The girls have arrived at the Paradise youth hostel and it was still rowdy and hard when Elektra left to get them.
“So…..this is Paradise?” Nikki asked.
“Ah, home sweet home.” Elektra said. “Can’t wait for you to meet the rest of the sisters.”
“Oh, damn.” Fiona said, “I know Raye has a few words with me.”

“And do they involve her foot in your ass?” Kelly asked. “At least it’s not Easta. I know she’ll mess you up quick.”

“We got some rooms cleaned up for you.” Elektra said, “And they have fresh beds, pillows, chairs….everything’s been washed, disinfected, and black lighted.”
“Black lighted?” Ava questioned.
“It’s a thing you should know in 3 years.” Nikki said, “And not sooner.”
Alita interjected with, “Oh, you mean when they check for blood stains or human se–”
“NOT SOONER!!” Nikki shouted.

Soon as they park, Easta and Raye all meet Nikki and Ava along with the Dynamite Gals.
“So you two must be the Runaways?” Raye asked. “Nikki and Ava, right?”
“Yeah.” Nikki said. “Thank you for letting me and my sister stay here.”
“Oh, it’s no problem.” Easta said, “I mean, you managed to stay alive with these girls and it’s definitely going to stay that way with us around.” She points to the guards and cameras at every position and place in there.

“Wow….that is packed.” Nikki said.
“Damn right.” Elektra said, “You two deserve some rest. Someone will bring you some breakfast in the morning.”
“Oh, YAY!” Ava shouted.
“Awww, such a sweet kid.” Raye said. The two then left to retire in their room.

Soon, the sisters and the Dynamite Gals got into a conversation in their office.
“OK….” Elektra sat down with Raye and Easta with Kelly and Fiona. “What type of shit you’ve gotten yourself into?”
“We heard who they stole money from.” Easta said.
Raye interjected with, “And I know you know that person they stole from is BAD NEWS and if they send someone to mess with our business….then you got BAD BLOOD…No, scratch that…MORE BAD BLOOD WITH US!”

Then someone came into the room.
“Ladies, you need anything to drink?” And it was one of their employees Jonas.
“Hey Jonas!” Elektra, Easta and Raye all shouted.
“Nah, we’re good on that.” Elektra said, “But thank you for asking.”
“Anything else you need me to do before I get off?” he asked.
“Is the game room clean?” Easta asked. “You do that and then you’re good.”
“Then I should probably get on that.” He said. “Your friends need anything?”
“Nah, we’re good for now.” Fiona said.
“No, but thanks for asking.” Kelly said.
“Okie-dokie…” Jonas then left the room to do more work.

“Look….” Fiona said, “These girls just want to get out of Hillis and possibly into a better life. They didn’t even know they stole from him at first. They thought it was their asshole father….or father figure’s bag.”
“Elektra, Easta, Raye….” Kelly said, “We are going to make sure nothing will happen here. I give you my word.”

“Kelly….” Raye said, “I say this as someone that likes you more than your other friends…..I hope you’re not bullshitting us. This place is a supposed to be a safe haven and the last thing they need is a bunch of goons swarming in here, busting people’s heads and breaking shit.”
“And nothing like that will happen.” Kelly said, “Raye, I swear to you.”
“Don’t.” Raye said, “You know what happened the last time you said that.” As Raye looks into the mirror with the burn scar on her arm.

“OK, we fucked up before.” Fiona said, “And I know in the future we’ll fuck you again….but we are serious with this shit! Those girls need to escape!”

“I know.” Elektra said, “And right now, they need all the love and care we’re going to show for them and we will do that.”
“Exactly.” Easta said. “We got no problem with Nikki and Ava. Just don’t fuck up with us.”
“OK. Got it. Alright.” Fiona said, “And now I’m going to sleep.”
“Ditto.” Elektra said.
“I’m going to check with my little boy toy of the night.” Easta said.

“So did anyone see where Mia went off to?” Kelly asked them.
“Let’s see…” Fiona said, “She’s not here. Alita isn’t here. Where do you think they’re doing?”

In one of the rooms, Mia and Alita were spending the night in there and first thing they do is have sex in there. Mia kissing Alita all over her while taking off her top.
“Mia….” Alita moaned her name.
She kept kissing on her and massaging her breasts with her mouth and tosses Alita’s bra on the floor and both roll around on the bed.
Alita then got on top and intensely kissed Mia hard on the lips and her hand went down on Mia and she starts fingering her down there.
Mia moans in the pleasure of that.
“Oh, Alita, you beautiful person.” She then put her hand down Alita and starts fingering her.
Both girls are in the heat of their love-making, panting and moaning very loud for everyone to hear.
They eventually climaxed on top of each other with Mia holding Alita and caressing her hair and body.
“I told you a bed was better than a brick wall.” Alita said, kissing Mia again.
“No arguing with you over that.” Mia said, “This is better.”

In the other room, Ava was sleeping peacefully in her bed with the TV on while Nikki was still awake, still thinking about their future once they go into the train.
She looks into the bag of money she stole from Ayer and see what was in there.
“Nikki?” Then Ava woke up to see what she was doing.
“AVA! You’re up!” she said.
“I had to go to the bedroom.” Ava said, “I thought you was asleep, too.”
“Well, I try to go to sleep but I’m too wired to do so.” Nikki said, “You know…..on account of everything that’s happen to us. I’m surprised you was able to sleep so safe and sound.”

Ava then took a glimpse of the bag.
“Wait…..we never did see what was in there. Do you think we should take a peek?”

“Well, it couldn’t hurt.” Nikki said, “Hopefully it’s enough to start a new life.”

