TIME OF THE SEASON Fall 2016 Edition: CHEATING Craft

Yes, people. Exams are a big fucking deal everywhere…..but hot damn, I didn’t think they would be that level of SRS BNSSS!!

In other words, I’m glad to have graduated this year.

This is Cheating Chaft.

DirectorKeitaro Motonaga

Series CompositionTakamitsu Kouno

MusicGo Sakabe

Character Design:
Mai Matsuura
Norie Tanaka

Art DirectorKei Ichikura

Chief Animation Director:
Mai Matsuura
Norie Tanaka
Ryousuke Tanigawa

Sound DirectorYasunori Ebina

Director of PhotographyHideki Imaizumi


Animation ProductionBLADE

Internet StreamingCrunchyroll

Plot Summary: In a world where people have been sorted since childhood by exams, only those who excel obtain happiness. L (Learning) Types – who prioritize study – and C (Cheating) Types – those who choose not to study to pass – will battle and team up in tests. C Type protagonist Mumei, and L Type heroine Kōi battle together to pass tests.

First Thoughts: OK, apparently, studying and taking exams is the equivalent of martial arts in this show because man, they go over the top with this shit and I definitely applaud that. From test-fu to shooting pen guns and apparently the fact the exams take place near a river…no, in the MIDDLE OF THE RIVER…you know, something that looks like an episode of Naruto or any martial arts form of media. However, I do hope they go into more than just narration throughout because while I get the first one is telling exposition, I do hope for more of this ridiculous action and all in a 10-minute episode format. Animation-wise, it was alright as I didn’t have any expectations of quality on this and also, there’s an anime studio called BLADE? I didn’t notice that until now.

All right, I can see myself watching this every Wednesday.



I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid, reminding people that you actually shouldn’t cheat on your exams. No, really. Don’t do it.


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