WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 40: Episode 52 – ANGER Management

Hello again…….feeling angry, my friends? Felt like you need to control some of that before you do something to harm your reputation as an internet figure?

Yes, this is an Nom Nom episode by the way, so BEAR with us.

Nom Nom must complete anger management in order to keep his career and fame.

So the angry fucker here is in anger management because of an outburst during a special appearance shoot and he must complete the therapy or he can’t do any business anymore and they hired someone to help him maintain his anger and that someone is……Grizz.

Nah, I’m serious. Grizz is the one to help him on this.

One therapy montage later, they have found a way to help Nom Nom calm down….Grizz just smothers him to calm him down. So basically, what Lucoa did to Shouta in Maid Dragon, except I don’t think anybody wants to play with Grizz’s funbags (But, seriously, Maid Dragon is a damn good show and this is coming from a guy that doesn’t like much of KyoAni stuff).

They did the shoot again and for the time being, Grizz had to go off the set and that spells trouble as the shoot begins and Nom Nom is trying to not get angry as the sequence goes and it looks like he’s breaking…..breaking and yet Grizz comes and calms the koala beast down.

And so on, the therapy is complete, blah blah blah and also Nom Nom said if this shit happens again, he’s rich and famous, so money will solve the shit.


VERDICT: Again, like the last 2 episodes, this is an alright standard episode. I know Nom Nom is usually a jerk but at least this time you actually want to route for him (a bit, for mostly for Grizz’s sake) and it doesn’t bite you back in the ass like what Nom Nom’s Entourage did. It’s probably not one I would immediately go back to but if it came on TV, I wouldn’t mind it.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and Nom Nom could’ve used some Wu-Tang Therapy.


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