WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 42: Episode 54 – $100

Yep, today’s episode is going back to the Baby bears and they learn the true value of money…..and it made me wish I got $100 right now. Then again, don’t we all?

The Baby Bears’ dreams come true when they find a 100-dollar bill; when they can’t bear to spend it, they realize it’s difficult to let go.

So the baby bears are once again living life on the road or the streets now as they are living in this fort they made and just surviving. Oh, and got a new friend named Coupon Cory, who has the hook-up on a few things like free car waxes. That would be fine if they can drive or own a car but nevertheless….

Soon, they find some crumpled paper in a box and it turns out it was…..$100!!!!

The bears are lucky to find currency just like that (Hell, I mostly find small change when cleaning up parking lots) and so, the bears try to find ways of spending it, whether it be food or knives…..or even a jeep!! However, they couldn’t part with the money because they felt very close to it and so they make it a part of their clique.

…..Then it got stolen later that night.
And spoiler alert….IT WAS COUPON CORY!!!

That douchebag. I had a funny feeling he was going to snatch it from them sooner or later. I thought they wouldn’t go that route but fuck it, they did. They did catch him but Grizz and Ice Bear are in danger and Panda was hanging on the money and so Panda has to chose be— He chooses his brothers to save and lets the money go into the wind. Of course, he would save his bros. Money is money but that could never break the brothers bond.

(OK, a tad corny but fuck it. It was touching.)

VERDICT: No surprise that I really like this episode as I do tend to like the Baby Bears episodes and also thought of the concept of what I would do if I find $100 out of nowhere (easy, not telling a motherfucker about it…..although I doubt many people lose $100 easily. $1 and some change I understand. Maybe a $5 or 10 but never 100) but if I got one nitpick about it, I will say that the culprit reveal did felt predictable as I could tell by the foreshadowing. Other than that, this was another good Baby Bears-centric episode……although The Island is still their top one.  (Yuri and The Bear counts as a solo Ice Bear baby episode, not the former.)


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and this post is……




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