“AAAHHH!!!!!” As Nariaki was dropped into the room with the rest of them with a handgun and pocket knife.
“Nariaki!” Daria said. “How they get you?”
“They got my sister.” Nariaki said. “They got Mai!”
“OH SHIT!” BF said.
“They get your brother and that other drunk guy?” Nariaki said.
“I don’t know.” Daria said. “I’m trying to figure that out myself. I just hope they’re OK.”

“Attention, challengers!!! This will be the final challenge of the Academy.” Tiberius said. “And you really have one more thing to do and then you are done!”
As the big lights turned on, they wasn’t any big decorations, set-ups or even booby traps. “Well, you notice a completely normal room, right? Well…..”
Then come out the 5 big muscle-bound henchmen with 2 machine guns, a chainsaw, and an ax and nothing but pure muscle. “Those guys are your big threat. Your handguns and pocket knife are your only weapon du jour and you got to find a way to defeat them and survive.”
“A pistol and a knife?” Cobalt said. “No problem.” As Cobalt is about to shoot the guy but Tiberius stopped him and said, “Well, you could do that but you only have 2 bullets in the motherfucker.”
“What?!” Cobalt said as his gun went off.
“And now you got one bullet left.” Tiberius said. “Enjoy your final moments.”

“Oh shit.” Cobalt shouted.
One of the henchmen grabbed Cobalt and threw him to the wall with the other one body slamming him so hard that his arm snapped a bone.
“AAAHHH!!!!!” Cobalt said. “My arm! SHIT!” We went and grab his gun with the other arm and tried to shoot him but he hit him in the arm instead of the chest. The henchmen continued to grab Cobalt, swinging him all around the room and as he got to the other guy….
He snap his spine.
“AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!” By bending his back backwards on one of the doors.

He dropped Cobalt hard to the ground but he got to his knife and stab one of the henchmen in the neck, having him bleed all around and dying on the spot. However, it was too late for Cobalt in the long run.

The remaining 4 henchmen ganged up on Cobalt and brutally beat the shit out of him, taking his own blade from him and keep stabbing him in the stomach, chest and finally, one of them got to slit his throat, killing him and leaving him dead on the floor.

“Welp, that’s one down!” Tiberius said. “Make sure you don’t end up like him.”

One of them immediately got their sights set on Daria and the first thing he does is get the jump on her. She slides from under him and stab him right in the crotch, kicked him back to another room and shooting him cold dead in the dome with one bullet.

Black Freighter and one other henchmen were just going all out by throwing punches back and forth, back and forth. He kept blocking most of the punches but the low blows kept on coming as BF eventually got sharp hit on the side of his stomach….mainly because he got stabbed with a toothpick.

“Bruh, for real?” He was about to take that toothpick and then he shoved it all in the guy’s eye. The henchman screamed in furious anger and horror.


Meanwhile, Nariaki and Hiromi got up against the ones with a chainsaw and bat. The two duck and dodge every attack they make.
“AAAHH!!!” Hiromi kept screaming then ducking for her life. She then got in front of the other henchman with the machine gun.

She ran to another room, barricading the door with a chair but they just shot through the door and kicked in it.

Nariaki got to his gun and got behind one of them to shoot at their back but he got blocked by another one and he had a bulletproof vest on them so that was null and void.
Hiromi crawled away from them as a desperate act of getting out of there. But one of them grabbed her collar, pull her from her legs, got her knife from her back pocket and immediately went to stab her in the leg.
“AAAAHH!!!” Hiromi screamed. “HELP!” She did kicked one of them in the face and continue to craw her way out of there.

“How many bullets we got left in total?!” BF said.
“I got 1 one left.” Nariaki said.
“SAME!” Daria said.
“2!” Hiromi screamed.
“So 6?” BF said. “And there’s 3 of these guys left?”
Then a blade went straight into BF’s shin.
“AAAAAAAAAA!” BF hollered louder than before as he felt the pain harder than anything that happened earlier. “OOOHH!!!! OH DAMNIT!!”

Daria got the drop on the other henchman and shot him point blank in the face.
“5.” Daria said.
“I hope that was from your gun.” BF said.
“IT IS!” Daria said. “Besides Nariaki got to your gun earlier.”
“You still got 2!” Nariaki said.

