The ACADEMY Part 3: DECAYDANCE – Chapter 4: GUNPLAY & Bullets / FEEL no Crushed WAYS

Meanwhile, back in the hotel, Emi was doing a little spying of her own as she’s been following Leona to see what else goes on inside the Academy.

Leona then went into the room where Tiberius and the rest of the founders are in.

“Sir……we have one more challenge left for the people.” Leona said. “We just need to clean up what happened to Mr. Minor and we move on.”
“Alright. Great job, take a five, Sasaki.” He said.
“Sir?” she said to him. “You think since we are at the last challenge, that the few remaining challengers can just go home in one piece? Or you know…..Alive?”

“We’ll see……” He said. “We’ll see…….”

Leona seemed unsure if he was going to fulfill that wish. She however did sense someone beside her in the room.
“Hello? Anyone there?”
Emi kept herself walking in the other direction so Leona didn’t caught her but easily bumps into Terri as she comes out of the restroom.
“YAH! Ms. Macias?!”
“Ms. Sato?” Terri said.
“Huh? Who’s that?” Leona said.
“Hmm, Ms. Sasaki?” Terri said. “It’s just us and Ms. Sato.”
“OH…….Emi……did you just came in here?” Leona asked.
“Uh…..maybe.” Emi said. “Yes….no…………I do need to see her for a minute.”
“Oh, you and Leona do a little chat? Do you mind that? You can go on a break now.” Terri said.
“Yeah, sure….” Leona said. “I’m sure Emi might have something interesting to say.”
“Oh, I got a few words for you…..”



“OK, what in the hell is going on here?” Emi said. “Are they going to let us out when if we lose?”
“Wait, what?” Leona said. “What the hell are you talking about?”
Emi did showed her one of the files she got from Black Freighter on the previous winners that died years after their participation. “All of these people……they died years after they participated in the Academy……and you know who else I found in there……A Hazuki Kanemoto……”
“Kanemoto?” Leona said and quickly got the realization. “Nariaki’s and Mai’s mother!?”
“She was doing this shit!?” Leona said.
“Apparently!” Emi said. “And yet they killed her!!! And her husband! She didn’t even told anyone about this place….not the husband or Nari or Emi!!”
“That’s…..that’s HORRIBLE!!” Leona said.
“NO SHIT!” Emi said. “You basically been working for an organization who killed lots….including the parents of the guy you fucked… my room.”
“Emi…..I had no idea about what happened to Nariaki’s parents with them. I would never sign up for this j– Wait, guy I fuc– OH, YOU KNOW, DON’T YOU?”

“If you mean you got Nariaki to fuck you, then yes.” Emi said.
“But isn’t he just a friend to you?” Leona said.
“NO!!!!” Emi said. “Nariaki is more than just a damn friend to me! He’s practically my damn family along with Mai! When those two lost their parents, I always looked out for them from anyone trying to screw them over and I’m not going to stop that today! Also….” Instantly Emi punched Leona in the stomach.

“WHAT THE F–” Leona shouted.
“That’s for telling people in high school I got fake boobs!!!” Emi said. “They’re fucking real!! Nariaki knows!”
“OW!!! Damn, OK, I’m sorry about that, too.” Leona said. “But what do we do about The Academy and Nariaki? The final challenge is up and we don’t know what’s going to happen next. I don’t know they are willing to let it go!”
“WE HAVE ALL THESE FILES!” Emi said. “These names! These people! And a USB port loaded with this saved on a drive. One click and this is going worldw—AAAHHH!!!” She turned around and sees Delrio behind her. “Oh, um…Mr. Staley, you’re back here?” Leona asked him.

“I had to use the restroom.” He said. “Now…..what was you and Ms. Sasaki discussing about? Something about uploading Academy files on the internet? You know, something that would be considered illegal and punishable?”
“Illegal?” Emi said. “You mean how you knock off all these people including Nariaki’s parents!? YOU…..This damn facility….”
“We do what we have to do to keep our organization alive and well……we do this to protect our grandiose name, even if it means knocking off a few people!” Delrio said. “Now if you don’t delete them this instant……we will be forced to go to extreme measures and that’s double for you, Ms. Sasaki.”