They went ahead and open the bag and see that the bag is……..actually full of receipts, IOUs and check stubs.
“What the–” Nikki said, “This is it? That’s what everyone’s been chasing us for? Some useless pieces of paper!?!” An angry Nikki throw the bag at the wall.
“I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS! WE’VE BEEN CHASED BY PEOPLE AND ALL FOR THIS! And not only that…..we got no money.”
Nikki then got depressed.
“How are we going to live?” Nikki cried. “We can’t live on the streets like this!!” However, Ava notices something in the bag and it was a check made out for Nikki and Ava.
“WHAT!?” She screamed.
She points out the check made out to them and with the amount of $100,000.
“Wait, what’s that?” Nikki said, “A check……..made out to us?” And it also turns out it was an old check from their mom.
“Huh?” Ava said, “What about Mom?”
“This check……it came from her.” Nikki mentioned and she sees something on the check that shows where she is.
“The Konagi International Bank.” Nikki said, “And that’s at…..Seidel and it’s…..” She checks the map and sees the city leading from the Train station.
“That’s it!” Nikki shouted. “It’s settled. Once we get into the train, we head there and we can cash it and maybe…….we can find Mom while we’re at it.”
“You think we can live there?” Ava said, “Like old times? Just us and Mom?”
“Well….sorta.” Nikki said, “Just enough that no one can drive us apart again. Sounds good?”
“Sounds great.” Ava said.

“We should probably get to sleep.” Nikki said.
The two then finally head off to sleep.
“Goodnight, Nikki.” Ava said.
“Night, Ava.”

Down at the game room, Jonas was cleaning up the room as it was closing down.
“Hello?” Then Raye came down there to do room checks.
“It’s just me.” Jonas said, “Everything down here is secure and cleaned up.”
“Yeah, the one room where no one fucks in here.” Raye said, “Which is a bit weird. Anyway, good job, Jonas. You can retire for the night.”
“Oh. Thanks.” He said as he went up. “Good night, Raye.”

“Raye?” Then Kelly showed up coming downstairs.
“Oh, you’re looking for her?” Jonas said, “She’s down there.”
“Jonas, wait!” But he’s gone. “Damn.”

“What?” Kelly said, “Can two old friends talk?”
“Define the word friend.” Raye said.
“I’m guessing you’re still mad because of that deal I made behind your back.” Kelly said.
“The deal that almost got my ass killed before of your foolishness?” Raye said, “That’s something I can’t ever forgive somebody for.”
“Look, I fucked up, OK?” Kelly pleaded. “There’s nothing I can do to change that.”
“So stealing some boxes from this one guy, who you led here and caught the building on fire, which I got burns for a week. Thankfully, they healed but we haven’t!”

“OK, I did deserve that.” Kelly said.
Raye then slaps her. “Actually, you deserve that.” Raye proceeds to leave the game room but Kelly keeps trying to talk to her but Raye stopped, like she knew what she was going to say.
“Look, if you asking about the girls…..We will keep them safe as you promise. We won’t do a thing like toss them out. I thought we already said that earlier to you.”
“Oh….” Kelly said, “I guess I blanked out that time.”
Raye then proceeded to leave the room. “Try and get some sleep. And Kelly……”
“Huh?” Kelly responded.
“Don’t cause too much shit here.” Raye said.

Just a few hundred miles from Paradise, Lightfoot and Butterfly were following the road trails that are leading them to there.
“Just a few more miles here.” Lightfoot said. “We are dangerously close.”
“Prepare everything for retrieval.” Butterfly said, “We’re getting that money!”

‘Now, remember….” Lightfoot said, “We DON’T kill those runaways for some reason. However….” He then got some tranquillizer darts for them. “We can slow them down.”

Butterfly asked him, “And if we run into those Dynamite Gals…..”
Lightfoot answered with, “Oh…..we’re definitely doing them in.” As he cocked his shotgun and sneer.
“OK, I can’t wait!” Butterfly bellowed into the sky and ride out.

Back at the hostel, it was mostly quiet throughout the late night as the girls are in their rooms either passed out from being drunk (that being Fiona as she got drunk after the meeting last night), contemplating about some past issues, a lot of late night sex and hopes for the future.

However, it seems like Nikki was struggling inside of her dreams.

“Nikki!” The mom screamed. “We have to go! Forget about him! GET AVA AND LET’S GO!”

It was that dream where Nikki just hit Ayer with a lamp and she kept beating him over and over again and she was too distracted as her mom is trying to get her and Ava away from him.
“Nikki, WE HAVE TO GO!”
Ava then came in the door and she went directly to shocked as she sees Nikki beating him up.
“MOMMY! What’s going on?” She cried.
“AVA!” The mom said, “We have no time. We have to get out of here!!! NOW!”
“What’s Nikki doing to Dad?!” Ava questioned.
“NIKKI!! He’s not worth it!” Mom said, “We need to leave! NOW!”
She stops and sees her bloody fists (mainly his blood) and decides to listen to her mother and run for her life.

The trio run downstairs and quickly got into the car and swiftly drove off.
“Honey, I know you’re pissed off as your father as I am and seeing you giving what he deserve is satisfying but we have to leave before HE gets here.”
“He?” Nikki said.
“Yes…..if you think your father is bad, then…..”
Then two cars were blocking the road from them and then the ones behind them were blocking them in.

“Oh no!” She shouted. “HE KNOWS!”
“WHO!?” Nikki and Ava shouted.

One person got out of the car and to no surprise, it was Mr. Grizz.
“Are you Mrs. Ayer?” He said opening the door.
“Who wants to know?” She said.
“I believe your ex and maybe……well, me.” He said, “And who are these two?”
“Look, they have nothing to do with this!” She said, “Please, spare my daughters from this!!”

He got her out of the car and got her down on bended knee to the concrete and first thing he do is…. kicks her in the stomach.
“MOM!!!” Nikki and Ava shouted.
“Fellas! You know what to do!” And so the rest of his henchmen were kicking and beating the shit out of her.
Nikki and Ava were crying and screaming and pleading for them to stop.
“PLEASE STOP! MOMMY!!!” Ava was crying the loudest. “You’re hurting her!!”
“LET HER GO!!” Nikki shouted as she tries to stop Grizz but Ayer got her first. “GET OFF ME!! LET GO OF HER, DAMMIT!!”
Then Ayer slaps her.

“Stop!” Grizz commanded them as they do.
“She had enough…….however… better get out of here right this instant. Alone.”
“Alone?” she said.
“Ayer has custody of your daughters and they can’t go anywhere near you…..and if you do….consider yourself put in jail.”
“YOU CAN’T DO THAT!!” Nikki screamed.
“Well, little girl, I got a lot of pull in this city.” He said, “I can do it all.”

“Mom……” Ava called her name.
“Ava……” She responded back.

