TIME OF THE SEASON Winter 2017 Edition: INTRO / AKIBA’s Trip the ANIMATION


OK, time to get back to the grind! TIME OF THE SEASON is back for 2017 as I got new anime to cover and this……..honestly, this season looks mighty weak.

Then again, I always say that whenever a strong season ended and Fall 2016 was definitely good for anime. Especially involving ice-skaters and wrestling with your T&A.

And now we come to the humdrum of the Winter season of the new year…..hopefully I won’t find garbage like Grimgar or Phantom World last year but I’ve been wrong before.


So, our first anime up is…….wait, THIS HAS THE ENGLISH DUB OUT ALREADY!?
And this is based from a video game? That has something to do with stripping……Go on…….

This is Akiba’s Trip: The Animation.

irectorHiroshi Ikehata

Series CompositionKazuho Hyodo


Character DesignHajime Mitsuda

Art DirectorKenichi Tajiri

Chief Animation Director:
Hajime Mitsuda
Satoru Kiyomaru
Takahiro Sasaki

Sound DirectorSatoshi Motoyama

Director of PhotographyKoujirou Hayashi


Animation ProductionGonzo


Internet StreamingCrunchyroll (sub)/ FUNimation (English Dub)

Plot Summary: Tamotsu is just your average otaku oddball, obsessed with collecting figures (especially from his favorite Anatomy Rangers) and prone to getting rid of people by quoting the fantasy novel he wrote in middle school. On what seems to be a normal day, he and his younger sister Niwaka are rambling around Akihabara together when suddenly a pink-haired girl falls from the sky. She quickly strips the clothes off a cosplayer, who collapses in a cloud of purple smoke. As it turns out, this is all related to online rumors of “bugged ones,” people infected by mysterious bugs who can only be stopped by ripping their clothes off. Tamotsu finds himself caught up in the pink-haired girl’s quest to defeat bugged ones when he tries to defend her and dies. Now resurrected via her strange powers, Tamotsu has a new purpose in his life: to strip the infected.

First Thoughts: Yeah…..this is definitely something that otaku (and only otaku) will instantly like and others will just look at this like “The fuck is this shit?” and wonder why somebody is stripping people (ok, mostly girls) out of their clothes and figuring out they’re infected by some bug that controls them and….yep, definitely made for otaku. And no, I’m not stating that as a bad thing. Some otaku-oriented shows are entertaining as all hell like Durarara!! and yes, this also got the fan service and many have said it before…it can be done right if it fits and I can’t say it doesn’t fit. Hell, it uses fanservice in a way that doesn’t feel shoved in or worked in as a crutch. It sounds stupid as all hell but then again, so did Kill La Kill and you know how much I love that show. However, those shows I mentioned also work because of their characters and here……well, we got basic-ass otaku nerd (Tamotsu), typical action girl (Mayonaka….your name is Mayo), sister character and girl that otaku will deem waifu (Arisa).

Also…..the first time in a while I’ve seen the Gonzo logo appeared in an anime. Oh, and also Gonzo is animating this and meh……It’s one of their OK-looking shows also the character designs look like leftovers from Kiznaiver.

Oh, and also, I mention this……I watched the dub of this. Yes, the simul-dub premieres 30 minutes after the JPN broadcast and to be honest…..I’m glad I did that. If I watched it in Japanese, I would’ve become too tired to care about this but with the dub, I don’t have to focus on subtitles as much and the plot really don’t require much to pay attention to. Dub in the first episode is alright with decent performances from the main cast, particularity Alejandro Saab as Tamotsu.


So…this is definitely a LOW PRIORITY WATCH. I don’t hate this (yet) but this is completely middle of the road for me as in, I can just play this after I get off work but I’m only watching the dub.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and……well, this is no Space Dandy dub but fuck it.

2 thoughts on “TIME OF THE SEASON Winter 2017 Edition: INTRO / AKIBA’s Trip the ANIMATION

  1. Doesn’t look like I missed much by passing on this one.

    Gonzo’s stuff is alright. They did Hellsing and Trinity Blood, and one of the most visually unique titles in Gankutsuou. I havn’t seen any of their “brighter” stuff though.

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