WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 41: Episode 53 – Panda’s FRIEND

Hello……..again. Are you in need of a friend that shares your interests in things like anime and being a vegan/vegetarian and loves to watch K-Dramas, too? I suggest don’t go to a Youtube ad for that shit, like Panda did in this latest episode.

Image result for we bare bears panda's friend

Panda uses an app to find a friend with whom he has more in common, but things take a turn for the worse when the new friend gets too possessive.

Panda feels like he and his brothers don’t click as much anymore since they don’t want to go to this anime con he’s called (that’s actually called Anime-Con…..I guess you can’t say Anime Expo or Famine in here) and he figures one night after he couldn’t watch his shows, he found an app to search for a buddy.

Next day, he meets his friend named Tom and right throughout, the two easily became BFFs as they spend time going to that Anime Con, talking about K-Dramas and their vegan lifestyle. The two were easily inseparable and really bonded, even close to wishing that they were exactly roommates so they can always be together.

And the next morning……

Panda wakes up and finds out he’s actually in Tom’s apartment!!! (Also, how did he get Panda into that house without him knowing?) In other words, Tom is acting very possessive over Panda, very Single White Female-ish only male and dark-skinned (I don’t know what race Tom is) and if you don’t believe me, he even locks the door via voice command. So Panda tries to escape the place out the window but Tom catches to get to him but slips and hanging on to Panda and he’s sorry and he’s being a bad friend (hey, at least he admits it) but he drops and falls but is caught by….Image result

Human versions of Grizz and Ice Bear?!?! OK.


So, anyway, Panda gets back to the cave and….well, spend time with his brothers.


VERDICT: Surprisingly out of the 4 episodes that aired this week, this was actually my favorite and I find Panda very sympathetic in this episode when it comes to finding friends that share your interests although it did backfire on him and I think the lesson here is using an app from a Youtube or Netflix app could bite you in the ass. Tom was an alright character but if I had one nitpick, it was the whole pizza scene where he complained about a meat slice being in one of the veggie slices.

But yeah, this was a solid episode.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and really, Panda, you shaded that girl that wanted your number to be friends with that guy?


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