“You’re not putting her in jail!!” Nikki screamed back.
“Nikki…….I have no choice.” Mom said and on the verge of tears. “Either if I stay or go….I’ll still be far away from you two.”
She then cried on the ground and Ava also cried, went over there to hug her mom one last time before they banished her.
“My sweet little girls…..”
“They can’t do this!!!” Nikki cried and then whispered in her ear. “Look, I swear once I’m old enough, I’ll find you. Me and Ava are going to find you. I swear……”
“I love you girls….”
“….And we love you, too.” Nikki and Ava said as both of them saw her mother departing from the city.

At that moment, Nikki woke up from the dream/flashback and she was teary-eyed and panting from that.
“We will find you.” Nikki said, “We will escape this hell.”
She then looks at Ava still sleeping and from the looks of it, it seems like she’s having the same dream, only Ava is talking in her sleep and crying about Mom going away.

She eventually wakes up.
“Nikki?” Ava muzzily said.
“Bad dream?” she said. “The one about Mom running from Grizz?”
“Yes.” She sniffs and wipes a tear of her cheek. “Did you–”
“Yep.” Nikki said.

“Do you think we’ll see her again?” Ava asked.
“You know….I keep asking myself that over and over again.” Nikki went on, “But……it’s important to keep faith on your side for this.”

It was morning time around at Paradise and the girls are still asleep.

We see Mia and Alita still in bed, both naked with Alita resting on Mia and they have been having sex 4 times last night.
Alita woke up seeing Mia sleeping so peacefully.
“Mia……oh, Mia….” She whispered quietly. “My adorable Mia…..”
Mia then snored at her.
“MIA!!” Alita then woke her up by shaking her.
“What the!?” Mia then woke up. “Ow, Alita! I told you I don’t like that rough shit!”
“I was trying to wake you up!”
“It worked.” Mia said, “But I need more sleep……like 3 hours more.”
“It’s 8.” Alita replied.
“I know.” Mia said.

However, Kelly and Fiona barged in the door, making all kinds of noise to wake them up.
“RISE and SHINE, FUCKERS!!” Fiona screamed.
“AAAHHH!!!” Alita screamed and hid under the covers with Mia.
“On second thought, you waking me up wasn’t bad after all.” Mia confessed.

Later on in the dining room, the girls were having breakfast, discussing over what’s to come next on their trip.
“Hey, you sleep well yesterday?” Kelly asked Nikki and Ava.
“Yeah.” Nikki said, “It was the first time we both slept without hearing any fights, gunshots or arguing. I almost forgot what a peaceful sleep is until last night.”

“And by the time you get to the train,” Mia said, “You’re going to get all the peaceful beauty sleep you want because……..ME AND ALITA FOUND A SHORTCUT!!”

“Huh!?” Fiona said.
“WHAT!?” Kelly freaked out.
“Shortcut?” Nikki said.
“You mean, we’ll get there sooner?” Ava got excited in that new set of news.

“A shortcut?” Kelly said, “How you manage to find one between when we arrived and now?”
“Well…..” As Mia explained.


Alita was looking into quick directions in her GPS to get into the towns faster.
“OK, once we get back on the road, we should get there in under 2 hours.” She said, “OK, that’s not so bad.” Then she looks and sees there is a lot of gang territory in between travel and could spot potential threats.
“Crap…..” She said, “I forgot about them for a minute. How are we going to get there alive without being ambushed all the time.”

Then Mia comes in with snacks she stole from the minibar.
“AH-HA! Fancy yet expensive snacks!!” Mia shouted. “Look how big this chocolate bar is, Alita!! It’s as big as my hand!!!”

“Mia, not now.” Alita distractingly said. “I’m trying to figure out our route and how to avoid running into Grizz’s people. So far, no luck.”
“What about the underground shortcut that’s in here?”
Alita looked shocked on how Mia knew there was a shortcut here.
“A shortcut?” Alita said, “In here? Um….how?”
“I have been here more than once and I noticed that there was one room that few people go into and I did go in there and…..there was a tunnel. Like an underground passage from here to wherever we go. We can use that to travel to the train station and Nikki and Ava are there safe and sound!!”

“Oh my god…….” Alita said, “I can’t tell if this idea is stupid or just crazy enough for it to work!”
“Why not both?” Mia asked.
“GOOD ENOUGH!” Alita said, “But still… can they’ll let us use it?”
“We’ll ask them tomorrow.” Mia said, “But I’m sure they’ll let us. You know, for the girls’ sake.” Mia then plops facedown to the bed.

“Well….I’m tired.” Mia said, “You?”
“Really?” Alita feignly said, “Well, that’s too bad.” She then starts talking seductively to her. “I mean….after all that traveling and fighting….I can use….” She takes off her pants and unbuttons her shirt. “A little R&R…. although more of the latter R.”
“In that case…” Mia then got up, close and lock the door and then grabs and makes out with Alita.
“Oohh, you naughty girl!” Alita squealed.

“Does every conversation you got always end in fucking?” Fiona said.
“Maybe.” Mia said, “But……you miss the point. We have found an easier way to travel. That underground tunnel!!”
“WAIT!” Nikki said, “You think Elektra will let us use it or does she want us to know about it?”
“I’m sure she’ll let us use it.”

An hour later

“YOU FOUND MY SECRET PASSAGEWAY!?” Elektra shouted at the Dynamite Gals when they asked permission in her office. “First off, how in the hell you found out about that?”
“Well, Mia…”
“OK. That explains it.” Elektra said, “MIA! The hell!?”
“Wait!” She exclaimed. “We just need it to get them to the train station. This is a better option and less harmful.”

“OK……I get why you want to use it.” Elektra said, “And if it’s for their sake, then I’ll do it!! But know this…..” As she closes the door and set Nikki and Ava aside as this is mainly for the Gals. “You tell a soul about this passage here and I’m afraid I have to kill you. VIOLENTLY!”
“Relax, Elektra.” Fiona said, “We won’t tell anybody about this tunnel you got underground. It’s us!!”
“That’s why I’m worried!” Elektra said, “And now I need to tell Raye and Easta that you know about it now.”
“Oh……” Kelly said, “And I imagine how Raye is going to go at it at us…..or me. Mostly me.”
“Basically.” Elektra said, “She’ll definitely slap you…..again. Yeah, I heard about it last night. She’s still pissed about what happened way back.”
“I know, I know.” Kelly said.

