WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 45: Episode 57 – RALPH

A new Dr. Seuss-looking monster approaches and……he might be an asshole but how much of an asshole? Find out more in today’s We Bare Bears recap in about….now.

Roll film!!

Charlie meets a creature just like him named Ralph, but the Bears think Ralph is bad news.

One day, Charlie was hanging with his snake brethren(?) and as usual, he hides from some hikers so they won’t notice him but then, they get scared off by this other creature that looks like Charlie but whiter and more buff. His name is Ralph and yes, it’s John DiMaggio voicing him so let’s get that out of the way immediately. So the two met and they go around doing a lot of pranks to people from messing with their tent to putting their RV out of park and rolling it somewhere and threw bees at people and…..

OK, damn, Ralph is kinda a dick at this point.

Soon they meet the bears and they immediately got the impression that Ralph is an asshole. For one, he did the lame salt-shaker shit at Grizz and fakes being beat by Panda at arm wrestling and only hurting him in retort.

Oh, and did I forget to mention he tried to untie a bridge with people still walking on there?!? No, really, Charlie, your mans is crazy and sadistic. You need to get rid of that fucker ASAP and they parted ways while Charlie had to keep the bridge from falling but the bears saved him from falling and learned that just because him and Ralph looked the same, doesn’t mean they are.

One last thing, Ralph messes with the snakes and they kill him…….OK, not really but it sounds like it.


VERDICT: Well, this episode gives us a lesson that kids (and some younger adults like me) should learn. A joke is a joke but when you take the shit too far where you could hurt somebody, you need to cut them loose. Especially when they tried to MAKE PEOPLE FALL FROM A BRIDGE! No, seriously, Ralph is an asshole through and through and I’m glad he got what he deserved in the end. Hell, Nom Nom is a teddy bear compared to him. Oh, and yeah, I dug this episode, too, and despite thinking that Ralph is a dick, John DiMaggio did this thing.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and of course he threw bees at a guy….



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