WARNING: The following story contains violence, strong language with adult situations and mild sexuality. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.


“Hey, the coast is clear.” One girl shouted at another one. “We can escape in minutes without anyone coming.”
“Are you sure this is a good idea?” The another one asked her.
“Ava….this is the only option at this point.” The first girl said, “We can’t live like this for the rest of our lives.”
“OK…..” She gulped as she shimmied down from her room.

“Now that wasn’t so hard.” She said.
“It was wet coming down.” Ava said. “So what now, Nikki?”

“Well…….we travel the night away.” Nikki exclaimed as the two girls make their exit and as soon as they do, a few cars were coming in front of the house they are escaping from.
“You think no one will notice?” Ava asked.
“By the time they notice, we’ll be long gone.” Nikki said. “We can finally go and live a better life…..without him. Without this godforsaken town and all of its misery. Now come on! We got a lot of traveling to do!”


“AYER!!!” One guy knocking on the door shouted. “Hey, Ayer!!! It’s your benefactor, motherfucker! OPEN UP!”
“I’m coming! I’m coming!” Ayer shouted. “MR. GRIZZ! I’ve been expecting you for some time. Please, come in!”
In comes Barney Grizz, a big burly man with a large black beard in a sky blue suit, carrying something in his bag and with him are his two right-hand men, Lockjaw and Bishop.

“Mr. Ayer… know why I come here tonight.” Grizz said. “I hope this means you got my payment ready.”
“Oh, sir, believe me. Your money is right here in this house.” Ayer wittingly said, “Cross my heart and hope to die.”
“Well, your words, not mine.” Grizz said, “Bishop, check the rooms.”
“Yes, sir.” Bishop replied.

So Bishop went looking around for the money while Grizz and Ayer were talking.
“That money is going to make me a happy man.” Grizz said, “And hearing how much you made…..I kept grinning and who knows…..if I have enough, I can give you a cut.”
“Then you are going to love what I brought.” Ayer said.
“You better, motherfucker.” Lockjaw said. “Grizz does not play when it comes to his money.”

Bishop kept scrounging around the house to see where the money or the product is but he can’t seem to find it.

“Look, I counted it the money 20 times.” Ayer said, “Every dollar should be in there.”

“From the way he’s talking, he is definitely sure he got the money here.” Grizz said. “After all, no liar would sound like this.”

“THE FUCKING MONEY IS NOT HERE!” Bishop shouted. “You fucked us!”
Lockjaw then pulled out his gun, aiming it straight at Ayer. “You son of a bitch!! You fucking lied to us!!”

“I DIDN’T LIE FOR SHIT!!” Ayer shouted, pulling out his gun to them. “The money was here!!! I fucking swear!!”
“Man, fuck you!” Lockjaw screamed. “Let me shoot this motherfucker! POINT BLANK!”
“You kill me….” Ayer said, “Who’s going to hide his money when the other gangs in Hillis come riding over there!?”

“STAND DOWN!” Grizz said, lowering their guns at a calming rate. Grizz then noticed a door ajar.

“Ayer……what’s in that room?” Grizz asked.
“Oh, that’s my daughters’ room.” He said.
“Daughters?” Lockjaw asked, “He got kids?”
“Right here.” Bishop took a photo with them with Ayer and the mother on here.

“OH SHIT!” Lockjaw said. “You never mention this to anyone!”
They also noticed an empty bag with the name AYER printed in there. So Grizz went up to him and said, “Wait…….Ayer….did you put the money in a bag with your name on it?”

“Yeah…..” Ayer answered.
“And yet……”Grizz said. “Someone stole it…..and I bet it was your damn daughters!!!” As Grizz punched him in the stomach.

“OW!!!” Ayer shouted. “I didn’t think they were going to do that!”
“And you know if someone steals from me……” Grizz threatened, “They won’t live to tell about it.”

“WHAT?!” Ayer yelled, threatening to shoot Grizz in the head. “Those are my daughters!! I’m not going to let you get a hold of them!” However, Bishop made the first draw by shooting Ayer in the leg.

“AAHH!!” Ayer screamed. “What the fuck! You shot me!”
“No shit!” Lockjaw said. “And you know what? After we shoot your ass up, we’re going to find your daughters and put a bullet in them as well.”

“And their names…….” Grizz looked at the photo that says ‘Nikki and Ava’.
“Yeah… would’ve been wise to not put their names where anyone can look it up.” Then Grizz shoots and kills Ayer on the spot.
“Well….we got a couple of girls lost in the city.” Grizz said, “I suggest you two find them and bring their asses to me…..ALIVE!!!”

“How much money we got in there?” Ava asked.
Nikki got the duffel bag of money with her. “Hmmmm…..from the looks of it, we got plenty for days. We just need a ride, have enough food for the both of us and hopefully find an affordable place to live….away from Hillis.”

“So where are we going to find a ride in this time of night?” Ava asked.
“Good point.” Nikki said, “At least one that doesn’t have weirdos driving us around…..dammit.”

She looks around to see if they are being followed.
“OK….no sign of Ayer.” Nikki said, “We’re good for now. So….Ava, you hungry?”

