Hmmm, something about this reminds me a lot of last season’s favorite Sweetness and Lightning, a show that pleasantly surprised me with its charming and sweet nature.

Looking at this one, I do see some promise from this. OK, let’s check out this sh–
“Episode 1: Bukkake Udon”



This is Poco’s Udon World.

irectorYoshihide Ibata

Series CompositionNatsuko Takahashi

MusicYukari Hashimoto

Original creatorNodoka Shinomaru

Character DesignEriko Itō

Art DirectorHiroshi Gouroku

Chief Animation DirectorEriko Itō


Animation ProductionLIDEN FILMS

Internet StreamingCrunchyroll


Plot Summary: Tokyo-based web designer Sōta Tawara returns to his hometown of Kagawa for the holidays to find a strange child in his family’s udon shop. The child can’t speak but has both ears and a tail.

First Thoughts: OK, turns out bukkake udon isn’t what you think it is. Still a weird name though.

Anyway, on my first impression of the show…..yeah, another low-key anime only this time, the adorable child of the show can’t speak and has a tail….so he’s a fox or something?
Maybe saying this is like S&L might be a stretch especially him running his old family’s udon shop with a little kid is a far cry from a widow raising his daughter with help from a high school girl and also lots of food. Here, just cut the widow element out of it and it’s a guy who in his 30s, still not married or have kids and you have this show.
Also, this is from LIDEN FILMS? Usually, their work isn’t as good as I heard but here…..it’s passable animation from what I saw.

Yeah, I don’t have much to say here but it’s a decent watch. I wouldn’t mind watching this throughout the season so once again….


Once again, another show that seems alright to watch.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and I’m getting a little hungry.

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