Stories beyond the Hybrid: CONNECT [EXTRA]

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain strong language and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.

“Isaac?” One voice was calling him.
“Isaac. ISAAC!!” He suddenly woke up and accidentally bumping his head to the wall.

“OW!!!” he said, “What the hell?”
It was his sister Jinx waking him up.
“You still asleep?” she said, “You didn’t do much today.”
He groaned and said, “Good. I don’t feel doing anything today anyway.” As he goes back to sleep and tries to shut his eyes and sleep deep.

“OK then.” Jinx said, “Don’t get mad when something pops up in the next minute.”
He got up out of the bed.
“Last time I check, Mom is on first shift this week.” He said, “And since I have worked the weekend and have been studying for exams most of the week, I need some relaxation so kindly get out and shut up!!!”
“Well, I didn’t say Mom was going to do something.” Jinx said.
And then behind her……there was Nadia.
“Yeah, she meant me.” She said as she pounced at Isaac.

Chapter 1: all in the family affair, pt.1

“OWWW!” he said, “What the hell, Nadia?”
“Funny.” Nadia said, “That’s what I said to you when you told me and Jamie that you didn’t pass your course!” Then she hits him with his pillow.
He groans during what she said.
“Isaac… know this summer you really have to buckle down and study your ass off to pass that course.” She said, “I mean, this is only for 2 months and after that, you got the rest of the summer to goof off.”
“I know, I know, I know.” He said, “But with this and work…..”
“Don’t they know you’re taking summer classes?” Jinx asked.
“Yes.” He said, “They know. I’m still working on weekends and shit….although I only got classes only on Tuesdays.”

“See?” Nadia said, “Look, maybe me and Jamie can help you since we’re taking a break from classes…..and we actually passed ours.”
“There you go.” She said, “You got two good friends that can help you…..and speaking of that, where’s your other friend?”
“Yeah, where is Jamie?” Isaac asked.
“Asleep. Back at her place.” Nadia said, “However, unlike you, she can sleep to her heart’s consent because she earned it.”

The phone rang beside Isaac and it says JAMIE on the Caller I.D. but Jinx got to it first.
“Hello?” Jinx answered. “Yeah, he’s awake. You want to spe–”
“Jamie!?” he got the other phone.
“Isaac!! You’re finally awake!” Jamie said.
“Yeah, thanks to my sister and Nadia here.” He said. “So what’s up?”
“Are you good to come over here in a few minutes or so?” she asked. “I mean, if you want.”
“OK…..” he said awkwardly. “Is something wrong, Jamie?”
“Oh no, nothing’s wrong. I just need to see you personally.” Jamie said, “It’s a little something I only need to tell you and only you.”
“Alright. I’ll be there in a flash.” He said and then hung up.

He was going to get dressed and leave but not before Nadia and Jinx wondered suddenly he’s going out.
“So now you’re getting out of bed?” Jinx said. “Mainly because Jamie called?”
“Jamie?” Nadia said, “What did she want?”
“She said that she needed to see me about something……alone.” He said, “So I’m going to her place and…..bye.” As he grabbed his keys and made a run for it.

Seven minutes later, he arrived at Jamie’s apartment.
“JAMIE, I’M HERE!” he shouted.
She opens the door in her pajamas and quickly grabbed and pulled him inside.
“Oh…OK, damn, girl.” He said, “What’s the emergency?”

“Yeah…… family is coming to visit for the summer.” Jamie admitted.
Isaac seemed confused after that.
“OK……that’s what you only need to tell me?”
She sighs and tells him, “Look, it’s been some time since I have talked to them and last time I spoke with them…..around Easter….it didn’t go over well.”
“Oh….yeah, you told me about that.” He said, “Well, Nadia did and she mentioned that you were drunk off your ass.”
“I GET NERVOUS AND DRINK AROUND MY FAMILY!” She shouted but recomposed her. “Anyway… think you might have some spare time to hang with me along with them?”

“Alright, sure.” He said.
“Wait, for real?” she said.
“Yeah.” Isaac said, “I’m good helping you out on this. I mean, you’re helping me on my course and what are friends for?”
Jamie then gave Isaac a big and tight hug.
“Oh, thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” she said and Isaac blushed and smiled harder at that.
“Anytime.” Isaac said, “But hopefully it wouldn’t be so bad.”
“I hope so.” She said as she sits down on the couch. “And since you’re now here, you want to watch a little anime with me today?”
“Oh….well, I—Wait, is Nadia coming over here today?” he said.

“Why?” she asked.
“Because last time we did this, she got on our asses for–”
“For what?” Jamie said, “We didn’t do anything wrong.”
“I was in my drawers. You in nothing but a bra and some jean shorts.” He said, “She suspect something and Jinx did, too, since she and Nadia are becoming tight with each other the last couple of months.”

“Isaac….” Jamie said, “Look, I know that one thing a year ago where the two of us got intimate with each other and while I admit….that feeling wasn’t gone away but our friendship among the three of us is more important and also you didn’t complain when I was in my bra. In fact, I spot your little friend when that happened. Wink wink.”
“HEY!” he shouted, “OK, I admit. You half-naked gets me excited….a lot….mainly because you look great naked but I don’t want to do a cluster fuck repeat of last year. That…..was not a good note on us.”
“Agreed.” She said. “Oh, and one more thing…” She took off her pajama top, removed her bra and threw it at him.
“Thank you for the compliment. You excited now?” she said and laughs as she went to the bathroom. “And don’t try to look at my size!!”
“Um, you threw it at me!” he shouted.

After he got her top (and bra) off him, he then notices a framed photo on her table. It was of her and her brothers and sisters.
“Hey, Jamie!”
“Yeah?” she yelled.
“Are the people in this photo your brothers and sisters?” he asked.

“Oh, you mean, that one photo on the table? Yeah, that’s them all right.” She said as she was coming from the bathroom with shorts and t-shirt.
“Y’all look relaxed as hell.” Isaac said, “Especially the girl in the middle.”
“The middle….Oh, that’s my big sister Eva.” She said. “She’s practically the head sibling of the five of us. My older brother Avari is like second-in-command and lastly my two younger siblings Lita and Orion.”
In Isaac’s thoughts, he kept focus on Eva. “Wow……Jamie’s older sister looks gorgeous.”
“So that makes you….”
“Yes, the middle child. Or better yet, ‘HEY, WE DIDN’T FORGET ABOUT YOU…um……’ Yeah, that.”
“Well, with five kids, you’re bound to forget one of them most of the time.” Isaac jokingly said but Jamie looked at him menacingly.
“I got lost as a kid so much, the lost and found put a poster of me and kept it there until I was 15.” she said, “That and I had to always try best in school but I always wind up in 2nd or 3rd place because Eva and Avari always get the shine. Whether it’s Avari in basketball or Eva on track as they were more of the athletic side. I was more brainy and mostly like to draw anything.”
“Hey, that’s not a bad trait.” He said. “Look, I’m sure things will go fine when they visit.”
“And I hope you’re right.” Jamie said, “Right now, let’s just get lost in this show called…”
Isaac looked up the title, “It’s My Sister’s Fault that I’m Trapped in the Dungeon with Wildebeests.”
“So it’s a light novel title?” he said.

Later on during the day, Isaac was back at his house doing nothing on his day as usual only this time, Nadia and Jamie visited him for his weekly study session.
“OK! Hands off the dick!!!” Nadia shouted.
“I was getting myself a drink of water.” Isaac said in an irritated tone. “And good thing my mom isn’t back from work. I had to slap you for that shit!”

“Come on, come on now.” Jamie said, “Today, Isaac has to learn about the phylum Mollusca and the class Bivalvia.”
“So, clams?” he said.
Nadia looked at the notes he got.
“Yep.” She said, “OK, then again, you knew this shit before. We just got to get it stuck in your head.”
“Even if we have to repeat it to your sleep every night.” Jamie said, “I might just do that.”
“Don’t.” Isaac said, “You won’t like me when I’m asleep. Hell, I don’t like me when I’m asleep.”

So, they spend the next hour looking over notes on Bivalvia, clams, mussels.

“OK…’s been a good hour.” He said. “Can I take a break?”
“Yeah, might as well.” Nadia said, “I should be getting home soon. My sister and brother are coming in tomorrow and I need energy for both of them.”
“Wait, wait, wait… got family coming in tomorrow?” Isaac questioned.
“You, too!?” Jamie said out loud.