“Fine then…..” Emi said. “In that case…”
She threw a punch at Delrio and makes a run for it with the files. “Leona, RUN!!”
Leona tries to run, too, but all of a sudden, Tiberius got a hold of her as he got behind her.
“Well, damn, Leona.” Tiberius said. “We was just about to get you a pay raise….but now it looks like we have to talk about your termination.”
“Wait, no!! What are you doing?” As Tiberius got a huge needle filled with something in it.
“It’s been real, girl.” As he inject it inside her veins.
“WAIT, WAIT, NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” She screamed.

Emi kept running from the two and needed to hide out from the guys.
“Fuck! I need to get away from them! FAST!” She spots a laundry chute and first thing she does is go head first down to where a basket is.

“The hell did she went?” Delrio said.
“I don’t know but you better find that damn girl before I DO!” Tiberius said. “And if I do…..her ass is getting it in the dome.”
“How about the Kanemoto kid?” Delrio said.
“If he wins, I’ll back off but if that one dies like his mother…..that girl and his sister aren’t leaving….AT ALL!!”
“MAI! NO.” Emi whispered. “For fuck’s sake, I hope Nariaki got those files soon.”
She waited until those two were completely out of sight for her to escape.
Emi eventually got out of that spot and went outside to get to a safe place away from the two but when she tries to open the door, it was locked.
“What the—IT’S LOCKED!” she said. “Oh shit!”
“HEY!! There she is!!!” Delrio screamed as him and Tiberius spotted her.

So she quickly escape from out of their sight and ran to the quickest open facility. She shut the door and locked it with a umbrella.
She kept on running for her life until she reached somewhere that seemed more safer than outside.
“OK, I think I’m good for another h–”
Then out of nowhere, someone grabbed her from behind.
“HEY! What the—LET ME GO! WHAT THE HELL!” She screamed and it was one of the guards. They also took the umbrella out of the lock and went to get Emi.
“OK, enough small talk.” He then takes out some chloroform to drug her.
“WHAT THE—NO, NO, NO!! KEEP THAT SHIT AWAY FROM ME!!! AAAHH!!!” Emi kept screaming and squirming her way out of there.
“You could use a little nap.” Delrio said.
“NOOO!!!!!” Emi screamed as the chloroform-soaked rug got her to knock her into sleep.
“So, what we do with the girl?” Delrio said.
“Don’t worry.” Tiberius said. “You leave that to me. Just help get that final battle ready for everyone!”



Black Freighter and Nariaki were coming out of the room, with enough evidence to bury the organization for life.
“Hey, did we get everything in there?” Black Freighter said.
“Oh, I got enough to put them down forever.” Nariaki said. “And it’ll stay that away!! For my mom and dad’s sake!!”

“We did them and myself proud, kid.” BF said. “We’ll get them shut down, you go back to your normal life with your sister and possibly your very oblivious girlfriend.”
“Wha? Wait, you mean Emi?”
“Yes.” BF said. “From the moment I busted in a few minutes ago, I can smell the sex between you two. So….afterwards…you two are gonna settle down or something?”
Then Cobalt walked in there.
“HEY!!” Cobalt said. “Where the fuck you two have been? You know, all the shit that went down the last 2 hours or so.”
“WHOA WHOA WHOA! Calm down, man.” BF said.
“Calm down? CALM DOWN!?” Cobalt shouted. “I can’t fucking calm down! So far, 5 fucking people are dead!!! That OZ fucker, Charlie…..”
“We knew that already.” Nariaki said.
“Wait….what?” Nariaki sounded surprised. “Hana is dead?”
“Her, Éclair and Ari.” Cobalt said. “All within the hour and a half. Éclair did win but her dumb ass got smashed by a scoreboard. Shit looked like a cartoon death.”
“Shit.” BF said. “And Ari?”
“Shot by Rose at the 6th Challenge.” Cobalt said. “Look, just what in the hell are you doing?”
“Getting shit done.” Nariaki said, showing him the file pics on his phone.
“Are those….”
“Yep.” BF said. “This is going to be our saving grace and nothing is going to–”