Meanwhile, Hiromi is still being chased by the other 2 henchmen, especially one with the chainsaw. He almost got to her as his chainsaw was dangerously close to cutting her but it just rip the back of her shirt.

“Get the gun, Hiromi!” Nariaki said. “I’ll distract him!” He throws a pole at him.
And that ends up having Nariaki with his neck grabbed by the two of them.
“Oh damn….” Nari said.
He tried punching the guy directly in the face but he wasn’t budging. Nor was the other guy as they kept choking him with all their might and it looks like it was going to be the end of Nari but suddenly a gunshot went off and a blood-brain splatter on Nari’s face and the other getting shot in the neck.

It was Hiromi that shot the first guy and Daria that shot the other one.

Nariaki gasps and breathes for air. “Thanks…….”
“No problem.” Daria said. “I imagine you would’ve done the same for us.”
“Maybe…..” BF said. “But, yeah, we appreciate you shooting them fools.”
“Is all this over now?” Hiromi said. “I mean, we did what we have to do. We killed those guys. Does that mean we won…..”


Then a big blast came from the doors, smacking the henchmen corpses to a bloody splat and that also disable the cams that Tiberius lost visual on that.
“What the hell?” Tiberius shouted. “HEY!!! The live feed is gone!! And audio is shit!! GODDAMNIT!”
“WE HERE!!” And it was Bobby and Trench arrived. “We miss anything.”

“Not really.” BF said. “Wish you arrived here earlier.”
Bobby then said, “What? It’s not like we miss someone getting ki–” Trench pointed out Cobalt’s corpse laying down there.
“Well, damn.” Bobby said.
“Maybe we should’ve arrived earlier.” Trench said
“TRENCH! BOBBY!” Daria shouted.
“SIS!” Trench said. “You’re alive! Thank God! Look, we need to find a way to get the hell out of here!!”
“I know, we know, we all know!” Daria said. “We don’t know what’s going to happen next.”

“Well……I know.” Nariaki said. “Can I see one of your guns, Trench?”
“For what exactly?” Trench asked.
“Well, it involves me and Mr. Tiberius Ellis.”
“Oh, then go ahead and kill that motherfucker.” Trench eagerly said. “Although……you know that fool got top security guarding him there. How are we going to get pass them?”
“I know…..” Nariaki said. “But first…..I need to get someone out first.”

Later on, all of them went to bust Emi out of that room.
“NARI!!” Emi shouted.
“EMI!” Both ran to each other’s arms.
“And…..everyone else that’s not dead.” Emi said as she saw the others. “Glad you’re here, too.”
“Well, your girl is alive. Yippee for that shit.” Bobby said. “And—OH!!!!” He then saw Leona’s corpse.
“The fuck happened to her?”
“Blame the Academy.” Emi said. “They killed her after they said they were done with her. They treated her like day-old trash and just……damn.”
“OH DAMMIT!!” Bobby said. “There goes my chance with getting in between tho–”

Daria had to slap him and said, “UUHH!! We got bigger things to worry about than your dick.”
“Exactly!!” Nariaki said. “Now we need to get Mai…..and yet she’s where Tiberius and the others are at.”

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about that shit!” Tiberius screamed at the intercom and immediately gassed the room.
“Oh, this shit again?” Nariaki said and once again, everybody got gassed and moved to the next room.


“WELCOME!!!!!” Tiberius shouted as it woke up everyone in the room. “Congratulations, you 5 have made it this far!”
“OW!” Nariaki said. “Again with the gassing?”
“Well, it got you here, didn’t it?” Tiberius said.
“OK, I had enough with you!” Nariaki screamed as he grabbed a sword, pointing it directly at Tiberius’ face with Staley having the drop on him via pistol.

“Kid, your best chance of surviving this gunshot is slim to none.” Delrio said. “You better cooperate with us or else, little Mai isn’t going back home.”
“YOU WEREN’T PLANNING ON US MAKING IT HOME!” Nariaki yelled. “You were just going to kill us whether it be today or tomorrow or years later! We know what the hell you do to your former contestants/winners.”