“Yep.” Nadia said, “My big sister Alexia just out of the blue decided to come down here and visit me and see little ‘ol me.”
“Well, this is quite a coincidence.” Isaac said, “Jamie’s brothers and sisters are coming to her place. Yours is coming to your place……you two are going to be very busy this weekend, aren’t you?”
“Apparently, yes.” Nadia said. “Oh and make that my sister Alexia and my brother Amon.”
She then shows a picture of Alexia and Amon to Isaac and his first reaction in his mind was, “Holy shit, she is fine as fuck!! Her and Jamie’s older sister! Wow……I’m actually lusting after the sisters of both my friends who I saw naked that one time.”

“What are you thinking up there?” Nadia said.
“NOTHING!!” Isaac frantically said to them. “I just didn’t notice y’all got other siblings.”
“Yeah, that’s our fault for not cluing you up….although I assumed you knew.” Jamie said.
“Maybe I did. I do forget shit.” He said.
“So you’re still coming to my place tomorrow, right?” Jamie asked. “And I mean, both of you?”

“Yeah, of course.” He said.
“You want me to bring my sister and brother there, too?” Nadia asked her.
“Yeah.” Jamie said, “That way, when it gets awkward… least you’re awkward with me.”

“Then it’s settled!” Isaac said. “And now…” As he jumps to the couch and lays down to watch TV.
“So back to you doing nothing then?” Nadia said.
“Yup.” He said.
“Yeah, I’m going home, too.” Jamie said, “I might as well do some ‘alone time’ since I won’t have any tomorrow.”
“AAAAAND you made Isaac horny again.” Nadia said, “I hope you’re proud of yourself.”
“Yes.” Jamie said. “Yes I am.” Then followed by Isaac throwing a pillow at both of them.


Next day, Isaac was driving over to Jamie’s place to meet her brothers and sisters.
We went to the door and it suddenly opens with a fifteen-year-old girl being the one to open it.
“What the— I’m at the wrong house or something?”
“That depends.” She said, “Does a Jamie Silver owe you money?”
“Wait, who owes who money!?” Then a tall guy came out of the apartment, staring down at Isaac and pounding his fists.

“No, no, no.” Isaac frantically shouted, “This isn’t some bill collector. This is Isaac…her friend. I’m just coming to visit. I mean no harm or none of that shit and–”
However, that guy was joking around as he got into a calm mode. “Don’t worry, man. I’m not going to kill you. I always do that around Jamie’s friends…..although Nadia was the only one to kick my ass on that.”
“Wait……you must be Avari.” He said.
“Damn and smart, too.” Avari said, “Yeah, that’s me. And you must be Isaac.”

“AVARI!!” Jamie shouted, “Is that Isaac at the door?”
“Well, don’t hurt him and let him in!” she said.
“All right, all right.” Avari said, “He’s still in one piece, by the way!”

“I see you also met our little sister Lita.” Avari said.
“Hiya.” She said, “Jamie told us a lot about you when she saw us last time.”
“Oh.” Isaac sounded surprised. “I hope all good things from her.”
“Yeah.” Lita said, “Jamie told us a lot of good things about you…..even when she got drunk that one time.”
“OK then… so where is she?” he asked.
“Oh, she and Eva are in the bathroom.” Avari said, “It might be a while but you can chill with us for a while.”

Isaac then sat down to watch a bit of TV but he sees her little brother playing a game.
“Come on, come on, come on.” He kept shouting. “DAMMIT!!”
“I think he’s too focused to notice me.” Isaac said.
“No, I can notice you good.” He said, “So what up? Name’s Orion. You must be Isaac. Jamie’s friend, right?”
“Yeah, that’s me.” He said.

“EEEEEYAAAA!!” Jamie yelled from across the room.
“What the hell was that?” Isaac exclaimed.
“That must be Eva and Jamie doing each other’s hair.” Avari said, “I recognize that scream way too often.”

“EVA!! Not so tight!” Jamie said, “I don’t want the hair to cut off any circulation to my brain.”
“Will you relax!?” Eva said, “I’m almost done with your hair. And one more loop and……’s done! SEE!! Doesn’t that look cute?” Jamie looks in the mirror and sees her hairstyle as a bun head with some hair loopies.
“I’m 20 going on 21…..Cute seems like something for Lita, not me!”
“But you do pull it off!” Eva said.

“EVA! JAMIE!!” Avari shouted, “You done yet?”
“We’re coming!!! We’re coming!!” Eva kept shouting.

Both came out of the bathroom, pampered and ready.
“About time!!” Avari said, “I really had to go!” He rushes to there and quickly close the door.
“Well, that was fast.” Eva said. Then she sees Isaac on the couch.
“So…….you must be Isaac.” Eva presented herself to him.
“And you must be Eva.” He said with a smooth tone.
“And you must be high.” Jamie said mocking his tone.

“OH!!” Then he notices Jamie in that Sailor Moon/Katara-ish hairstyle. “Jamie!!! You….you look nice today.”
“I look like a magical girl posting for a body pillow!” Jamie shouted.
“A what?” Lita said.
“Something you should not know about for another…year or so.” He said but Jamie slapped him. “OW!!! YOU SAID IT!”
“I……OK, damn, you’re right.” She said but then Eva flicked her on her forehead.
“Well, that’s what you get for slapping him.” Eva said.
“Anyway….” Jamie said, “Isaac is my friend I told you about the last time we visited. Me, Isaac and Nadia really hit it off when we first met.”
“Yeah. Jamie and Nadia has been my closest friends since then.” He said.

“So, Isaac…..” Eva said, “I see you and Jamie are at the same college, right?”
“Oh yeah, yeah.” He said, “Woods Community College.”
“You know, I did used to go there for a good year or two before transferring to Briar University for my major in Anthropology. Any major you’re going in?” She asked him. However, Isaac seemed a bit nervous talking about that subject.
“Um…….well, right now I’m just doing general studies for now.” He said, “But I have actually thought of getting my degree in creative writing or basically English.”
“Oh. Writing, huh?” Eva said. “I see we got a creative mind here. You like writing stories and all that?”

“Yeah.” He sheepishly said. “I didn’t know it at first but in my spare time, I like to do some creative writing.”
“Ah.” Eva said. “So….what do you write about?”
“Well…’s a mixture really. Sometimes a bit of action, mostly drama and maybe neo-fantasy even though I’m not much of a fantasy fan but yet the ideas I came up with is like that.”

“Oh…..that’s cool. That’s cool.” Eva said, “It also helps that you can write about anything that affects your everyday life. Like your experiences in school, everyday life or even on how you, Jamie and Nadia became friends.”
He then thought about that day when he met the girls and remember how they were the shining light of his little bleak life. Jamie also thought about that day and it brought a smile to her face…..and then fast forward to that night when he and Jamie were fucking in the bedroom to kissing Nadia and how that almost messes up everything.
“That’ll be an interesting tale.”
“Yeah….interesting.” Jamie awkwardly said.
“Any juicy details of that story I should know about?”
“NO!!!” Isaac and Jamie shouted.
“We’re good.” Isaac said. “We’re fine. Just peachy.”

Then there was a knock on the door.
“And there’s somebody at the door!” Jamie said, “I’ll get it!!” She frantically said as she runs to the door.
“Alright then.” Eva said. “So, Isaac…….are you single?”
He choke on his drink as she asked him that.
“Oh….yeah. Very single.” He said as he really wasn’t lying on that part.
“Hmmmm… and Jamie seem to make a good couple.” Eva said, “It’s like you two are in sync with each other.”
“Yeah, that’s definitely true with us.” He said.

Back outside, Nadia just arrived there with her sister Alexia and younger brother Amon.
“So this is your friend’s place, huh?” Alexia said, “Got to admit, this shit looks legit. Better than the last place I rented.”
“You mean no big rats?” Amon said.
“OK.” Nadia said, “Just don’t embarrass me in front of my friends. You know how you are whenever shit like this happens.”
“OK, WOW.” Alexia said, “You sound like you’re still 15 years old. I’m your older sister, you should know by now…..I’m possibly going to embarrass you in your lifetime. Hell, I’m doing it to Amon as well when his friends show up.”
“Twenty-one times.” Amon said, “And counting.”
“Nine more and I’ll break the record!” She exclaimed.
“Oh, dammit!” Nadia said at the door and knocked.