“I could eat!” Ava said. “I’m actually starving!!”
They see a restaurant in their sight called 4-BLOCK.
“Well…..there we go.” Nikki said. “I guess–” The next minute, Ava put disappeared and already went inside there. “Come on, NIKKI! We need FOOD!”
“Give her some food and she’ll be energetic in a flash.” Nikki said.

“Welcome to 4-Block. The best cooking in Hillis!” The waitress said, “How may I take your order?”
“I’ll have….” Nikki said. Then Ava interrupted a bit and said her order, “I’ll have the Double Cheeseburger with Bacon and Mushrooms with a side of French fries….oh, and I’ll have the spicy mustard to go with it!!”
“Well, that’s a big appetite you got there!” the waitress said, “It’s making me hungry right now.”
“OK then…..” Nikki said, “I’ll have the New York style Pizza with pepperoni and green peppers.”
“Alrighty then. Got it all right here! Would you like an appetizer first?” she asked.
“Sure.” Nikki said, “We’ll have some mozzarella sticks for now.”
“Good choice!” The waitress said. “Coming right up!”

“At least we won’t be hungry by the time we get there.”  Nikki said.
“I didn’t order too much, did I?” Ava asked.
“Nah…..” Nikki said, “With this money, you could’ve order a steak made of gold and we still have a lot left over. Hell, I would order dessert afterwards!”
Ava’s eyes widened, “Wait, does that mean….”
“Yeah, we can get dessert here.” Nikki said, “But we can’t get too full! We need our strength to walk before we can find a ride.”
“OOKK.” Ava said.


We move on to Club Saadiq where Grizz and his crew were looking for the club owner, Raymond Beene.
“Mr. Grizz….” A guy dressed in a purple pimp suit, sipping on a glass of Cognac. “So, what’s the pleasure of you appearing here?”

“Beene, my good man.” Grizz said, “I have a bit of a money problem.”
“What? AGAIN!?” Beene shouted. “Didn’t I spot you last time? Hell, I’m still waiting on that payment!”

“Well, guess what?” Bishop said with a shotgun gripped hard. “We was going to pay you!!!……But some high school girls took our cash and now are probably living it up!”

“Wait……..your money…….got jacked by a couple of high-school girls?” Beene questioned. “For real?”
“Their handler fucked up by letting them get the money!” Lockjaw said. “However, we took care of that guy before we left.”
“So you killed him?” Beene guessed.
“Basically.” Grizz said. “Look, we need your best guys to go after these girls and bring them to me!! ALIVE!!! They aren’t worth shit dead!”

“Alright then……” Beene said, “I’ll send my best guys on them. We’ll have them on every city….just in case they’ll leave.”
“Good man.” Grizz said.


15 minutes later at 4-Block, the girls were dining on their respective meals.
“Oh……wow.” Nikki said, “I never had food this good since that one time Mom used to make her homemade pizza when we was younger.”
“My stomach has never been so happy.” Ava said. “Although I went overboard with the mustard…..and it is very spicy!”
“I’ll say.” Nikki said, “You need to ease up on them or you might have an ulcer or something.”

“Hey, Nikki…….” Ava said.
 “Do you think if Mom was here today, she would take us outside Hillis?”

Nikki paused after her bite for a minute as Ava brought up their mother.



“Girls…….I’m sorry……..” The voice of their mom rings up in Nikki’s head and went into a trance of what happened back then.
Let me take my daughters out of here!!!” The mother said, “They don’t belong in a hell hole like this!”

“As far as I’m concerned……Nikki and Ava are left to me.” And that voice from the right was coming from Ayer. “You’re an unfit mother according to the city of Hillis.”
The HELL WITH YOU!” As she slaps him and left a scar on his neck.
You bitch!!” Then Ayer went in, grabbing her by her neck and starts choking her.
A 15-year-old Nikki was walking in there as she sees it happening and she was scared still, unable on what to do with her mother is attacked.
HELP!!!” The mother screamed.
So Nikki smacked a lamp on Ayer’s head and kept beating him over and over.
Nikki!” The mom screamed. “We have to go! Forget about him! GET AVA AND LET’S GO!”

“Nikki?!” Ava shouted, trying to snap her back to the real world.
“Huh! What?!” Nikki sounded tranced.
“Do you think Mom would’ve gotten us out of here?” Ava asked her.
“…….Definitely.” She said. “I just wish she’d got us out of here sooner.”

“Everything good here?” The waitress asked them.
“Oh, yes.” Nikki said, “Everything was delicious and before we go, we want a piece of that cookie dough cheesecake to go.”
“Why, sure, sugar.” She said. “This is the bill for you. Hope you enjoy your stay here.”
“Thanks!” Ava said, “It was great.”
Then Nikki handed her a $15 tip for the service.
“Why, thank you kindly.” She said.


Outside of the restaurant, there were 4 guys walking by the place armed with bats and chains and they spotted something similar down there.
“Hey, what did Beene told us to look for again?” One guy said.
“He said there were two girls out in the city. One 17-year-old with dark long black hair, green eyes and carrying a sack of cash along with a 14-year-old with short brunette hair and blue eyes.”

“You think that’s them?” the other said.
They go to the cell and call for Beene.
“You better tell me you spot her.” Beene said ornery.  They sent a pic of them to him.

“Hmmm……” Beene looks at the photo. “Is this them?”
He showed it to Lockjaw and Bishop.
“Yup.” Bishop said, “Those are the girls.”