“Wait, wait…..let’s be fair here, Delrio.” Tiberius said. “Alright, we got Mai here and she is safe and sound without any harm at her at all.”
“Terri! Admeta! Get the girl!”

The two women brought out her in the front with no harm done as he said.
“NARI!” she shouted. “NARI!!!!”
“MAI!” Nariaki shouted. “Let her go!!”
“WAIT!!” Admeta shouted. “Look, unlike Tiberius, I’m not going to toy with our emotions. I will give her back to you and I am not bullshitting you about this.”
“Should I listen to you?” Nariaki asked.
“You got no choice.” Admeta said. “Now I’m carefully walking her down to you. No weapons.” She is putting her gun down.
They got closer and closer to each other.
Nariaki is keeping his eye carefully on the whole thing, whether it be on Mai, on Admeta or even Terri, as she looks suspicious to him.
Finally, Nariaki and Mai got closer and immediately she runs to Nari as soon as it was safe.
“Nari…..” Mai said.
“Mai…..I thought I never see you again.” Nariaki said. “Thank God you’re safe.”
“Nari….is this nightmare almost over?” Mai asked. “I just wanna go home.”
“MAI!” Then it was Emi that came over there.
“EMI! EMI!” The two also shared a hug between them.
“Mai, you have no idea how glad I am to see you alive.” Emi said.

“OK, this is getting way too sappy.” BF said.
“Pretty much.” Trench agreed although Daria smacked both of them.
“Quiet.” Daria said. “Let them have a moment.”

“OK. You got your sister back. You also got your girl back.” Tiberius said. “But what does that leave me?”
“Well….funny you should say that…” As Trench, Bobby and even BF brought out guns blazing and ready to shoot. “Because this is where your ass will die!”
“YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!!!” Tiberius got two pistols ready and Delrio and Terri with their guns as well. “Did you think I would go without a gun on me!? Like I’m some stupid motherfucker!? I’m Tiberius Ellis, you dipshit!!! I’m always packing on fools like out!”

“WHOA WHOA WHOA!” Nariaki said.
“WHOA nothing!” Tiberius said. “You thought this was over? Like you’re going to live happily ever after?”

“The one person that’s going to have a bad ending is YOU!” BF said.
“Prepare to have a bullet in your ass, boy!” Delrio said, as he aimed his gun directly to BF and pull the trigger with everybody ducking from the coming gunfire, going everywhere and every direction.

“AAAAH!!!” Hiromi ducked.
“DUCK!!” Emi shouted.

Bullet after bullet is passing by everyone in the gunfight. Delrio got one in the legs and immediately in the knee.
“OOOOOWWWHHHHH!!” he screamed. “You son of a bitch!”
He then popped one in Bobby’s foot. “OW! OH SHIT! I’M HIT! I’M HIT!”

Admeta was the only one not shooting at them, trying to find a safe space from it. “A-Key, find me a bullet-free zone.”
“I’m sorry, Ms. Kallus, there isn’t a spot with—”
However, a bullet hit the A-Key, which was in her pocket. “AAHH!!! HELP! I’M HIT! TIBERIUS!!”
“Girl, I got better things to worry about.” Tiberius said. He then hit the trap door on her and she was going down away from there.

Terri kept shooting all around the room, trying to hit either BF or Trench and Bobby and it seems like she got Trench on her sight.
“GOTCHA!” she shouted. She got him in the side.
“OOH!” Trench yelled and was down.
“TRENCH!” Daria screamed and she immediately got his gun and shot Terri straight in the head. “TRENCH! OH SHIT! TRENCH!”
“OOOHHH!!!! DAMN!” Trench said. “Oh! Daria, how bad is it?”
“I don’t see a major organ hit. You’re really bleeding out.” Daria said. “We need to get you to a hospital! Like quick!”