Jamie answers it.
“NADIA!!” Jamie yelled.
“YAH!” Nadia said, “Yeah, I’m here and I got me company!”
“ALEXIA! AMON!” she said.
“JAMIE!” Both of them said and they hugged it out.
“It’s been so long.” Amon said, “Too long.”
“Aww, you missed me being around?” Jamie said to him.
“Oh yeah… very much.” Amon replied.
“Hey, it’s so good to see you again.” Alexia shouted. “I see you’ve been doing your thing at the college, right?”

“I got 2 more classes to take before getting my degree.” Jamie said, “That and working year round can get tiring.”
“Year-round?” Alexia said, “Wow, I couldn’t do that shit all the time. I would have to take a break at some time.”
“Good thing I decided to take one for the summer.” Jamie said.
“Although we’re helping one other person study for his course again.” Nadia said. “And speaking of that person, is he here?”
“Yep.” Jamie said, “Right there….” As she points to him talking to Eva.
“OOOHH….” Nadia said, “I see he’s getting comfortable with your sister.”
“OK…..and….” Jamie said.
“Don’t you think it’s weird he’s doing a little flirting with her?”

“So you’re a teacher?” Isaac said to Eva and asking about her profession.
“Yeah, you can say that. More like assistant teacher.” She said, “I’m still in the class but it’s more an up-close look.”
“So, like learning the technique before doing it yourself?” Isaac said.
“Yeah, like that.” She said.

“So that’s big sis Eva?” Alexia said.
“Yep.” Jamie and Nadia said.
“Damn, she looks gorgeous today… especially with her long hair.” Alexia said and then she took a look at Jamie’s hair. “She should do yours like that.”
“I’m good on that.” Jamie replied.

“EVA!” Alexia said.
“Huh….ALEXIA!?” Eva replied. “Oh my god…’re here, too!” They hugged it out and squealed like high school girls.
“Looks like I came at the right time.” Alexia said. “So who’s the big man I see here?” As she took notice of Isaac.
“Oh, my bad. I’m Isaac. Jamie and Nadia’s friend.” He said.
“So I finally meet the man our little sisters are so acquainted with.” Alexia said. “I’m Alexia, Nadia’s older sister.”
“Oh, alright. Nice to meet you, too.” Isaac said.
“And of course, the person behind you is our little brother Amon.” As he was standing near Isaac.
“How’s it going?” Amon said.
“Good, man.” Isaac said giving him dap, “You doing well yourself?”
“Same here.” He said, “So I finally meet this dude my sister talks about.”

“Apparently I must be a popular person around this circle.” He said.

“Well…..” Amon said, “You are friends with my sister and theirs. Kinda strange that this one guy is friends with 2 girls and yet there isn’t any foul play.”
“Foul play?” Isaac said. “Nah, nothing foul going on here. Your sister just happens to be cool people. Her and Jamie have been the friends I definitely needed for the last year or so. Hell, if it wasn’t for them, I’d probably be in the same depressed funk I always was.”

Then Lita walked up to him and said, “So…. what do you like about them?”
Isaac then chuckled and said, “I mean, what’s not to like about them. Nadia just got this cool and laid back vibe about her and she definitely knows to keep us in track of things. And Jamie…..she’s sweet, intelligent, creative, hard-working and knows how to put a smile on my face….and for me, I never want to do anything to mess that up.”
“Wow…..” Lita said, “You must really like them, do you?”
“As cheesy as it sounds….but yeah.” Isaac said.

“So…….” Alexia said to everyone, “What are we doing to do today? I mean, how long you guys are here?”
“For about……a week or so.” Avari said. “We really don’t have much planned. It’s more of a go with the flow type of thing.”
“Well, how about the beach?” Eva suggested. “That might seem fun.”
“The beach?” Isaac, Jamie and Nadia said in unison.
“Yeah, the beach.” Eva said, “Hey, it could be a fun time with….the nine of us.”
“Plus, it can give me a chance to show off my beach body.” Alexia said, “And maybe……you might do it, too, Nadia.”
“HEY!!” Nadia said. “You gotta do that every time this happens?”
“Do what?” Isaac asked.
“Nadia gets nervous whenever she has a bikini on.” Alexia said, “Been that way since we were young.”
“That and a few times some pervs keep checking us out and trying to play grab-ass.” Nadia said. “Even if I hit them smack in the face many times.”
“OK.” Alexia said, “I admit those times were not all good. In fact, they were outright terrible. But this time, you got your big sis, your little bro, your two best friends and Jamie’s fam as well. You’re going to be fine…..besides, I think the most likely to check you out is Isaac…..and maybe Jamie. Hell, it’s probably the first time Isaac has seen you without clothes.”
Again, the weird moment sets in among Isaac, Jamie & Nadia. “Oh….yeah, sure. I mean….I didn’t want to say anything that would get my ass kicked.” Then flashbacks of seeing them both naked set in Isaac’s mind and then gulped.
“Don’t worry.” Eva said, “Jamie and Nadia know that you’ll never do something like that. Look, I know because if she told me, I’d kick your ass all day and night. Me and Avari. Like straight up, we will do that…..but since you don’t seem like that type, you’re cool with us.”

“Yeah, dude.” Avari said, “I did sense that you was frightened with me earlier and I don’t blame you. I mean, I do look like I’ll fuck you up and I will.”
“And as for me….” Alexia now speaking to Isaac, “The same said from them is applied to me as well. I trust you….for now but…..well yeah.”

“Noted.” Isaac said. “Also, I feel like I’m about to pass out.”
“I’ll give you space.” Amon said.
“Thank you.” He said as he passes out.


Isaac woke up and sees everybody was gone…..or in the other room as he was resting in Jamie’s bedroom.
Jamie and Nadia came in to see how’s he doing.
“Did I just pass out?” he said.
“Oh, you did!” Nadia said, “You did HARD!!”
“But on the other hand,” Jamie said, “Everybody seems to like you.”
Isaac smiled with glee at that.

“And now, for the other part.” Jamie said as she sits on the bed, getting close to Isaac, “Are you and my sister flirting with each other?”
“Huh?” he said. “Wait, you mean— WAIT A MINUTE! We was just talking and getting to know each other. I really hope you’re not jealous of that.”
Jamie’s eyes widened at that.
“Uh…..NO!” she said, “For real, I’m not jealous. It’s weird that the guy–”
“That you fucked?” Nadia brought out.
“HEY!” she said, “Why you bringing up old shit? I knew when he saw both Eva and Alexia, he would get aroused.”
“Well, we said it before.” Nadia said, “He’s with two attractive girls i.e. us and well, now that he saw our sisters, I know you’re thinking how hot they are.”

“Uhh……” As Isaac tried to stall them by being stupid but that wasn’t going to work in the long haul.
“Isaac…” Jamie sternly said.
“OK!” Isaac said, “Yes, I thought that. OK? But you know I’m not going to cross that level because you guys are my friends and I never want to do anything to break this friendship again.”

Nadia then sat down and talk to him. “Dude, OK, I get it. You find most of our family members attractive. That’s cool……considering I had fantasies of doing it with your sister.”
Isaac’s eyes widened at that.
“Oh, you didn’t know?” Nadia said, “Yeah, Jinx is fine. A bit kooky but fine and yet I see where you get it from.”
“You know, maybe she should come with us tomorrow on our beach day.” Jamie said.
“HUH!?” Isaac shouted.
“Hey, if you’re going to wind up looking at our sisters, we can do the same to ours.” Nadia said. “Oh and before you say she got work or something, she don’t. She got a day off tomorrow and I got her on speakerphone!”
“YO!” Jinx said.
“The fuck!?” Isaac shouted.
“Yes, I’ll be able to join your crew tomorrow.” Jinx said, “Like a brother-sister day….only with a bunch of other ones from friends you know. See ya soon, Isaac.” She laughs as she hung up.
“Oh joy….” He said.

Chapter 3: The Beach

The next day comes and everyone including new addition Jinx arrived at Jamie’s place, ready to go to the Beach.

