HELLO ALL FOLKS!!! Hope y’all enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday (for those in the U.S on that) and now that it’s approaching Christmas and basically the end of 2016 (which many of us will be delighted to end ALREADY) because here at Mind of the Hybrid One, we are planning a lot of things to pop off at the end of the year, even some new things and changes to some regular annual blog posts.

First, let’s talk about one of the main aspects of the site…..

12510438_1702229023347870_2011239951439963265_n TOTSSpring2016 ToTSSummer2016 100116_2211_TIMEOFTHESE1.jpg

As usual, I will recap the anime seasons for the past year and select my top 10 Best and Worst anime of the year and this year, titles are switched back and forth on if they were on top of my heart of being the best thing to watch, in the middle where I’m OK with whatever or down at the bottom of my shit list.

However, if you followed me on Twitter, you know I show and update my ranking list of 2016 anime and how they often switch every other week or so.

But who knows? Shit tends to change at the last minute so stay tuned for that.


OK, I have to admit the movie front of this site hasn’t been as prevalent and so far as of today, I have only watched 30 newly-released movies in 2016 and because of this, the usual Best and Worst of 2016 MOVIES list might be late since I need to catch up on some films I’ve missed for better or worse….possibly early January or so.

As for reviews……well, I hope to catch Rogue One in time to review it for the site. I’m not making promises on that but it’s a possibility.



Of course, we got the finale of AURA FACTION Season 2: COLORS – STORY 24 titled………Colors. (Yeah, original title there.) coming up that month and there isn’t a official date of release as of yet but it is 60% written. The ETA of this is still in December.

Image result for music note

OK, I know that MAK Music has been inactive for some time now, mainly because I moved on to Decibel Boost Podcast and I help look up new music for there but it doesn’t mean MAK Music is completely dead. It’s now more of an occasional thing instead of a weekly post thing and good news for that because for the first time, I’m going to do a Favorite Albums of 2016 list…..yes, a favorites list, not a top whatever but basically albums this year that I have enjoyed and re-listen many times.

Oh and of course, the Top 10 Adult Swim Singles of 2016 list is happening also and as always, you can find me in audio form alongside my co-hosts Rob and Alex on Decibel Boost Podcast, every Friday on SURREAL RESOLUTION.


And that’s it for stuff in December so far. Some unexpected things could happen at the last minute like an anime review, TV review, any other movie review or list….. but for now, this is all the stuff I’m planning to do in December.

Until then, I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, bringing all the elements in one format. I’ll see you in December.

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