TIME OF THE SEASON Winter 2017 Edition: Miss KOBAYASHI’S Dragon MAID

Looks like fans might get their pseudo-Monster Musume-like show this season and this comes from none other than…….Kyoto Animation. Oh god.

Please, don’t fuck this up, KyoAni.  You’re already on my shit list.

This is Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.

irectorYasuhiro Takemoto

Series CompositionYuka Yamada

ScriptYuka Yamada (ep 1)

StoryboardYasuhiro Takemoto (ep 1)

Episode DirectorHaruka Fujita (ep 1)

MusicMasumi Itou (Lantis)

Original creatorCoolkyoushinja

Character DesignMiku Kadowaki

Art DirectorMikiko Watanabe

Chief Animation DirectorNobuaki Maruki

Animation Director:
Miku Kadowaki (ep 1)
Nobuaki Maruki (ep 1)

Sound DirectorYota Tsuruoka

Director of PhotographyAkihiro Ura


Animation ProductionKyoto Animation

Internet StreamingCrunchyroll / Funimation

Plot Summary: Miss Kobayashi is your average office worker who lives a boring life, alone in her small apartment–until she saves the life of a female dragon in distress. The dragon, named Tohru, has the ability to magically transform into an adorable human girl (albeit with horns and a long tail), who will do anything to pay off her debt of gratitude, whether Miss Kobayashi likes it or not.

First Thoughts: Well…….I never thought I would say this since my history with this studio but…..damn, this is pretty good. This is actually funny in its first episode and quite cute and charming, too. The way it starts is hilarious as you wake up, about to start your day of work and a motherfucking dragon shows up to your doorstop and the first thing she thinks is “OH SHIT, I’M ABOUT TO DIE!!” and then the dragon turns into a maid girl that adores her and really wants to love her up…..and yes, I meant she wants to fuck her. I do admit Kobayashi finding this shit strange is legit and she doesn’t want to be bother with her even though she’s there in the first place because she got sauced and asked her to come (also, she’s really fucked up when she’s drunk) but Tohru is very handy, especially when two robbers tried to rob Kobayashi’s apartment.

If this continues to be this funny and likable, it might be the first time since doing this that I give good merits to a KyoAni show. It didn’t try to be something it knows it’s not and while a little fan service is there, it’s not trying to be distracting or superfluous. It’s silly, inviting and gives you a good laugh at the end of your work day.

So, yeah, CONTINUE WEEKLY…. And man, I hope this show doesn’t drop the ball in the end.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and yes, D is for Dragon…..you’ll figure it out.

2 thoughts on “TIME OF THE SEASON Winter 2017 Edition: Miss KOBAYASHI’S Dragon MAID

  1. I might check this one out if I can’t continue one of my other shows at this point (which is quite likely given there’s at least three shows I’m continuing just to see if they get worse). I was intrigued by the premise (I love dragons) but I’m not really into cute so decided to put this one on the wait list.

  2. We just saw this tonight. I think I like it so far too, but my expectations were pretty low for this one. I can’t say I really understand Tohru’s fascination with Miss Kobayashi yet, but those flashbacks seem to indicate she helped the dragon out somehow while drunk. Guess we’ll find out later, but it’s pretty fun for now.

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