“So everyone’s here, right?” Eva said to everyone there.
“Looks like it.” Lita said, “Although I don’t see Jamie here.”
“I’M HERE, DAMMIT!” she said in the bathroom, “Just having a little trouble in here.”
Eva offered to help, “You need any he–”
“NO, I’M FINE!” Jamie screamed at her. “I thought I stopped growing when I was fifteen. These things get bigger every day!”

“You think it’s the bikini problem again?” Lita asked.
“So fourth time’s the charm?” Eva said.
“I HEARD THAT!” Jamie yelled and then comes out of the bathroom. “And for your info, it was only 3 times.”
“Let’s hope it doesn’t snap off where everyone can see this time.” Eva said.
“Ha-Ha.” Jamie sarcastically said. “Hopefully I can buy a better one when we get there.”
Nadia then walked in on the conversation. “So, Jamie preventing wardrobe malfunction again…
“WATCH IT!” Jamie said, “At least I’m showing it off. You barely show anything the last time we did this.”
“First off, at least no one knows what my breasts look like today.” Nadia said, “And actually I am going to wear a bikini today.”
“Ah…..all right then, girl.” Jamie said, “Now I don’t have to feel the only one naked.”
“Well, isn’t Eva, Alexia and Lita doing bikinis too?” Nadia asked.
“Yeah.” Jamie said, “I meant somebody that’s not a family member.”

Alexia on the other hand was still asleep and also drooling on Amon.
“HEY!!” he said and splashed water on her.
“AAH! No agua!” She yelled. “Dammit, Amon! Again!?”
“Yes again!” Amon yelled, “You’re the one drooling on me as usual.”
“I can’t help it if I’m a blissful sleeper.” She said.
“Can you at least do it on someone else besides me?” he retorted back.
“No.” she responded.

Meanwhile, Isaac and Orion were playing the game while waiting again with Jinx cheering on…..for Orion.
“Come on, come on, kick his ass!” Jinx said.
“Oh wow, my own sister cheering to get my ass kicked.” Isaac said.
“Well, I want a turn on this.” Jinx said, “Plus, he beat you about five times today. He’s that damn good.” Then went to Orion and said, “No, really, you are that good.”
“Thanks.” Orion smiled and did the finishing move of beating Isaac. “And I won.”
“Oh, damn!” he shouted.
“MY TURN!” Jinx said.

“So, is everyone ready?” Avari shouted.
The other guys and girls said that they are ready but Jamie and Nadia are still getting ready.
“Wait….another five minutes.” Jamie shouted.
Everyone groaned at that moment.
“WHAT!?” Jamie said.

Five minutes later, they gotten into the cars with one for the girls and the other for the guys with Eva and Avari driving respectively.

In one of the cars, Avari went and ask Isaac a question.
“Hey, you know that talk we had yesterday?” he said.
“Yeah?” Isaac said.
“Listen……we are serious about that but I know that you wouldn’t cross that line.” Avari said, “Plus, the way Jamie talks about almost makes me think that you two were dating.”
“Yeah, I often felt that way, too.” Isaac said, “But like anybody, I want to see how it’ll go.”
“OK.” Avari said, “I can respect that…..what about you and Nadia? You two an item?”
“Nah.” Isaac said, “Once again, just good friends.”

Meanwhile at the other car……
“So, um, Jamie……” Eva said.
“Yeah?” Jamie responded.
“Is Isaac seeing anyone at the moment?”
Thus a spit take from Nadia came up and yet it went directly at Alexia.
“WILL YOU QUIT WITH THAT SHIT!!” Alexia screamed. “Why does people always spit their liquid when I’m asleep!?”
“Wait, why are you asking about that?” Jamie replied.
“I was….curious.” she said, “I mean, Isaac’s a cute guy. I’m surprised you or Nadia didn’t snag him to yourselves.”
“I don’t think he wants to be in a relationship.” Jamie said.
“You asked him that?” Eva questioned her.
“Then how do you know?” Eva said.
“I think I can answer that.” Jinx said, “Isaac has always been a loner. He’s quiet to other people because he’s afraid if somebody gets to know him, they made find something weird with him, make fun of him and reject him.”
“Ooohhh…..” Eva said, “Damn, that’s….honestly quite sad. Poor guy.”

Finally, they have arrived at the beach.
“We are HERE!!!” Alexia said as everyone got out of the car. “Finally, I got a reason to take this off.” And soon, she takes off her shirt and revealed her black bikini and shorts.
“Now…..that is better.” She said.
“Your sister must love to strip off something, does she?” Jinx said to Nadia.
“Yeah, this is normal for her.” Nadia said. “At least she wore something underneath.”

“Hey, Eva!” Alexia shouted, “You got something to show?”
“Well……” And she did as she got to her red and black bikini and let’s just say Isaac was paying close attention.
“Hot damn!” Alexia said, “Red and black do you good…..and it looks like Isaac here agrees.”
“OH SHIT!” He thought and tried to snap out of it.
“I see you’re mesmerized.” Eva said, “You like what you see?”
“Well?” Jamie, Nadia and Jinx all said, staring at him.
“Um—uh….yeah, I do?” He said hoping he wouldn’t get his ass kicked. “But yeah, it really looks great on you and Alexia’s right. Red and black does work great with you.”
Eva giggled a bit. “Thanks.”
“Nice save.” Alexia said. “But I think what was below helped that.”
“Below?” Isaac noticed she was talking about his dick and covers it.

“OK flirty much?” Jamie whispered at him.
“What?” he whispered back. “That was my honest opinion. She looked great in that.”
“I hope you don’t say that to every girl that shows skin for ya.” She said.
“Oh, like you?” he retorted.
Jamie did not like that mention of his.
“Wow……be lucky I don’t want to cause a scene here.” She said.
“The feeling’s mutual.” Isaac said back.


“YAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!” Avari made a huge victorious roar as he went for a quick swim near the ocean. “Holy shit!! That was a rush! And the water’s great!”
Isaac, Orion and Lita were watching behind him.
“Um……yeah…..I can’t go underwater.” Isaac said.
“Hmmm? Why not?” Avari asked.
“Yeah, why not?” Lita also asked him.

“I suck at swimming and afraid of drowning.” He said, “That and a bad experience of that got me saying I’d rather stay above water than below.”

“Ahh…” Avari said, “I mean, that’s just one experience, right?”
“Yeah, one……out of four.” Isaac said, “This shit happened to be four times and after that fourth, I didn’t want to go through that again.”

“I don’t think it’s a bad idea.” Orion said, “At my school, we got swim class at P.E. and they taught us that you shouldn’t let the water control yourself.”
“I run through the water.” Isaac said, “Is that controlling the water?”
“I don’t know.” Orion said, “But it’s actually fun to do.”

“I’m already shirtless….which I’m still getting weird stares like I’m a beached whale.” Isaac said. “I’ll go underwater.”
“YEAH!” Lita, Orion and Avari shouted.
“But….for a minute.” He said, “Not any longer but that amount of time.”
“Alright. Deal.” Avari said.

Meanwhile, the girls and Amon were just relaxing near them watching the whole thing from there.
“So Isaac never knew how to swim?” Eva asked.
“Pretty much.” Jinx said, “I know that one incident really shook him hard. Well, four.”
“Four?!” Eva and Jamie shouted.
“And somehow I expected that reaction.” Jinx said.
“If that happened to me four times, I wouldn’t do that shit again either.” Jamie said.
“Yeah…..” Jinx said, “He always close us off or don’t talk much whenever we do something like this, especially around family.”
“Don’t talk?” Eva questioned.
“Like in BBQs or every Fourth of July, Isaac isn’t much of a social butterfly.” Jinx said. “He sometimes waits until one of us gets ready to go home and since he doesn’t want to spoil anyone else’s fun or get yelled at, he goes along with it.”

“Isaac did tell me about that once.” Nadia said, “And everyone always pressuring him to drink.”
“Which he does.” Jinx said, “My cousins always want to see him get drunk as they do and yet I don’t know if he likes it or not.”

“What beer do they choose?” Alexia asked.
“Mostly domestic.” Jinx said. “Like Bud, Natural Light…”
“Eww.” Alexia said, “No wonder why….y’all pick the cheap, nasty shit.”

Isaac then went underwater and stood there hopefully for a minute.
He closes his eyes and is alone with his thoughts.
“OK…….I’m underwater. I’m all in water…..don’t panic. Don’t flinch. Don’t make a scene.”

