Blue Hybrid’s BEST AND WORST MOVIES OF 2016!!

Yeah, I’m going to admit this now……I have been slacking on movies a bit in 2016 and I’m not proud of it. Then again, most of it was due to other personal things in my life taking over and the fact some movies did not interest me that much. Especially in the summer……oh boy, the summer of 2016 was not good for blockbuster flicks and some of the acclaimed Oscar potential films I do want to see like MoonlightFences, Silence, etc. don’t play in my town until it hits 2017 and also….as expected, my attention has been more on anime and music this year.

So, once again, we are going to be doing things differently than last year as this time, I’m doing both the Best and Worst list all-in-one. Yep, 10 films each of what movie turned out to be a movie I have enjoy with all my heart or one I hated that should be buried and forgotten like rotten oranges on the freeway.

Those poor oranges……

Image result

Yup, some of you probably guess this would be on here and I know a lot of people loved this one but… No. This film has got to be least investing horror movie of this year from its fake intensity and “atmosphere” that does nothing but made me wish I was doing something else. I get that atmosphere can help a movie like this but it didn’t do jack shit. I never cared about anyone in this movie (in fact, and that obnoxious score made it worse. Y’all like it….cool but keep that shit away from me.

Image result for number 9

Warner Bros. / DC Comics

And to think, I almost had hope for this movie to at least be an entertaining movie and…..well, it tried but it soured as the months since its release passed. All around generic from the villain, the plot and some of the motives from our leads and it’s basically the DeadShot movie featuring Harley Quinn, El Diablo and some other fools alongside them. The Joker here is about as threatening as Riff Raff in his Neon Icon album cover and whoever is editing this movie needs rehab. Another bad DC movie this year…..Man, I hope Wonder Woman doesn’t turn out to be crap.

And while Will Smith ended this year with that unbelievably awful disaster known as Collateral Beauty (Which I didn’t see and no one else has), at least he avoided this next pic…..

Image result for number 8

Image result for independence day resurgence

Roland Emmerich, you bash Marvel movies for being ‘silly’ and yet your catalog isn’t exactly fresh. In other words, your movie is garbage. Did anyone said they wanted a sequel to a movie 20 years ago that people probably forgotten from a guy who only seems to make disaster porn movies and tries to be Oscar bait but even sucks at that?  Your characters are as stiff as their acting and you’re just retreading the same thing again but this time, you’re past your prime. Face it, Emmerich, your movies are silly as shit but the difference is that Marvel movies are silly but can be entertaining, even their worst ones while yours are silly, boring and doesn’t make a lick of sense.

Image result for number 7

Image result for yoga hosers
Invincible Pictures

Oh god…..this was a mistake. Now I did see Tusk last year and as expected, it was shit and this happens to be on Netflix and…No. Hell no, this shit was annoying. I felt bad for Canadians here. The jokes are awful, our leads The Colleens are annoying as hell even if Lily-Rose Depp and Harley Quinn Smith have good chemistry, the effects look like something from 1995 on a MS Paint board and ……urg…to say Kevin Smith is fucking up is passe. He’s been fucking up and he can’t take criticism that he’s fucking up. GET OVER IT!

Image result for number 6

Image result for london has fallen
Gramercy Pictures

“Prepare for Bloody Hell”. Yeah, that what’s this movie felt like watching. Again, this was a mistake. The bad special effects, the droning action sequences, the ridiculous xenophobia and the whole terror factor did make the shit uncomfortable to watch considering this was released months after the Paris attacks in November 2015. Oh, and another sequel has been announced…Angel Has Fallen. Oh god……

Image result for number 5

Image result
Paramount Pictures

I remember liking the first movie back in 2002 or 2003 when I saw it on Showtime but right now, I questioning myself on why did I liked it in the first place and why this needed a sequel….considering that ending from the original got pissed on here with Ben Stiller as Zoolander is more of a dumbass than before and the comedy is so awful, especially when him and Owen Wilson as Hansel encountered with Benedict Cumberbatch’s character in here….thank God Doctor Strange came this year and all of these cameos…the first movie this is not and no jokes, this movie sucks.

Image result for number 4



This is the movie where the world said, “You know what? Maybe Sacha Baron Cohen shouldn’t make another one of these type of movies.” And I agree with them. You see one film of his and you pretty much seen them all at this point, only this time, he’s dragged people like Mark Strong and Penelope Cruz (and she’s on this list TWICE!!!) into this and this is just another tired comedy that no one wanted and since this movie flopped HARD….maybe he’ll get the message.

Image result for number 3

Image result for 50 shades of black
Open Road Films

And speaking of comedy movies that are tired….Hello, Marlon Wayans. Now as somebody that does like your earlier shit (The Wayans Bros., Don’t Be a Menace while Drinking your Juice in the Hood, Scary Movie 1 and 2) but now…..this shit is just old and I thought A Haunted House 1 and 2 was bad. Bad joke timing, dumb-ass mugging on the screen that it gets less funny although it wasn’t all that funny in the first place, dated-ass jokes (a Wesley Snipes tax joke….really?) and….fuck it, it’s a current-day parody movie. They haven’t been good since…..the early 2000s.

Image result for number 2


Warner Bros. / DC Comics

OK, this is the big-event movie that was a huge letdown for the whole year. The reason for this whole Versus thing is entirely stupid, the Lois Lane/Clark Kent romance bullshit shouldn’t have been in here in the first place, Lex Luthor is less intimidating and more of a bitch made version of Mark Zuckerberg (Yeah, I know) and it’s basically one big rush and set-up to the Justice League movie. The acting overall wasn’t that impressive, the worst being Henry Cavill and Jesse Eisenberg and did Wonder Woman needed to be here? Really? And most folks wonder why the DCEU is in terrible shape and it’s shit like this.

