes and then get Luisa.” Alicia said.
“Alright, cool.” Julianna said, “I’m getting my class schedule and get some supplies.”
“OK, see you later then.” Then Julianna left.

So Alicia locked the door and went to change her clothes.
Akio then said, “OK. One of them is gone, so how… Kato?”
He went near the room where Alicia was changing clothes.
“KATO!!” Akio whispered. “Are you trying to see her naked?”
“Maybe…” he said, “What? I bet you’re curious, too. Besides, after the shit we’ve been through, it’ll be nice to see some tits.”
“Ah…..” As Alicia took off her bra and then threw it on the ground, putting on a t-shirt. “That feels oh, so nice.”

“And she’s stacked as hell.” Kato said.
“Kato…..” Akio said, “Come on, we can’t keep–” Then Kato bumped into something that made him shouted “OW!! DAMN!”

That moment weirded Alicia out.
“What the?” she said, “HEY!! Is somebody in there?” As she got herself a bat and a knife. She walked around the house and look in the closets to see if someone is hiding somewhere. She sees that the door is unlocked.
“The door’s unlocked? JULIE!! Are you back already?” She shouted, “You could’ve shut the door or somet–”

“What?” Then Kato and Akio showed up.
Alicia unknowingly screamed at the sight of them and brings out the bat. “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!?” She starts swinging at them but Kato easily got the bat from her.
“Hi. We’re your roommates as you rudely swing a bat at me and my brother.” Kato said. “I’m Jermaine Patterson, by the way.”
“So you’re basically the other pair of people living here?” Alicia said.
“Well, I didn’t know we got other people here either.” Kato said, “But here we are….and I see you’re getting comfy judging by your bra on the floor.”
“HEY! I might be wearing one.” Alicia said as she threw something at him, “And what is your business of what I’m wearing?”
“You mean besides your nipples in full view?”
“WILL YOU STOP?” Alicia said, blushing in embarrassment.
“If you need me, I’ll be checking out my new room.” Kato said as he left the room.

“Jermaine!” Akio said, “Relax! We don’t want to piss off another roommate like you did last time.”
“I’m guessing that guy was smart.” Alicia said. “Smarter than me.”
“Sorry about that.” Akio said, “I’m A—Tremaine. His brother.”
“Is he always like this around other people?” She asked.
“Occasionally.” Akio said. “But he’s less of that in most days. I hope we can be good roommates to each other in the future.”
“Well…..” Alicia said, “You are trying to get on my good side. So far, you’re better than your brother and that’s already good points with me. Wait….you didn’t see me changing clothes, did you?”
“NO! No, I did not!” Akio straightforwardly said as he’s starting to sweat.
“I hope you’re not lying to me.” Alicia said, “And why are you sweating?”
“It is kinda hot in this room.” Akio said, “But I swear I didn’t see a thing! HONEST!”
“OK, OK.” She said, “Just keep an eye on your brother and tell him don’t abuse the fact girls live here.”
“Got it.” He said, sounding scared.
“Good.” Alicia said.

Back at the labs, Daisuke talked to Jackie about any suspicion about new students.
“Who thought those 2 would be in the Arts school?” Jackie asked, “The place and security would have known if they trespassed here.”
“Well, that one guy might have a point about that.” He said, “Um…..what’s his f–”
“Kane. His name is Kane.” Jackie said, “My god, you always forget people’s names and you’re the smart one in here.”
“And you’re the mouthy one in h–” Atlas said within earshot of Jackie.
“Look, we will visit the dorm rooms tomorrow to check in on that.” Jackie said, “And by we, I mean I will send in a school officer to do it for me. I am a busy woman, in case you didn’t notice.”
Then Kane showed up about new info about the escape.
“DR. ATLAS!!!” Kane shouted, “The boys found something in the Arts school that might help us!!”
“WHAT!?” he shouted.
“It looks like an break-in into the private garden.” Kane said, “Also, the footage looks damaged so we can’t view it.”
“Well….looks like we got somewhat of an answer.” Atlas said.

Coming back from getting some art supplies, Julianna ran into Miles again.
“HEY!! Julianna right?” Miles said, “It’s me, Miles.”
“Oh yeah. You’re that guy I met at the assembly.” She said, “Miles, right?”
“Yeah, that’s me.” He said, “So I see you got your stuff for classes?”
“Yeah, I got…” She took a look on her schedule. “The beginner class with Ms. Lopez on Mondays and Tuesdays and CG Work on Wednesdays.”
“Cool.” He said, “I got Lopez as well. Hopefully we can be potential partners in there.”
“Yeah, I would like that.” So the two talked and talked some more as they walked back to the dormitory.

“So this is your room, huh?” he said.
“Yep.” Julianna said, “Our new casa with me and my best friend Alicia. She should be here r–” However, when she opened the door, she sees a lounging Kato on the couch with loud music playing in the background.
“Uh……what the–” She said.
“OH… Oh, I guess you’re the other roommate.” Kato said. “Yeah, we’re the Patterson brothers. I’m Jermaine.”
“OH!!! You’re the other roommates we got.” Julianna said.
“Yep.” He said, “We met your other roommate and she’s quite the mouthy one. She thinks we was peeping at her and shit.”
“No, she thought you was peeping at her.” As Akio said to him. “I’m Tremaine, his younger brother and I see you’re Julianna Juelz.”
“Correct.” She said.
“Your friend is now picking up her sister. She should be here in a few minutes.”

Later on

“So…….” Alicia started out, “You met the new guys, too, huh?”
“Yeah.” Julianna said, “Although they haven’t said too much bad around me.”
“One of them peeped at me.” Alicia argued, “And I think the other noticed I wasn’t wearing a bra…..even if the other one is more likable.”
“Was the curtain open?”
“It was closed!!” Alicia said, “So I don’t know how they saw that! They better not try any shit on my sister!”
“I hope not.” Julianna said.
“I’ll would kill those fools if they did.”
“Um, Alicia?” Julianna said, “Where is Luisa?”
“She was in the kitchen a minute ago.” Alicia said, “And I saw that Jermaine gu—OHNO!”

“PERVERT!!!” As Alicia shouted as she barges in the kitchen.
“The hell I do?” Kato said, “I’m fixing myself a sandwich. I didn’t peak at you again….or at all since I didn’t do it in the first place.”
“Something happen?” Luisa said as she was eating a banana.
“Oh…Luisa….you’re alright and….nah, nothing happen.” Alicia said, “Just wondering where you were, that’s all.”

“YYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEE!!!!” And that was Akio in the other room.
“The hell with that?” Julianna shouted.
“Sound like it was coming from the bathroom.” Alicia said.
“OOOWWW!” Another scream was made. “Damn, that’s hot.”
“OH NO! AKIO!” Kato thought. “His powers…..”
“I guess the hot water works in here.” Julianna said. All of them went there to see what’s going on with Akio. Julianna kicked open the door but sees Akio in the buff.
“HEY!!!” Akio shouted, covering himself up.
“What the—OH SHIT!!” Kato said.
“I was just taking a bath. It got a little too hot for me, OK!?” he shouted, “Can you please shut the door!?”

“So that makes it two people that got peaked on today.” Julianna said.
“For the last time, I didn’t peak at that DAMN GIRL!” Kato screamed at everyone.
“BULLSHIT!!” Alicia screamed and that got her and Kato arguing for the next 10 minutes or so.

Later on at night……

“Dammit, we can’t stay here for long.” Kato said, “Not if we have to deal with these damn girls.”
“I don’t know.” Akio said. “They seem like cool people.”
“It’s been only one day and you almost goofed up on almost revealing yourself to some total strangers!!” he yelled. “Be lucky the hot water saved your ass!!”
“Kato….” Akio said, “Look, it was one….just one accidental slip-up and no one founded out!”
“That doesn’t mean it’s always going to be a breeze!!!” Kato said, “One move and a call and we have to keep running again and I know we can’t keep running!!”
“Kato……you know I don’t want to keep running.” Akio said, “I didn’t think the shit was going to happen again and I don’t want to jeopardize this.”

Kato sighed. “I know, I know.” He said, “That wasn’t your fault…..well, all your fault. But please, in the future, I just want you to be careful of what you’re doing.”
“I promise, Kato.” Akio said.

“I really don’t know about those guys.” Alicia said chatting with Julianna in the kitchen, “There is something about them I just don’t trust.”
“I don’t know.” Julianna said, “They seem clean to me. Hell, you saw the other brother in the buff in case you thought they were peaking. You got a little payback.”
“I DON’T WANT TO SEE THEM NAKED!” Alicia said, “Thankfully it wasn’t the other asshole brother but then again, he’s the one I got issues with. Tremaine seems alright but I wish he wouldn’t take shit from Jermaine.”
“Take shit from him?”
“What, you didn’t notice it?” Alicia said, “I can hear him in the room talking about that incident. It wasn’t his fault. Maybe the water was too hot or something.”

