WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 50: Episode 62 – Panda’s ART


Damn, I have reach 50 entries of We Bare-Cap Bears…..and this is the 62th episode overall!!! Maybe I should’ve done this when episode 50 came which was…..

Oh. GRIZZLY THE MOVIE……so when the show came back with new episodes.

So, anyway….ART!! I remember having art classes back in high school and that time in community college, which the art class takes place of.
Already, this feels relatable to me.

Panda paints a picture of Charlie that gains notoriety, and when an art dealer makes an offer, Panda must get the painting from Charlie.

So in this art class at the East Bay Community College, Panda shows off his paintings of Grizz, Ice Bear and his pillow waifu and…..well, he got a C-Minus (yeah, it sucks but better than a D or F) and so he has to create another picture in order to get a good grade. However, Charlie happened to come by there (as usual) and at one glance, Panda wants to paint Charlie as his assignment. Of course, Charlie doesn’t want anymore to see his face although it’s just a painting and I doubt people will look for him after that but he agrees to let Panda paint him if Charlie keeps the painting.

He paints him and the picture comes off great and Panda gets an A+ and gives the painting to Charlie. Episode over, right?


An art dealer called up his teacher and he took an interest in Panda’s painting and wants to buy it but Panda made a deal with Charlie as that painting is his, forever and ever.

But fuck all that, he sneaks into his home (wherever the hell that is) and gets the painting in time for the dealing. He gets there in time but Panda is having 2nd thoughts about it and takes the painting right back…and he got mud all over it and the dealer find it virtually worthless and leaves, with the instructor giving it an F+ [Bitch.]

Charlie came back as the painting was missing and Panda hides it behind his back but Charlie sees it anyway but thanks Panda added his signature to it and Charlie still loves it.

VERDICT: If I was still giving grades to this, it would be….a B+. For one thing, I actually like Charlie’s part in this considering the last time he was in an episode and I wanted to beat him. Here….well, we still get why he doesn’t want people to know about him, even though it’s just a painting and I get why Panda would want to sell it. He got caught up and want to be recognize for something great, although he promised Charlie he keep the painting and I guess he couldn’t Xerox it to Charlie and gave the real painting to the art dealer. Also, his instructor is a bitch. Really, an F for some dirt that can be fixed?

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and….here’s some art work I did from way back.
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