“NARI!! You see an exit!?” Emi screamed out.
“I can’t make things out!” Nari yelled. “Wait, there’s a trap door. Emi, you and Mai could escape from there!”
“Will you be behind us?” Mai asked.
“OF COURSE!” Nari yelled. “Hey, Hiromi!” he said to get her attention.
“YES!!” Hiromi screamed.
“There’s an escape route. You and–” Immediately her along with Mai and Emi made their escape and as Nariaki is about to jump in, Delrio caught him before he could go.
“Where the fuck are you going?” Delrio shouted as he threw him back on the corner.
“NARI!!!! NO!!!!!!!” Emi screamed as she escapes.
“You coming with me, too, bitch!” Delrio screamed, trying to grab Emi but his gun dropped and she grabbed it, shooting him cold dead in the face.
She climbs back up to the climb.
“EMI!” Mai said.
“I’ll be right back you!” Emi cried.

“AAH!” Nariaki screamed.
“Oh, you thought you were going to escape?” Tiberius said. “Nah, motherfucker, you staying here with us!!!”
Nariaki then gets stabbed. “AAAHHH!!!”
“The Academy is never going to die. Our way will live on…..unlike these people…….unlike your mother and father…….”
Tiberius then put the pistol to his temple.
“Unlike you.”
He looks like he’s about to unload the bullets on him……..a gunshot sound and……it wasn’t on Nariaki.

Tiberius has two bullet holes in his chest. He notices them and the pain sets in as he loses his balance and falls down to the ground gracefully with a gun in his hand and laying down on the Academy A-Key symbol flag.

And behind him, it was Emi with the smoking gun.
“The….Academy………dead.” She said, “You fucker.” She also spits at his corpse.

“Emi……you saved my ass…..again.” Nariaki said and then he fainted from almost getting shot.
“NARI!” Emi said as she picked him up.
“I’m fine…..OK, that’s a lie. I’m hurt….bad.” Nariaki said. “But……right now, I’m just glad you and Mai are alive and well.”
“Yeah and….OH SHIT! MAI!!” Emi yelled as both of them went down to the trap door and see where she is.

“MAI! MAI!!!” Nariaki said.
“Nari! Emi! I’m over here with the sad-looking girl!” Mai said.
“You mean Hiromi?” Emi said. “It’s Hiromi, right?”

“Yes……” Hiromi said. “And she’s not off by a bit. I mean, I lost my best friend in there and I saw a bunch of other people getting killed brutally.”
“Oh yeah…..we’re really sorry about your loss.” Nariaki said.
“Yeah. So what happened back there?” Hiromi said. “Did Tiberius get what he deserve?”
“Oh, you can definitely say that.” As she holds the gun that shot him.
“What about the others?” Hiromi said. “Are they fine?”

“Yeah, are we fine?” And that was Daria along with BF, Trench and Bobby coming down.
“Well, I’m still shot but the bleeding stopped.” Trench said. “I need a fucking hospital like ASAP.”
“Hold up. I spot a hospital nearby here.” BF said. “We’ll just say a stray bullet went in you….and you shot yourself?”
“WHAT!?” Trench said.
Bobby laughed hard as hell at that line. “So you pulled a Troy Ave.? OH SHIT!!”
“Come on, I’ll drive you there.” BF said.
“You got a ride?” Bobby said.
“Somewhat.” BF said.

“So you’re going back to New York?” Nariaki said to Daria.
“Pretty much.” Daria said. “I’m going back with no cash or anything worth championing.”
“Well… got your life.” Emi said. “Along with your brother and his friend, no matter how annoying they are.”
“True.” Daria said. “And you got your life and your man, too.”
Of course, Daria brought out the whole crush thing again to Emi.
“I mean, you did fucked him back there, didn’t you?” Daria said. “I can tell by that look on your face.”
“NO TIME FOR THAT!” Emi blushingly said.

Before they were about to leave, they see one Admeta face down in the river and look like she needed a hospital ride, too.
“Wait…….” Nariaki said.
He approaches her in a flash.
“Ms. Kallas?” he said. “You’re wounded, aren’t you?”
“Yes.” She said. “Look, I know you’re not very fond of me right now and I don’t blame you…..”
“Look, I don’t want to kill you and you don’t want to kill me.” Nariaki said. “Now we will get you to a hospital. You explain that there was a shooter down there and most of us got killed including three of your key members but you survived and escaped along with us.”
“OK, I’ll agree to that.” Admeta said. “And I’ll give you another favor.”
“Huh? Another favor?” Emi said.
“Tiberius had some extra cash stashed away in case of rainy days……and since he can’t use it anymore……”


As it turns out, Admeta had access to Tiberius’ bank accounts worth $100 million and she has decided to split it 4 ways along the survivors: each getting $25 million for their pain and suffering.
“I have decided to give $100 million to the survivors of the Academy shooting. These people have come all the way down here for a good and friendly competition but they never expected something as horrible as that. There were some grave losses including our key members Delrio Staley, Terri Macias and especially our top leader Tiberius Ellis. That is why we have decided to disband the Academy from here on out. Effective immediately.”