“I don’t know if it’s about that.” Julianna said, “That seems too trivial. It might be something else he’s talking about.”
“Well……” Alicia said, “Whatever it is, they better settle it.”


Someone came knocking on the door very hard.
“What the…..” Julianna said as she first heard the noise. “It’s 8AM……can you let me sleep at least for one more hour before my 11 class?”
A police woman was at the door.
“Excuse me, I don’t mean to disturb your slumber, but I’m here to ask you and any other roommates some questions.” She said, “Pardon myself. Let me introduce myself…..I’m Officer Tsubasa Reid and yesterday, there was a break-in in the private garden and we’re trying to see if anyone saw something suspicious around here.”

“Juelz?” Then Alicia woke up and see what was going on. “Excuse me, but who are you?”
“She said there was a break-in at the private garden yesterday.” Julianna said, “She’s just investigating it.”
“Oh.” Alicia said, “Well, we don’t know much about that. We just arrived yesterday and we aren’t that aware of everything here.”
“And your names?”
“Oh, I’m Julianna Juelz and that’s Alicia Watts.” Julianna said.
Reid had that written down and asked, “OK then. You two are good….but I also heard you two got another roommates in here.”
“Oh you mean the Patterson brothers?”

Next thing, Kato woke up to the sound of them talking.
“What the hell?” He then sees the officer talking to the girls and listen closely but make sure he doesn’t get noticed.
Akio wakes up and sees Kato trying to hear the conversation.
“Hello, Ka–”
“SSH!!” he said, “Listen.”

“You think you can wake up your roommates and ask if they notice anything?” Reid asked.
“Sure.” Julianna said, “I’ll get them.”
“DAMN!” Kato silently said, “AKIO! Fake asleep! NOW!”
So they immediately fall back asleep in order to avoid some questions.
They remain silent and not move a muscle.
“Hey, you guys up?” She said, “Hello? Jermaine? Tremaine? You guys up?”
She tried tapping them in the shoulder and nothing happened.
“I guess they’re still sleeping. They are some heavy sleepers.” She said, “I’m actually impressed.”

“They’re still asleep?” Alicia asked. “Fine. I guess I’ll wake them up.”
Alicia then walked in their room and shoved Kato out of bed.
“OWW!” Kato said, “What the hell?!”
“I knew you was bullshitting!!” Alicia said, “You were faking it!!”
“I wanted to sleep, dammit!!” Kato said, “And you waking me up isn’t helping me!”

Akio then decides to wake up before she do it to him. “OK, OK, OK, I’m up. Please don’t hit me. We was still tired from last night. That’s all. But….why you wanted to wake us up for?”
Alicia told him, “A police officer came in about a break-in at the private garden and wonder if any of us know anything about that.”
Kato’s eyes were in wide-eyed and shock of that.
“Break-in?” Akio said, playing it cool. “Anything stolen?”
“Nothing we heard of yet.” Alicia said.
“Well, we didn’t know anything about that.” Kato said, “We’ve been registering for room and board yesterday.”
“Yeah, it couldn’t be us.” Akio said.
“Great.” Alicia said, “I’ll just tell the cop that we’re all square then.” She then left the room.

“So anything from them?” Reid said.
“Nope.” Alicia said, “They don’t know much about that.”
“OK then.” She said, “If you do know anything about this, give me a call.” She handed her a card.
“Will do.” Julianna said.

“OK, that was close.” Kato said. “I admit, you did save our asses back there.”
“I just hope we don’t get any more things like this.” Akio said.
The girls then went in their rooms to talk a bit.

“Are you sure you two don’t know anything about that break-in?” As Alicia just outright said to them.
“What!?” Kato said, “We told you we didn’t know anything about that. You don’t believe us?”
“We were telling the truth.” Akio said.
“Hey,” Julianna said, “We do believe you….but then again, we don’t know that much.”

“Oh, COME ON!” Kato said.
“But…..” Julianna said, “You two do look clean.”
Then Alicia added in, “And you have been here all day….and peek at me.”
“DAMMIT!” Kato said. “I said I didn–”
“Can we just say that we didn’t do anything!? PLEASE!” Akio begged at them.
“All right. All right.” Julianna said, “But we have to look out for one another and not lie to each other…..deal?” She extends her hand in agreement.
“Deal.” Akio said. “Alicia?”
“Yeah, deal here, too.” She also shakes her hand.
“Jermaine?” Akio said, “JERMAINE?”
“OK, dammit!” Kato said, “Deal!”
“See? That’s all we had to do.” Akio said, “A simple agreement.” Then as he shook Alicia’s hand, he started to feel heat in his hand and flames almost came out, so he had to hid it.
“OW!” Akio said, “Damn, I’m sorry!”
“Sorry? For what?” Alicia said, “What? Your hand being sweaty?”
“Um……yes.” As he went with that, “I get sweaty palms sometimes. It’s…..kinda embarrassing.”
“Oh, don’t sweat it, dude.” Alicia said, “I’m sure in due time, it’ll stop.”

“Well, I got to run. Got an animation class in 30 min.” Alicia said as she got ready.
“Animation class?” Akio asked.
“Yeah, my beginner class.” Alicia said, “Storyboarding, designing characters….the basic things.”
“I think I got that class…” Akio said, “Only at a different time.”
“Wait, I think they got a few more spots available.” She said, “You can join the earlier classes and we can be classmates. I mean, we’re already roommates so why not?”
Akio then smiled at the thought of him and Alicia going to class together. “Actually, that would be a good idea. In fact, I’ll switch classes now.”
“NICE!” Alicia said.

As he went to the computer to change classes, Kato went in and said, “I knew it.”
“What?” Akio asked.
“You are infatuated with a girl you like when you know we are on the run.” Kato said, “You’re going to like her and then when the truth comes out, you’re going to lose her.”
“Look…..we can’t be couped in here forever.” Akio said, “We got to act like normal students around here. Also, so what if I like the girl? She seems nice.”
“Yeah…..to you.” Kato said.
“I didn’t peek at her.” Akio retorted back.
“Look, I know what I’m doing.” Akio said, “Don’t you got any classes for today?”
“Tomorrow.” Kato said, “I know to play the part but you’re the one trying to get cozy with people. Remember, this shit isn’t long-term. We’re going as soon they stop investigating this place.”

“Find anything yet?” As Atlas calls Reid’s phone as she exit the premises.
“Negative.” She said. “Seems like no one knows any damn thing.”
“Well, damn.” He said, “Then again, I got someone else looking into that break-in. hopefully they’ll find me a lead.”
“Who did you get?”

A blue motorcycle drove up at Atlas labs and a guy dressed in blue and silver leather walked in the entrance room
“Someone came asking for me. A Daisuke Atlas.”
Kane asked, “And who may you be?”
“Let’s just say….some hired help.” He said as his blade shengs.

“Haru Riddle.” Atlas came in meeting him, “Deep-cover assassin for the Indonesian Mob and one slick dude that can find those guys for us.”
“I have the latest skills in finding what you are looking for….and I never……NEVER…..fail my goal.” As Haru waves his knife around
“OK, he seems determined.” Kane said. “So he’s going to the school again?”
“Yes.” Haru said, “I think there might be something that slipped under your radar and judging by that footage I saw of your boys getting your ass handed by his brother.”
“The brother is the biggest hassle we are dealing with.” Atlas said, “He’s the one protecting the brother and despite him being only human, he’s just as big as a threat as him and the power he possesses.”

“Look……” Haru said, “I know your men hasn’t done much of a job but I am not your men. I will get your property back…..and as for the brother…..well, you want it one bullet in him or two? And in the head or chest?”
“Surprise me.” Atlas said.

Class has started for Julianna in her beginner CG class and she has been busying flirting and talking to Miles most of the time. There is also the fact that Kato joined the class in order to keep his masquerade in good shape.

“Damn, this looks blocky as hell.” Kato said, “Maybe I can smooth it down or…..”
“You mean render?” Miles said to him.
“Yeah, that shit.” Kato said, “Thanks….uh….um, guy that’s with Juelz.”
“You’re welcome….” Miles said, “Guy that’s roommates with Juelz.”

“So you need to render that so it wouldn’t be clunky?” Julianna asked.
“Mmhmm.” Miles said, “Although it could take a while for it to come out good.”
“Like how a while?” she asked.
“Like an hour or so.”
“AN HOUR!” Kato said. “Well, damn……I wonder how Akio is doing at his class.”

