When the news of Oz and Charlie’s deaths was floating around, Éclair was in the ward, still getting some stitches from her failed challenge and resting at there as well.

However, she didn’t find out about Oz’s death until she spots two corpses right next to her. “What the—- I see a few contestants got their asses killed. Well, more chances of me getting the medal.”
She uncovered the first corpse and it turns out to be Charlie.

“OH….it’s that sad little boy.” Éclair said. “Je suppose que vous et cette fille happy-go-lucky ne serai pas putain de sitôt (I guess you and that happy-go-lucky girl won’t be fucking anytime soon). But better you than me…..and as for this one…” As she spots the next corpse beside her. “It’s probably either that boxer or that annoying bitch a–” That smug look quickly turned into a horrifying one as she sees Oz with his neck slit and loss of blood and let out a blood-curdling scream.
“OZ!!! OZ!!! NO!! He’s….” She couldn’t believe that Oz is laying there with no life in his eyes.

“WHO DID THIS!?” She screamed. “WHO DID THIS TO HIM!?”

She got up in rage and went to the hallway and see all the remaining contestants (minus Nariaki and BF) in waiting for their next challenge.

“WHICH ONE OF YOU FUCKERS KILLED MY OZ!?” She bellowed at them. She first head towards Ari and Kellogg.
“Uh, don’t look at me.” Ari said. “I didn’t fight your bitch boyfriend.”
“Besides, we wasn’t at that battle.” Kellogg said. ”We was getting sauced watching it….then stopped after….well, you know.”
She then glazed at Hiromi, Rose and Daria.
“Uh, no.” Hiromi said. “I got my ass kicked by her before that round. My ass is still sore after that.”
Éclair got to Daria but she got her knife and told Éclair, “Back the fuck off.”

However, Éclair then sees Hana sitting down in silence and got a feeling that she was the one that did it.
“Let me see the battle footage.” As she got a hold of footage from the fight and sees Black Freighter and Hana fighting and then sees Cobalt and Oz jump in there to fight her as well and then Charlie joined last. She then sees Oz beating the hell out of Charlie, his hand getting chopped by Hana, Charlie getting stabbed in the chest and then Hana throwing the blade at Oz’ neck, causing him to die.

“So……it was YOU!” Éclair said. “You’re the reason my Oz is dead?”
“No……” Ari said. “Oz is the reason your Oz is dead. That fucker shouldn’t have jumped in there along with that Cobalt dude and Charlie! It was Black Freighter’s fight and if he fought on his own like all of us did instead of getting two guys to take down one opponent–”

“Well, he’s not here!!! So guess what?” Éclair said as she went to Hana and easily got up in her face. “You forget that this girl was a killer?” she said. “Assault and battery……a former lover of you went and cheated on you with some other girl…..probably one that’s more worthy of his time than you…and you went mad, got yourself a chainsaw, started that shit up, just…….ram it up that guy’s ass and man, did that look bloody.”
Hana is getting very uncomfortable with Éclair telling her this.
“Then you lit something on fire and then there’s the girl……you felt so furious that you chucked it directly at her face and set the whole place ablaze.”
And at that note, that just replayed in Hana’s head over and over.
“I wonder how a girl like you that looks like the typical happy and perky Asian girl with tits and all would be a natural born killer.” Éclair said. “Or better yet….how that Charlie get someone like you?”
Suddenly, a nerve struck in Hana.
“I mean, a little limp bastard like that would never get a girl like you. I guess it was because he wasn’t much of a looker and well….you set your standards low. Hell, I bet yesterday you probably fucked him, sucked on his cock and let him stick it in you!”
Her eyes widened at that statement.

“Wait……by the look at your eyes…..YOU DID!! YOU DID FUCKED HIM!!” Éclair said. “Oh….OH…..OHH….You naughty girl!!! And yet……it must hurt so much that he ended up dying instead of you. Welp, My Oz may be dead and gone but at least…..he took your sorry-ass friend with him.”
And that did it. That remark really got Hana angry.
“YOU…….FUCKING……BITCH!!!!!!” As Hana grabbed and choked Éclair and threw her into the ring.

“You can make fun of me all you want……BUT YOU SPEAK ILL OF CHARLIE ALIVE OR DEAD…..Your ass is mine!!” Hana shouted as she grabbed a weapon.
“OK then!” Éclair said. “I see you got some bass in that little body of yours!!”

Tiberius and the others see this happening from up top.
“It seems we got another fight in our hands.” He said. “This calls for the fifth challenge to happen.” He then pushes the button and suddenly, the fifth challenge has started.

“OUR OBJECTIVE: WHOEVER SURVIVES IS THE WINNER!” Tiberius said. “I don’t expect one of you to live. Now BEGIN!!!”

“YOU’RE MINE, BITCH!!!” As Hana grabbed one of the big axes and took first swing at Éclair.