“You got the right ones.” Beene said, “Now……GET THEM AND DON’T FUCK IT UP!”
“Got it.” The lead guy said.


The guys walked up to them, trying to flirt with them.
“HEY!” One of them said.
“Uh, hey yourself.” Nikki said, “We’re in my way.”
“So, what’s a couple of girls like you doing in the middle of these streets tonight?!” He said, “Got somewhere to go!?”

“Yeah…..out of here!” Nikki said with an annoyed tone. “Get lost!!!”
“I don’t think so!” The 4 guys surrounds them.
“Nikki, what’s going on?” Ava sounded scared.
“Don’t worry, we’ll be alright.” Nikki said quietly.
“I believe that bag belongs to a man that hired us to get it back to him….and maybe even you!”

“WHAT!?” Nikki shouted.
“Oh no!” Ava said, “Ayer must’ve found out!”
“If he thinks he’s getting the money and us back……then he got another thing coming.” She knees one of them in the groin.
“RUN!” She shouted.
But the lead goon grabbed Ava by the collar of her shirt.
“AAHH!!! NIKKI!” Ava shouted. “HELP!”
“AVA!” Nikki screamed but the other ones got a hold of her.
“Now, now…….you don’t want your sister to get hurt, do you!?”

“You lay a hand on her and I’ll……”
“What? Choke me like you did your ‘daddy’?” He taunted. “Now…..comply and come with us peacefully or we’ll beat the shit out of you and drag you there anyway.”

“Fine.” Nikki gave in easily.
“Good girl.” He said as he grabbed her and Ava, putting them in their car.


“Oh, not that shit again.” As a couple of girls across the street were watching. “I thought Beene’s boys were just trouncing for women in the streets, not abducting teenage girls.”
“Those girls look like they’re in some shit.” The other girl said. “You think we should do something?”
“Why…….I thought you never ask.” Another girl said. “Alita, got the car ready?”
“It’s warming up now.” She said.
“GOOD.” She said, “We got a stop to make.”


“HEY!!” The lead goon said, “We got the girls and we’re bringing to you right now!”
“Excellent!” Beene said, “They are alive, right?”
“YES!” he shouted, “And the money is there, too.”
“Alright, I expect you to be here in fifteen minutes.” Beene said before hanging up.

“I guess Ayer won this fight after all.” Nikki said, “He’s not going to let us escape.”
“Ayer?!” One guy said, “Did that guy shot him or something?”
“Wait, what?” Nikki seemed muddled. “What do you mean shot?”
“You know Mr. Grizz?”
“Mr. Grizz?” Ava appeared confused.
“You know that guy that always comes to our place to speak with Ayer?” Nikki said to her, “I think that’s what they’re talking about.”

“That’s HIS money you got in that bag.” The 2nd goon said, “You don’t ever want to steal from him…..why you think Ayer is dead now?”
Nikki looked shocked but not that surprised at his death.
“So Ayer is gone?” Ava asked.
“Looks like it.” Nikki said. “Although I’m not losing sleep after that guy.”


As they were leading their way towards Club Saadiq, a speeding car was ahead of them and then fully stopped in front of them at a stop light.
“What the fuck?” One guy shouted. “HEY BITCH!!! That light was green!!! MOVE YOUR ASS!!”
The car didn’t move a bit and to make matters worse, two other cars were blocking them from moving.

“WHAT THE HELL!” The lead goon said, “Get your ass off the road!”
Then somebody got out of the car, pull out their pistol and started shooting.
“FUCK!” The driver got out his gun and start shooting. The others got out and went to have a shootout with the girl.
“Get that BITCH!” They screamed.

However, there were two other girls from the back smashing in the windows to grab Nikki and Ava.
“SSSHH!!!” They said as they got the girls out of there while the guys were distracted. “We got you covered.”
“ALITA!!” One girl shouted.
Nikki and Ava jumped in the car quick before any of them sensed them gone.
“You got them!” Alita said. “Mia, you’ve seen Fiona?”
“She’s a bit busy at the moment.” Mia said, “Kelly, you got the final touch?”
“As scheduled.” Kelly said, “Just get Fiona’s ass back here!”
“FIONA!!” Mia said, “Throw it!”

Fiona made a cunning smirk at them and threw the firecracker she got in her hand and threw it near a liquid underneath the van and it was kerosene as it turn into flames real quick.
“WHAT THE FUCK!” One guy shouted. “Our ride!! Our bait!! That money!!”

“Oh, don’t worry about them!” Fiona chuckled and then punched one of them in the jaw. “They’re safe….without you clods!!” She threw a sparkling flash grenade and disappears into the fog, gotten into their ride and ride out.
“PEACE OUT!!” Mia shouted and laughed the way out. “FROM THE DYNAMITE GALS!”

“SHIT!” All 4 guys shouted.


“OK, that was a close one!” Fiona said taking off the mask. “I almost suffocated in this damn thing!”
“Anyone hurt there?” Alita asked. “Fiona? Kelly? Mia?”
They all shouted that they are fine.
“Hey, what about you two girls?” Alita asked. “You need any first aid?”
“Ava, you okay?” Nikki said, checking for any cuts or wounds.
“Yeah, I don’t feel too hurt.” Ava said.
“That’s great to hear.” Alita said. “The last thing we need is hearing two innocent girls getting roughed up by a group of assholes.”

