WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 35: Episode 47 – The LIBRARY


OK, let’s just get this out of the way. We had a last couple of rough days and got us so emotionally drained that we really don’t want to do shit but now I’m going to get back on the grind and to some good things to share, like We Bare Bears and their latest episode today and it involves what every college student, past and present, has to deal with: The Library.

Let’s see what it’s all about:

The Bears find Chloe in the library studying for a test she got coming up but she’s so exhausted from the studying and the bears decide to help her out.

So how do the bears help out Chloe in a way?
Well, for Panda, he has to print some pages of a test but the library has Windows 98 quality computer and they are slow as hell (At least it wasn’t Windows Vista) and the printer isn’t exactly Sonic fast. Oh, and maybe you shouldn’t yell at an old lady, Panda. They know their shit.
As for Ice Bear, he want to find a book for Chloe but so does this other girl and of course, the two deal with a chase of who’ll get it and it was a close one.
For Grizz, he helps Chloe with her studying and it doesn’t go well……hell, she’s more exhausted than ever. Give that girl a nap or a break or something. screenshot-2016-11-10-18-36-45

…….Or give her enough candy bars to make her go into a hyper mode and go super fast than the speed of light with sound effects that sound like something from the Powerpuff Girls…..although it’s a better use of it here than their 2016 reboot.

So the bears then decides to eat as much candy to enter his super hyper fast mode. OK, if I’ve done that shit, it’d be diabetes and a lot of dental payments…..oh god, the dental payments. Anyway, as they are in their sugar mode, they do study (I think) until the next morn as Chloe’s got 10 minutes left until her test begins.

She got there late……however, there is no test!

THAT’S RIGHT. Turns out it was a faculty meeting that day and don’t you feel like you wasted your time……..but no, really, I’d be pissed if I was her. That shit was not worth it.

FINAL VERDICT: This was an alright low-key episode of WBB. One that is very relate-able to college students dealing with studying their asses out, stressing out for what may happen, cramming and being so exhausted from studying all the time that it can mess you up…..that and make sure you know your schedule or check your local college BlackBoard page for that. That and the sugar rush scenes was hilarious. Definitely one I would re-watch and one to cheer you up on a bad day…or week.


This has been MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and…..sugar is one hell of a drug.

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