We see Alicia drawing a simple animation walking cycle.
“OK, add a line there.” She whispered to herself, “And one over here……and DONE!!”
She shows the sequence to her instructor.
“Hmmm…..Ms. Watts…..”
“Huh?” she said.
“OK, this is your first try and this is adequate.” The instructor said. “Maybe you could add a little more life into it.”
“More life?” Alicia questioned. “You mean add some color to it? Because I was about to–”
“I meant that you need to add a bit more personality to it.” They said, “Just saying.”

“OK, what is he talking about?” Alicia said next to Akio.
“I have no clue.” He replied. “I guess it’s one of those put your feelings into your work type of guy.”
“What? He’s saying I don’t do that?” she said.
“I think so.”
“DAMN!” Alicia said, “OK then, Tremaine, what you think about it? And please, be honest about it.”

He didn’t hesitate and said, “Honestly, you did good. Not great but this is still a passable walking cycle. You said you was going to add color, right?”
“Yeah.” She said.
“Then it’s fine….at least, to me.” Akio said.
“Nice.” Alicia said, “And thanks, Tremaine. See? Us being together in class was a good idea and you’re good company to be with.”
He blushed and said, “Aw, thanks. You’re good company, too.”
Alicia then noticed a drawing Akio got in his bag. “Hey, Tremaine…..what’s that in your bag?”
“Oh……” he said, “This was a drawing I did about 6 years ago.” It was a drawing of a blue fiery bird aka The Phoenix
“Wow…..this looks beautiful.” Alicia said, “Imagine saying this animated before people’s eyes. It would look so mesmerizing and crisp, too, in 4K.”
“Wait, you think it’ll work?” Akio said.
“HELL YEAH, IT CAN!” Alicia said, “If we have to do a project this year, this has to be the one to do!”
“Then we’ll do it!!” she said, “This could be our shining moment!!”

Later on back at the apartment, Kato feels swamped after doing the CG assignment.
“OK, my eyes hurt now.” Kato said, “I feel like I’m seeing nothing but blocks all day long.”

“Hey, it wasn’t too bad.” Julianna said, “I actually got through the day easy.”
“Because you was too busy flirting with that guy!” Kato said, “Most of the day, you two made googly eyes with each other.”
“And he helped me with a few things!” Julianna said, “Besides I’m not the only one with those thoughts.” Cue Akio coming back and he is grinning happily like no one’s business.

“Wow, you came back in a happy mood.” Julianna said, “I guess you like hanging out with Alicia, huh?”
“What?” Kato said, “OH!!!! That’s right. You got a class with ‘ol girl today.”

“Yeah…..” Akio said, “And it was a good day. We even thought of a project to do in case we got to do one.” As he put up the picture of the Blue Phoenix.
“Wait a minute….” Kato said looking stunned, “Isn’t this that picture you drew way back?”
“Yeah. Why?”
“Come here…..” He grabs Akio and went to the other room.

“Um….isn’t that the sign we got of what will become of you when you transform into–” But Akio had to shut his mouth before anyone else could hear.
“MAN! You put your hand on my mouth again, you’re gonna be facing my HANDS!” Kato yelled. “Now WHAT is with that picture?”

“I just showed it to Alicia earlier in class.” Akio said.
“OH! OF COURSE!!!” Kato said, “You just had to show the big secret to your damn friend!! Scratch that, girl you just known for a day and a half!!”
“Will you quit worrying about that?” He said, “OK, you are worrying about nothing. Just relax…..”

Julianna then came in the room, wondering about them two. “OK, I couldn’t make out on what you said but it sounds like Jermaine is jealous of Tremaine spending time with Alicia.”
“Excuse me?” Kato said, “Jealous? Um…..No. I’m just watching his back as usual but he’s too damn stubborn!”
“Watching his back?” Julianna said, “From who?”
Akio egged him on, “Yeah? FROM WHO!?” Making sure he doesn’t reveal their real intentions.

“I hope as hell you’re not talking about Alicia.” Julianna said, “Because they would be a shitty thing to do to someone you just met.”
“Look…….all of his life!!” Kato said, “Ak—Tremaine has had people cozying up to him and be his friend, only for them to take advantage and hurting him in the worst way possible and there’s no way in hell I’m letting that happen again.”

“I don’t know what people has tried that with him but I know that Alicia wouldn’t do anything like that to anyone!” Julianna said, “She’s been my best friend for over 10 years and never have I known her for pulling shit like that. Hell, it sounds like you got some shit to hide with you constantly acting strange to people.”
“I got nothing to hide.” He said, “And if I did, what business of it is yours?” He then walks out the door.
“Julianna, I’m s–”
“Don’t apologize for him.” Julianna said, “Look, I know you’re not like your brother and I can see that you really like Alicia.”
“Yeah, I honestly do.” Akio said. “I really like her.”
“OK then.” She said, “But please deal with your brother, all right?”
“OK.” He said.

Meanwhile, Haru Riddle has been busy searching for answers about the break-in and look at the student roster and went for the recent names that transfer here.
“Jermaine and Tremaine Patterson.” He read. “So you are the most recent students here…..well, I guess I better start with you two then.”

He looks up their information from addresses, home info, e-mail info and others and saw that there wasn’t much of anything from them.
“So two mysterious new students just showed up out of nowhere.”
He had the photos of Akio and Kato on him to recognize them but he didn’t get them out because….
“Man, I wish this wasn’t so easy.” He said, “But…..I have found you, Akio and Kato.”

He went up to the dormitory offices and spoke to Chinami and Kazumi.
“Excuse me, ladies, but I was hired to look into the break-in and I noticed that there were two new students that transferred here. Correct?”
“Yes.” Chinami said. “But we always have new students that transfer here. It’s almost impossible to keep up.”
“Considering we had a 10% increase in new arrivals from last year.” Kazumi said.
“Any recent entries?” he asked.
“Let’s see….” As Chinami pulls out the list. “There’s Anais Garde, Jeremy Lowe, Mari Imaishi, Gion Glass, Julianna Juelz, Alicia Watts…..Oh, and Jermaine and Tremaine Patterson.”
“I have noticed that the Patterson guys never submitted a photo in there.” Kazumi said.
“I figure they were eventually do one.” Chinami said, “Too bad one of them said that he was camera-shy and all that.”
“Camera shy?” Haru said.
“Yeah, he said to me that he doesn’t think he’s good enough for a picture.” Kazumi said.
“You mean Tremaine?” Chinami asked.
“Yeah. I don’t know why. He’s actually good-looking and kinda cute, too.” She complimented him.
“Well, thank you for the help, ladies.” Haru said, “I think I got this handled all by myself.”

And so for the next few weeks, Kato and Akio have been playing it cool with everyone and went on with their routine duties from going to class and keeping their identities safe and hidden from everyone while Haru is keeping some tabs on them unknown to them.

Around that period, Akio has been spending a lot of time with Alicia and has been hanging around with her and Luisa one day when they were going out for ice cream.
“OK, we have one butter pecan for the young man, one strawberry swirl for this sweet little girl and the double fudge brownie for the lovely young lady here.”
“Damn, that’s a lot of brownies on that.” Akio said.
“Hmmmm, not really.” Luisa said, “She usually gets a lot more than that.”
“HEY! I can’t help it if I like chocolate a lot.” Alicia explained.
“I don’t blame you.” Akio said, “It does look delicious….but I’m good with my butter pecan though.”

“You know…..” Alicia said, “It’s been two months since we’ve became roommates and while I admit I wasn’t as psyched about it at first and I still think your brother saw me naked that one time, it’s been good living with you two and Julianna.”
“Yeah…..” Akio said. “I like living with you two, too. Actually, I think my mood is more cheery when you’re around.”
Alicia blushed at that and got Luisa teasing them a bit, “I spy blush! You’re BLUSHING!!”

“NO!” Alicia said, “I mean……I think it’s sweet that I made you happier these days although I do want to ask you and I don’t know if you feel comfortable asking this…….is Jermaine treating you right? He isn’t bullying you or anything, right?”
“Huh? No. No. No.” he said, “Why you thought of that?”
“Well, every time I see you two, he’s bossing or slapping you around.” Alicia said. “And I got to admit…..it does bug me that he’s treating you like this.”

“I never thought of him bossing me around.” Akio said, “Yeah, I do get tired of that sometimes but he does his best looking out for me. It’s been like since we were kids.”
“I get that.” Alicia said, “I mean, I’m a big sibling myself but I don’t slap Luisa around.”
“Well…..” Luisa added in.
“OH, COME ON!” Alicia said, “Name one instance.”
“Whenever you get the bathroom every morning….knowing I had to go.” Luisa said.
“What?” Alicia said, “I take a lot of time getting myself ready for the day.”
“But you was stuffing ti–”
“TIME!!” Alicia yelled, “Yes, I had to put a lot of time in getting ready but that’s not the point. We’ll probably talk to him once we get back.”
“Hey, Tremaine?” Luisa said, “I think your ice cream is melting.”
“What?” He checked and see that his cone has been reduced to sweet milk soup and he even see some burn marks on it.
“DAMN!” He thought.
“OK….never saw that on a cone before.” She said, “Must be one they had to get rid of.”
“Yeah, I guess so.”