“Well…. I want to thank you guys for saving our butts back there,” Nikki said, “But who are you anyway?”

“I guess we can give a proper introduction to ourselves.” Mia said. “We are….”
“THE DYNAMITE GALS!!” Mia, Fiona, Kelly and Alita shouted.

“Dynamite Gals?” Nikki said.
“That’s a cool name.” Ava complimented.

“Thanks!” Kelly said, “Such a sweet girl…..uh….um……”
“I’m Ava.” Ava presented herself, “And this is my older sister Nikki.”

“Well, nice to meet you both, Nikki and Ava.” Kelly said, “I’m Kelly….well, short for Kerosene Kelly. The one to your left is Firecracker Fiona, the one with the explosives in our group.”
“Yo.” Fiona said.
“Our driver and bodyguard Alita!” Kelly said. “Well, the only one without a fiery nickname.”
“Hey.” Alita said, waving at them.
“And our illustrious leader….Molotov Mia!”

“Molotov?” Nikki and Ava said.
“I’d liked to experiment with Molotov cocktails once upon a time.” Mia said, “That and I used one on a guy that threatened to burn my house down….and so I ended up lighting his ass on fire.”

“So…..why are you two out here in these streets?” Alita asked, “You two don’t have a home or anything?”
“Well…..that’s the problem.” Nikki said, “We’re trying to run away from our home….and into a better environment.”
 “Oh……shitty dad?” Mia asked.
“More like….everything.” Nikki said. “It turns out the money we thought we stole from him……we stole for this guy named Mr. Grizz.”
Alita stop at a halt by that name is mentioned.
“GRIZZ!?” Alita said. “Oh no……if you stole from him, chances of survival are slim to none.”
“Wait, what do you mean?” Ava asked.

“Sweetie…” Kelly said, “Mr. Grizz spells bad news for everyone. If you happen to steal from him….whether it be money or jewelry or clubs or even his women…..he’ll cut and kill you in different places.”

Fiona made it worse by saying this, “Especially this one time where Grizz stripped a guy naked for trying to steal a bottle of rum and then have his men beat him dead.”
“THAT FOR SOME RUM!?” Nikki screamed.
“He tried to extort him to the FBI.” Mia said. “Did not go well. 6 months for nothing, they said.”

“Oh no……” Nikki said, “We’re so dead. How can we escape this town alive?”
“Where are you two trying to escape to?”
Nikki was about to come up with an answer but Ava interjected with, “We don’t know.”
“You don’t know?” Alita said. “You two trying to be traveling sisters or something?”
“Well……” Nikki said, “We know six cities from here, there is a train that can take us anywhere and hopefully somewhere where we can start new lives.”

“Wait……you mean the Big Metro train down at Cubanos Blvd?” Mia said. “That’s the one getaway train out of town and into anywhere.”

“And Cubanos Blvd is…..” Ava asked.
“3 hours away.” Kelly said.

“So……we need to stay alive for 3 hours to get to that train?” Nikki said.
“Sounds about right.” Fiona said, “Only it might be four considering if those dudes earlier were after you, there could be more of them coming.”

“Oh for fu–” Nikki almost blurted out the word ‘fuck’. “I mean, well, that means we need to be quick about what we do.”
“Yup.” Alita said. “But we do need to fill up first.”
“Wait, we do?” Mia asked. “I thought we did before we left.”
“That was for Kelly to fill her tank.” Alita said. “We need gas and possibly weapons to stay alive and food….quick stuff to keep our energy up.”
“And we are going……NOW!” Fiona said as they ride out of there.


Later on, the boys reported to Beene about their failure.
“So……you don’t have the girls or the money and you get your asses kicked by some bitch with some kerosene!?”

“I didn’t think the shit would happen to us but it DID!” the leader said.
“Oh, good God!” Beene said, “I just got off the phone with Grizz and he is BEYOND PISSED!!”
“Look, Beene! Just give us another chance!!” The other guy said, “We heard somebody spot them heading to a gas station to refill. We can attack them there!”
“TOO LATE!” Beene said, “It’s not up to me now! You got to get with Grizz to work on a deal! In fact…..he’s on speakerphone now.”

“Pretty much.” Grizz said on the phone. “Now Beene is right about you having to go to me now and I can arrange a deal with you fellows.”
“And that would be?”
Then comes a guy wearing a top hat, carrying a cane with two pistols on him.
“Fellas…..the name is Roc Ace.” He said, “I heard you need me to take care of something.”
“He’s a trained shooter on the 16th Street Gang.” Beene said, “He’s mighty advanced in his expertise.”

“So you need me to make a grab and run?” Roc Ace asked.
“Yes.” Grizz answered. He shows them the pic of Nikki and Ava. “Capture these two girls and bring them back ALIVE!!”
“Um…..” he stares at the photo. “They got the money with them?”
“Affirmative.” Grizz said. “And whoever is guarding them…….”
“I can take care of them?”
“Anyway you want.” Grizz answered.