Outside in the lobby, a couple of people were arriving to check into a room.
“Excuse me?!” One man with a screechy voice said. “Is there any service here?!”
“HELLO!?” The woman with a low voice yelled.
Then came Raye to the area.
“OH!! So sorry for the wait!” she said, “Welcome to Paradise! You’re looking to check in, yes?”
“YES!” The guy shouted. “What do you have available?!”
They then glanced at Nikki and Ava walking up to their room.
“There is something available in the 3rd floor.” She said, “Is that OK with you?”
“Why yes.” He said.

“NIKKI, HURRY!” Ava said packing her bag. “I think we should get there before night time.”
Ava is busy packing her things and the couple was watching them as they casually check into another room.
“You see our target?” And the voice changes to found out… was Lightfoot and Butterfly there.

“I see the little sister.” Butterfly said. “You’re getting the older one?”
“Affirmative.” He said.

Nikki then went to change clothes in the bathroom and she heard something through the window.
“Huh!?” She looked concerned and weirded out by that.
“AVA!!! Did you open the window!?” she shouted. “It’s already cold enough here and–”
“BOO!!” Lightfoot instantly shows up in front of her and covers Nikki’s mouth from screaming. “Oh, I knew you was going to scream and shout!!”
She elbows him to the chest but he trips her over and grabs her by collar and bra strap and carries her to outside.

“I GOT HER!!” Lightfoot shouted. “Butterfly, you!?”
We see Ava struggling to get out of Butterfly’s grip.
“Got her right here!” she said, “She’s a squirmy little one.”
“AVA!!!” Nikki said, “Let us go!!”
“Uh, we will….once we get you back to Grizz!” Lightfoot said, “And hopefully that money we got from bringing you back will serve us well!”
“What do we do about the Dynamite Gals?” Butterfly asked.
“The usual.” He said, “We shoot and kill them and leave a bloody mess.”

“NOOOO!!!” Nikki tries to escape but Lightfoot isn’t letting go.
“Yeah, your little friends are going to be gone very soon.” Butterfly said, “And you are going back to Grizz and work for him for a long, long time.”
“Like HELL!” Nikki said, “We are not going back to that bastard and you two aren’t going to make us!”
She then stomps on his foot and then slaps Butterfly and grab Ava and make a run for it.

“We got to warn them!!” Nikki said. “And get to that tunnel before they find out!!”
However, Raye comes up for cleaning and she sees them running for their lives.
“WHOA! WHOA! WHOA!” she shouted. “Nikki, Ava, why are you two running?”

“Someone trying to kill us!” Nikki shouted and Lightfoot and Butterfly appeared looking menacing.
“Oh my god!” Raye said, “Quick, go to our offices and hide there! I’ll get the girls ready!”

She pushes the alarm to have all the rooms in lockdown and people to stay in their rooms and to not leave.

“What’s going on here!?” As Jonas is panicking over this. “Are we under attack!?”
“YUP!!” she said. “Get to hiding like NOW!!”
“Gotcha!” Jonas yelped and hid in the next room.

“What the hell’s going on?!” Elektra shouted. “Raye, why did you pull the alarm?”
“We got intruders!!” she said, “They were trying to kidnap the girls!” She points to them heading towards them.
“Welp, time to bring the guns out!”

As Nikki and Ava are trying to hide, the Dynamite Gals came back wondering what was going on.
“MIA! KELLY! FIONA!” Nikki said, “We need to get out of here!”
“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” Kelly said, “What the hell’s going on?”
Raye then came in. “You got company…. They want them and you dead and shot.”

“FUCK!!” Mia and Fiona shouted.
“Guess we need to use that tunnel now, don’t we?” Ava said.
“Tunnel?” Raye said, meaning she knows they know about the tunnel. “Elektra, you told?”
“Mia found out.”
Raye wanted to get mad but realize there’s no time for that. “OK, mad time later. We just need to get you out of here!! EASTA!!” She calls her by talkie.
“Yeah?” Easta shouted.
“They know.” She said.
“Know about what?” Easta asked.

“MOTHERFUCKER!! YOU SNOOPING BITCHES!!” A minute later, Easta knows that the girl knows. “But…..fuck it.” She said, “We got it all on lockdown and hopefully they can’t get in here!”

They got it open and are going to depart soon.
“Elektra, Easta, Raye….” Nikki said, “Me and my sister thank you for what you’re doing.”
“No problem.” Elektra said. “I’ll look you up as soon as you’re in a good place.”

“Thank you for everything!” Ava said before leaving.
Then the Dynamite Gals are going to depart.
“Mia…….” Elektra said, “You better make sure those girls make it alive!”
“I will!!!” Mia said.
“And I am, too!” Kelly said. “I promise on that.”
“If you’re saying that for Raye, she gets it!” Easta said.

“Well, that was nice while that lasted.” Mia said, “At least last night.”
“I just really hope they don’t attack them because of us.” Nikki said.

“YOU!!!” Lightfoot screamed, pointing and waving his gun at Elektra. “Where did those girls go!?”
“I had no idea.” She said with a blank face. “They might escaped while you was blowing up our place!”
“DON’T FUCK WITH US!!” Lightfoot kept shouting and Butterfly cocks her gun at the other two. “Are you two lying to us?”

“No.” Easta easily said. Raye, on the other hand, was a bit nervous.
“So…….” Butterfly said, “Where are they?”
“They left….” Raye said, “We don’t know where they were off to. We’re telling the truth. Please… we just want to get things back to normal.”
Lightfoot kept the gun pointed at her. “You sure?”
She gulped and still looked panicky.
“OK then.” Lightfoot said. “We’re done here.” And so Lightfoot and Butterfly leave the room and presumably the building.

“Damn…..that was riveting.” Elektra said.
“I can’t move.” Raye said.
“I hope they aren’t trying to bomb the place if they think we’re lying.” Easta said. “I’m scanning for bombs right now.”
However, while they were doing that, Butterfly got into that room from one of the windows and notice a door was open.
“Hmmmmm……I knew something was amiss.” Butterfly said. “LIGHTFOOT!!”
He got over there quick and saw the door.
“So they were bullshitting?” he said, “No matter on them. We got a goal…..get the girls and kill them other bitches.”
So they broke in and closed the door before anyone notices.