“I get why he’s protective.” Alicia said, “I totally get that and I can relate to that very well.”
“Hmmmm….” Akio asked.
“Oh, um…..” Alicia said, “It was something that happened to me and Luisa way back. And…..”
“Oh, you don’t want to talk about it?” Akio said, “I’m sorry if I–”
“Don’t worry, it’s not on you.” Alicia said, “Let’s just get back to the apartment before it gets dark.”

Elsewhere in town, Kato was in line to get himself a burger but he’s in deep cover in order of not getting recognized by someone.
“Hungry, aren’t you?” Someone said behind him but Kato remained silent.
“HEY! YOU!” the guy kept saying, “I’m talking to you…..hooded guy.”
“OK. And…..” Kato looked behind him.
“And I think you know some people are looking for you and your brother…..Kato.” And it was Haru Riddle.
Kato’s eyes widened as he called his name.
“Man, who in the hell are you?” he said.
“Don’t worry about it.” Haru said, “Right now, you and your brother’s hiding out is at an end. Dr. Atlas paid a good amount of money to get you two back there and I intend to make that happen, even if I got to shoot you in this crowd.”
“I’d doubt you would do that.” Kato said, “Especially in front of these people. You might cause a scene and I doubt any of you want that on you.”
“Oh, don’t worry.” Haru has him on hidden gunpoint and on the trigger, “I got a silencer. One shoot and it’ll be quick and easy. The hardest part is getting your brother and I have been watching you two the past two months.”

“What do you mean?” Kato said.
“Let’s see….you two rooming with two other girls and Akio getting cozy with one of them. Plus, he should her that picture he made. The one with the symbol of our top-secret project…….that one. Remember, Kato?”
“DAMN.” Kato said.
“So I suggest you come with me….or you can get out with bullets in your arm. Your choice.” Kato looked like he was going to hit him but Haru got the drop on him but he surrenders and immediately went to him.
“I knew you see things my way.” They walk out of the shop and as soon as they did, Kato stomped on his foot, head-butts him and makes a run for it.
“YOU SON OF A BITCH!” Haru shouted.

Kato quickly dashes and runs to the quickest route out of his sight but Haru got close and went to take a stab at him with his knife but Kato knocked it out of his hand, then punching him.
“MOT–” Then Haru punched Kato, then throwing him in the alley. Kato wasn’t about to be knocked down easily as he got a trash can lid and threw it at Haru, following some rancid garbage at him while he escapes.
But Haru ricocheted some garbage back to him.
“You should know some shit is bound to boomerang to you!” Then he drop-kicks him right there.

“You done now?” Haru said, “I need to get you back to the–”
Then Kato turns missing.
“You got to be kidding me.”

Kato escaped out of there before Haru figured out he was gone but he also has the coincidence of running into Akio, Alicia and Luisa.
“Tremaine!” Kato said.
“Jermaine!” Akio said, “What are you doing here? And why do you smell like hot garbage?”
“A bad run-in with some people.” Kato said, “Oh, and unlucky in stepping in garbage.”
“Step in?” Luisa said, “Did you step on it or roll around in it?”
“Was somebody attacking you?” Alicia asked.
“No…..I’m good.” Kato said, “But I do need a good long shower.”
“Yeah, bruh, you’re right about that.” Akio said.

Julianna was resting up back at the apartment and she woke up from a nap she’s taking and sees the picture that Akio has drawn.
“Hmmm, that’s the picture Tremaine made.” She said, “I should put it back up to keep it neat and clean.”

She picks it up but then she sees something on the back that said, “Escape from Atlas.”
“Escape from….Atlas?” Julianna said, “OK……I guess he’s doing some apocalyptic theme of it or something.”
She also sees another name on there.
“Huh…….A…..kio…..Akio? Who is that?” She then spot another name in there.
“Kato? The hell? Are they friends of them or something?”

A knock was heard.
“JULIANNA! You home?” It was Miles at the door. “Hey, if you’re here or not, we need to go over some animation notes!”
Then Daniella came up to the door.
“JUELZ! You there?” she yelled.
“I guess I’m not the only one looking for Julianna.” Miles said, “You think she’s there?”
“Let me check again.” Daniella said and knocked real loud. “JUELZZZZZZ!!!!”

Julianna immediately opened the door.
“I’m here……I was just….in the bathroom for a minute.” She said.

“OK then….” Daniella said, “I’m just here because I need to borrow your colored pencils. I need to sketch something quick for testing.”
“And we need to go over some notes for class.” Miles said.
The two then spot the pic on the table.
“Hey, cool picture.” Miles said, “Who drew this?”
“Tremaine.” Julianna said, “It’s really a fascinating picture but I can’t help but wonder the names in the back.”
“Names?” Daniella said as she looked behind it and see their real names on there.
“Akio and Kato?” she said, “Who are they?”
“I guess friends of theirs from way back.” Miles said. “At least that’s what I got from it.”
“Should we ask them?” Daniella said.
“I’m not sure.” Julianna said, “I don’t want to invade their privacy and Jermaine is already protective of his privacy and of Tremaine recently.”

“Yeah…..also, I don’t think he likes me that much.” Miles said.
“That’s just his attitude around people.” Julianna said, “Yet Tremaine is more chilled than him….that and because he really likes Alicia.”
“I can vouch for that.” Daniella said, “Although I did spot Jermaine…..well, paid attention whenever I’m around.”
“Paid attention?” Miles and Julianna asked.
“Well, in an area of some way.” She mentioned.
“Oooohhh.” Miles and Julianna got what she meant and then Julianna got grossed out. “OOOOHHH!!! OK. Maybe I was fine without knowing that! I’m gonna have nightmares now!”

“Well, I know Tremaine got the same reaction towards Alicia.” Daniella said, “Who knows? You could be hearing them together in the bedroom the next couple of days.”
“And…..thank you for that visual I DIDN’T WANT!” Julianna said.

Then they hear Kato along with Akio, Alicia and Luisa coming back.
“HEY! WELCOME B–” Julianna welcomed them back until the smell hits her in the nose. “OH….What the hell is that smell?”
“That’s Jermaine.” Akio said, “He ran into some garbage today and he needs a long shower. Like A VERY LONG SHOWER!”
“OK, I get it. I stink.” Kato said, “Excuse me while I bathe in peace.”
Akio and Alicia giggled a little bit at him.
“Excuse me, I need to check on something.” Akio said, “Be right back.”

“I take it you three had a good day.” Daniella said.
“Oh, definitely.” Alicia said, “Tremaine is definitely a delight to be with.”
“So are things getting serious with you two?” Julianna asked.
“Serious?” Alicia said, “What do you mean by that?”
“You mean you don’t see him crushing on you hard?” Daniella said, “The guy is very smitten with you and he undeniably treats you well.”
“As he should be.” Alicia said, “I mean, I like Tremaine and all but I’m not certain yet…..”

“Hey, Alicia?” Julianna said, “I’ve found this in the living room. It’s Tremaine’s Phoenix drawing and I didn’t want to ruin it.”
“OK, I’ll make sure he knows.” Alicia said. But then she notices the names on the back.
“Akio? Kato? OK…..who are they?”
“I don’t know.” Julianna said, “I didn’t want to ask anything that might be too personal. I know how you two liked this one….”
“Thanks.” Alicia said, “I’ll tell him in a while.”

“Any news, Haru?” As he reported back to Daisuki.
“Well……here’s the good/bad or mixed news…..both brothers are to be in the campus.” He said.
“Wait, what?” Atlas said, “So they stupidly wind up in the one place they know they would get caught at? I told Jackie that they were in there!!”
“So, now what?” Haru asked, “I ran into the older brother today and we pretty much beat the shit out of each other……and he escaped.”
“Escaped?” Atlas said, “You didn’t try to apprehend him?”
“I tried.” Haru said, “He’s quite the crafty bastard but the good news is that we know of their location and we get immediately get them both in a flash.”
“Oh, don’t worry. We are planning that right away.” Atlas said. “I’ll alert Jackie of this.”

“What?” Jackie said, “So that stupid statement Kane made was true?”
“Wait, it was?” Kane said, “I thought that shit was stupid when I said it.”
“LOOK! We got to keep this incognito.” Jackie said, “No helicopters! No SWAT! None of that!! Keep it quiet and small!”

“Tremaine?” Alicia knocked on Akio’s door and he opens.
“Yeah?” he said.
“Hey, um…Julianna founded your drawing on the table.” Alicia said, “She wanted to keep it clean for you.”
“Oh….well, thank you to you and Julianna.” He said.