“So… guys go with him.” Beene said, “And maybe…..MAYBE…..he’ll show you how to get shit done right.”
“So….who are those guys again?” Roc Ace asked.
“Oh……Tito, Randy, Rafe and Tiggy.” Beene said. “That’s their names and all that shit. And if you fuck up this time, don’t bother coming home.”


At the gas station, the girls have stopped to get some supplies. Kelly and Fiona were with Nikki and Ava getting some snacks.
“Hey….um, Nikki?” Fiona said.
“I just noticed something with you a while ago.” Fiona said, “…..You never curse much, do you?”
“Not really.” Nikki said.  “At least not around Ava. My mom always said to me to never use that language around her.”

“Ah, so your mom influenced that on you?” Fiona asked.
“You can say that.” Nikki said, “When Mom wasn’t around anymore, I had to act sister and mother to Ava since then.”
“Oh……” Fiona said, “Well, damn…..that has to be tough on you. How long has it been since your mom was–”
“2 Years.” Nikki quickly said before Fiona could finish.
Fiona didn’t know what to say next after that by the look on Nikki’s face filled with heartache and regret.
“Maybe I should switch to a different subject.” Fiona said.

“HEY!” Ava said, “Do you like these type of beef jerky?”
“Jerky?” Nikki said.
“Yeah.” Kelly said, “This is good traveling food in case you’re in need for some meat but too lazy to cook or buy any fast food stuff.”

“Yeah, put in in there.” Nikki said.
“Oh yeah, get the spicy one for Mia.” Kelly said, “It’s her favorite.”
“SO…..what is Mia doing back there?” Ava said.
“I think she and Alita are planning a way to look into shortcuts without any major gangs looking for us.” Kelly said. “They usually do that when we’re not around.”
“That or other shit.” Fiona said under her breath.


Back outside in the back alley of the gas station, Mia and Alita were actually…..making out, feeling each other with in the dark.
“I think this would be better if we was in a room…..with a bed….and not a brick wall.” Alita said. “I do love the way you got your hand under my shirt tho.”
“And all the better to play with you with.” Mia said, as she unclasped her bra and continuing kissing her. “Especially later on.”

While Mia was busy kissing all over Alita, she hears a strange noise behind one of the buildings.
“Oh, Mia….don’t stop.” Alita distractingly said.
“Actually, I have to.” She said.
“I think I hear something.” Mia said. “Like…..someone’s watching us.”
Alita immediately fix herself up. “Well, if they think they’re getting a free show, then they’re damn wrong!” As she gets her pistol from her pocket.
“You had that on you the whole time?” Mia said, “Remind me to strip search you before we do this!”

They went to see what was going on and someone was about to approach their car.
“HEY!!” Alita said.
And it was Roc Ace looking it and as he’s spotted, he fired a shot at the girls.
“DAMN!” Mia said. She fired back at him. “Watch out!”
“FUCK!” Roc Ace shouted.

“What the hell’s going on?” Fiona shouted.
“There’s some motherfucker trying to shoot us!” Alita screamed.

Roc Ace then spotted Nikki and Ava inside and he went to target them but Fiona threw a firecracker at him, popping at his face.

“OW!” He screamed. “You fucking….” He then punched her and tossed her out of the way but she then shot some fireballs at him.
Then Kelly knocked him with an empty tin can but he went for the shot at her yet Alita made him miss the shot.
“WHAT WAS THAT!?” Ava shouted.
“DUCK!!!” Nikki screamed.

“You better hope I don’t miss next time!!” Roc Ace shouted. He tries to shoot at Alita but she ducked his shot yet hit her in the shoulder.
“AAH!” Alita shouted.
“Told you I don’t miss!” Roc Ace screamed.
“Well, guess what?” Kelly said, “We don’t either!” As Roc Ace noticed the smell coming from his shoes and sees his shoes drenched in gasoline.
“NOW, FIONA!” Kelly shouted.
Fiona threw a sparkler at him and his feet went flaming in a millisecond.
“AAAHH!!! WHAT THE HELL!?” He screamed, “Get this shit off me!” He kept screaming and rolling on the ground until the fire is gone and his feet are singed and blackened.

“OW!! What the hell you did to me!?” Roc Ace shouted, “I can’t feel my legs!!”
“GOOD!” Mia said. She kicks him in the knee.
“You can feel that though!” Alita said. Then she stomps on him.
“And that’s for shooting me in the shoulder! DICK!”

“NIKKI! AVA! You OK!?” Fiona shouted.
“We’re alive!” Nikki said.
“I got cookies and I’m not hurt.” Ava said.
“YAY!” Kelly said, “Is anybody else hurt?”
“……I’m FINE!” The cashier said, hiding behind the register in fear.

“Hey, should we pay you for these—

“Just take it!” he said.
“THANK YOU!” Ava said.
“You’re welcome, sweet girl.” He said.

“OK, so how do we get rid of this motherfucker?” Fiona asked.
“I say we torture him by smashing his dick and dropping him off by the creek!”
The rest of the girls looks freaked out and terrified.
“Too much?” she said.
“YOU THINK!?” Mia, Alita and Kelly shouted. “No shit, that’s too much!”

“How about put him in a dumpster and let the truck figure it out?” Kelly suggested.
“Can we just leave him and go!?” Nikki said.
“We could.” Mia said, “But I know we’ll give away our location. Hell, he may not be alone here.”
And they were right. Beene’s guys were watching in case they need assistance.