“WHERE’S THAT BRAZILIAN BITCH!!!” And that was a drunk Kellogg screaming with a pistol in his hand. “YOU STUPID BITCH, You killed ARI!!!”
“What the fuck?” Cobalt said.
“Where is that bitch!? WHERE IS SHE!” Kellogg angrily said. To make things worse, Hiromi just happen to came into the hallway.
“YOU!!” Kellogg screamed.
“What the?” He then grabbed Hiromi by her neck and lift her to the air. “Your gal pal just ended my boy’s life. That guy was still in his prime and he’s been my boy for the past 10 years…….now I just want to squeeze the life out of you and maybe your friend…….she’ll feel my pain!”
“HEY!” Then we see Rose and Daria come on. “LET HER GO!” As Rose rushed Kellogg to the ground and getting his hands off of Hiromi.

“You killed him!!” Kellogg said, punching Rose and grabbing Hiromi’s leg.
“AAH! Get off me!” Hiromi said kicking him from her.
“GET BACK HERE!!” Kellogg screamed but Rose threw him to the wall, knocking and stomping him down.

Hiromi ran to get far from the fight as Kellogg got himself a pistol to finish it off.
“FUCK YOU!!” He went to aim at Hiromi but as the gun went off…….Rose took the bullet.
“Rose?” Hiromi said.
He shot her again point blank in the head.
“ROSE!! ROSE!! NO!!!” Hiromi screamed out and crying. “NO!!! Rose, please! Goddammit, no! PLEASE! NOT ROSE!! NO!!!! NO!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!”
Daria had to drag her away from Rose’s corpse and tried to calm her down.

“WHAT THE FUCK!?!” Then Bobby and Trench suddenly came into the fray. “The hell happened?”
“You’re next, bitch!!” Kellogg said.
Then both Bobby and Trench got their guns out and repeatedly shot Kellogg down until the last bullet.
“Well, goddamn.” BF said. “You just make Swiss cheese off that motherfucker?”
“We’ve seen worse.” Cobalt said. “Example: Eclair. Remember her?”

“Bobby! Trench!” Daria said.
“Sis!!!” Trench said. “What the fuck is going on?”
“I don’t know.” Daria said. “I’m wondering the same thing.”
“People getting killed left and right. Some weird shit is going on and we’re not letting you go down like that.” Bobby said.
“That’s right!” Trench said. “We’ll be damned if someone is gonna take advantage of you like that!”
“Hey, brothers!” BF said. “We got this shit handled.”
“Wait…brothers?” Trench said. “Nigga, I don’t know you.”
BF however gave them the scaredown by his scowl.
“But…..” Bobby said, “We’ll listen.”
“OK.” BF said. “That guy there?” He’s pointing to Nariaki. “Me and him got every file the Academy has over the past 40 years. We’ll sent them to every news station in the world and expose them for the monsters they are. They take them down and this shit is over!! DONE!!”
“What that fool got to do with this?” Trench said.
“His momma was an OG Academy participant.” BF said. “Hence the word was. This man got the more reason to go up against the Academy than any of us.”

“Um….OK, brother.” Trench said. “But, um…..don’t these motherfuckers have guns, weapons, shit that is better than what POS we got?”
“I…….didn’t think of that.” BF said.
“And we are fucked……again.” Cobalt said.

“Hey, wait….” Nariaki said. “If everyone is here, then where is Emi and Mai?”
“I’ve seen Emi went somewhere earlier and Mai should be in my room.” Daria said. “She should be safe.”
“Uhhhh…..” Bobby and Trench said.
“Oh no….” Daria said.
“She wasn’t there when we was in there, getting our guns.” Trench said.
“WHAT!?” Nariaki said. “Oh shit……fuck, now I need to find both Emi and Mai.”
“I think them girls are alright.” Trench said. “Maybe your sister but I haven’t seen your woman.”
“My wom–”

Next minute, there is some goofy gas in the air that is causing everyone to become very dizzy and hallucinate to where they can’t even function correctly.
“The hell?” Cobalt said. “I can’t feel my-dgfejl….” It got everyone speaking incoherent gibberish and soon they all fainted from the gas.