Ducking and dodging she went, Éclair got herself the two guns from the table and went straight to shooting at her.

Hana jump up in the air, swinging one of the axes directly at Éclair. She sideswipes left and got Hana’s leg and swing her to the walls. Éclair then got the other axe to strike on Hana but she kicked her back, kneed her in the face and smash her to the ground.

“FUCK……..” Éclair said. “YOU…….” As she got one cut off of Hana.
“AAAHHH!!!” Hana screams as she bleeds from her arm.
“Well, that scream sounded livelier than you and Charlie ever did in bed.” Éclair taunted. Hana busted out of her way and leg-checked Éclair down for the count, making some guttural sound.
“And that sounded like Oz after I slit his neck…..” Hana said, dragging Éclair to the wall. “And soon, you after I’m THROUGH WITH YOU!”

The two keep budding heads with whatever weapon was on the counter and did whatever damage to each other as possible.

“EEEEE-IIIIIIII!!” Hana screamed as she got shouted in the leg.

Éclair was close to ending it all for Hana but she got the upper hand and threw the axe to her left foot and straight chopped it off.
“OOOAAAAHH!” Éclair shouted in pain as she tries to crawl her way to the knife on the table but Hana got to it first and kicked Éclair from there and got on stop to stab her with it.

“YOU THINK…….GIRLS LIKE YOU GET TO PUT DOWN PEOPLE LIKE ME AND GET AWAY WITH IT!?” As she made the first strike on her arm.
“AAH!” Éclair screamed.
“I’m sick of people like you. I’m sick of the bullshit you spread to other people and you know what? It would be a lot better without you.”

As Hana is about to kill Éclair, her hand slipped on the knife and as it dropped, Éclair grabbed it and quickly stabbed Hana, deep in the chest.

She then shoved Hana off her and took the knife back, causing her to lose blood.
“Oh………I DID IT! I WON THE CHALLENGE! Now get the fuck off my blade!” As she pushed Hana to the sideline as Éclair celebrated her victory with only 15 seconds left….although a lot can happen in that time.

When she pushed Hana out of the way, she pushed her into a weapons trap which sends all the weapons flying towards her and yet……none of them got her.
“HA!!” Éclair shouted. “MISS ME, BITCH!”
But then there’s one of the ropes holding one of the giant scoreboard and the rope snaps and it quickly falls and smashes down on Éclair, killing her instantly.

As Hana is getting last breath before she dies, she visualizes Charlie trying to guide her into a light. She seems peaceful and calm about accepting it and so…..she did.


“What the fuck!?” As Tiberius said watching it. “That last thing looked like straight out of a cartoon…..or some wacky anime.”
“You realize we saw a woman get smashed by a giant metal scoreboard?!” Terri said. “Oh, and also…..TWO MORE PEOPLE DIED!! In the worst way possible. Stabbed and smashed!!”

“And it looks like we got to clean up another mess today.” Staley said. “Damn, that was extremely brutal.”

“OH FUCK!!!” As Trench said watching the fight from the bar. “Bruh, are you not seeing this shit?”
Bobby replied with, “Yeah, I’m seeing it but fuck…….a damn shame…..that French girl had an ass on her.
“You do know that Daria might next on this fight?” Trench said.
“Then I hope her ass survive this shit.” Bobby said. “That or have a shitty fighter.”
“I hope so, too.” Trench said. “This shit is getting out of hand.”
“We need to do something about this.” Bobby said. “Do things our way….by any means necessary.”

Near those two, Emi and Mai were watching the fight and deaths of Hana and Éclair.
“Oh shit….” Emi said. “Nari, I really hope you’re taking a lot of pics right now.”
“So Nariaki is going to take pics of the names, uploading them to every news station available and hopefully we’ll be home safe and sound?” Mai asked her.
“That’s the plan.” Emi said. “As long as Nari doesn’t get called out for a challenge, we’re good.”
“You think someone could be on to us?” Mai asked.
“I don’t know…….” Emi said. “But just to be safe, I look into it….”
“On who?” Mai said.
“I got one option in particular.” Emi said. “And I know she’ll answer something.”
“Um, so where do I go to?” Mai asked.
“Oh, stay with Daria. She might need some company.” Emi said before leaving.
“Be safe, OK?” Mai said to her.
Emi gave Mai a kiss on the forehead. “I promise.”

Hiromi was rocking in the fetal position after what happened to Hana.
“Oh no……..oh no…….oh no……”
“Hiromi?” Rose questioned as she saw her in distress.
“Rose……I’m scared……I’m really fucking terrified right now.” Hiromi said. “I lost one event but…..I might lose my life on this. This isn’t worth any money.”
“Hiromi, don’t worry about a thing.” Rose said. “I’ll make sure we both go back home with a bit of money and our lives attached.”
“We still got our plan?” Hiromi asked.
“Damn right.” Rose said. “We’re not dying here. Not a chance in hell.”




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