“I’m sure everything is fine.” Mia said. “We just got to get you two to the train station.”
“But how?” Nikki asked.

“I hope there’s some bike here or something.” Fiona said. “Or one of those railroad things.”
One second later, they spot 3 bikes ahead of them.
“Well, that’ll work.” She said.

Now, they are en route to get the train station via the underground tunnel.
“How far we got from here?” Ava said, riding with Nikki.
“You said it’s two hours from here, right, Mia?” Nikki asked.
“It should be.” Mia said, “Although when I said it, I thought it would be on wheels and……..well, we’re on them but not fast enough.”
“SO LONGER!?” Nikki panicked.
“Looks like it.” Alita said. “Maybe if we ride faster, we–
“Would be tired and maybe dead at that time.” Kelly said, “But we have no other options……so this will go, I guess.”

However, they hear something else coming from behind and they see that it was a big truck coming from behind.
“Why do I hear an engine?” Alita asked.
She then look behind her and it appears.
“WHAT THE HELL!?” Kelly said.
“There was a big fucking truck back there…..” Mia shouted, “And we didn’t see it first?”

“GIVE UP THEM GIRLS!!!” And it was Lightfoot screaming that.
“Oh, fuck!!” Mia said.
“It’s those guys that tried to attack me and Ava!” Nikki screamed. “How they get here!?”
“If you’re wondering how we got here…” Butterfly said, “It wasn’t a wise move to leave the door open!!!”

“Door open?” Nikki said as Butterfly was mentioning the fact one of them left the door open for them to travel.
“Dammit.” Mia said, “Elektra is going to kill me for this.”
“Oh, don’t worry.” Lightfoot said, “We’re doing that for YOU!!!” He brought out the shotgun and went in to shoot. The girls were scurrying and panicking and so, they peddle the hell out of there as they kept firing.

The girls are peddling as fast as they can but the speed isn’t enough to get away from them.
“Dammit!” Fiona said. “Maybe this will slow them down.”
She pulls out and lights up some firecrackers and threw it at them but Butterfly shot at them instead.
“TRY AGAIN!” She shouted.
“SHIT!” Fiona shouted.

“I’ll give it a try!!” Kelly shouted. She threw some gasoline at the window.
“Now, MIA!” Then Mia threw a Molotov cocktail at the window and set the truck ablaze.

“AAH!” Lightfoot yelled. “You BITCH!!”
However, Butterfly threw some water and got some dirt in that.
“Try again, bitches!!!”

“Oh, come on!!” Alita shouted.
They kept shooting at the other girls but they got them out of the way and got really close to Nikki and Ava for them to grab.

“Come on, closer!” Butterfly screamed.
“He’s gaining on us!!!!” Ava shouted.
“I can’t peddle any faster!” Nikki said, “My legs are getting weak!!!!”

However, as the Dynamite Gals were gaining on them from behind, Alita was shooting at their back tires.
“Did you hit it!?” Fiona shouted.
“I think I did.” Alita said, “I need to do it closer.”
“WHAT!?” Mia yelled. “You are not get any closer! You’ll get killed!!!”
“I’m not letting them kidnap those girls!” Alita said, “I got no choice….and from the looks of it, neither do they. GET ME CLOSER!”
So Mia went closer to the truck for Alita to jump behind them and she got the gun ready and aimed at Lightfoot and about to shoot.

“Come on, come on.” Alita concentrated on them.
However, Butterfly spotted her first.
“THE FUCK!?” Alita made the shot at Lightfoot in his back, causing him to swerve but Lightfoot threw a harpoon and……
“AAAAHHH!” It hit directly towards Alita’s leg.
“ALITA!!!!!!!” Mia screamed and cried as she saw this and it got worse. A second one was thrown at her stomach.
“NOOOOO!!!!” She fell down to the ground and the truck eventually crashed into a wall mixed with some barrels of gasoline, causing it to explode and kill Lightfoot and Butterfly inside.

“What the?” Nikki said, “Did that truck just crash?”
However, Ava noticed what was going on behind it.
“Huh?” Ava points to a fallen Alita with the girls, especially Mia, rushing over there.
“Alita! Alita! ALITA!!!” She quickly runs to her side. “Oh shit!!”

“Oh my god.” Ava worryingly said.
“I think I got them.” Alita said in her weak, dying state. “Ow……OK, this definitely hurts like a bitch!”
“Oh no…..oh damn….” Nikki said, “We need to get you into a hospital ASAP.”

“Nikki…..” Alita said, “I don’t think it’s possible. Either way, I’m not going to make it. You might as well leave my body here. I don’t want to slow you down.”
“We don’t want to leave you here like this!” Nikki said.
“You’re going to have to.” Alita said. She sounds weaker and closer to death.

“As much as I hate to admit it….” Kelly tearfully said to all of them, “She’s right.”
Mia knew she had to leave her behind, even though she doesn’t want to.
“Alita…..” Mia cried. “I don’t want to leave you……not now…..not like this…..”
“You have to.” She said, “For my sake…..for the girls….”
“I know…..” Mia sadly said. “But I’m not leaving you here.” She grabs Alita’s body and put her on her back and went on her bike and pedal forward. The girls followed suit.

They got out of the tunnel and make sure they weren’t being followed out of there.
“Hey, Alita….we’re out…it’s….”
However, by the time they got out of there…….Alita was already gone.
“Alita?” Mia said as she tried to wake her up. “ALITA!?”
“…..She’s gone……”

They had to leave her near a hospital so at least she’ll won’t be left to rot.

“WHAT THE FUCK!?!?” As Grizz got the news that the girls escaped again and Lightfoot and Butterfly’s failure.
“How hard is it to kidnap those two damn girls?” he said, “Do they have the luck of the Irish or something?”
Agitated, he sat down and pondered about how to get to them this time.
“You know what?” he said, “Enough of me sitting on my ass. If one man can’t do the job you sent them to do, you do it yourself.”
He opened his gun closet and grab everything he has.
“Bishop!! Lockjaw!!” he shouted.