Nariaki was groaning from the disorienting goofy gas and woke up in a different room than before.
“OH…….where the hell am I?”
Then he sees someone tied up in a chair with a bag over their head and they are feeling out of wack, too.

“HEELLPPPP……….MEEE………” A voice said as he heard something from the closet.
He went there and see that Leona was in there, in a weakened state.
He also went ahead to take off that bag and it was Emi and she is also bound and gagged.
“Emi? What the?”
“Nariaki…….the Academy is not–”
“Who I think they are?” Nariaki said. “We already got that covered.”
“Nari…..I didn’t know about them and your parents.” Leona said. “If I did……”
“I know, I know.” Nariaki said.

He then removed the gag from Emi. “AACCKKK!!! AH, that sock stank!”
“Emi, what the hell is going on?” Nariaki said.
“A fucking massacre!!” As he went and untie her, she said to him, “One of them said that if you don’t win or basically die, they might execute me and Mai on the spot so no one will know about what really goes on in here.”
“WHAT!?” He screamed.
“You need to get your sister and get ourselves out of there.” Leona said.
“What about the others?” Nariaki said. “They don’t deserve this shit either.”
“Ah….them, too.” She said. “But just leave me behind……I’m already too deep in this. Either way, I’ll get killed. Plus……they put a toxin in me….and I don’t have much time.”
“A toxin?” Emi said. “Wait, they’re killing you?”
“….Yes…..” Leona said crying. “At any minute now…. They even said I outlived my usefulness. Like they didn’t give a fuck about me.”

She suddenly felt a pain in her chest and she gripped hard to it until she eventually collapsed and laid there dead and lifeless.
“Leona…….” Emi said.
“NO…….” Nariaki said. “NOOO!!!!!!”

“Well, that’s too bad.” Both of them heard a voice coming from somewhere. It was the intercom and as usual, it was Tiberius. “I mean, that girl was a big help for us and she made some damn good meals and all.”
“That and she had some nice tits.” Delrio said. “I mean, we did know you felt them before.”
“YOU SON OF A BITCH!!” Nariaki said.
“Mr. Kanemoto, we meet again.” He said.
“You bastard……..this damn organization….you killed my family….you killed one of our friends…..the rest of these people…and all for what?”
“You know damn well.” Tiberius said.  “Too many people shouldn’t know what went down here and if we have to go to extreme measures, so be it.”
“So my parents have to die for this to be alive and well?” Nariaki said.
However, as he got more pissed off at that, Emi was that and even more. “You goddamn monster…….. I knew you was a piece of shit when I saw your damn face. NOW I’M JUSTIFIED SAYING THAT, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!”

Then he went and showed the rest in this little room with BF, Cobalt, Daria and Hiromi strapped with a pistol and a pocket knife.
“Huh?” Cobalt said. “Where in the hell?”
“How did we get here?” Daria said.
“Why do we have guns?” Hiromi asked.
“I know why….” BF said, “And you are going to hate this.”

As for Bobby and Trench……
“What the fuck?” Trench said. Him and Bobby are found in some dark room.
“Trench!?” Bobby said. “Where the fuck are we?”
“Man, I don’t have a fucking clue.” Trench said. “But, we got bigger problems…..We don’t know where Daria is either. We need to get some guns, shoot those motherfuckers, get her ass and our money out of here.”

“You know the final round is starting soon, right?” Tiberius said. “Your ass need to be down there, Kanemoto and before you go ‘or what?’…..”
He then showed Delrio holding a gun to Mai’s head. “That’s what. Now get your ass down there, fight or you’re going to be attending another family funeral. Your choice.”
“Mai…….” Nariaki said.
“Nari…..I’m scared.” Mai said.


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