WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 48: Episode 60 – Charlie’s BIGFOOT

HA! This one is actually on time!!!! And this time, we go to the doctor because Charlie’s stupid ass got himself into some pain and probably got Panda in some, too. Let’s have a look-see.

After Charlie hurts his foot, The Bears have to sneak him into a hospital for medical assistance.


So the Bears are enjoying their viewing of the discount Game of Thrones show Swords and Castles and Charlie joins in with them, although as usual, he tends to not shut the fuck up and gets crowded with the bears, mostly Panda and the TV is on the fritz and Charlie decides to fix it for them but attempts are fail and he…..falls and broke the satellite.

And no, he’s not dead.

But his foot is broken and he needs medical attention but again, his fear of being seen in public is still present. So instead he disguises himself with Panda and they look like the Hunchback Panda of California. They run some tests on Charlie/Panda to see what’s up and yes, I admit the heartbeat scene was the funniest of them.

However, they found some blue blood in Charlie and the doctors think there is something wrong with him but Charlie runs like a bitch and lets Panda take the fall for him.

But before they can perform surgery on Panda, he gets some goofy gas to help calm him down but it does make him act more crazy and sees everything moe and anime….AniTwitter’s dream come true. So Charlie and the rest disguise themselves as doctors and nurses to help “perform” the surgery. So they carry Panda out of there but they still get caught by them because of Panda high of the gas but they ended up escaping anyway.

Oh, and they still have no satellite dish.

VERDICT: OK, thinking about this episode now, I did not like Charlie in this episode at all. Like…..there were no fucks given about him. Yes, I know he’s still got a fear of being seen in public but putting Panda in that bullshit don’t make want to sympathize with him. Lately, I have found most of the newer episodes just mid-tier enjoyable and little I would re-watch again but I don’t know if I want to give this a re-watch again or look forward to a re-run airing of it. Yeah, I’m not feeling this episode this much. Sorry.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and Snuggies are still a thing apparently. Oh and just get internet cable next time.


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