He tries to hold his breath for a minute and struggle to not jump out.
However, he had to come up for air.
Isaac came up and went gasping and breathing for air.
“You OK?” Avari said, “Isaac, you good?”
He kept breathing but gave a thumbs-up to insure him he’s fine.

“Well, at least it was close to a minute.” Jinx said. “Last time it was half a minute.”

“You think he’s fine?” Amon said.
“I’m sure he is.” Jamie said, “Panicky, yes but I think he’s going to be fine.”

However, two guys were walking towards their way and made their way to the girls.
“Hey, yo…….you girls need some company?” One guy said. “Fine ass girls like you need somebody to accompany them.”
Nadia and Jinx seemed very annoyed at him and wanted to tell him to fuck off but Eva stepped in for them. “Um, excuse me, but we already accompanied by a few people. So we are good, thank you very much.”

“Oh, come on, baby.” The other guy said grabbing Eva’s arm. “We can really rock your world tonight…and maybe even more.”
“HEY!” Jamie stepped in, “She said no. I suggest you get out of here now before you get noticed.”
“Look, all we wanted is some girls to go with us.” He said.
“Well, we aren’t them so there’s that.” Jamie said, “Now GET THE HELL OUT!”
“WHOA! WHOA! Wait a minute, bitch!” One guy yelled as he grabbed her wrist.
“BITCH! Who the fuck you calling a bitch, bitch?” Jamie yelled as she slapped the guy.
“You better watch your fucking mouth!!” he screamed.
“SAYS WHO!?” Jamie gotten angrier in her tone.
“Jamie, Jamie!!” Eva said holding her back, “These guys aren’t worth getting into a fight over!”

“You better listen to your sister!!” that guy said, “Before we run a train on you and the rest of them!”
“WHAT!?!” Jamie kept on shouting.
“Can I hit them?” Nadia said to Jinx and Alexia.
“Go ahead.” Both of them said. Then Nadia punched one of them in the throat and kicked the other in the balls.
“OOOH!!!” Jinx yelled and howled with laughter in their pain. “Oh hell yeah!! LET ME GET ON THIS!” She then kicked one of them and Jamie was about to do it herself but they quickly scattered and left before they do more harm to them and in the nick of time, Avari and the others arrived.

“WHOA!! I just saw what happened from here!! You guys alright?” Avari asked.
“Yeah, we’re good.” Alexia said, “Nadia and Jinx beat both their asses….although Jamie was close to it but Eva had to hold her back.”
“Huh?” he wondered.
“Look…..” Eva said, “Those guys did look like they were the type that isn’t all talk and I didn’t want their hands to get on Jamie.”
“I could’ve handled them.” Jamie said. “I know I would have.”

Lita then spotted them at the stand. “Wait, you mean those guys?”
As she pointed them out.
“YES! THEM!” Eva asked.
Lita added on, “I noticed them because one of them tried to peek in a girls’ dressing room when I was trying on swimsuits.”
“Oh shit….” Isaac said, “They didn’t–”
“I got out of there before they got to me.” Lita said, “Good thing, too. Those guys look like creeps.”
“That makes me want to hurt them even more.” Jamie said.

“Damn, I really should’ve been there.” Avari said.
“Oh, don’t worry.” Alexia said, “It’s not your fault. Creeps like that always roam around here looking for girls to feel up but thankfully my little sis and Isaac’s big sis kick their asses.”
Jamie then sat down, feeling a bit frustrated and then Isaac comes to her to see if she’s alright.

“Isaac, if you’re going to ask me if I’m fine, I am.” Jamie said, “Just……why did Eva had to hold me back from giving them the beating they deserve? One of them said that they would run a train on all of us. That……just brought a bad nerve in me and it’s not even the first time.”
“Hmmm?” Isaac said.
Jamie then explained to him, “Well, back in high school, some dudes were always try to peak in the girls’ locker room when we was changing out of our gym clothes and some dudes try to take pictures of girls in their underwear and in the flesh as well and unfortunately I was one of them.”
“Oh, shit.” Isaac responded, “Nobody posted them or anything like that?”
“Fortunately, two girls got to the camera and destroy it.” Jamie said, “But for them, one look and it’s embed in their minds forever.”
“Oh……….” He said.
“Guys like that always looked at me like they desperately want to get me naked.” She said, “Like I was some naïve girl that wants attention just for the sake of it.”

“Wow…..” he said, “Is it too late for apologize for that naked crack I did to you earlier?”
“No.” Jamie said, “But I am still mad at that. Isaac. I hope this isn’t what you think of me.”
“Of course not.” He said, “OK, I admit that line I said earlier was…….well……”
“Rude? Prickish?” Jamie said, “Makes me want to slap you to infinity?”
“Yeah, that.” Isaac said.
However, Jamie then said something else. “OK, I was a bit jealous of you flirting with Eva. I can admit that, especially at the swimsuit.”
“Yeah, but that doesn’t mean you didn’t look fine in your swimsuit.” Isaac said, “In fact, you look damn good in it. I just thought you didn’t want me to lay it thick that we both–”
“OK. Good point.” She said and then blushed. “And thank you…..” As she put her arm around him.
“You’d definitely make a great boyfriend to any girl.” She said, “That or sex buddy, if you want that with no hassle.”
“But we know how that shit will go.” He said.

“YO!!!” Then suddenly Nadia came over to them.
“WAFFLE!” Isaac just randomly said.
“OK….” Nadia said, “You two good? Jamie, you feeling alright?”
“Yeah, I’m good.” Jamie said, “Isaac was just calming me down after all that.”
“Alright, alright.” Nadia said, “Alexia told me that we’re going to get something to eat in a few minutes or so. Anything y’all got a taste for?”
“Not really.” Isaac said, “I’d go for anything about now.”
“I am pretty hungry.” She said.

As Jamie was getting ready to pack up, Nadia grabbed Isaac for a minute to talk.
“Hey….you sure she’s ok?” she asked him. “Because I do know you was talking stupid shit to her when we got here.”
“We talked about that. I was an asshole for that shit and I did wrong.” He said, “I admit that to her…..just like she admitted she was jealous of me flirting with her sister.”
“Wait, so you are flirting with Eva?” Then she stomped on his foot. “What is wrong with you? Do you always get flirty with any girl you get friendly with…especially when it’s the sister of a girl that-”
“Are we going to repeat that shit all day long?” he said.
“Look, I just hope you aren’t doing anything stupid.” Nadia said and then whispered, “….especially since I think Eva has a crush on you.”
“WHAT!?” Isaac shouted.
“Oh, you didn’t know?” she said, “Eva might have a crush on you.”
“Well……I don’t know whether to be excited or scared.” Isaac thought. “Fuck it, it’s both.”


Later on, the whole gang went to this Japanese restaurant called Kasai Yuki’s for dinner.
“Wait, doesn’t Kasai Yuki mean fire snow in Japanese?” Alexia asked them. “Because fire snow? Is there such a thing as that?”
“I guess in Japanese it sounded cool.” Isaac said. “Almost like a name of an anime character. LOOK, it’s the melancholy of Yuki Kasai!”
“Well, that sounded dorky.” Nadia said.
“Dorky but kinda cool in a way.” Eva agreed with him.

They founded a table for all ten of them to sit at.
Then Eva offered Isaac a seat next to her, “Here, Isaac, you can sit next to me.”
“Alright then.” He did nab a seat next to her but then Jamie sat down as Isaac is in between the both of them.
“Comfy?” Jamie asked.
“OK, we’re good, Jamie.” Eva said. “Isaac, what about you?”
“I’m good!” He yelled weirdly.
“Oh yeah, we know you’re good.” Nadia said giving a subtle chuckle.
“So y’all ready to order?” Eva asked everyone.

Later on, they went and order their food and thus began more conversation.
“Hey, Isaac.” Eva asked, “You know at Briar, there’s actually a degree for creative writing that I think you would be interested in if you’re looking to transfer.”
“Wait, you mean I can actually do that?” he asked.
“Yeah.” Eva said, “The credits worth are about the same as General Studies minus the biology part but I think you can handle it.”