And as much as I thought this one was bad……..well…….here’s my #1……..

STX Entertainment

This is such a lame action movie… fucking terrible. It’s basically one gimmick throughout the whole movie and that shit gets tiring after 15 minutes and how awkward its shot, how badly filmed the action is and not to mention how mediocre it is, too. If I wanted to watch someone play a video game, I go to YouTube and watch Let’s Plays…the difference is those guys actually add personality, humor and style to their shit and I don’t have to pay $7-10 to watch it!! Like I said, I wasn’t going in this looking for character development and all that shit. I went in to see what action it got in store and it stunk, well, except if you’re 14 years old. Hell, Taken 2 and 3 were better movies than this. I had an headache and eye strain watching this and so much for that hype as no one gave a fuck about this movie afterwards. GOOD!

There were a lot of big-budgeted movies that sucked this year but there is nothing worse…….NOTHING WORSE than a movie that thinks it’s being innovative with a low budget but it’s being the same shit only it looks too cheap and lazy to do something interesting. Hardcore Henry…..the worst movie of 2016!!


And now….for a calm mood… best of list!!


Image result for the nice guys
Warner Bros.

An underrated gem that probably should’ve done better in the Box Office but alas (maybe it should’ve been released in the Fall)…..that doesn’t stop it from being a witty 1970s mystery with some great comedic performances from Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe along with some captivating dialogue and a bit of good action here and there.




So many things I can praised and be shocked on how good this movie is from the performance of Anton Yelchin and Patrick Stewart to the chilling and haunting atmosphere that does tense me up on what will happen the next minute and yes, if you follow me, the shocking thing here is Eric Edelstein aka the voice of Grizz of We Bare Bears as a skinhead bouncer……yes, this is still shocking to me. You try imagining Grizz as a skinhead. Point is….this is one hell of a thriller.


Marvel Studios/Disney

Well, many of you expected I put a Marvel movie in here somewhere. I didn’t last year but damn, this was quite the experience Dr. Strange has delivered from an excellent performance from Benedict Cumberbatch, introducing a new character to the ever-expanding MCU to the mind-blowing visuals that will have you tripping balls without even being high. In fact, getting high might make it scary for you and seeing it in 3D (either IMAX or regular, depending on your budget) is worth the price.


Next Entertainment World

If you’re sick of zombie-related media, this might came your mind or will be the exception of the rule because this movie is amazing. A refreshing take on zombies with characters I can easily route for and especially one kick-ass character that stole the movie for me and it is quite touching in some places.


BH Tilt / Intrepid Pictures

Another surprise that sneaked up on me and the thing is it’s about a deaf mute woman trying to evade from her killer and most of this depends on no dialogue and the surroundings of her environment in order to escape safely and guess what? This EXACTLY WORKS! All the atmosphere in the right way along with the tension of seeing whether this woman might survive at the end and the cat-and-mouse motif of this really excels at this. This is on Netflix and only 81 minutes so it’s worth your time watching.



Yep, Disney has still got the animation game on lockdown and they keep on churning out this great movies like this one. As I said before in my review, Moana is now one of my top favorite Disney “Princesses” and the adventurous side of this movie got me hooked on this along with the ever-so-charming and witty Dwayne Johnson as Maui.

And that is just part 1 of Disney related stuff on the list. Next up is….



Once again, Disney got another classic in the making with this one and this one really hits it home especially how the issues dealt in here is so close to what’s been going on in our society this year. Not to mention, it’s been a long time since we had an animated movie from Disney with anthropomorphic animals as the lead, like the days of flicks like Robin Hood or The Great Mouse Detective. It’s great for kids to watch to be entertained and for adults, too, that got something to hook us into as well.



Possibly the one of the few movies this summer that didn’t disappointed and unlike that other movie I trashed, this one actually has great backstory and legit reasons on why Captain America and Tony Stark are in this feud and… see different and reasonable ideologies and might be conflicted if you’ll stay on that side and might switch to the opposing side and while that piece of drama shows a darker side that doesn’t talk down or insult you, it still remembers to bring in the entertaining action and they did…..hell, I’d say it’s better than the first Avengers movie on that level. I say it before and I’ll say it again, these really have me intrigued on what’s coming up next for the MCU.





Definitely one of the biggest surprises of the year and one of the funniest movies of this year about a superhero that’s not about that life. Ryan Reynolds put his heart, soul, blood and balls into being Deadpool and this time, the man has delivered what people wanted this whole time from the smarmy smart-ass attitude of his and hilarious one-liners. I’m glad to not only see this movie being as good as it is but successful in that.


And now…….




Fuck it. You know what it’s going to be.

Focus Features/Laika

I may have said Disney got the animation game on lockdown but LAIKA got the stop-motion animation game in their corner and Kubo and the Two Strings is definitely proof of that this year. An amazing adventure from start to finish with stellar animation from the stop-motion to a bit of CG in there, an in-awe story that steps into Japanese folklore that doesn’t put me to sleep, incredible voice-acting from everyone, great pacing and wonderful characters. I said it before this movie was the best of the summer season and when I said it was the best THIS WHOLE YEAR….I wasn’t joking. It is discouraging that this movie was a dud at the box office but I do hope this company continues to make stellar animation for years to come.

Kubo and the Two Strings is my #1 movie of 2016.


Time for me to go now……I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid…….I’ll see you in 2017. Later, folks.


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