WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 33: Episode 45 – Everyone’s TUBE


So…..this week’s We Bare-cap Bears is going to be a very different beast today as this episode isn’t really narrative-driven but more like sketch comedy driven, but in the form of YouTube shorts in there. In fact, I’m going to skip the whole synopsis thing because…..well, what’s the point of it?

We’ll go by the episode skit by skit:

  1. We see Panda lip-syncing to some song that sounds like something Ariana Grande would sing or something and during that whole thing, he does encounter the other bears coming in and out of his room with Ice Bear making it awkward as possible and Grizz just making this a whole lot worse. And speaking of Grizz….
  2. …..Did this motherfucker tried to do a bootleg Cupid Shuffle? For real, brah? And I’m not the only one that notices….

And yeah, that was stupid.

3)Next one is rather sweet and adorable and yes, if you guess it got something to do with Chloe, you’re correct. Her and Ice Bear found a piano in the middle of the walkway and play with it for a while with some singing from Chloe and yes, it is as heartwarming as you imagine it.

And how do we fuck that up?

4) Grizz trying to be a DJ. Grizz, you are not Metro Boomin’. In fact, Metro Boomin’ don’t trust you and I watch your ass if I were you. *downvotes*

5) OK, I was confused with what Panda was doing at first but he’s making a 90s R&B video and speaking from somebody that watches a lot of those back in the day……yeah, he definitely nail what he was doing. Also, Panda got that jungle fever. (We all do, Panda. We all do.)

6) Not even one second in and the guy already downvoted the vid and yes, it was a Grizz video trying to be Styx (I think…..)

7) Last and certainly not least, Ice Bear was doing his chores and suddenly he goes into……a Weapons of Choice parody…..you know, the Fatboy Slim music video with Christopher Walken dancing and all sorts of bizarre shit happens? Yeah, I haven’t watched that video in forever. They loved it so much….subscribed!!!!

And there we go.

screenshot-2016-10-27-18-37-25 screenshot-2016-10-27-18-37-15

FINAL VERDICT: OK, the high points of the episode are very high once it comes to the vids with Ice Bear and even the two with Panda as the main feature but when it comes to Grizz…….oi, and I get they’re showing that he does suck with this but I will say the last one was funny in some way but other than that, this was a solid episode with a different change of pace.

And I think it’s funny there wasn’t any Vine-like parody considering as of today, Vine is shutting down……

…..I wonder if there’s a future WBB episode on that. Hell, right now, one of the writers is brain-storming that.


This is MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and you know what, I’m just going to post that Ice Bear/Chloe song after this.


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