Anime Discovery – TIME OF THE SEASON Fall 2016 Edition Wrap-up

It’s the end of the year as we know it……and considering it’s 2016 that’s ending, that’s a good thing.

As for this season of anime…….this is quite the step-up from Summer. Hell, it’s a big step-up from last season and actually a bit better than Fall 2015, even when the only hyped show there was One Punch Man. However, this season, one show got everybody talking all over Anitwitter while the others are just there.

Hell, we thought Drifters would get some buzz but there wasn’t much feedback on that. OK, there was little but not to higher levels as the other one.

And hey, I can actually talk about Jojo this time since it’s coming to an end this season…….Twin Star on the other hand is next season for you. Oh, and I have watched a past season anime this time around. Another title that has been hyped when it was airing and now I got some thoughts about it.

Oh and I’m going at the season in a different way than usual.

But first…..

(animated by WHITE FOX / streaming and licensed [I think] by CRUNCHYROLL/FUNIMATION (??))

I admit I was hesitant to watch this one because fantasy MMO videogames have been letting me down title after title and after the mess that was Grimgar, I didn’t care to go into it….until the fall season and….holy shit, this was actually pretty good and this actually has the feel of playing a videogame along with the terror of making sure you don’t make the same mistakes before or relive them again and again and again and again. Also it helps that the characters are essentially compelling from beginning to end along with some twists in particular people. Subaru, while an idiot at some times, has more of a personality and identity than the usual main character in this type of anime and Rem is just such an adorable badass….plus, a better way to write and use your female characters in here. Isn’t that right, SAO and Grimgar?!? Point is, this show earned its hype. It’s definitely worth checking out. (8/10 – Solid B.)

And now for the Fall shows…..and this time, I’m going by what finished first.

(animated by AJIA-DO / streaming and licensed by CRUNCHYROLL/FUNIMATION)

Well, that went from being on my top list to just… the middle. Look, despite all the weirdness and fuckery that happened in the latter of this show, I still actually quite like this. I admit I did like the relationship between Fine and Izetta as it was blatant this is pure yuri (One of the fall shows that actually have yuri but doesn’t have it on the title) and the alternate WWII story was exhilarating to watch but when it comes to other character subplots and the other enemy Izetta battled, shit did went downhill and it was a shame. Others might react harsher than me but hey, it was still watchable. (7/10 – OKAY.)


This was a big mistake to watch. All of it spelled a generic, run-of-the-mill, edgy anime with bland characters, a plot that…mostly went nowhere or changed in the middle or beginning of the show and it all seems like a big blur of nothing worth giving a shit. So many people immediately dropped this at the first episode and they are the smarter ones. This is going to be long-forgotten. (3.5/10 – NOT FEELING THIS)

(animated by LERCHE / streaming on CRUNCHYROLL)

So it’s a magical girl show, eh? Will it have a first image of what’s to come then back to hunky-dory normal and one of the main girls learning how to be one and knowing that a lot of fucked-up things are and death happens and……OK, I knew from that first image on the first episode what’s to come. I’m not shocked at this anymore and it’s becoming stale. I know Madoka isn’t the first to do the dark magical girl turn but at least that one was people to notice and with Yuki Yuna, yeah, it’s lighter but still have some elements. This is just another uninspired magical girl show that will be long forgotten. Isn’t that right, Day Break Illusion? (5/10 – VANILLA)

(animated by SEVEN / streaming on CRUNCHYROLL, guessing MEDIA BLASTERS will take this since they got the first season)

So you think a series like this will probably be the same ‘ol tired-ass eechi jokes and the ‘incidental’ panty shot scenes and love triangles and some other stupid bullshit……well, some of that is in there but the actual humor in here is actually hilarious and the characters are likable and charming in these very lewd situations and man, this shit will get lewd in a millisecond but don’t worry, for those that can’t handle that, they made a censored version of this at well. All-in-all, the show was an unexpected surprise for me and hey, another 8-minute formatted show that I liked.(8/10 – Solid B)

Oh……don’t expect something about TRICKSTER in here……I dropped that 8 episodes in and man, this was some boring shit. I did not give a fuck about what happened there.

As for Nanbaka…..that’s actually continuing next season so………moving on……

(animated by BLADE; streaming on CRUNCHYROLL)

Well, that was absurdly crazy. No, really, the ways of trying to cheat is hysterically huge and for it does, it’s mildly entertaining and a bit stupid. No, 50% stupid…..Ok, fuck it, this show is so damn stupid! But it’s serviceable. (7/10 – OK)

(animated by MAPPA; streaming on CRUNCHYROLL; licensed by CR/FUNIMATION)

Behold the biggest anime of the season, the one that generated a lot of attention from anime fans, some non-anime fans, South Park (yes, even SP referenced that in their past season this year), ice-skating people noticed this. It fucking crashed Crunchyroll and Tumblr once the final episode aired and the people are loving it and anime fans are probably putting this at their #1 anime and I don’t blame them. As for me……yeah, this anime is good. Real good. Top 10 good and Yuri and Victor do make a great couple and the writing of them works well, actually putting some good character writing in there and the championship did felt thrilling to watch. I’m glad this show was a success and I’m glad Sayo Yamamoto made another great anime. Kudos to her and I wish her to do more work. (9/10 – FIRST CLASS)

