OK, Class, time for another history lesson!

(Wait……I’m not a teacher.)

Today’s lesson is a bunch of warriors from different times in the world come together and kick some ass!!! (Yep, I’d be a horrible history teacher.)

This is Drifters.

DirectorKenichi Suzuki

Series CompositionHideyuki Kurata

Hideyuki Kurata
Yousuke Kuroda

Hayato Matsuo
Yasushi Ishii

Original creatorKouta Hirano

Character DesignRyoji Nakamori

Art DirectorKen’ichi Tatefuji (SEE THROU STUDIO)

Chief Animation DirectorRyoji Nakamori

Sound DirectorYota Tsuruoka

Cgi DirectorTomoyuki Takae (Lucky Pictures)

Director of PhotographyHiroshi Saitô


Animation ProductionHoods Entertainment


Internet StreamingCrunchyroll

Licensed byFUNimation Entertainment



Plot Summary: It is the year 1600, and war ravages the Japanese countryside. With his forces dying around him, Toyohisa of the Shimazu clan stages a desperate gambit to buy his father time to escape. Standing in the path of the approaching army, Toyohisa is pierced with a thousand spears, but forces his foes into retreat. Delirious from blood loss, Toyohisa turns to head home – and finds himself in a mysterious white corridor lined with a thousand doors. Passing through one of these doors, he falls into a world where all the heroes of history collide, where the Drifters choose what to make of their blood-drenched second lives.

First Thoughts: So knowing the original source material is from Kouta Hirano, the author behind Hellsing and knowing from that, we are looking for some well-done animated fight sequences, an oddly unique art style and a hard-hitting rocking soundtrack and……check, check and check. Also the first episode of this show is called “Fight Song” and it does a better job of that than that pop song I forgot over a year ago. The action animation is well-animated in that style I got from Hellsing Ultimate, although it was a bit rough at the beginning at first mostly because of the CG in there but it got better overall. Also, I almost forgot Hoods Entertainment were the ones that animated this…..I almost thought Madhouse did this for a minute but hey, I’m good with Hoods. Also, yeah, the plot of meeting these heroes of different times does paint an intriguing story to where they might go in these different worlds. It could spell success or utter chaos….although it is most likely the latter. In other words……


That is all.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and if that happened to you…..I would fuck history up (but wouldn’t go back further than 1970.)

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