WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 46: Episode 58 – Planet BEARS

Wait, Cartoon Network is now doing nature documentaries, competing with Disneynature? OK, not really.  But the idea sounded……..OK, the shit sounds weird but it does sound unique enough for an episode of We Bare Bears.

And yeah, I know most of you will get the references from the title of the episode. Even the guy’s name narrating it.

A nature documentary follows the Bears through their normal routine, which includes a trip to the grocery store.

Well, there isn’t really much to say except it is what the episode is…..the bears’ ‘normal’ routine but stylized as a nature documentary a la Planet Earth and it all starts with the bears needing food for breakfast so they head their way to the supermarket. Ice Bear has the task of searching for food but everything he tries to get is gone and sold out. Hell, he tried to get fish sticks but had to give it to the mother and her kid. Grizz just really needed to use the restroom but the door for it was locked and he can’t get in.

That and I’m guessing that’s the employee’s bathroom area. He tries to use the crane in order to get in but security guard caught him and that went south……and I think Grizz pissed on himself….or the other thing.

Meanwhile, Panda is major flirting with one of the employees and man, you can tell he definitely wanted to get close to the girl and she was feeling him, too. Even with her knowing some embarrassing thing Panda did in the past. So, as they went to the checkout lane, they got no way of paying it…i.e. they’re screwed.

So, they went home, searching for whatever is there to eat (and no, Grizz, Apple Pie Bubble Bath doesn’t count as food) and they found something….a granola bar and they have to fight for that to the death and were close to killing each other but one bump on the tea and pugs happen. Well, the Pug Soccer thing on TV happened and it calmed down the bears, they share the bar and that’s it.

VERDICT: I can say this was the standard episode but with something unique added in when it comes to watching it like a BBC nature docu-show and I did especially like how the episode opened like that particular thing. Overall, pretty cool.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and will there be a COPS-like episode where Nom Nom gets arrested?

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