“Tremaine?” Alicia said. “Who are Kato and Akio?”
Akio got a little shook at that question.
“Akio and Kato.” Alicia said, “Are they friends of yours?”
He hesitated a bit whether to tell her the truth or lie to her.
“Yeah….they’re friends of mine. At least they used to be.” He said, “You see…..I know them way back in the day….but the last I heard of them, well…..Akio got taken away by some very bad people and Kato, his brother, spent the most of the year, getting him back.”
“Damn…..” Alicia said, “That’s really tragic. You didn’t hear from them since?”
“Nope.” He said, “I heard Kato eventually got him out but no one knows where they went. The Phoenix represents a hidden power within Akio but he fears that if he accidentally uses it, he might harm an innocent.”
“Power?” Alicia said.
“Yeah….a burden of his that he has to carry.” Akio said.

“Wow…..I can see why you would make something of this.” Alicia said, “And poor Kato….I can imagine the pain of having your younger sibling abused like that. In fact……”
“What?” Akio said.
“Do you want to know what happened to me and Luisa way back?” she asked him.
“What happened?”
“Well…..you see, Luisa wasn’t always herself. In fact, she was actually a he and his name was actually Louis.” Alicia went on. “My former brother told me that he actually wanted to be a girl and said that he felt more comfortable if he was like me. Back then, she always look up to me and often confides to me about people teasing him and making fun of him.”
“But…..my father wasn’t pleased with this and he always beat him for thinking like that. He wasn’t the biggest fan of Louis’ transition and he actually wanted to be a girl. He wasn’t going to pay for it….I did.”
“Wait, what?” Akio said, “But doesn’t that cost a lot of money?”
“It took me a full two years to get that money for the operation.” She said, “There has been numerous times my dad tried to steal money from me and often beats Louis for it. I had enough of that. So I wind up taking some of his cash and got the operation. Thus Louis becomes Luisa……but after that, it got worse….”
“Worse?” Akio questioned.
“Yeah. Just because Luisa got his dream doesn’t mean it got a happy ending.” Alicia said, “There have been times that my father tried to kill her in her sleep….or tried to shoot her….and….” Alicia began tearing up mentioning that.
“I had to get her out of there. I can’t have her being threatened by that asshole, even if he was my father.” She said, “So Julianna and her mom helped us out and I call the police to have my dad arrested for murder…..but it wouldn’t budge. Not enough evidence or some shit like that.”
“So our justice system is still screwed as ever?” Akio said.
“Yeah.” Alicia said, sniffling and trying not to cry. Akio then wiped the tears from her face and gave her a hug.
“Thank you.” She said as she hugged him back, but tighter.
Akio and Alicia then looked into each other’s eyes. Their hands moved to their hips and then the two kissed without a care in the world.
“Did we just….” Alicia asked.
“We did.” Akio said.
“Does this feel right?” she asked, “I mean, I–”
Akio laid another kiss on Alicia.
“It feels right.” Alicia said, leading her to kiss Akio again. “So right.”

Kato just got out of the shower.
“I’m fresh and clean again.” He said, “Now I can relax and not deal with… Hey, what’s Tremaine?”
“I think he’s in his room.” Miles said.
“And with Alicia.” Daniella said.
“…..Oh……OH!” He finally hit him. “And how long they have been in there?”
“About 20 minutes or so.” Julianna said.
“So they’re probably doing it right now.” Daniella said.
“Well, I’m not cleaning whatever mess they leave there.” Kato said, “And yeah, I know they’ll be stains and shit.”

In there, Alicia and Akio were still making out while taking each other’s clothes off.
Alicia moans pleasurably in between kissing Akio as he is feeling up her breasts and lifted up her bra.
Alicia then put Akio’s hand down her private area.
“You feel…..so soft….” Akio whispered. “I just want to hold you all day long.”
“And you feel….so hot….” Alicia said. “But it’s a good feeling….I like this.” Akio doesn’t know if it’s his powers or the feeling he’s getting when he’s with Alicia but he kept enjoying his time with her as they kept making out in the room.

5 minutes later, they were resting for a bit and they continued to kiss each other.
“Did you enjoy that?” Alicia asked him.
“Yes…….yes, I did.” Akio answered.
“You know that this was just a spur of the moment thing?” Alicia said, “I mean, what happened…..I did enjoy it…especially when you hold and caress me.”
“You also don’t want the rest to know?” Akio guessed.
“I think they’ll know anyway.” She said, “I don’t want to sound like I’m ashamed of you. I like you, Tremaine and if they know….then so be it.”

Eventually, they came out of the room and there were wondering eyes all about.
“OK, you two have been in there for a long time.” Kato said.
“And I think I know the reason of that.” Daniella said. “And I bet even Jermaine knows, too.”

“What?” Akio unsuspiciously said.
“Come on, Tre.” Alicia said, “We don’t have to hide this from them.”
“So you two did just had sex in the room….” Kato said, “The one where I sleep at.”
“Don’t worry. We only did it in my bed.” Akio said, “You got nothing to worry about.”
“Yeah, there is actually something I do need to talk to you and only you about.” As Kato tries to lure him away from Alicia.
“Well, you can say it in front of us.” Alicia said.
“Yeah, dude, you’re cool with us.” Miles said.
“Look… ” Kato said, “This is something we really don’t want to get you involved in. If we do, your asses will be in some shit!”
“WHAT!?” Julianna said, “What are you two talking about? Are you two in some trouble? Does this have anything to do with Akio and Kato?”
Kato looked shook after that mention.

“How do you know those names?” he said.
“It was on the drawing Tremaine made.” Alicia said. “I thought you two knew them.”

Soon, a swarm of Atlas people stormed into the building with no warning from anyone at all.
“HEY! HEY! HEY!” Chinami shouted, “What the hell is going on?”
Kazumi shouted, “You have no right to just stomp in here without a simple warning!” But both got shoved in the way and quickly broken into the apartment.

“FREEZE!!” Officer Reid said as she led the infiltration. “Did you think you can escape from us?”
“What?” Julianna said, “Didn’t we tell you we didn’t know anything about the–”
“I meant those two over there.” As she points at Kato and Akio.
Alicia intervened, “Wait……what do you want with Jermaine an–” Then Haru stepped in to interrupt her.
“OK. Don’t tell me you’re dumb enough to fall for names like that.” He said, “Jermaine? Tremaine? My god, that is very suspicious names there. These two are actually named Kato and Akio and they escaped from Atlas Labs a few months back.”
Kato yelled back, “WE ESCAPED because you are not experimenting on my little brother anymore!! We had enough of your bullshit and there is no way in hell I’m letting you take us away!!”

“Well, you’re right about that.” Haru said, “We’re just taking AKIO away. You on the other hand…” He snaps his fingers and one of the troops jumped in, grabbed Kato and threw him to the wall.
“Yeah, we can just kill you and leave.” Haru said, “Ringo……”
“Yes?” Ringo asked.
“Just finish the job and I’ll deal with the witnesses.”
“As you wish.” Ringo picked up Kato and dragged him outside.

“Wait, wait, wait…..” Julianna said, “What are you going to do with us?”
“Look, we aren’t going to say anything to anyone.” Daniella said, “We’re just animation students!! We barely know much about this.”
“True.” Haru said, “But then again, people always say that shit.” He pulls out a gun.
“OH MY GOD!!” Luisa said, clutching towards Alicia and Julianna.
“Wait, you’re going to shoot us!?” Miles said.
“Shoot you but not kill you.” Haru said, “This is something to erase your memories of those two as we take them away and speaking of which…”
Immediately, they taze Akio and had him beaten down with him screaming and crying for help. “OW!!! STOP!! NO, PLEASE!!! I DON’T WANT TO GO BACK!!!! I can’t be in that cold prison cell of a lab any longer.”
“Cry all you want but it’s not going to happen.” Haru said.

Outside and it started raining, Kato is still being dragged by Ringo but Kato smacked him with his foot and made a run for it.
Ringo used a whip to slow him down and drop kick him down.
“You son of a bitch!” Ringo shouted. He got out his gun to shot him but Kato knocked it off of his hands and punched him in the throat and in the chest.
Kato ran back to the dormitory to get to Akio but more Atlas people were in his way.
“ATTACK!” they shouted.
Kato threw some glass at one of the guys and smacked him against the wall while he got two other guys to attack each other while dodging their attacks.
However, one grabbed Kato from behind and the other went and beat him mercilessly but the guy went for his pocket knife and tried to stab Kato but he moved and the other guy got stabbed instead and grabbed his knife to stab him instead.

“HEY!” Officer Reid shouted. “You want in that room? You have to go through me.”
“OK then.” Kato said and immediately shoots her.