“OK….I’m going home.” Tiggy said.
“Yeah, fuck this.” Tito said.
“This isn’t worth losing my life over.” Rafe said.
“My bitch called me anyway.” Randy said, “I’m getting some pussy tonight!”


“Yo, Grizz.” Lockjaw said after getting back from Club Saadiq, “I just got word from Beene…..Roc Ace failed and his boys just quit.”
“Quit?” Grizz said. “They’re just a couple of fucking girls!! How are they fucking up?”
“It’s not those girls.” Lockjaw said, “Apparently they got people protecting them.”
“Who?” Grizz shouted.

“Who in the fuck are the Dynamite Gals?” Bishop shouted to Beene in the bar.
“Apparently they are 3…, 4 Robin Hood girls that’s been around Hillis.” Beene said. “I don’t know shit about them aside them blasting my boys every time they see each other.”


“Come on, motherfucker!!! I’ve been waiting for you, bitch!” A drunk Mia shouting at Rafe after he tried to peek at a girl’s skirt.
“Man, you better get your ass away from me!” Rafe said. “I can’t get any ass from these girls thanks to you.”
“And they’ll be pleased they didn’t waste time with some fuck boy.” Mia shouted.
“YOU DAMN GIRL!” Rafe shouted as he was about to slap her. But Kelly got herself a belt and whipped his hand and then his face.
“Mia, you drunk again?” Fiona shouted. “You know you’re off your game when you’re sauced.”
“But I needed to kick this guy’s ass.” Mia drunkenly shouted. “It was fun.”
Alita then had to carry her to the car. “Come on, I’ll help you to the car.”
“Thank you, Alita!” Mia said as she hold tight of her.

“Well, hot damn.” Bishop said. “Anybody see where those girls are headed?”
“I don’t know.” Beene said, “But as far as I’m concerned, I’m done with this shit. The money isn’t even the issue anymore.”
“So you give up?” Bishop asked.
“YES!” Beene said, “But……I know a couple of more people who can take them out and grab those girls.”
“In that case…” As Bishop pours another glass of rum, “Tell me more.”


Back on the road, Nikki, Ava and The Dynamite Girls are still traveling their way to the Cubanos Metro Train Station and they are entering the 2nd city…. Gray Acres.
“City number 2 is there. ‘Ol Gray Acres….and boy, this is depressing to look at. Got 4 more to get through.” Nikki said, “Let’s hope to avoid more run-ins with….well, whoever’s trying to kill us.”

“It looks like a real ghost town here.” Mia said. “PERFECT! We can just easily go through here and it’ll be a breeze!”

“I hope so.” Alita said, “This is giving me some chills and I definitely don’t want to be here for long.”
“Then just drive faster.” Mia said. “We filled up. Kick it to high gear.”
“Won’t that waste gas?” she asked.
“NO!” Mia said, “That’s with AC. I mean, put it in 2nd gear and–”
Alita did that and she speed up so fast, and gave Mia some whiplash.
“OW. OK. That was fast as hell.” Mia said.
“You should’ve buckled up then.” Alita said.
So they easily went through Gray Acres without any interruption from anyone. However, it doesn’t mean they weren’t tracked.


There goes a man dressed in all black clothing, from trench coat to long hat and all.
He goes to his cell phone and contact someone there.
“Is this Mr. Grizz?” A gruff voice said.
“Are you the one called Crow?”
“Affirmative.” Crow said, “I spotted your fugitives along with the Dynamite Gals.”
“Excellent.” Grizz said. “Now, remember, do not….I repeat DO NOT kill the runaways or destroy the money!”
“Got it.” Crow said and hung up the phone.


They are approaching the border into the next city.
“Wow that seems like a short time here.” Ava said.
“Thank god.” Nikki said, “At least I had a good nap between that times.” And apparently so did Kelly and Fiona as they were sleeping.

“How many more to go?” Mia said.
“According to the GPS,” Alita said, “We got 2 ½ hours to go…..and we are getting tired and in need of sleep and so do I.”
“But where can we stop at?” Mia said.
“A hotel or something.” Alita said, “That’s usually the idea.”
“They cost money.” Mia said, “Plus, we’re going to need more protection than just us for these girls…..and I think I know who to call.”
“Wait……you mean?” Alita said.
“Yep. I got to call her.” Mia said. “And as much as I don’t want to…..I have to.”
“The girls are going to be pissed, aren’t they?” Alita said.
“Yep.” She said as she is making the calls.


We cut into a burlesque-styled hostel filled with a lot of rowdy people running around half-naked and flirting and loud music.
“HEY! HEY! HEY!” The owner said. “If you’re going to do that, please do so in your own room!!! The tattoos on your ass looks fine but that’s for you and your lover!!”
“COME BACK HERE, BOY!” One girl chasing a guy with a whip. “Awww, you don’t want to play Naughty Dungeon Boy and his Kinky Mistress?”
“Girl, your ass is crazy as hell!” The guy said, “Sexy, but hot damn!”

“Easta…..” The owner said, “Are you fucking the guests again?”
“What?” Easta said, “We met in the bar and we both consented doing it. He seemed like the freaky type.”
“Except your type of freaky scares his type.” Another girl showed up, cleaning up from everyone. “And why are there so many used condom wrappers and…..used condoms?” As she used a stick to pick them up.

