WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 30: Episode 42 – Baby BEARS on a PLANE


It’s been……a month(?…yup, it was a month.) since the last We Bare-cap Bears and what do you know…..the show is back on rotation….weekly rotation and we start off with once again, THE BABY BEARS.


This time, they are on a PLANE!!

So this takes place after the events of The Island as they are headed to Sweden but only as a carrier package. They eventually got into the flight as passengers and it follows with Grizz going to first class, Panda stuck in the coach section (and seated near a baby) and Ice Bear at the flight deck.

Grizz is enjoying himself at first class, watching an action movie called Action Buddies and getting hyped up on it, that he meets the star of the movie, Chad Eagle and went on being the fanboy that he is. Panda is really hungry and desire some pancakes so he decides to get to them but somehow the baby gets in the way of that.

Ice Bear is enjoying himself along with two pilots at the flight deck. However, the other pilot was choking on some pancakes and Ice Bear had to do the punching Heimlich…..that didn’t work and the autopilot is accidentally turned off so the plane is experiencing turbulence and people are panicky especially the big, bad action star. With Panda, that cart he’s trying to get pancakes from is going so fast that it might hit the baby…..and yet the parent isn’t around to get him in time. (Wow, his parents suck.) Ice Bear has to learn how to fly and land the plane safety and not pull a Die Hard 2.

In short, the plane landed safety, the guy turned out alright and that baby is safe from being run over.

So the bears celebrate with pancakes all around and soon be able to explore Sweden…….except they are in Boise.

FINAL VERDICT:OK, as expected, this was another cute and funny episode involving the Baby Bears again and as usual, we get some funny moments from Ice Bear landing the plane like he was Chesley “Sully” Sullenburger, only he’s a bear and not Tom Hanks…..I would’ve say Denzel Washington in Flight but I doubt Ice Bear was drunk. There isn’t much else noteworthy to say but overall, decent episode.


Oh, there is one fact about this episode. It aired online back in late June before it aired this month back on the CN page.



I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid…..and I reminded why I don’t do flights or heights.


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