“OW!!” She shouted and lucky for her, it was a dummy bullet.
“What the hell?” she shouted, “You shot me in the chest, you asshole!”
“Be lucky I didn’t shoot you in the ass.” He walked smoothly to the stairs but Ringo was waiting for him.
“Now……where were we?”
Then snatches Kato from there.

Akio is still being tortured in the room with restraints and tazers.
“STOP!!!” Alicia shouted, “Will you stop!! He’s being tortured enough!!”
“LET HIM GO!” Luisa screamed.
“Will you two girls shut the hell up before I have you tazed as well!?” Haru said, “Don’t think I won’t hesitate to a little girl!”
“Like you have the balls to do it to anyone!” Miles yelled.
Haru looked annoyed and immediately got to his rubber bullet gun and shot Miles.
“AAHH!” Miles screamed.
“MILES!” Julianna screamed.
“I told you I won’t hesitate to that to anyone!” Haru said, “You want to be next, flower child?!” That was directed towards Daniella.
“No….” She hides behind the couch.

As Akio is receiving more pain from being injured, he began to grow something from his back and the heat from his hands were warming up the floorboards.
“Is the floor getting any warmer to you?” Haru said.
Then, wings are coming from Akio’s back and set ablaze with blue flames.
“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!” Akio let out a huge scream as he is transforming into the Blue Phoenix. The phoenix he envisioned himself in his drawing.
“What the hell?” Miles shouted.
“Tremaine?” Alicia whispered.

The phoenix flew out of the room and soar into the night sky.
Akio spotted Kato and Ringo brawling in the hallway with his special vision.
Hands bloodied and all, Kato grabbed an axe and swing his way to Ringo but he blocked the axe with his bare hands, kicked it from Kato’s hands and kicked him to the floor with him putting his foot to his back.
“AAAH!!” Kato said.
“Game over, bitch!” Ringo said.
But the Phoenix flew into their way and swipe Ringo out of the way outside and he roared loudly breaking a lot of windows throughout the place.

“What the—AKIO!?” As Kato looked at his brother as the Phoenix. “Holy shit…..that’s you…..oh my GOD!”
“Kato…….” He roared.
“Damn….” Kato said, “This is what Atlas put in your body?”
He shook his head.
The others went in to check on them.
“Oh….shit…..” Miles said, “What the hell…..”
“Jerm—I mean Kato….is that Akio?” Alicia asked.
“Yeah….” He said, “This is what Atlas do to the people in his labs. He uses them to test out what product his people are making. However, if one fails to do the job, it spells bad news for the subject like dizziness, loss of hearing or touch, lots of vomiting, extreme weight loss and the one that you see right there….this is something that no one can explain.”

“No one?” Julianna said, “But what they were doing with something that turns somebody into a fiery bird?”
“They may have gotten their hands on some potent shit.” Kato said, “Worst of all, there hasn’t been news of an antidote.”
“So…..he’s stuck like this?” Luisa asked.
The Phoenix roared in anger and sadness.
“For the time being,” Kato said, “Yeah.”
Then the Phoenix’s fire is starting to wind down a bit and he transforms back to Akio with tattered clothes and all. He falls unconscious.
“AKIO!” Kato shouted.
Kato manages to catch him before he hit the ground. He went to see if he’s breathing.
“He’s alive.” Kato said.

“All of us need to get the hell out of here now!” Julianna said, “Before one of those guys come back!”
“Too late!” Ringo jumps behind Alicia and grabbed her by gunpoint.
“ALICIA!” Julianna and Luisa screamed.

“OK NOW!” Ringo said, “Either you give up the Phoenix right now or I’ll take this girl in replacement of him. Hell, she might be a better use of anything than he’ll be.”
“LET HER GO!” Luisa cries. “LET……go of my sister…..”
“You move….and I’ll put a bullet in your sister’s head.” Ringo grimily said.

Akio then woke up to the sight of Alicia being held hostage.
“What the—ALICIA!” Akio shouted.
“Ah! The Phoenix has awoken!” Ringo screamed. “Well, well, well…..and just in time for your demise and as for your friends… no shit your brother is getting executed right on the spot but these people…. we’re going to make sure they never spill a word to this to anyone or we can make their lives a very, very, awful hell for them.”
“PLEASE…..if you want me, just take me….I’ll give myself up for Alicia. Just don’t hurt her.” Akio tearfully offers his surrender.
“Wait, ready?” Ringo said, “You would just give up for someone you only knew for a couple of months…….or you actually went ahead and…..” Ringo can see the look on his face about Alicia.
“YOU DID!” Ringo said, “You actually got nasty with this girl! You better hope she doesn’t get some infection from you….unless you want–”
“SHUT YOUR ASS UP!” Kato said, “You heard my brother! He would gladly give himself up for the girl! Now GET ON WITH IT, BITCH!”

Then suddenly, the rest of the Atlas crew stormed in with everyone aiming at Akio and Kato.
“Give yourselves up!” Dr. Atlas shouted. “You two have done enough damage to this campus!! As for you other students here….I’ll probably let you off the hook granted if you forget the info these two told you about our little secret.”
“Especially Alicia Watts…” As Jackie said from the megaphone. “In fact, I might save a spot for Luisa whenever she decides to participate here.”
“So, Ringo…….let go of the girl!” Kane shouted.
“FINE!” he shouted as he got the gun off her and pushed her towards them. “Just go before I change my mind.”

Alicia then walked over to the other side with Akio about to walk past her.
“Are you sure about this?” Alicia whispered.
“I’m dead serious.” Akio whispered.
As soon as Akio got close to Ringo, he transforms again quickly to put a fire wall to separate them.
“WHAT THE– ” Ringo shouted.
“He tricked us!!” Atlas shouted.
“QUICK QUICK! SCATTER!” Julianna screamed as she and the others run outside for safety. “Come on, Kato! Akio!”
“NO! You guys get the hell out of here!” Kato yelled.
“What?” Julianna said, “NO! We aren’t leaving without you!”
“GIRL, ARE YOU SERIOUS?” Kato screamed, “Just run your asses out!”
Without any hesitation, the rest fled the spot with Kato and Akio behind.
“Hey!!! How long can you keep this up?” Kato shouted.

The two eventually fly up high and crash fly into the windows and got everyone on their tail chasing them.

As for the others……
“THERE THEY GO!” Daniella said, “And the Atlas people are gaining!”
“You think they’re just luring them away from us?” Miles asked.
“That…..and they’re saving us from any harm.” Alicia said. “I really hope they make it out of there.”
“Me too.” Julianna said, “…..Although I bet right now, we’re facing expulsion.”
“Yeah, I bet that.” Miles said.
One second later, Ringo springs up again with his handgun.
“HA! You thought this shit was done!?” He shouted, “Oh NO! You just managed to piss me off and as soon as get those assholes down, we’re definitely taking you in there with them. All of you are potential test subjects anyway.” He got them rounded up into the van with Alicia sitting in the front.
“I’m watching you carefully, bitch!” he shouted, “You start some shit and I’ll put a bullet in you so fast, your whole family will feel that shit!”
They get in the van and followed them.

“FLY FASTER!” Kato shouted as they kept shooting at them.
Akio kept soaring in the sky and dodging bullets and rays at him with Kato holding on to him by the feathers.
“OW!” Akio yelled. “Damn, don’t pull that hard!”

They fly all the way out of the city and into the woods.
“They’re going into the woods!” Haru said, “FASTER!”

“OH GREAT!” Kato said, “Now we got to worry about trees and shit!!”
“Just hang on!” Akio shouted.
He flies and zig-zags all over the area while some goons are trying to keep up with them but they keep getting hit by the trees surrounding them.

“OK….that’s 4 guys down.” Haru said. “You can’t avoid getting hit by trees?”

“We’re almost out of here!” Kato said, “Just a few more seconds and….”
One goon got a direct shot and….
“AAHH!” Akio screamed as he’s hit in the wing and goes lower.
“OH SHIT!” Kato shouted and kept screaming “No.” over and over again and the two gradually went down to the ground and crashed.

“Oh shit….” Kato said, “….Akio…..”

Several Hours Later

Kato and Akio have awaken after being captured and they see themselves tied up back in the experiment room.
“Oh…..damn….” Kato said, “We’re right back where we started.”
“You are damn right.” Atlas said, “And this time, you’re not alone….you got good company.”
Then they see Julianna, Alicia, Luisa, Miles and Daniella tied and locked up.

“What the hell?” he said.
“Yeah….they know too much about this.” He said, “And you seem very fond of them…..and so does your brother, especially on that girl Alicia.”

“Help……” Luisa said, “Akio, they’re going to do some experiments on us.”
“I don’t understand.” Akio said, “Why did y’all get them!? They said they wasn’t going to tell anything about this.”