“At least I’m not doing that.” Easta said, “Damn, Raye, you really get all the sucky jobs here.”
“Don’t remind me!” Raye said.
The phone rings.

“Oh, great. Who could be calling at this time of night?” The owner answers the phone and it’s Mia.
“Elektra….how long has it been?” Mia first spoke.
“Molotov Mia.” Elektra said, “How long has it been since you trashed my place?”
“What?” Mia said, “I can’t say hello to a dear friend?”

“Last time I checked,” Elektra said, “Dear friends don’t burn their cars down.”
“Oh, come on, that was an accident.” Mia said, “You did a lot of liquor in your car.”
“And the last time, too!” Elektra said. “So you and your Motley Crue of girls are at it again? You and Alita still fuck behind closed doors?”
“What the?!” Mia seemed surprised, “HOW THE HELL YOU KNOW ABOUT US!?” She said silently to not wake up the others.
Raye interjected with, “Well, that one time where I heard you two doing it in one of our rooms….that one I was cleaning in.”
“We did said you can join.” Mia said. “Look, anyway…..we need your help again.”
“Oh fuck, what happened now?” Easta said.
“We’re helping two girls escape from this boss, who got people targeting them and money they stole. We’ve been protecting them since then and we’re trying to get them to the Cubanos Metro Train Station so they can move on further.”

“So you’re bringing in trouble?” Elektra said.
“The girls are not trouble.” Mia said, “In fact, they’re actually angels compared to us.”
“Sharks are angels compared to you.” Elektra snarked. “……But I see what I can do for you. I hate to see two poor girls lost and alone in the streets….”
“We’ll be there shortly.” Mia said.

“You better hope Kelly and Fiona won’t object with this.” Alita said. “You know those two got a lot of beef with those girls.”
“We’re not staying there for long.” Mia said, “Just for rest and then we go on the road again…..and who knows, maybe while we’re there, you and me can do a little….” Then Mia whispers some sexy things to Alita.
“I can make it there in 20 minutes.” Alita said.
“ATTAGIRL!” Mia shouted, kissing her.

But before they can get moving, someone laid down a spike in the middle of the road, popping a tire and causing them to stop.
“SHIT!!” Alita said.
“WHAT THE—what’s going on?!” Fiona said.
“AAAHH!!” Ava shouted, holding on to Nikki.
Mia and Alita went outside to check what was going on and they spotted their tire having a blowout.

“OH NO!” Alita said, “OH NOOO!!!”
“What? What?” Nikki said.
“Bad news, girls. We got a blow out.” Alita explained to them.
“Oh, God…” Nikki moaned. “Wait, do you have a spare tire or something in there?”
“Sadly, we do not.” Mia said, “We did have on but that got stolen a while back.”

“DAMMIT!” Fiona said, “So now what? We have no tire, we’re stranded in the middle of who-fucking-knows-where and we’re on the run and now this!!!”
“So we walk?” Kelly questioned.
“Walk?” Mia said, “Here? In the dark sky?”

“Go ahead.” And then an unknown voice popped up. “You won’t get far…..”
“WHO SAID THAT!?” Fiona shouted. “SHOW YOURSELF!!”
A dark figure was flying and hovering around them. “Well…..I’m here.” And it was the one named Crow.
“So, I heard you two girls are running from someone.” He said, “And you got a little something of theirs.”
As he’s pointing to the bag of money they got.
“Well?” he said.
“You want the money? FINE!” Nikki said, “But we are never going back there!!! We had enough of that life!”
“Look, Grizz said that you two better return to him.” Crow threatened. “Now, he said he wants you two alive and I intend to do that…..but he never said how alive to make you. I can just rough both you up and I’m not above beating up teenage girls!” As he grabbed both her and Ava’s arms.
However, Nikki responded with a swift kick to the balls.
“OW!!!” Crow shouted.
“RUN, AVA!” Nikki screamed.

However, Crow grabbed Nikki’s hair and pulled her back.
“NIKKI!” Ava shouted.
“Just run!” Nikki yelled as Crow hits her.
Ava began running away from them.
“Your sister isn’t getting away from me that easy!” Crow shouted.
“HERE I COME, LITTLE GIRL!!!”He flies up in the air to make a big strike and as he got his claws to grab her from there……Fiona shot a firecracker at his eye.
“AAHH!! You son-of-a–” Then Mia got a bottle of rum with a soak towel in there and she threw it at him.

Crow dodged the bottle and flew over there and gave Mia a scar on her face.
“You better try harder than that!!” He bellowed. “Now I don’t have to be easy on you three!! I can kill you other bitches right here, right now!!”

“I like to SEE YOU TRY!” Mia screamed.
“You’re on, WHORE!” Crow screamed. He was about to fully attack Mia with all his might and strength.
“EAT THIS!”  Alita got her a tire iron and she threw it at his head, knocking him down and rendering him unconscious.
“NIKKI!” Ava shouted. “Nikki, are you alright?”
Nikki groaned from getting hit by him. “I’ll live. Just a scratch.”