(Animated by XEBEC; streaming on CRUNCHYROLL & licensed by FUNIMATION)

So……a lot of you were going to write this off as some stupid cheesy fan service show, huh? Well, guess what? Don’t. This is actually a good way to incorporate fan service here without it feeling forced. Yeah, this whole thing is ridiculous and goofy and it feels like an even crazier version of DBZ with the power of butts and boobs that I’m actually willing to watch but this actually has a sense of amusement and being able to enjoy the crazy moments in there along with its charming and delightful cast, including its lead. Unlike shows like Phantom World, High School DXD, or any light novel anime, it didn’t felt like an add-on slapped in there and to be completely honest, this is like how Kill La Kill used its fan service. Not as a crutch but something that goes and flows naturally….and I bet some of you are thinking I’m talking bullshit. Well, I’m not.

Yeah, Xebec did a better fan service anime than “masterful” studios like A-1 or KyoAni.
(9/10 – FIRST CLASS)

(animated by STUDIO 3HZ; licensed by SENTAI FILMWORKS)

Wow…….this was quite a show Flip Flappers was. An episodic (sorta in the beginning) and adventurous show about these two girls journeying to a lot of strange lands and it does anything in here well from the gorgeous art design and animation to engaging characters like Papika and Cocona and excel in some visual storytelling. The more I think about it, the more I appreciate this show. (7.5/10 – Low SOLID B.)

(animated by DAVID PRODUCTION; licensed by VIZ MEDIA)

And thus, another part of Jojo has come to an end and it was a fun ride once again and holy damn, shit got weird in there and I got to admit, some parts actually made my skin crawl…..mostly the face turning into a book thing. Yeah…….I got chills thinking and seeing that. I probably don’t have much to say on this but I know most Jojo fans are really pleased with the end result and as a non-fan and casual to this, it’s a pretty decent series and continuation to the ever-growing Jojo franchise. (8/10 – SOLID B.)

(animated by HOODZ ENTERTAINMENT; streaming on CRUNCHYROLL and licensed by FUNIMATION)

Most of us thought that this would be one of the hype shows of the season and well….if you can guess, this wasn’t that big (maybe a little) but it still had some heat and I can say that if you liked Hellsing, then you’ll might like this. It’s a great rousing action adventure series that gets your fill in every episode but you’re not a fan of its offbeat comedy and weirder moments, then you might not like it as much. Also….there’s a season 2 coming in…..20XX.
20XX? The fuck does that mean? (8/10 – SOLID B.)

(animated by A-1 Pictures; licensed by ANIPLEX OF AMERICA)

Well, I guess this won’t be like that other show with the semicolon in there. Look, this isn’t the worst show of the season but damn, it was something that is very unsatisfying to watch because we know they got good mystery moments but the character writing, dialogue….anything involving them mostly sucks and they spout out so much shit I thought Twista make a comeback (Remember Twista? Slow Jams? No? Yeah, I’m old.) and let’s face it….the only thing people will remember from this show is that girl with the tig’ ol bitties and mostly people wanking off to it. Believe me, I’ve noticed but it doesn’t make an interesting tale. This is another dud in A-1 Pictures’ resume….and this isn’t even their worst one this year!! (5/10 – VANILLA)

(animated by LIDENFILMS; streaming on CRUNCHYROLL)

OK, this was cute and mostly delightful with the art work and animation to match it. I really got no other words to describe this show but at first, I did think this was parallel to the other show involving food and a cute kid i.e. Sweetness and Lightning and yet….OK, there’s some parts similar to that only one’s about a single father with a kid and this one is a 30-year-old returning home to his old dad’s udon shop and finds a little kid with a fox tail. (7/10 – OKAY.)

Oh, and on an ending note, while Yuri!!! on Ice and Keijo!!!!!!!! Are my highest rated shows of the Fall that finished, they aren’t my top pick. They are #2 and #3 of the Fall season (and both shows are good!!!) but my #1 anime has to go to March Comes in Like A Lion or 3-gatsu no Lion.

Yeah…..a show made by SHAFT, a studio whose other works that aren’t Madoka doesn’t gel with me well, actually made something with their usual art style and I immediately clicked with it in the first episode and 11 episodes in, I’m really into this show from the main character Rei and his relationships to the people he plays shogi with to his neighbor Akari and her two young sisters and some of these moments here are poignant and endearing, touching on something that really hits it home for me.

The show isn’t over yet but as of 2016, this is my top show of the Fall 2016 Season. Bar none.

……AND THAT IS A WRAP FOR FALL 2016 ANIME AND 2016 for the anime year!!!!

Now, usually, I would put up the rankings of what’s going to be my top pick and my bottom of the barrel anime of the year but……..that is what the End-of Lists are for.

YEP! Starting after Christmas, I’m bringing out the BEST-OF, WORST-OF lists for anime….and movies, too, but that might be for later.

Let’s hope 2017 continues to bring good anime in the mix….although judging by the Winter 2017 list so far……..well….let’s hope some don’t suck.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and STAY TUNED!!! Them lists are coming!!!

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