WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 52: Episode 64 – LUCY’S Brother

HEY! Lucy is back…….you know, that character Panda has a crush back in Season 1 and we haven’t seen since. Damn, did y’all just forgot about her and move on? Or scheduling conflicts if Ellie Kemper with her doing Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt at the time? I don’t know the situation but anyway, her character is back and with her little brother….which she did mention when that episode debuted.

To impress Lucy, Panda offers to babysit her brother, Clifford. But Clifford turns out to be too high maintenance for Panda to handle.

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So Panda is cleaning up around the house, mainly due to it being Fruit Friday and that means…..LUCY comes to visit and bring them FRUIT!! Bountiful fruit…oh, and she needs someone to babysit her little brother Clifford and no, it’s not the big red dog as she is behind on her deliveries.

Of course, Panda offers to do it because he still has a crush on her. Oh and Grizz and Ice Bear goes with Lucy helping her with her deliveries. In other words, Panda didn’t expect this shit to happen. He does try to bond with him, considering they are mostly similar to each other as they got the same allergies and the two do eventually bond……but as they tried to take a selfie, Lucy texted them and it read FUTURE MRS. PANDA…Clifford knew….he knew that Panda only likened to him because he wanted to get in– I mean, to get closer to Lucy just like the others (and yes, there was others.)

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Clifford is pissed as he runs off but bumps into some peanut butter….and he’s allergic to that shit. Panda needs to get to the medicine bag quickly and he’s now infected with the peanut butter, too. However, he got to the bag quick and injected him with the epi-pen…and then Clifford got the spare epi-pen and got to Panda, too.

So, everything turned out fine for Panda although he actually do consider Cliff as a friend now…..although I still bet he’s crushing on Lucy.

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VERDICT: OK, again, something like this could have been done horribly and made the main character seemed like an asshole and with Panda, well……yeah, he was doing it just to get with Lucy but I did see that he actually cared for the kid after while and I think most of us has been like Clifford at a time. Well, I have, minus the allergic reactions to everything. Also, the Lucy/Grizz/Ice Bear scenes are pretty great, too. Overall, yeah, good episode.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and how Clifford is going to explain the mom and Lucy about missing epi-pens?

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