We see a big villa located in the middle of France near an island and we see Hiromi in a robe as she sees the sunrise to another day.
She walks around the place with a sullen look, having some thoughts about Rose.
“I know it’s been a few months since it happened and seeing it in my dreams still has me horrified. I cried in my sleep, I called your name a lot and I wondered……if you was still here.”
She has her name tattooed on her arm.
“I know, I know you don’t want me to be sad all the time. I mean, the money, the house, all these luxurious things…..they were nice. But I also found another thing that was nice.” She then looked down on her belly button and notices she is pregnant with child.
“I recently found out it was a girl.” She said. “And I’m going to name it after you…….my little own Rose.”


Back in New York, Daria was done more with her money than just spending it on herself. She actually donated most of her money to some local charities, helping out in her old neighborhood and even saved enough to put herself into a good college…..or actually one of the best colleges in the United States.

As for Trench and Bobby……they actually went a little wild with their money with loads of hookers and nightclubs (at least for a while) but they have thought more ways of increasing their revenue…..

Black Freighter

They joined alongside Black Freighter to get into the worldwide bounty hunting business and they are….semi-successful. They caught over 30 known fugitives with big bounties on their heads and together earn over $9 million the first 2 months.


And as for Nariaki……

“NARI! EMI!!” An longer-haired Mai said as she entered Nariaki’s room in their new home in a gated community. “HEY! I’m about to leave for class!!”
They were still sleeping in bed.
“Oh…I guess y’all are still asleep.” Mai said.
“Huh? Wha?” Emi was just waking up. “AAHH! MAI!” As she covered herself with the covers and put on a sweatshirt.
“Hey, I did knock.” Mai said.
“I’m a heavy sleeper, OK?” Emi said. “So… heading off to class or something?”
“Yeah. I thought you might be awake or…”
“So how’s that school been so far?” Emi said.
“It’s been pretty good.” She said. “I already made some friends there and it’s been all good throughout.”
“Nice.” Emi said. “Glad to see you’re doing well.”

“OH….um, Mai?” Emi had one more thing to say. “Hey…’s been over 4 months since the whole Academy thing….”
“Yeah….that whole thing with Mom and Dad used to be in there still blows my mind.” Mai said. “Like I don’t try to think it a lot but it sometimes just come out of the blue.”

“Nari said the same thing, too.” Emi said. “It’s not going to be a short task of stomaching this info about your parents.”

“It is.” Mai said. “But now…..I’m just glad my brother and you are alive.”
“I’m just glad to put this behind us.” Emi said. “And at least the money did help improve our lives a little.”
“Yeah…..I rather live here than that apartment.” Mai said. “Oh and Emi…..”
“Yes?” Emi asked.
“I do want to say that I knew eventually you and my brother would end up together.” Mai smiled. “And I’m glad you two are.”
Again, that made Emi blushed a bit.
“Oh…..why, thank you Mai.” She said.
“Well, I got to go.” Mai said. “I see you later OK?”
“Alright. Later, Mai!” Emi shouted.
“Later, Emi!” Mai replied back.

Emi then went back to bed with Nariaki waking up.
“Did Mai just leave?” he said.
“Yeah, she’s heading off to class.” Emi said. “We have the house….” She eventually takes off her sweatshirt and cuddles next to Nariaki. “….to yourselves.” Then she kisses him softly and it was a long one.
“Nari…..I love you….”
“…..I love you, too, Emi.”
Aside from their dresser, one of the former Academy A-Keys was blinking and until it was red…and then it turned off.




©2016 KATANAPLUS+ / The A-Key Project. All Rights Reserved.

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