“Yeah, boss?” Lockjaw shouted.
“Get Top One on the line.” He said, “He’s close to the next city they are entering…..and we are heading there as well.”
“I’ll get the big one.” Bishop said.
“This will end……”

Back into the city, now the girls minus Alita are looking for a ride to get to the train. Everyone was now silent since they had to leave Alita’s corpse back there. The energy was practically dead around those five and it seems as all hope is gone without a driver.

Mia was far behind the girls as she kept thinking about Alita and the more she thought about it, the sadder she gets.
“Mia?” Kelly said. “Mia…….”
She went into tears and drop down on the ground, sobbing and crying uncontrollably.
“ALITA!!!!” She screamed out. “WHY!? GODDAMMIT!!” She pounds her fist to the ground, despite it hurting like hell.
“Mia, Mia…” Fiona said. “I know this shit hurts. I know that losing Alita is painful to you…’s painful to all of us.”

“I told her to not get on the truck.” Mia said with tears and snot dripping down her nose. “I thought she was going to be alright. I was bullshitting myself…..we’re fucked.”

Nikki then went to talk to her. “I feel like this is our fault. If we didn’t run away or….”
“NO.” Mia said, “You are NOT going to blame yourself for Alita’s death. She saved you both and I think you giving up and surrendering would just be spitting on her spirit. We are going to get you two on that train and show her death is not in VAIN!”

“But what about you three?” Ava said, “I wouldn’t feel right if anything happened to you.”

“Ava…..” Kelly said, “I know you’re worried about us but I think it’s more important that you and Nikki get to that train. By any means necessary.”
“But I don’t WANT YOU TO DIE!!!” Ava shouted.
“Kid…” Fiona said, “I know it’s tough to swallow but there are a few times in our lives that none of us will live to see 30 and well…..we might as well die fighting, not running.”

“And if we do end up dying….I just hope you two are somewhere safe and sound.” Mia said, “You’ll do us proud….and Alita, too.”
“That seems dark to say…” Nikki said, “But I get it. I just don’t want to seem like I’m taking advantage of you.”
“You won’t.” Mia said, “Now come on, you two got a train to arrive.”
“But we still don’t have a ride.” Ava said. However, they spot something in the dark and it was an abandoned van.
“Well, that was lucky.” Nikki said.

So, Mia casually sneak into the van and by that, I mean, breaking the windows open and unlocking the door.
“Ride’s here.”

“We got one more hour until we get there and from the looks of this van…..” Fiona said, “I’m not even sure if this’ll get us there in 10 minutes.”
“I mean, yeah, it looks beat up and all.” Nikki said, “But I think it might do the job.”
“I hope that doesn’t come to bite us back in the ass.” Fiona said. “Right now, we just need to get there in one piece. No gangs. No big boss. Just us and the road……”
Suddenly, a loud thud was heard on the roof.

“What the—OH, for FUCK’S SAKE!” Fiona said, “I hope its rain or hail!”
Fiona took a peek outside and see that it was…..actually hail.
“Oh…….OK, that was anti-climat–”
However, the next few drops was not hail.

“WHAT THE FUCK!?” Fiona shouted as she now sees a big plane flying on top of them.
“Yup, I got them on my sights.” The one flying the plane is Top One. “I’m definitely not going to screw this up.”

“GUN IT, MIA!” Fiona said.
“What the hell’s going on!?” Mia shouted. She sees the person in the rearview mirror.
“FUCK…. Top One!?”

“WHO!?” Nikki and Ava shouted.
“That motherfucker who’s flying around like a mobile circus!”

“YOU KNOW WHAT WE COME HERE FOR!!!” He shouted. “Give up the girls!! And maybe we’ll spare your shit lives.”
“FUCK YOU!” Fiona said, shooting back at him.
“Oh, so you’re taking the “fuck you” approach.” Top One said, “Well, guess what? I am, too.”
He shot back at them, blowing a bunch of holes in the interior.
“AAAAHHH!!!” Nikki said, “I thought we wasn’t trying to kill us!”
“It’s to scare you!!” Top One said. “Now…..stop that van and get your asses in there now!!!”

The chase between them eventually leads on to the highway.
The back doors have been ripped by the rapid gunfire and two shooters came down to take care of the other girls.
Fiona yelped and shot one of them in the head and the other one tried to shoot her.
He misses and toss him out of the vehicle but then Top One descended from the plane, landing on the van and pulls out his gun.
A shot was made, shooting Fiona in the arm.
“AAH!” Fiona screamed and he pushed her out of the way.
“Make room, bitch.”

“FIONA!” Kelly shouted and then she got hit with the butt of the shotgun and then Top Gun put a gun to Mia’s head.
“So……I heard you had to leave a fallen comrade.” He said. “That must be heart breaking for all of you, especially you, Mia.”
He has Nikki and Ava cornered where they can’t sneak out of there.
“Now, stop the van.” He said.
“No.” She said.
“Well, then.” And that’s when Top Gun shoots her in the hand.
“AAAHHHH!!” However, as the shot is made, she swerve on the road, making everyone lose balance and the van flips and crashes. Even so to make the plane crash as the roof of the van got into the propellers and causes it to lose control and crash and burn.

“You did a big fucking mistake.” Mia said, now on the ground bleeding with a bullet hole in her hand and glass on her knee.
Top One was down, receiving the most injuries with some metal sticking out of his hand and a broken knee.

“NIKKI! AVA!” Mia shouted.
The two girls were covered up by a blanket with Nikki covering Ava from the injuries. Nikki just got some broken glass on her back.
“AAH!” Nikki shouted.
“Oh shit.” Mia said, “Your back is bleeding.”
“I know.” She said, “Ava, are you alright?”
“Yeah…..I think so.” Nikki checks for cuts on Ava and she’s the most unscathed of the incident.

“I don’t believe this shit.” Mia said. “Are we even close to the station?”
She got out her GPS and it was not in good shape.

“What happened?” Nikki said.
“GPS is screwed.” Mia said, “And I think we’re lost.”

To make matters worse, Fiona’s legs are bloody to where she might not walk after this.
“FIONA!” All of them shouted.
“I don’t think I’m going to be walking anytime soon.” She said. “OW!!!”

