WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 39: Episode 51- SUBWAY

Back at it again with another re-cap of today’s new episode of We Bare Bears and also a reminder why I’m glad I drive nowadays.

The Bears are stranded on a subway platform after missing their train. But while waiting, the Bears are challenged with recovering some lost items.

My guess is the bears got through shopping for new things as Grizz got himself a FitBit lookalike, Panda bought himself a selfie stick and Ice Bear bought himself something special and they are awaiting the subway to get home. But since Panda wants to take a selfie so bad, he did and they are now stranded.

Thanks a lot, Panda.

But, hey, they still have their phone and can just watch funny videos of Bagel Rat to pass the time right? WRONG!! They were messing with the phone and now they dropped in the middle of the tracks and Panda can’t go through it because of the alarms and warnings. So Ice Bear and Panda are trying to retrieve it back whether it be by selfie stick and gum but that failed due to FroYo guy texting one text too much and also, Ice Bear revealed that he bought a drone and he uses it to get the phone and they GOT IT!!!!

Nah, they almost had it but Panda just had to mess with the thing and the drone is destroyed but the phone is still intact.

Meanwhile, Grizz did find Bagel Rat as he stole the FitBit thing Grizz had on his arm and went to chase him and DAMN, he got a lot of bagels in there. Enough to run a small coffee shop and all that shit.

Bagel Rat did eventually came back up and they had an idea to get the phone back and text a bagel emoji for him to get it. But wait….A TRAIN!!! OH NO, BAGEL RAT IS D– Nah, he’s good. He got the phone safely and the bears thank him and Grizz lets him keep the fitbit thing.

VERDICT: Eh, I thought it was a pretty standard funny episode. I did like the Bagel Rat bits fairly considering it is a reference to that Pizza Rat video and I didn’t even notice until I was typing this sentence although the phone retrieval bits did get more of a reaction from me….mostly saying “Panda, you dumb motherfucker!” at that last part.

Also, you owe Ice Bear a new drone.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and remember to take selfies AWAY from things that might wreck your phone!


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