TIME OF THE SEASON Spring 2017 Edition: LOVE Tyrant

If some girl randomly knocks on your door and wants you to kiss her, you would do it at first sight, right? Well, for those that said ‘yes’……you might regret that right away.

Also, the Kiss Note might be the most dangerous thing known to man.

This is Love Tyrant.

DirectorAtsushi Nigorikawa

Series CompositionNatsuko Takahashi


Original creatorMegane Mihoshi

Character DesignMariko Ito

Art Director:
Akiko Kikuchi
Hiroki Matsumoto

Chief Animation Director:
Jun’ichi Kitamura
Miyako Yatsu

Sound DirectorSatoshi Motoyama

Director of PhotographyAtsushi Iwasaki


Animation ProductionEMT Squared

Internet StreamingCrunchyroll

Plot Summary: Guri is an angel with a mysterious item that turns any two people who kiss into a couple. She appears before a high school boy named Seiji Aino. However, there is a yandere high school girl named Akane who loves Seiji.

First Thoughts: Well, I get what’s the show is going for with this girl acting like a Cupid or angel of some kind and loves to pair people with just….about anyone. It is one big kooky rom-com cliche after the next, to the cupid/angel who wants the main guy to kiss her, but he got a huge crush on the athletic sporty girl Akane with some BIG assets and she’s the crazy-ass yandere and of course, she loves him back but will cut a bitch for getting close to another girl (i.e. typical yandere shit) and some other girl named Yuzu (and yes, she’s a tsundere. Go figure) that you think might have a crush on Seiji but it’s on Akane and that’s her older sister and that’s mostly due to the Kiss Note, where you write the name of people you want to pair up (i.e. PENCIL x PAPER) and boom….it’s every yuri fan/fujoshi fan/coupling fan in general dream come true. But yeah…..this is 50/50 for me. It is in the middle of being somewhat funny and annoying because of all the tropes piled in there…they can work and grate on my nerves. I will say the anime does go for equal opportunity in its craziness but it’s like ingesting a lot of sweets in one time. There’s pleasure but you might wind up sick later on.

In other words, JUST FOR THE FUCK OF IT!!! It might be pain sometimes but it’s good pain.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and I need to make sure don’t answer for shinigami at the door.

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