Kelly was the last one to came out of the crash and she’s still experiencing some whiplash from the wreck.
“Oh…..oh, my….” She said, “FIONA! Oh shit!!!”
“You notice, too, huh?” Fiona said, “You two need to get the girls to the station. I noticed it’s about 30 minutes away. You two just got to make it there.”
“But what–”
“WE TOLD YOU BEFORE!” Fiona said, “Don’t worry about us! You need to get your asses down there and get on that train!”

“Well, she said it.” Mia said.
“This is probably the last time you’re going to hear of me.” Fiona said, “Mia, Kelly…..this is for you, too. It’s been a blast kicking ass with you girls and I’m glad to do it with you.”
“Fiona….” Kelly sobbing a bit and holding on to Fiona. “I can’t—I mean, dammit! I can’t say goodbye just yet.”

“Kelly….” Mia also crying, “We don’t have a choice.”
Kelly hold back on tears and had to do with they had to do.
“OK…..” She eventually lets go of her hand and the girls had to move along.
“Bye…..sis…….” Kelly tearfully said.
“Take care.” Fiona said.

She sees Top One stab her in her side with a glass shard.
Fiona let out one weakened scream which he tried to use it to slice her neck but she grabbed the shard and push it back at his face.
“AAAHHH!!!” He shouted.
“Nice try.” She said and she kicked him to a pole and went straight through him. However, she is bleeding profusely and so she tries to drag herself away from the fire and lay on the sidewalk, as she stares at the sky.
She blinks and blinks and takes one last breath.
“Worth it.” That was her last words and she slowly succumbs to blood loss.

As for the fire, a spark began to ignite the gas from the crash and more bad news for the dying Top One is that he’s soaked in it.
“What the….” The fire spread quickly towards him.

Then one huge explosion happened, immediately decimating him in the process and it was heard throughout the city.
“The hell was that!?” Coming from a distracted Bishop on a plane ride with Lockjaw and Mr. Grizz.
“I hope Top One is doing his damn job.” Grizz shouted.

Lockjaw took one look through his binoculars and sees the dead body of Fiona.
“Well….one of them is dead.” Lockjaw said and then sees the incinerated corpse of Top One. “Ooohh…..and so is he. He is beyond fucked-up.”

“Oh, great. More dead threats.” Grizz said.
“Well, they got two of theirs dead.” Lockjaw said, “We just need to execute those other girls and get my bag AND those other damn girls.”
“And since those other bozos failed…..” Lockjaw said, “I guess it’s up to us….”
“Looks like it.” Bishop said.

Back on the ground, Nikki, Ava, Mia and Kelly are the only survivors left as they keep running to get another ride.
They’ve been running for 15 minutes and still got halfway to go until they reach the station.

“We got to get a faster way to get there.” Kelly said, “You two are close. You’re home free! You can live a new life! You can–”
Then gunshots were made and they were from Bishop and Lockjaw.
“RUN!!!” Kelly screamed. They scattered out of there and ran down the closest station to them.

“QUICK! Down there!” Mia shouted.
All of them scurried down there while Bishop kept shooting at them and Lockjaw threw some smoke bombs to keep them from running.
“NO!!” Nikki said, “We can’t see!!”
“NIKKI!!” Ava screamed.
However, Bishop was behind her and grabbed Ava there. “AAAHHH!! NIKKI!”
“Shut up, you little brat!” He scowled.
“AVA!!!” The smoke cleared as she sees Bishop taking Ava.
“LET HER GO, MOTHERFUCKER!” she screams out and attacks him, punching him and spraying mace at his face.
“OOOWWW!!” He screams. “DAMMIT!!”
She grabs Ava and tries to make a run for it but Lockjaw clotheslined her and snatched Ava from her.
“Come here, you fucking pain in the ass!” Lockjaw growled and grabbed Nikki, too. “Oooh, just wait until we get your asses back in Hillis!!!”
She struggled, trying to get out of there.

Then….Mia delivered a kick to the balls and smash a lit bottle on his head.
“RUN!” She shouted.

“DAMMIT!!” Lockjaw shouted. “Bishop!! They’re getting away!”
“The hell they are!!” He pulls out this big gun out of the car. “BOMBS AWAY!”

“LOOK OUT!!” Nikki screamed.
The girls dodged their way out of the shots and ran further down the rails.
“Did you get one of them!?” Lockjaw said.
Then Lockjaw got shot in the knees.
“I DID!” Mia shouted. Then she shoots him again, straight at his chest.

“What the—LOCKJAW!” Bishop said.
“MIA! RUN!” Kelly shouted as Bishop was gunning for her. Kelly shoots his gun out of the way so Mia can get out of there.
“You little bitch!” Bishop yelled and he went to shoot at Kelly. She ran frantically and zigzags from the bullets.
Nikki and Ava also had to get out of the way from the gunfire.

“NIKKI! AVA! IN here!” Mia shouted as she’s in one of the boarding cars.
They swiftly got in there and now waiting for Kelly.
“Come on, Kelly!!”
“I’m coming, guys!” She quickly ran to there while dodging bullets from Bishop. “I’m almost there!!”

Then…..two bullets come from behind her and it was a direct hit to her stomach, rendering her down and shot.
“KELLY!!” Mia screamed. “NOOO!!!!!”

That shot, however, came from none other than Mr. Grizz.
“Well, well, well. You thought you was going to made it, did you?” he said.
Kelly tried to move away from him but he stomped her on her hand.
“AAAAHHH!!!” she screamed.

“You cause me enough trouble today.” And he directly kills her by shooting her again. The girls gasped in horror as Kelly was gunned down.
“AAHHHH!!!” Mia screamed and cried as Kelly was shot.

“And now… girls!!!!” he yelled, “You got until the count of 5 to give me back my money right here right now!!!! I would say ‘or else’ but notice that most of your crew is dead so saying that would be redundant.”

Nikki then got some anger channeled in her and stood up from the ground and said, “YOU SON OF A BITCH!!! You want it so bad, you can have it!!! But leave us alone!!! WE DON’T WANT TO BE STUCK IN THIS HELLISH CITY ANYMORE WITH ABUSIVE GUARDIANS WITH AYER!!”
“And where would you go!?” he said, “I hope not to your mother.”
“So what!? You said she can’t visit us. You never said shit about us meeting her!!”

