WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 38: Episode 50 – GRIZZLY The Movie

WE BACK!!!!!!

HEY!!! Something on Cartoon Network that’s not TTG or Gumball is back on and good thing, too. So yes, We Bare Bears are back again after having a……4 month hiatus. Yeah, there hasn’t been a new episode since then and it was scheduled to be back earlier but delays, delays, delays….that and the aforementioned things I mentioned earlier but better now than never.

Grizz gets cast in a movie about a grizzly bear, but soon realizes the movie’s depiction of grizzly bears is not what he had in mind.

So trying to rent something from a low-budget Redbox, a director approaches Grizz to be a part of this movie she is making called, “Grizzly” and she sees Grizz, offers him the role and easily accepts it as he is on his way to movie stardom.

The only problem of that is…..the director wants Grizz to be the typical grizzly bear. The one that attacks you, mauls you and kills you with the blood and gore thrown in there. The thing is……

YEP!! Grizz is about as scary as Eddie Murphy in Vampire in Brooklyn or any some current B-level horror movie and the director is not having this.

See? Even she can’t take Grizz’s crappy acting or him trying to be threatening and so, after that didn’t work, she went to the easiest route that many directors use today. MOTION CAPTURE CG!!! Oh, and this guy named Andy playing the bear and come on, you can’t tell me that is a blatant reference to one other actor that is well-known for doing motion capture.

Oh and….


Of course and understandably, Grizz doesn’t like the idea of grizzly bears being represented as monstrous murderers and only to be feared and….well, he got fired. However, after all that, something on the set again and the stage is crumbling down, down, down to the ground and Andy Not-Serkis is stuck under a rock. So Grizz and the bros got everyone out of there and they succeed. The director sees the errors of her ways and decides to put Grizz back on and as portrayed as the hero!!!!!

Too bad she might kicked out of Hollywood because that movie was a BOMB!!! Practically no one else but the Bears saw it…and some little kid that later got yelled at for being in a PG-13 Movie.

VERDICT: It….was alright. I did like that Grizz showing that he’s more than some typical grizzly bear that attacks people and even if his acting was trash and he can be a cornball sometimes. Also, the stuff about them using motion capture CG (crappy motion capture CG, by the way) and the actor doing it did get a chuckle out of me. Overall, this is one of the mid-tier episodes of the series but something I could give a light recommendation.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and remember to read your scripts before accepting movie roles, future actors.

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