“Is he dead?” Kelly asked.
“No. Just unconscious.” Alita said, “It won’t be long before he’ll wake up and chase us again.”
However, Mia got her gun and point blank shot him in the head.
“He won’t.” And then shots him again in the chest.

“Uh, you shot him in the head.” Fiona said, “Pretty sure he isn’t coming back from that.”
“He had it coming, dammit.” Mia said. “Ow.”
Alita went to check on it. “Good news is it doesn’t look so deep so there’s no big bleeding. Just a scratch and I think you’ll be fine.” And ended with a kiss on the cheek.
“Thanks.” Mia said, “So with that problem gone, we still got the car trouble on us.”

“Did you at least told Elektra about what we’re at?” Alita asked her.
“Elektra?” Fiona said. “The hell she got to do with this?”
Then Alita realized that Mia didn’t tell the others about this yet.

“Mia… didn’t.” Fiona said, “You told Elektra about this shit!?”
“Well……yeah.” She said, “I called her and told her about our situation while you was asleep.”

“OH DAMMIT!” Fiona said. “YOU KNOW we aren’t exactly on good terms with them!! Especially after you accidentally set her car on fire and fucked in one of their bedrooms!”

“Look, what’s in the past is PAST!” Mia said, “We need a place to crash for a while and for them to hide and relax a bit! You know, hiding them?”
“Um, just where are we headed?” Nikki asked, “Or were?”
“This place called Paradise.” Mia said, “And no, that’s what the place is called. It’s this youth hostel that’s run by some good friends of ours….scratch that, acquaintances…..and they’ll allowed us to stay there for a bit.”

“Youth hostel?” Nikki said, “Meaning…..”
“There might be a bunch of half-naked boys and girls running around.” Fiona said. “And lots of noises throughout the night….and day, too.”

“And we have no other options?” Nikki said. “Just there or we keep wondering if we’ll be captured?”
“Those are the options, amigo.” Alita said.
“Ava, you think–”
“YEAH.” Ava said, “I’m cold, sleepy and tried. Let’s go with that.”
“Smart kid.” Kelly said. “Is that all settled?”

“Yeah….” Fiona said, “But there’s one question…….HOW ARE WE GOING TO GET THERE!?”


Soon, a Burgundy Jeep was arriving in the middle of the night and they were signaling the girls for something.
“What the hell?” Nikki thought.
“I know this car specifically.” Mia said, approaching the vehicle. “Elektra?”
The windows roll down and there she goes.

“I knew you were going to be late.” Elektra said. “Thankfully I spotted you before something else happen.”
“If only you showed up a few minutes early!!” Fiona shouted.

“Fiona, is that you?” Elektra coyly said.
“No, it’s the damn Easter Bunny.” Fiona said.
“Hey, Elektra.” Kelly sheepishly said.

“Long time no see.” Elektra said. “And you two must be the girls they rescued….Hello, darlings!”
“Hey.” Ava and Nikki awkwardly said.
“So what are your names?”
“I’m Nikki and this is my little sister Ava.”

“And I heard some bad people are coming after you.” Elektra said, “Don’t worry about a thing. Our place is secure to the max and if you can stand being around these girls–”
“HEY, SHUT UP!” Fiona shouted.
“—We’ll be gracious hosts.” Elektra said.

“In that case….” Nikki said as she and Ava quickly got into the car. “I’m ready!!”
Fiona sighs and said to herself. “It’s for the girls. It’s for the girls. As long as they’re safe, this will be fine.”
So all the girls go into the car and quickly head their way to Paradise.


After they left, a drone was hovering around the area and it shows the deceased Crow by the lake.
“Oh fuck!” An angry Grizz shouted.
“Another dead hunter?” Bishop asked.
“Unfortunately.” Grizz said, “These girls are more of a hassle than I thought….and the people they are with. This is from common street girls?!”
“Common street girls with previous warrants of arson and assault.” Lockjaw said. “Yeah, these girls are no joke, all right. They clearly learn their ways as old warriors of the street do.”

“So… what?” Grizz said. “Two people I send and one ends up beaten and unconscious and the other dead as disco.”
“Well….” Lockjaw said. “I know two personal friends of mine who can do the job and the damage. In fact…..they’re here now.”

They actually crash through their windows and took a stance as they leap into the room.

“So……you called for assassins?” One guy said.

“This is Lightfoot.” Lockjaw said.
“What up, bitches!” he said in a low tone.

Then a silhouette of a butterfly show up, followed by platinum throwing stars and the next person appears.
“And….I am Butterfly.” She said.

“Those are your names?” Bishop said.
“Code names.” Butterfly said, “We never reveal our real names to anyone we work with.”
Lightfoot added on, “That way if they can’t double-cross us….not that you’re going to do that…are you?”
Then he throws a knife into the checkerboard to show they mean business.
“They’ll be no bullshit happening on my part.” Grizz said. “But I need to know…..can you get the job done?”
He shows them a briefcase and opens it up. It has over $400,000 in cash.
“You get that…. all of that….IF you bring back the runaways alive!! As for their protectors…..kill them as you wish.”

“Noted.” Butterfly said.
“We’ll get them back.” Lightfoot said.
The two exit out of the building by leaping out of there.

“Boy, they know how to make weird exits.” Bishop said.




Hear the PLAYLIST inspired by the Story picked by YOURS TRULY!

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