“I heard the same ‘ol bullshit before.” Atlas said, “But sooner or later, you crack in pressure and I can’t have that in the way. So like you, I’m keeping them in captivity for……the rest of their life.”
“WHAT!?” Julianna, Alicia and Daniella shouted.
“You’re insane!” Miles yelled, “Did you forget that many people are probably going to wonder where we are?”

“Well, guess what?” Atlas said, “Jackie has thought of that as well.”
She then comes in. “Oh, I can get doppelgangers to take your place whenever someone needs you. We have ways of tricking someone or two.”
“What the hell?” Julianna shouted.
“It’s not going to last.” Alicia said, “You think they’ll fall for that shit? Julianna’s mom will know. Miles’ parents will know. Daniella’s parents will know!! You’re out of your mind if you think–”
Ringo then pointed his gun to her.
“HEY!” Akio shouted.
“What?!” Ringo yelled back. “You think I won’t shoot your girlfriend here? She mouths off one more time and her ass is getting kneecapped.”
“I like to see you try and hurt us.” Daniella said.
He then grabbed Daniella by the collar, choking her. “Look, you spacey bitch, you tempt me one more time….”
“Oh, shut your stupid ass up.” Akio shouted, “If your dumb ass ends up hurting them, I will personally end your life.”
“OOH!!!” Ringo taunted, “Oh, I’m so scared by the tied-up little brother!! Oh, woe as me.”
Unknown to him, Akio was getting myself and Kato untied without them knowing.
“Whatever!” Ringo said, “Now if you don’t mind–” Then Akio broke free, grabbed a jar and smashed it on Ringo’s face.

“AAAHH!!! MY FACE!” Ringo said, “YOU BASTARD!”
“Holy shit!” Kato shouted as he got out. “You really edged him out!”

“Like hell you’re going to escape!” Haru said, cocking his gun and went on to shoot them both.
“DUCK!” Kato and Akio separate, going off different directions.
“KATO!” Akio shouted, “You have to get them out!”
“ME?” Kato said.
“I would…..but I’m too pre-occupied.” Akio said being chased by Haru and Ringo.

“Oh…..damn….got it!” Kato shouted.

He sees that he needs some keys to unlock the cages.
“And…..who has the keys to this?” Kato asked everyone.
“WAIT!” Miles said, “You can try hitting and breaking the lock with something.”
“What’s there to hit?” Kato shouted. He sees a wrench on the table.
He grabs the wrench and swing at the lock hard but it isn’t budging.
“Wait, those chemicals!” Julianna said, “Use them!”
“What the hell are they going to do?” he shouted.
“They might rust or break or do something to get us free!” Miles said.
Kato started pouring every vial on the lock to see if something was going to break and he got the wrench again and he took a swing at the chain and…
“YES!” He breaks the chain and gotten them out of there.

As for Akio, he’s still being chased by half of the Atlas staff.
“THERE HE IS!” One guy shouted and took a shot at him but Akio burned the bullet before it can hit him.
One guy jumped on him and tried to hold him down. However, the blue flames got to that guy and Akio kicked him squared in the side and smacked him to the wall.

“Kane, shoot him!” Atlas shouted as Akio is approaching his way but he flew way past Kane so quick that he missed him within a blank.
“Wait, did he past me?” Kane shouted.

“QUICK!” Kato shouted as the gang is trying to find their way out of here. “All of you need to find the exit!”
“Wait…what about you and Akio?” Julianna yelled.
“LOOK. Don’t worry about us!” Kato said, “We just got shit to handle with these fools and—Well, I’m sure that after this, we won’t see each other again.”
“WHAT!?” Alicia said. “You mean you’ll disappear?”
“Look, we’ve gone too deep!” Kato said, “If we still stay with you five, you are going to be in some bigger shit than before. You already facing some shit back at that school and we already cause enough trouble to you!” He then got silent for a bit. “OK…..I know I wasn’t the best roommate to you and all and how I was secretive and all but I’m warning you….Atlas is nothing to scoff off about, they will destroy your lives even if you do escape. They wreck my and Akio’s lives and we are not going to live them ruin yours.”
“But what do you want us to do?” Alicia asked him. “You might need our help!”
“Yeah.” Julianna said, “You can’t just go all out without some plan.”
“Just armed yourselves and find an exit!” Kato said, “That’s the plan in a nutshell!”

Then suddenly Akio runs into the guys.
“GUYS! KATO!” he shouted. “We need to–”
“GET OUT!?” Kato yelled, “NO SHIT! I was telling them that!”
“We also need to destroy this damn place!” Akio said, “Make sure that Atlas never do this shit again! For all the people that got taken advantage of and the aftermath they had to deal with.”

They run as Akio talked to them. “I wish I didn’t have to lie to all of you. All of you have been very cool to me and my brother and all we did was got you mixed up in our shit and…..well….. a simple ‘I’m sorry’ isn’t going to anything to make this go away. I have to do this. I have to destroy this building and bring Atlas down.”
“Bro, you read my mind.” Kato said. “And this is something we can’t mess up.”

The rest runs to safety but not before Alicia has to say something.
“Akio…..” Alicia said, “….I know why you want to make things right and I know you and Kato never intended to be lie to us or have us be in this situation. I just hope both of you don’t end up losing your lives over this… because right now, you have people that will worry for you like Julianna, like Luisa……..like me. I do know one thing you never lied about.”
“What’s that?” he said.
Alicia then kissed him softly and Akio then kissed her back.
“AKIO, COME ON!” Kato shouted.
Akio had to rush out while Alicia quickly got out of there.

“You ready, bro?” Kato asked.
“Let’s do this.” He responded.

“THERE HE IS!” Haru shouted with Ringo near-by. “I deal with the older brother. You go for the Phoenix.”
“With pleasure.” Ringo said.

Ringo crept behind Akio and grabbed him, choking the guy but Kato stabbed him in the arm and slowly ripping it in but Haru roped him into his way.
“My arm, you stupid shit!” Ringo shouted.
“HEY!” Akio roared in his Phoenix voice. “You want to fight me so much…..then DO IT!”

“You…..boy…..” Haru threatened Kato, “We should finish what we started.”
“Did you just call me ‘boy’?” Kato responded, “Now I’m going to enjoy beating your ass.”

The fighting among them commences as Akio and Ringo rushed to each other only for Ringo to jump on top of Akio’s head and kicked him down.
Again, he jumps to him but Akio grabbed him by the leg and swung him to the wall.
He kicked him again in the chest into the electrical room.
“You know…..as soon as I kill you, I definitely going after your girlfriend and her damn sister and it’s not going to be pretty for them either.” Akio then punched him again.
“Well……that must’ve got you riled up.”
Akio then punched him hard in the throat but that’s where Ringo had to just fooling around.
“OK…..just for that, their punishment is going to be worse!”

Kato just rushes in to Haru and easily gets clotheslined by him and kicked around and thrown to another room.
“Well, I get the first point!” Haru yelled. He hurdles into the room but Kato got up quickly to avoid his kicks and threw some acid at his feet.
“AAAHH!!!” Haru screamed. “MY FEET!”
“Now you can’t kick shit, bitch!” Kato shouted.
However, Haru broke some glass on his arm and has some sticking to his arm.
“OW! DAMN!” Kato shouted. “You little bitch.”
“Gotcha, you stupid dipshit!” Haru screamed. He went in for a swing at him but miss and his fist landed into some glass and more bleeding commence.
“GODDAMMIT!” Haru shouted.
“You clumsy-ass fool!” Kato said, laughing out loud. “I don’t even have to beat your ass. You’re doing a good job by yourself!”

Haru sucker-punched Kato and went to hit him again but Kato blocked the punch, tripping Haru over and putting more pain on his legs.
“AAAAHH!!!” he screamed as he got up.
“Can’t move, huh, bitch?” Kato taunted.
Haru then threw something at Kato’s arm and it was a numbing formula that made his arm unable to move.
“HA!” Haru said, “Now you can’t hit me!”
Then Kato ran and kicked him directly in the face.
“Good……I don’t need them to kill you…..”

Back outside, Akio and Ringo continued fighting in the electrical room. Ringo got out his knives and threw some at him but they did cut some of the light wires off.
Akio roared his fire at him but Ringo dodged it and went for Akio’s neck and slammed him against the floor.
He kept choking him and put his knees on his so he wouldn’t move his legs.
Akio tried to move his arms to push Ringo off him but Ringo went in harder to keep him from attacking.
However, one of the wires hit Ringo in the arm that broke his concentration.
“AAAHH!!!” He shouted.
Then Akio got back up and head-butted him to the wall and busted him in the nads.