“Hopefully once I pass that one class and graduate, I might do that.” He said.
“You really should.” Jinx said, “It’ll give you more recognition to get your stories publish and maybe some help from some people.”
“Hey, Jamie,” Avari said, “Aren’t you transferring to Briar next year?”
“I……really haven’t thought about that.” Jamie said, “Like for a while.”
“Transferring to Briar?” Nadia said. “I thought you wanted to go to Anais Ivy after Woods.”

“Anais Ivy?” Isaac asked, “What’s that one?”
“Anais Ivy University.” Lita said, “That one university I heard that was one of the most prodigious colleges in the county. My friend’s brother actually want there before.”
“Jamie, I didn’t know you was thinking of going there.” Eva said.
“It works to have options.” Jamie said.
“Yeah, that’s true.” Eva said, “…..I just wish you told me earlier.”
“Huh? I thought I did.” Jamie said, “Remember last time…..back at the house?”
“You mean when you got drunk and yelled at me for some bullshit?” Eva then brought up.

Jamie then retorted back with, “You mean after everybody brought up you and Avari being the shining stars of the family while I’m just ‘that artsy girl’? Bullshit it’s not.”
Isaac is starting to feel the tension between them, “Should I leave the area right now?”
“STAY!” Both said to him.
“OK!” He said in a frightened voice.

“Are you still jealous of that?” Eva said.
“NO!” Jamie yelled, “I’m still bothered that everybody acts like my accomplishments aren’t worth shit. This always happens whenever we visit each other!!”
“I’m not trying to belittle you or anything like that!” Eva shouted.
“Well, guess what?” she said, “It’s not working. You never seemed to have my back about it and I end up looking like I’m wasting my time with shit!! Dad said it to me before, Mom said it to me before, our uncles and aunts said it before but damn it…..I don’t need my sister doing the same shit as everybody else.” She then got out of the table in a huff and went to the restroom.
“Wait, Jamie….” Eva said but she did not want to listen.

Everyone in the table stood silent.
“Dammit….” Nadia said.
“Should we go after her?” Isaac said.
“Look, I’ll check her on up.” Nadia said, “She’s going to the rest room anyway. Plus, we already made enough of a scene here.” As she points to most people staring at them.

Nadia then went to the restroom and she sees Jamie on the floor with her knees up, sobbing quietly.
“If this is Eva, go away!” Jamie shouted.
“It’s not her.”
“Lita? Alexia? Jinx?”
“No.” Nadia said. She sees Jamie with mascara running and blood-shot eyes. “Wow, you are really a mess here?”
“Shut up.” Jamie buried her head in her knees. “At least your sister doesn’t bullshit you around.”

“Yeah, but Eva doesn’t argue, then get drunk and pass out afterwards.” Nadia said, “Look, I understand if you’re upset about this but-”
“But what?” Jamie wiped the tears from her eyes, “Look, this is why I usually don’t like this visits that much. Yeah, seeing them all is a good feeling but every time when they bring up their accomplishments and goals in life and compares them to mine, I feel like shit and get frustrated for the next several days.”

“True.” Nadia said, “But they know you’re doing well for yourself.”
“Oh, and Eva is flirting major on Isaac.” Jamie said, “And yet I shouldn’t even be mad but……why am I mad? He’s our friend and I shouldn’t get jealous at any girl that might be attracted to him.”
“Although the girl coming up to him is your sister?” Nadia asked. “I mean, it’s not like you secretly flaunt in your underwear in front on him when I’m not aro—OH WAIT!”

“OK FINE!” she said, “Yes, I still flirt with him but it never lead to anything.”
“Besides him jerking off to you?” Nadia said.
“Hey, I rather him masturbate in private than do other stupid shit.” Jamie said, “Besides, he probably does it to you, too, since I give him photos of me and you in our bras once.”
“WHAT!?” Nadia said, “Dammit, you’re going to make the man blind!”
“I like to cheer him up on some days.” Jamie said.
“But my naked ass is a part of him beating it off to?” Nadia said. “OK, OK, I’m calming down now…..but you definitely need to go back out there. I’m not saying apologize but work the SHIT OUT!! NOW!!”

“JAMIE! NADIA!” And then there was Jinx calling them out. “Y’all OK in there?”
“You mean if we talk about it later?” Nadia said.
“OK.” Jamie said. “But I know somewhere we can talk at later on.”
“JINX! We’re good.” As both of them are coming out.
“Is she OK?” Jinx asked about Jamie.
“Yeah….we’re just going to head to my place afterwards.” Nadia said, “I’ll get us a ride there.”
“Alright. The rest of us will be back at her place.” Jinx said. “Be safe now.”


As both of them got back to her place, Jamie was starting to lean on Nadia as they got in their bedroom.
“Um….Jamie, you’re not drunk, are you?” Nadia said.
“No.” she said, “I just remember the last time you and me were in a bed together was two days before we graduated high school.”
“You mean the first time we–”
“YEP.” Jamie said, “And…..if I can refresh your memory….” Jamie took off her top and kissed Nadia intensely.
“That happened.” She said.
“Oh….shit…..” Nadia said in a smooth way. “I do remember you kiss like an angel.”

Jamie then took off her pants and turn off the lights.
“WAIT! WAIT!” Nadia said, “Shit, what are we doing? We can’t do this….especially after I said we shouldn’t!!”
Jamie then shush Nadia. “Sshhh! Relax, this will be only between you and me…..and I want your face to get in between my tits.” As she took off her bra and puts them on Nadia’s face.
“Well, if you insist…..” Nadia said as she got naked herself and kissed Jamie, went straight directly to sex.

A few minutes after kissing Jamie, Nadia is massaging and licking her tits. She moans in desire of that as she removes her panties and wants Nadia to go down on her.
“Please….please……can you lick my pussy?”

“Well, in that case…” Nadia said as she went under the covers and gave oral sex to Jamie.
Nadia goes down on Jamie with her squeaking and moaning in pleasure. She grips the sheets on the bed and embrace the pleasure of Nadia’s tongue on her clit.
“OH…OH……NADIA!!!” Jamie shouts her name in pleasure. “OH YES!!!! Oh my…..AHHHHHH!!!”

“OK……do I get a turn?” Nadia said coming out of the covers.
“Yep.” Then Jamie got under the covers and took off Nadia’s bottoms and she immediately starts licking and feeling Nadia up.
“WHOA….Oh shit….” Nadia said. “I forgot how much you like to do that.”
“Mmhmm.” Jamie said as she kept going at it.

Meanwhile, back at Jamie’s place, everyone else was just winding down for the part. Lita, Amon and Orion were busy playing video games while the older ones were busy playing drinking games and Isaac was definitely enjoying myself.

“HAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh motherfucka!” He slurred. “That was like…..the…..fourth…..fifth…..ninth drink I’ve took playing this game!!”
“Wow, you’re a crazy one when you’re sauced!” Alexia said, “I like it and also, you gave him the good shit!”
“Oh yeah…..” Jinx said, “I remember the last time he got drunk like this. Usually he’ll say dumber shit than this.”
“You are quite the lively one when you’re like this, Isaac.” Eva said.
“Yeah, yeah…..that’s…..true and all.” He said, “Hot damn, I feel warm.”
“You’re not going to vomit, are you?” Avari said.
“No….no…..NO.” Isaac said, “This is a HAPPY feeling….and speaking of things that make me happy, where’s Jamie and Nadia? I think they might like this.”
“They might still be doing their talk or something.” Jinx said. “This does take time.”
“Maybe I should give them a call.” Isaac said as he reaches into his cellphone.

He calls them up only they are still in the middle of them having sex.
As Jamie was busy kissing and feeling up Nadia, “Right there……yeah…. What the— Who’s that calling?”
She sees who it is.
“OH SHIT! It’s Isaac.” Jamie said, “How are we going to explain this?”
“FUCK!” Nadia shouted, “Um….uh….” She immediately answers it.
“JAMIE! NADIA!!” Isaac happily and drunkenly shouted. “You guys OK?”

