WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 51: Episode 63 – POPPY Rangers

CAMPING!!! The one thing that I would NEVER do in a million years because fuck the wilderness and nature in general but this isn’t about my stupid needs. This is a TABES episode and apparently there is some girl scout wilderness club thing.

What would it be about? Well, let’s check it out.

Ranger Tabes leads a troop of young girls into a cave expedition, and brings Grizz as their cave expert.

Well, the synopsis clear the first few sentences for me……anyway, the young rangers sound off themselves and thus they go exploring inside the cave. So most of the time in there, Grizz does try and act like the cave expert he is (or we think he is) but he keeps doing some goofy stuff in there, like throw endangered animals, mess with the cave drawings, etc. although the girls do gravitate more with him than Tabes and she feels like she’s being ignored. However, the moment they are in danger and need to get out of there, she had to take charge.

She chooses a path and it’s the creepy, dark, terrifying one and Grizz suggests that they take the brighter path but Tabes refuse as she wants to challenge herself.

They take that route and they easily found the exit………which they got to cross a narrow-ass path!!! Of course Grizz smartly suggest they go back but Tabes refuses and they argue and argue until the cave starts rumbling due to them yelling and the place is falling apart. They run to the exit but they are trapped and can’t get out with Tabes feeling guilty about all this happening (which she should) but they all got an IDEA!!

They just THREW the girls out of the cave. Yeah, simple as that. Oh and as for Grizz and Tabes….apparently she had a rope to swing to them, although they could’ve done that in the beginning but I’m thinking too much of this. The girls and Grizz got their badges and Tabes did learn not to overdo the thing that much.

VERDICT: I thought I was going to be annoyed by Tabes trying too hard to be the top ranger expert but thankfully, that didn’t happen. I actually get why she did because Grizz was fucking around at first but when she wanted to challenge themselves later on, she knows she messed up and that makes her redeemable in the end. Also that last sequence with the throwing and the title cards….Tis good. Yeah, I definitely dug this episode a lot.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and let’s get in FORMATION!

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