Back into the Haru/Kato fight with both of them immobile to their legs and arms respectively, Haru kept throwing a lot of chemicals at Kato while he was dodging them and kicking them back to Haru.
Kato grabbed Haru from the ground, despite his arms being too numb and slammed him to the table but Haru got some needles and stabbed his arms again to continue the numbing of the arms. Then Haru got under and stabbed his legs but not before Kato flicked the needles to Haru’s arm and now his arm is rendered immobile.

“AH, DAMN!!” Haru shouted.
“THERE!” Kato shouted, “Now every part of us is useless now.”

While trying to escape, Atlas gathered all of his personal belongings and activate the place to self-destruct and needed to hurry out of there.
Soon, Jackie comes in but calmer than he is.
“Jackie, baby, come on.” Atlas said, “We got to get the led out!!! This place is gonna blow in a few minutes!”
She still stood there completely mindless.
“Daisuke…….” She said and then she pulls out a gun.
He looked shocked and surprised. “What the…. Baby, this isn’t the time to play around. We got to go! Like now before it blows up!”
Then she just straight shoots him.
“What the….Jackie…..what the hell?”
“I think this scenario of you dying here and me taking over your legacy does good for all of us.” She said, “After all…..you thought like that about our daughter…..you know, for the past 16 years.”
“Wha….wha….” A dying Atlas said.
“I’m just doing what good for the future of Atlas…..” she said, “And well, you aren’t in that picture.”
She then leaves him to die.

Soon, Jackie gets on the copter, immediately leaving the place with Kane.
“Hey, where’s Dr. Atlas?” Kane shouted.
“It’s TOO LATE FOR HIM!” She shouted, “He’s……no longer with us.”
Kane became silent and went to get her in as they fly away.
“What about Haru and Ringo?” he asked.
“OK…..you ask too many questions.” She said, “Let’s worry about the future.”

The building is ready to explode and Akio and Ringo are still duking it out. Ringo got himself an advantage by beating him with some extra wires he’s found in the electrical room and Akio’s fire has weaken as he couldn’t manage to burn Ringo a bit.
“HA!” Ringo shouted, “You weak little bitch!”
He punched Akio and tossed him all the way into the other room where Kato is at.
“KATO!” he shouted.
“AKIO!” Kato screamed, “WATCH OUT!” As they pushed each other out of the way from Ringo hitting them with an ax.
“You think you might win this!?” Ringo yelled. “Like hell that’ll do ya!!! You and your brother are going to die here!!”
“And so will you!” Kato said, “You think they’re waiting for you? They are possibly long gone by now.”
“Maybe.” Ringo said, “Or…..they’re hunting down your friends and possibly executing them right now.”
“I doubt that….” Kato said as he got something in his pocket.
It was a tracking device and a walkie.
“Kato?” she said.
“Are you far away from the building?” he shouted.
“We’re actually out of harm’s way.” She said, “We just seen the helicopter flew by here. They probably think we went back to the dorms but we’re hiding out.”
“IS EVERYBODY OK?” Akio shouted.
“Yes!” she said, “I’m fine. Alicia and Luisa are fine. Miles and Daniella are fine.”
“That’s……that’s……” Akio smiled in that remark. “…..great.”

Ringo then interrupted them and said, “Great for them….for now but not you!!!” Ringo grabbed a knife and ran directly to stab Akio but then a piece of roof fell on top of him.
“AAAH!” he screamed as it smashed his legs.
“MY LEGS!” Ringo said, “I can’t…..move…..”
Akio got up and grab Kato and ran out of there quick.
“HEY! YOU ASSHOLES COME BACK!!” Ringo shouted and that’s when more concrete and roof began to collapsed, heading for Ringo.
“AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!” Then it smashed and killed Ringo in an instant.
As for Haru……
“I die for this shit.” He ends up collapsing deeper into the ground, falling to his infinite death.

Akio and Kato ran out of there to the open door and Akio then went to transform himself to the Phoenix and flew him and Kato out of there as the place explodes. But as it did, some debris happened to catch up to them as Akio is hit by some shrapnel.

He then goes down crashing into the woods yet again and knocked out unconscious.
Kato, however, was still awake and he sees the place now being destroyed.
“There it is…..” he said, “Atlas is finally destroyed. We did it…..we did it.”
Akio was still knocked up and Kato went to check on him to see if he’s breathing.
Thankfully, he is.
“Come on.” He said, “It’s time for me to carry you for a change.” He got Akio up and carry him to meet up with the guys.


Time has passed since the explosion and the news of Dr. Atlas’ death has spread across the city and there has been a city-wide funeral planned for him and Jackie acted the part of grieving widow.

She was getting ready to attend there but there was a knock on the door.
“Coming….” She shouted.
Another knock proceeded. “OK, I’ll be there right shortly.”

However, it was actually Kato with a silencer aimed straight for her.
“What the hell?” she silently said. She was about to press the Security button but Kato then said, “Don’t bother….”
There was a bunch of knocked-out guards behind him.
“Yeah, we need to talk…like now.”

“How are you still alive?” Jackie said.
“I can ask you the same thing.” He responded. “I do find it weird that you are acting slightly calm to your husband’s death.”
“Well, I didn’t want to look like a wreck in front of the cameras.” Jackie said.
“That…..” Then he showed something on his phone. “….Or you don’t want them to know the truth.”
It was a video of Jackie shooting Daisuke and leaving him to die.
“Yeah…..you did this shit.” He said. “Now…..as far as I’m concerned, he can rot in hell but I do want something in return.”
“You’re blackmailing me?” Jackie said.
“I should.” Kato said, “After the shit you put on my brother, we need some perks…and for our friends, too.”

“Look….” She said, “I wasn’t going to expel them. Isn’t that enough for them?”
“They are threatened by your men.” Kato said, “I think you might need to compensate them for the shit they went through.”
“Don’t you mean you?” she said, “You and your brother just had to hide there of all places. You were the ones that invaded their life and got them mixed up in this.”
“We and they are cool.” He said, “But I suggest something in the lines of…..well, free tuition and room.”
“Isn’t that what I offered them in the first place?” She said.
“You hinted that you’ll save a spot for Luisa….which you will do along with the free tuition.” He said. “Now do we have a deal or do I have to show a good wife gone bad?”
She stares intensely over this decision.

“Guys, anything else you need for me to do?” Akio said to Julianna, Alicia, Luisa, Miles and Daniella as he was making them lunch.
“Akio, come on.” Alicia said, “I know you’re sorry for what happened and you keep apologizing to me and the others. We’re safe now. We’re not getting expelled. You’re good with us.”
“Yeah.” Julianna said, “I mean, we were involved in something secret about you but in the end, we’re all still alive.”
“Although Miles still got shot.” Daniella said but recovered with, “Thankfully, he’s alright.”
“Oh yeah….Miles, I really have to apologize to you, man.” Akio said.
“Well, the pain has ease down since.” Miles said, “And you did promise to help me with some things along…..everybody else’s stuff. Actually, yeah, you doing stuff for us does make up things….a little.”
“Can I have another egg roll, tho?” Daniella asked. “They’re pretty good.”
“All right then.” He said.
“ME TOO!” Luisa said in the background. “And we got more sweet and sour sauce?”

Kato comes back with some good news for all.
“It’s confirmed! Y’all got free tuition and room and board!” he said, “I had to knock out some guards to do it but yeah.”
“And she bought it?” Julianna asked, “And you mentioned the video of her killing Atlas?”
“OH YEAH.” Kato said, “One word against us and BAM! Her rep is ruined like that!”

“You think she might have someone delete the video then disobey what you say?” Akio asked.
“Oh, I copied that video at least 100 times and saved it either in physical and digital format.” He said, “But like I said, I doubt she is foolish enough to do that.”
“Let’s hope so.” Akio said.
“And I see you made lunch.” Kato said, “Oh, and its egg rolls and Orange Chicken.” So he went in and ate.

As for Akio, he walked outside for some fresh air for a breath, mainly to reflect on everything that’s happened and the fact that he is still alive.

“So……” Alicia said, “With Atlas gone and you’re not hunted anymore…what’s going to happen now? I mean, are you still a student here?”
“Technically, yeah.” Akio said, “I did hack in there one more time and I’m still a student here.”
“But you were Tremaine Patterson then.” She said, “And now you’re Akio…..um…..yeah, I don’t know your last name.”
“Don’t worry.” He said, “We have plenty of time for you to know it.”
“Or maybe in a few minutes.” Alicia said, “The others are going to be out in a few, leaving us two alone for a while……and……well…..I was hoping if you and me would…” She then whispers something in his ear.
And then Akio smiled a bit.

Julianna and the others noticed it a bit..
“So they want to be alone, right?” Kato asked.
“Yep.” Julianna and the others said.
“Meaning we should leave, right?”
However, Kato was cool with it this time.
“Yeah, I’ll let the lovebirds be alone.” He smiled as he and the others went out the door.

©2017 Cerulean Firebird Project / KATANAPlus+


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