TIME OF THE SEASON Winter 2017 Edition: FUUKA!

Oh…..this is a music-related drama. That involves romance and all that shit. Also, what type of name is Fuuka? Then again, the name Fuu exists and the rest is history.

This is Fuuka.

irectorKeizou Kusakawa

Series CompositionAoi Akashiro

Takurō Iga

Original creatorKouji Seo

Character DesignYoshino Honda

Art DirectorYoshika Matsushita

Sound DirectorJin Aketagawa

Director of PhotographyYasuyuki Itou


Animation Productiondiomedea


Internet Streaming:
FUNimation Entertainment (SimulDub)


Plot Summary: Yuu Haruna is the new boy in town and finds himself drawn to Fuuka. He discovers that they both have love for the same band and Yuu, who isn’t too bad on bass, compliments Fuuka’s raw singing voice. They decide to form a band together. Yuu wants to confess his growing feelings for Fuuka but his childhood friend and idol Koyuki still harbors feelings for Yuu.

First Thoughts: OK…..the first few minutes of this……I was annoyed. Very annoyed. The reason why is because they did the tropes in anime I despise the most. The girl foolishly running into a guy, crashes, gets embarrassed because people see her panties, think he took a pic of it, calls him a pervert and hits him. It’s the basic romantic anime formula and oh boy, it felt formulaic…….for the first half of it. The 2nd half was starting to get better as the episode went and I felt less irked at the end of it. However, there is also the fact that idol singer Koyuka Hinashi, who has a new hit song out, still has feelings for Yuu…….oh boy, I smell a love triangle about to happen and it isn’t going to end well.

Oh, and did I mention 2 episodes aired today? And the 2nd episode was so much better than the first. I can really sense the drama that is bound to happen later on.

I do need to mention Yuu’s sisters in here and they….well, acted like what sisters usually act like around their younger sibling. OK, except I don’t know anybody’s sister that lounges around in their underwear in the house. Yeah, that does happen here…and I totally get why Yuu is bothered by that. Anybody else that’s not their sister……..well…….OK, let’s skip on to whether I’d watch this weekly or not.


Oh and I do. CONTINUE WEEKLY on a MEDIUM-HIGH PRIORITY. This was a rocky yet decent start of this show. I hope it sticks the landing later on.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and no, really, that trope is too damn annoying.


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