“Isaac?” Nadia said, “You should a bit……um…..drunk.”
“Oh….um, well, while you two were gone, the rest of us got into a little drinking game and all that and…….well…..”
“You’re fucking drunk, aren’t you?” Nadia said.
“WHAT?” Jamie said as she got to the phone. “Isaac?”
“JAMIE!” Isaac shouted, “Hey, are you feeling any better from what happened?”
“Um….well, a little.” She said, “But did I hear that you’re drunk?”
“Oh, yeah.” He said, “Man, you should’ve seen the way Alexia killed a bottle of spiced rum. That girl is a machine!”
“Thanks for the praise, man!” Alexia shouted.
“So you guys are staying at Nadia’s place tonight?” he said. “We still got some booze left for everyone.”
“Isaac…that’s nice and all.” Jamie said, “But I think both of us are tired for the night and we really don’t feel like doing anything else.”
“Awww….OK.” he said, “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then. Hopefully things will be better for you.”
“O……K…….” Jamie awkwardly said.
“Later.” He said as they hung up.

“Wait, you’re staying here for the night?” Nadia asked.
“Yeah.” Jamie said, “I’m going to need some more time before going back.”
“You can’t be mad at her forever.” Nadia said.
“I know, I know.” Jamie said, “But I don’t want to go to bed angry. I rather do it after you touched and fucked me all night.”
“OK, you made a good point.” Nadia said.

Back at Jamie’s apartment, everyone else was either asleep or headed home but Isaac and Eva were the only ones awake, watching whatever is on TV.
“Hey, Eva?” Isaac said.
“Hmmm?” she said.
“Now that everyone is asleep and I’m sobering up…..I want to ask you some questions about some little things if you don’t mind.”

“That depends.” Eva said, “They include Jamie and that argument we got.”
“And you found me out.” He said.
“OK, OK.” She said, “I know she’s still pissed at me for earlier.”
“Yeah…..” Isaac said, “I can understand what she’s going through. She’s doing something that she excels at but it’s not as ‘important’ as everybody else’s accomplishments and it makes her feel like shit.”
“I never meant for it to feel that way.” Eva said.
“I know you don’t.” Isaac said, “But she doesn’t feel like you’re helping her at all. It’s like you are trying to but it makes her look like she can’t do shit without her older siblings spreading word of it.”

“So……what am I supposed to do?” Eva asked.
“I……have no idea.” Isaac said, “I’m just the younger brother of two sisters and I can relate…to some of it, that’s all.”
“I’m screwed then?” she asked.
“YUP!” He responded.

“Fuck……” Eva said but then went to ask him something, “OK then, I want to ask you something.”
“OK. Shoot.”
“You like my sister?”
Isaac immediately spits out his drink.
“Oh, and I mean that in more of a sexual, girlfriend type of way.” She said.
“I mean, I did see you two talk to each other like a couple at the beach. I figure you two might be low-key dating.”

“We……..are not dating.” He said, “Do I have a crush on her…..yeah. I do. Fuck it, I did.”
“HA! I knew it!!” Eva said. “And I bet the same thing was for Nadia, right?”
“Are you a mind reader? This shit is scary.” He said, “OK, I did….I admit but I’m not just hanging out with them because of my horniness….I genuinely liked them as good friends.”
“But you’re still horny for them?” Eva asked.
“OK, I’m trying to not get slapped.” He said.
“I’m not going to slap you.” Eva said, “Look, I get why you like my sister and Nadia and you do have respect for them as you don’t want to ruin that. I mean, it’s not like you try to fuck them once.”
Isaac remain silent as he felt like something was in his throat and is about to vomit.
“Wait……” Eva said, “……you didn’t………you actually did fuck my sister?”

“OK, look.” Isaac said, “It happened over a year ago when me and her went to see The Selector’s Arena and we went back to her apartment and we were both drunk and she had a nightie on and she asked if she looked attractive and I said yes and the next thing you know, we started to make out.”

“Wait, that’s it?” Eva said.
“There’s more…..” he said, “A few days later….I felt depressed over some bullshit I got over in some time and Nadia was there to help me cheer up….moments later, I was kissing her.”
“WHAT!?” she said.
“Jamie found out, then Nadia found out about us and I found out about them and we just split.”

“WOW……OK…….Holy shit…” Eva said. “And y’all were still friends after that?”
“Well, we didn’t see each other for weeks but yeah…..we just promise not to do any stupid shit like that again.”

“Normally, I would slap you and punch you in your balls for that.” Eva said, “Actually, I would do this.” She then slaps him.
“Look, you almost wreck a good thing with them.” She said.
“I know, I know.” He said, “That’s why since then, we were just going to be friends…..and yet while I still got feelings for both of them, I can’t risk that because I value our friendship more.”
“Only it’s odder than before.” Eva said, “What if they eventually met the right guys (or girls) and it was successful? They would have significant others and you…’re just going to be alone all over again.”
Those words she said did echoed inside his mind and he did thought about it. He would wind up a loner again.
“But what if I meet someone, too?”
“Then that’s good.” She said, “Good for you but you know if your dates meet, they might find out that dirty little secret? They might think of you differently……I know I do.”

“Huh?” Isaac said.
“Isaac….I’m twenty-five.” Eva said, “I’m single myself and knows what it was like to feel lonely… and I actually had a crush on you. I mean, I still think you’re a sweet guy and mean well but… fuck. All of the drama I didn’t know about.”
“I didn’t want you to think I was some bastard….but now…..”
“Look, at least you three settled it before anything else drastic could happen.” Eva said.

“Yeah….” He said, “… also noticed Jamie was jealous of me and you flirting with each other?”
“I noticed.” She said. “I was going to surprise you with this.” She unbuttons her shirt showing a red and black bra.
“Oh my damn.” Isaac stared at her.
“Yeah….I bought this earlier when you said red and black look great on me and you’re right.” Eva said, “And I figured I can show it to you to model it for you.”
“And it still looks great.” He was mesmerized by her beauty.

“Now, since I really do like you, I don’t want to repeat the same shit my sister and you did.” Eva said, “But…..I’ll let you jerk off to me this once and I’ll even let you touch me to enhance the experience.”
“Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell. I promise.”
“And you’re smart.” Eva said, “And now…..” She takes off her pants, “You can do whatever……and wow…’re really excited right now, aren’t you?”
He blushes.
“Don’t worry. I can be both gentle and hard if you want.” She suggested.


Isaac was shown passed out and laying down on the couch with Eva wiping the mess off of her and him after the ‘burst’.
“Damn, you had a lot store in there, didn’t you?” Eva said. “You’re very sweet, you know that, right?”
She puts a comforter on him, picks up her clothes and kissed him good night.
“Goodnight, Isaac.”

Chapter 5: Morning Rise

The next day came and Jamie and Nadia have woke up…..but not to a promising start.
“Morning, lovebirds!” And it was Alexia said, “Enjoyed your little shag last night?”
“YAAAHHH!!” Jamie shouted as she hid underneath the bed.
“WHAT THE—ALEXIA!!” Nadia yelled. “The hell are you doing here!?”

“What? I got home last night.” Alexia said, “Albeit I was drunk but Amon drove me back here but when I saw you two in bed together like old times….”
“OLD TIMES!?” Jamie said, “Wait, does that mean…”
“YEP!” Alexia said, “I’ve known you two have been doing this little dance for some time now…..even Amon, too.”
“WHAT?!” Nadia screamed.
“AMON!?” Jamie yelled.
“Yo.” He said as he walked in the room. “You two sleep well?”
“Wait… even knew about….well, us?” Jamie asked.
“Yeah, but I didn’t find out intentionally.” Amon said, “You two are LOUD!! Very LOUD!!”
“OK, he has a point.” Jamie said, “You are pretty loud, Nadia.”
“Uh, ME!?” Nadia shouted, “He counted you, too and especially you since you squealed every time I go d–”
“OK, OK, we get it.” He said.
“So……does Isaac know about your little past between you two?” Alexia went on, “Then again, he probably does. I’m surprised he wasn’t ask for a threesome between you two.”
“ALEXIA!!” Nadia and Jamie shouted.
“What?” Alexia said, “Like you two haven’t thought about that? I mean, it’s not like you three had a type of sexual experience with one another.”
Then it all fall silent as Alexia said that with Jamie and Nadia hiding behind the covers.
“Wait…… didn’t…….”

“Oh damn.” Nadia said.
“BOTH OF YOU MADE OUT WITH HIM!?” Alexia shouted.
“HEY! HEY! HEY!” Nadia said, “It is not what it looks like…….I made out with him and Jamie……fucked him.”
“So….at the sa–”
“NO!” Jamie shouted. “Look……it is one thing that we shouldn’t have done and it almost mess things up for us. We don’t want anything to happen like that again.”
“And now….” Alexia said, “You’re in a bed, half naked with my sister…..I think you fucked up again.”

