WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 49: Episode 61 – The DEMON

OK, I wasn’t too keen on last night’s episode but looking info on this and it’s being a Chloe/Ice Bear episode again…..OK, I went knowing I was going to like this and well…..

MINOR SPOILER: The opening and closing to this episode is a nod to Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbor Totoro. And yes, it’s damn cute. I’m going to like this episode.

When Chloe and Ice Bear lose her prized hoodie to the dog next door, they set out on a mission to retrieve it.

Image result for we bare bears the demon

One afternoon, Chloe and Ice Bear was messing around with this potato(?) gun or basically something-powered gun that shoots a lot of things and unfortunately, they shot Chloe’s trademarked hoodie to next door and their dog has it now and from what Chloe has witnessed and heard, that dog is crazy as hell.

But Ice Bear said that he’s crazier and he’ll help retrieve the hoodie back.

So he and Chloe go inside the house to look for it but the dog has caught up to them and chasing them all around the house in hilarious results and it seems like they are doomed and well, they are. BUT…..they did find the hoodie and they need to find a way to get out of there alive and not bitten and that’s when….Image result for we bare bears the demon

The HAIR-DRYER….POTATO….UM….forget it, THAT GUN STRIKES AGAIN!!! They use a hairdryer, a bathroom sink pipe and a napkin roller to shoot out that toy bone to distract the dog so they can get out of there and so they escape out of the house but they’re not home free yet as the dog got Chloe and Ice Bear has to use the hoodie to shoot the dog and DIRECT HIT!

And the owner Mr. Sacher returns there wondering what the hell happened there and where is his dog and suddenly the dog is friendlier when he got the hoodie on him. Hoodie off – mean ass dog. Hoodie on – cuddly dog you want to hug and stuff!! And so, Chloe decided to let the dog have her hoodie and we all get a happy ending.

Image result for we bare bears the demon

VERDICT: Welp, I said I was going to like this episode from the beginning and yep, it’s true. This was definitely a top-tier episode of how genuinely charming and small-scale adventurous it can be. Also, it still shows that Chloe and Ice Bear still have a lot of chemistry in these type of episodes and how adoring it is. Definitely one I would gladly put on repeat over and over again.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and…..damn, we’re about to hit 50 entries next week. (NOT EPISODES, but entries of me doing this. LATER.)

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