WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 37: Episode 49 – CHRISTMAS Parties

  1. We-Barecap-Bears

IT’S DECEMBER!!!! And you know what that means!?! COMMENCE WITH THE CHRISTMAS SPECIALS!!! And We Bare Bears have one lined up for you and yours.

The Bears suddenly have been invited to Nom-Nom’s star-studded Christmas bash, but they have also been invited to each of their friends’ own Christmas Parties as well.

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OK, let’s get this out of the way.

Last time, he wanted to destroy Craboo and his ass went to the slammer. I guess he must’ve posted bail or something…but anyway, the bears decided to do all three parties following Nom Nom’s.

First, they went to Ranger Tabes’ party and……

Exactly. The party was not so good but the bears did liven it up before they went to Charlie’s party…..and his is worse. Like a really bootleg Christmas Party that you went out of pity.

Then they went over to Chloe’s and her family in there as well. They got all the food laid out and it looks like to be a small but pretty good time and not to mention, you’re hanging out with a dear friend….I don’t know, maybe you should….


And I agree.

Things so bad at Chloe when Grizz fucks up things there and….

YUP. They made one of their dear friends so upset all because they want to go to this other party.
So they eventually go there and here’s the kicker: THEY WASN’T REALLY INVITED!!
It was a mistake invite!!! All for nothing! You abandoned parties from friends you care and gives a damn about you for a party from someone you really hates your guts and only doing it for the swag and bullshit. Yes, if you can tell, I’m disappointed in the bears…..

But in the end, they do try and make it up to their friends in the end and they succeed.

FINAL VERDICT: Now as much as I said about this episode, this was excellent. I like that it shows the bears that maybe you should’ve stick to the parties thrown by your friends, especially those that have a lot of love for them instead of easily going to the flashy party….by someone you hate their fucking guts. I get the lesson in here and it was executed well.

And hopefully this holiday, many of you can show your dear friends and family how much you got love for them and vice versa.

And I leave you with….


This is MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, and I wish all of you a Happy and safe holiday out there.

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