Nariaki and Black Freighter snuck into one of the rooms where he found the files and plan to take a lot of photos on his camera phone.
“OK, you see all those names……all these people……” Nariaki said. “What the hell it is all for? We compete for something of a crown or a throne or……….”
“Basically, you know people are always talking about the Illuminati or some shit like that?” BF said.
“OH….no….” Nariaki said.
“Well, this is the type of shit that people often associate with them.” BF said. “Some people were close to telling them about the Academy were clapped before they even have the change. Hell, some just did it in case of that. Getting to them before they did.”

“So that means……”

“It means that it is what you think it is. Your parents were murdered in cold blood.” BF said.


At the Kanemoto house late at night, someone was breaking in the house, making no subtle moves and causing a ruckus that immediately woke up everyone.

“What was that?” Hazuki’s husband said as he woke up.
“Wait….didn’t we lock up as usual.” Hazuki said.
“I check to see what’s going on.” He said, bringing a bat with him.
“I’m coming with you, too.” She said.

Both went downstairs to check on what was going on and make sure that Nariaki and Mai were safe and no one entered from their rooms.

“Everything is good from here.” Hazuki said. “Nari and Mai are safe and sound.”
“Great…great…” He said. “Back here seems all good.”

“Ah, so we can finally get back to sleep then?” Hazuki said.
“Oh, I–” Then suddenly he stopped in mid-sentence as he felt a wound coming from his back.

“What? Kenji? Kenji?” Hazuki said.”
“Hazuki… me.” As he fall down on the ground, bleeding.

“OH MY GOD! KENJI!” She shouted. There is some hidden masked figure that had some Academy insignia on them and she suddenly knew who they were.
“What the….who are you?”

“The Academy has sent us to eliminate some problems.” He said. “And well…… seemed to fit in our description.”

“Wh-what are you talking about?” Hazuki said. “I never said a word about it to anyone…..ever! Not even my husband, who you just up and kill!”
“Well, you are doing a fine job of that and while they may be inconvenient…….we just want to be safe than sorry and well…….”

He brought out his knife and Hazuki crawled back for safety. “PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!!”
“Wait… I spy 2 other people in here?”
“WAIT, NO!” Hazuki said. “Spare my kids!! If you want anyone, just take me instead!”

Hazuki let out a huge scream that woke up Nariaki.
“Mom…….MOM!?” He shouted as he ran towards the room and see her with a knife wound and bleeding everywhere.
“MOM!!” Nariaki shouted.
She’s panting and breathing rapidly as it was her few last breaths. “Nariaki……I’m sorry, my son.”
“MOM!! What happened?! WHO DID THIS TO YOU!?” he shouted.
“Mommy?” Then comes an 11-year-old Mai as she woke up to this grave site. “What the— MOMMY! MOM! MAMA!!” As Mai horrifyingly screams at her bleeding body.
“Mai… sweet Mai……” she said.
“I’m calling the cops!” he said. They have arrived instantly before he could even call them. Seems like someone already did.

A cavalcade of cops and ambulances came to the area, having everyone seeing what was going on including Emi.
“What’s going on?” she said. She sees Nariaki and Mai sitting on the stoop after hearing the news that their mom and dad are now dead.
“Emi…” Nariaki said
“Nari, why are their cops at….midnight? Or an ambulance?” she said.
Teary-eyed Mai cried and said, “Our mom and dad are gone……”
“What……” Emi said. “Oh my….that’s your pa….oh, Mai.” She said giving her a hug.
“I heard a scream and I was too late.” Nariaki said. “I should’ve been awake or something. To protect her.”
“Nari…..” Emi said, letting him in on the heartfelt hug.


“Yo, Kanemoto?” BF said. “You still with me?”
“Yeah.” Nariaki said with tears flowing down on his face. “I know one thing today…..The Academy will pay for killing my mom and dad.”
“I’m taking every photo here and sending it to every publication out there.” Nariaki said.



“Next Challenge…….will take place outside of the arenas and into the frozen tundra!” Tiberius shouted.
“ICE!?” Cobalt said.
“Does this involve ice skating?” Ari said. “If it does, I wonder who the two morons are in that one.”

“Rose….you will be fighting off…..Ari Minor!”
“Oh…..shit……” Ari said.
Cobalt teased him a little with. “Welp, looks like your ass is about to be c–”
“Shut the fuck up NOW!” Ari said before Cobalt could finish that joke.

Rose was about to enter into her battle armor and ready for the challenge but Hiromi happens to walk on by, looking worried and terrified.
“Hiromi……I promise I’ll come back out of there alive.” Rose said. “I know you got that look of sadness but it’s no sweat. I can take on that motherfucker.”
Hiromi just shook her head.
“Anyway, I’ll probably meet you back here when I win.” Rose said.
“Please survive…….” Hiromi said before going back outside.

“Hey, Ari.” Kellogg said. “Make sure you kick her ass.”
“Noted.” He said.
They did their handshake and move on.

The battle is about to commence with a few exchanges before fighting.
“So……Ari Minor…….big guy, aren’t you?” Rose said.
“I see you’re quite the fighter out there.” Ari said. “I know you easily did your thing at the gun round with those other 2.”
“Well, at least you was able to survive fire and a pit of needles.” Rose said. “Unlike that other girl.”
“OK, enough talk, let’s get it on!!” Ari said, throwing the first punch at her.

However, he misses and slides to an ice wall.
“OW!!” He said.
“You forget that this is the ice level?” Rose said, “From top to bottom and especially on top.”
“On t–” He looked up and see the dangling icicles and one of them eventually cracks and lands on the ground and made a big hole.
“WHOA!” Ari said. “So either way, one of us is going to die?”
“Looks like it.” Rose said, throwing some battle stars at him. “But I’m not going to be the one.”

The two then got into fight formation with their selected weapons: Ari having the dual pistols and Rose with the flying battle stars and sticky bombs. Ari started immediately shooting at Rose as she evades the bullets but he did aim one at the icicles and one got her in the back.

“OW!” Rose said.
She threw a sticky bomb at him and one of the ice sculptures fragments got to his leg.

“DAMN!” He shouted at the pain of that. He again fired back but misses completely so Rose threw another bomb at him only for it to ricochet towards back to her but she ducked out before it exploded, causing some severe nerve damage.

“Had enough?!” Ari shouted.
“Not in your dreams, fool!” Rose yelled. She threw a star directly at his ass.
“OW!” Ari yelled. “FOR REAL!?” He then shot back at her, only she threw a bomb to the bullet and that causes more of a ruckus at the stage as it couldn’t hold on much longer.

More icicles keep falling from the top and the two had to get away from them as they crash and create giant holes to the freezing water below.

The two keep running from the area to avoid it that they didn’t care about who shot who as long as nothing else besides them can harm them. They got out of there as it began to cave in and gets destroyed.

“Oh shit…….that was too close.” Ari said. “Now as for y…where’s the fuck is my–”
Then a gunshot was heard as Rose took the gun from him and shot Ari behind his back.
“Oh……..oh…… bitch.” He collapses and lies down dying in the cold.

“And the winner is…ROSE!!!” Tiberius said. “And hopefully no one dies after that!”



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