WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 47: Episode 59 – Coffee CAVE

OK, sorry for the late (OK, not really late but I tend to put these out after they air) post on We Bare Bears but plans got in the way and stuff and so, without further due…….COFFEE!!!

A drink that I….don’t regularly drink a lot. Maybe occasionally or so but not a big coffee drinker….or tea drinker at that. Hell, just give me some OJ and I’m good for the mo– OK, I’m getting off track.

When they learn that Ice Bear is a talented barista, the Bears turn the cave into a popular coffee shop.

One hot morning where Grizz and Panda are lazing around and all that, Ice Bear gives them some coffee and notices how damn good it is and so they decided to open one in their own cave. So Starbucks in a cave or any other hipster coffee shop with a theme and business is a-booming for the bears but eventually Ice Bear got sluggish in his coffee design and delivery and the customers weren’t about to have that as they were about to leave.

Of course, Panda and Grizz have find a way to keep Ice Bear making good coffee…..and so they gave him some coffee.

You think that would help right?
It did……but not for long. Ice Bear went coffee crazy overload and starting to go loco all around the cave and terrorizing Grizz and Panda to get more coffee but fortunately for them, coffee can cause you to crash hard and so Ice Bear did that.

Good thing they gave him tea to calm down…..except I don’t think they gave him decaf.

VERDICT: The lesson today is……well, watch your caffeine in-take before you end up fucking up your system, breaking shit and possibly harming your mates. Didn’t you learned anything from Philip J. Fry when he drink 300 cups of coffee? Wait, wrong example, he actually saved his friends because of coffee.

In that case…..this was a good episode that’s on the mid-tier level.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and maybe next time make some decaf for those that don’t need dat caffeine.

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