“No shit, Miss Oblivious.” Nadia said.
“What are we going to do?” Jamie said, “I promise ourselves and Isaac that we wouldn’t do this again and now….”
“Well, you’re the one that get naked in front of him.” Nadia said.
“OOOHH!!!” Alexia said, “Jamie, you naughty girl….”
“It was only a couple of times!!” Jamie said. “And it was playful. It never meant to be anything but just that.”
“Playful?” Alexia said, “Pretty sure if it was playful, he would play with your tits…with his mouth and probably his d–”
“STOP!!” Jamie and Nadia shouted.

“You know, eventually Isaac might find a girl that’s willing to do all that for him with no drama.” Alexia said, “With you two, it’s going to be awkward as ever. Yeah, you three are tight as of now but what happens afterwards? Like one of you gets married or have kids but the other is still stuck in the rut?”
“We’ll still be there for one another!” Jamie said.
“What if they move?” Alexia said.
“Skype.” Nadia said, “People can be friends whether they are near or far from us.”
“OK, you got me there.” Alexia said, “But for real, you two need to handle yourselves because you might damage your friendship all over again.”
Alexia then left the room, leaving them to ponder about everything.

“Jamie…….I think she might be right.” Nadia said.
“She is right.” Jamie said, “I don’t want to lose your two again but we can’t keep doing this game back and forth.” As she sighs and lays on Nadia for support.

Back at the apartment, Isaac was starting to wake up from his slumber and first thing that happens is…..
“I’M BACK!” It was Jinx besides him.
“AAAHHH!!” he screamed, “WHY!? Even when I’m not at home.”
“Isaac, I see you’re awake.” Eva said, “And your sister woke you up.”
“Yeah….” Isaac said, “She has a habit of doing that.”
“Be lucky we’re not at home because I could’ve gotten Nadia to splash water on you again.” Jinx said.
“NO!” he said, “Last time Mom thought I wet the bed that time….A thing I haven’t done since….” He notice Eva listening, “I haven’t done it at all.”

“Well, I hope later on Jamie and Nadia gets back before we have to leave.” Eva said.
“Wait, leave?” he said.
“Yeah, I got a call from the office and they need my help for some office work.” She said. “Although we don’t have to leave until tomorrow.”
“Oh, so you got one more day with us?” Isaac said.
“Yep.” Eva said, “One more day with my family and friends……”
“And you know you got to do what you got to do, right?” As Isaac mentioned the whole thing about Jamie.
“Yeah…..” she said. “I hope she doesn’t give me too much shade.”
“Don’t worry about a thing.” Isaac said, “I’ll figure a way.”


“ISAAC, Why are you carrying me like this!?” Jamie said as she is being carried to the other room to meet Eva.
“And here she is!” Isaac put her down beside her.
“So you had to carry me just so I can talk to Eva?” Jamie said.
“Yes….” Isaac said, “You see, me and her talked yesterday and she did realize that she didn’t consider your feelings more when it comes to your career.”
Eva looked directly at Jamie and said, “Jamie, I know I haven’t been the most supportive sister and I do want to support you, especially when our own family may be against it or joke about it. I don’t expect you to forgive me instantly. Hell, you can slap me for the–”
Jamie then try to slap her but Eva reacted and whimpered at that.
“What? You said I can slap you.” Jamie said.
“That quick, tho?” Eva said.

“Well…….” Jamie said, “Yeah.” She then slaps her and then slaps Isaac.
“OW!” Both Isaac and Eva shouted. “Why you do that for?”
“Both of you needed it.” Jamie said and then she hugged them both, “But you also needed this as well.”
“So, are we good?” Isaac said.
“I wouldn’t go that far.” Jamie said, “But hoping you’ll be there for me is enough.”
“I swear I won’t let you down.” Eva said. “I promise to be a more supportive sister to you and if I somehow mess up one time, you can slap me upside my head……Isaac, too.”
“HUH!?” Isaac said.
“Hey, this was also your idea, too.” Eva said. “An idea which worked and…..I do want to thank you, too, for setting me straight on this. You really are a good friend to my sister.”
She then hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek, which Isaac did blushed at.
Then Jamie came close to him and said, “I don’t know what you said to her….but thank you…” Then Jamie kissed him, too.
Right now, Isaac has the biggest cheesy grin on his face as he walks outside.

However, he goes outside and sees Nadia and Alexia arriving.
“Hey, Mr. Playboy.” Alexia said. “You still good from last night? You were pretty drunk last night.”
“I’m fairly all right now.” He said, “I think I’m still feeling warped.”
“That’s because you actually got to the good stuff I bought.” Alexia said, “So you had a good time?”
“Yeah……I did.” Isaac said.
“Great.” Alexia said, “We should do it again soon the next time I visit down here.”
“So like a one-on-one thing?” he asked.
“Definitely.” Alexia said.

“One-on-one with her?” Nadia said, “You sure you want to do that?”
“I’ve seen him drink.” Alexia said, “He’s definitely up my level.” She laughs as she goes inside but Nadia and Isaac remind outside for a while.

“Your sister is wild, man.” Isaac said, “But damn, she’s fun as hell.”
“You seem to like both of our sisters this weekend, did you?” Nadia said, “I mean, my crazy sister and with Eva and your obvious crush on her and vice versa.”
“I do have that charm on the ladies.” Isaac said.
“Yeah, yeah, sure, man.” Nadia said, “Although you’re right on that.”

“I heard you talk to Eva about last night and everything was cleared up now.” Nadia said.
“Yup.” Isaac said, “Eva is going to try and stick up for Jamie the next time someone say some shit about her career.”
“Ah, that’s nice.” Nadia said.
“Good thing you were there for Jamie yesterday when that happen. Y’all just talk?”
The moment he said that, it hit Nadia that now she has the secret of having sex with Jamie.
“Yeah, we talked.” Nadia said, “That’s it.”
“Oh…..” he said.

Then Jamie came outside to talk with them.
“Hey…” Jamie said, “Y’all talking about little ‘ol me?”
“I heard you made up with Eva.” Nadia said.
“I did.” She said, “And most of it is thanks to Isaac…..maybe it is good that you’re very cozy with her.”
“You forget that Nadia heard her saying she has a crush on you.” Jamie said.
“And you told me you got that charm on the ladies,” Nadia imitating Isaac’s words earlier, “Remember?”

“Oh, charm on the ladies, huh?” Jamie said, “Well…’re not wrong on that. You are charming……and I hope whoever the next woman in your life sees you as we do.”
“Same here.” Nadia said, “And maybe one that might be as awesome as both of us are.”

“Yeah….” Isaac said, “And you two… were the reason for me actually breaking out of my shell…..well, the most of it but still…”
“It does take a long time for that.” Jamie said.
“Yeah, sometimes you need a little time to develop.” Nadia said.

“Oh, and you two got charm yourselves.” He said, “And like you, I hope whoever comes in your life sees you two as the sweet and awesome people you are. It’s been a year and a half since I’ve been friends with you and I’m forever grateful to your two.”
With that said, Jamie and Nadia gradually hugged him with tears coming from them both.

“Isaac…..” Jamie said, “That was really heartfelt.”
“We really love you, too.” Nadia said.

“I really do feel that way about you guys.” Isaac said and then he was thinking, “And yet I fucked up again.”
“We are so fucked up.” Jamie thought in her mind. “How am I going to face him now?”
“Now I feel like an asshole.” Nadia said but in her mind as well. “I feel like I betrayed him.”

“HEY GUYS!” Avari said, “We’re about to take a pic! Want to join?!”
“OK!” Jamie said, “We’ll be right there.”
“COMING!” Isaac and Nadia said.

So everyone is lined up in one big group with Avari holding the phone for the selfie pose.
“Everyone ready?” Avari said.
Everyone shouted yes and then he took the pic.

“VOILA!!” he said, “What do you think?”
“Why is there a banana behind us?” Isaac said. Then a dog picked up the banana and walked away.


© 2017 Intersection 2 Project / KatanaPLUS+. All Rights Reserved.


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