Mia pulled Nikki down for a minute.
“What are you doing?!” she said. Ava pointed out the suitcase was full of receipts and IOUs.
“Wait, you thinking of…”
Ava shook her head.

“One of you better give me my money and maybe….MAYBE I think about letting you go.” He said.

Somebody was coming out of the boarding car but she was in a trench coat and face mask and walking forward with the bag in hand.
“Oh, so it’s the ‘ol ‘you’re sending your sister out and leaving you by yourself’ thing?” Grizz said, “OK, that’s quite noble of you to do. I must admit that……but sooner or later, we’re finding your sister and when she’s old enough, she will work for me again.”

He opens the bag and sees what was inside.
“What the…..Receipts? IOUs? Check stubs? What the fuck?!” he shouted. “This isn’t my money!!! That dirty fucker Ayer double crossed me! That son of a bitch!! HE FUCKED ME!!”

“Yeah, he did.” And it turns out….it was Mia that got out. “And so did I.”
“YOU!! You’re not–” Then he really got pissed off. “You stupid bitch!!!” He pulls out his gun ready to shoot along with Bishop.
She quickly backs away and threw a couple of her last Molotov cocktails at them. She threw one at Bishop and he’s trying to extinguish them with some liquid from the ground. Unfortunately, that liquid was Kelly’s parting gift as she left kerosene on the ground and causing the flame to accelerate and burning him up and killing him.

“DAMN YOU!!” Grizz shoots Mia in anger and shoves her out of the way as he tries to stop the train and brings them back. “I’m getting those girls if it’s the last thing I do.”
“Well, guess what?” she said.
Grizz took a look inside the bag and hear something bleeping and it turns out it was a timer…..for a fire bomb.
“What the fuck?” It went off and the bag exploded with him screaming in pain and agony that he falls into the railing and it slit his neck.

In her dying breath, Mia looks over to see the train going far away.
“Told you the plan would work.”

FLASHBACK 5 minutes ago

“Look…” Mia said, “I’ll give him the fake money and you two just run for it. Get that train to go forward.”
“But, Mia, what about you?” Ava asked.
“We said it before……Neither of us planned to make it out alive.” She said, “And if I die saving you two, I’d die knowing you get a better life out of it.”

Mia puts on a trench coat and a face mask.
“Again, I don’t feel right doing this.” Nikki said.
“Believe me, it’s for the best.” Mia said as she got out and pushed the button that send them departing from the station.

Back to the train, Nikki and Ava were sitting down, looking depressed after all the drama that happened in the span of the day.
“Well…….we did it.” Nikki said. “We’re heading to that station right now.” However, she didn’t sound victorious in it.
“So, why do we feel like we lost?”
Ava then added in and said, “Because the people that rescued us are now….” She stopped before mentioning the word ‘dead’.

“I just……” Nikki went on about that moment. “They didn’t have to go out like that.”
“I know.” Ava agreed with her.
And so, they ride on until they get to the Cubanos station.
However, they had to make a call to Paradise.

Nikki called them to make sure if they were all right and Elektra confirmed that they were alright and the place is still in shape.
She also had to say the bad news on the Dynamite Gals.
“So they…..” Elektra said.
“Yes….” Nikki said, “It hasn’t even been a full day and….”
“Knowing them, they must’ve fought to the very end.” Elektra said.
“They did.” Nikki said, “But now, I don’t feel like its victory.”

“Well, you did escaped from him, right?” Elektra asked her.
“Yeah.” Nikki said.
“Do you have some currency to keep you two afloat?” she asked her that.
“Well, we do.” Nikki said, “We just need to cash it in.”

“And…..well, I can’t blame you on feeling guilty for what happened to the girls.” She said.
“For a minute there, they reminded me of my mom.” Nikki said, “Someone who wasn’t afraid to stand up to any asshole that tried to hurt me and Ava. Someone who can teach me and Ava how to survive in the world in the right way and……well, I would say someone that can protect us but…..”
Elektra added in with, “But also learning how to protect yourself and Ava?”

She said, “Yup.”
“Oh, Elektra, how’s Easta and Raye taking the news?”
“Well…..” Elektra said.

We cut to a TV feed of what happened with Elektra, Easta and Raye watching to see about the fates of the Dynamite Gals.
“Oh my god…” Easta said.
“Holy shit….” Elektra said.
Raye, on the other hand, stood in silence and worry and when they announced that Kelly was shot three times in the abandoned train station, she gasped and was on the verge on crying at that moment.


“That bad, huh?” Nikki replied.
“It was rough.” Elektra said, “Raye took it the hardest since she and Kelly fought before. She cried in my arms about how she wish she wasn’t so hard on Kelly and now has to live that regret.”
“You think the next time we see you, we might do something in honor of them?” Nikki asked.
“We should.” Elektra said, “We really should. Hopefully until you get yourself a place out there.”

“OK then.” Nikki said, “I’ll talk to you soon.”
“Later, Nikki.” Elektra said.
“Later, Elektra.” Nikki replied.

“Nikki?” Ava stood beside her along with the tickets, “You got the address of that bank?”
“Yeah.” She said, “That’s the first thing we’ll do once we get there. That and find an apartment to rent and we already got rent for a year so there’s that.”

As they boarded on the next train, Nikki also wanted to tell Ava one more thing.

“Hey……” Nikki said, “I know the past few days have been life-changing……for all of us. I know that during that transition, we have to get through a lot of obstacles and I can’t guarantee that things will always be alright. I can’t always say it’s going to be okay because it may not be. Hell, we’re starting a new life but we can’t be sure if it’s going to be rainbows and sunshine there either. Stuff can happen there, too. I can’t promise that everything will be smooth sailing but I will try and do enough for both of us to get by. This is going to be a new stage for us. For in order for us to get to the light, we have to travel through the darkness…..and maybe we might see the light from here but right now… will come for us soon.”

“I understand.” Ava said, “You think we’ll see Mom again while we are at it?”

“Ava, I just said that everything isn’t going to be smooth sailing.” Nikki said, “But it might be a possibility.”

The two rest up from there as the sunsets and they await to see what new opportunities come to them.

At last…..they could find some light in their life.



©2017 Through the Darkness Project / KatanaPlus+


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