WARNING: The following story material may contain acts of violence and adult content. This is not intended for audience below the age of 18. Reader discretion is advised.

“I’m losing a lot of blood and it’s getting colder.” He said in few of his last breath. “Charlie, please no!!” “Hana….being with you really made this trip worthwhile.” He said, “And last night was one of the best nights I had with you. I really think you’re beautiful and the sweetest.”
“You think I’m beautiful and sweet? Even though I’m a killer?” she said. “Well, you didn’t try to kill me.” Charlie said. “Hana….”
“What? Charlie? CHARLIE?” She sounded tense. “Hana….I love you.” And that was his last words.

Tears came running down Hana’s face as she knew what just happened. She gripped his lifeless body and screamed out, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!”

People watching the whole thing live on screen were horrified to what seemed like a challenging yet harmless event turned into something fatal and ugly.

“Oh my god…” A horrified Admeta said.
“Yes……” Tiberius said. “This has taken a turn for the wicked and easily queasy….but it is getting good.”
“GOOD?” Terri said with concern. “Two contestants just died out there!!”
“Yeah. I know.” Tiberius said.
“AND you didn’t get them the fuck out!” Admeta said. “I told you to get those guys out!! They could’ve been safe and out of harm’s way!! NOW WE GOT TWO DEAD BODIES!! And how in the hell they sneak in there?”
“Beats the fuck out of me.” Staley said. “I guess security wasn’t as tight as we thought.”
“WASN’T AS TIGHT AS WE THOUGHT!?” Admeta screamed. “One small guy sneaked in along with two other motherfuckers in there!! THEY FUCKED UP AND WE FUCKED UP IF THIS SHIT GETS OUT THERE!”

“Shit is not going to leak!” Tiberius said. “We always have shit controlled here.”
“You forgot that we live in an age where camera phones, webcams and other electronics can easily film this, put it on YouTube and we’re exposed?!” Terri shouted.
“Terri, Terri, Terri……” Tiberius said. “We’ll have that shit blocked, reported and removed within minutes and plus, everything has always been kept under wraps here and it’s going to stay that way…….by any means necessary.” He said in a threatening tone.

Academy Paramedics soon went down there to carry out the dead bodies of Oz and Charlie, covering their horrific deaths and Hana is still in shock and grieving over Charlie’s death.
“Again…….it had to happen again.” She said. “Why…….why……..why……..”
“So…….that plan went all to hell.” Cobalt said.
“You mean two guys ending up dead in the battle?” BF said. “Nah, the plan worked like a ch—NO SHIT, it fall apart! Now Tiberius is getting suspicious of us and possibly anyone that could be a help to us.”
“Well, we got to think of another plan or something.” Cobalt said.
“Maybe.” BF said. “Remember that file we looked on earlier? The Kanemoto one?”
“Yeah…….wait, him?” Cobalt asked.
“Well, who else……” BF said.


Back at the hotel room, Nariaki was just finishing his shower and went on to change into another set of clothes.
“Wow, that felt good after what happen–” Then he notices Emi sitting down with a stern look on her face.
“Huh……Emi…..what’s going on?” He said.
“Had a good shower, Nari?” She said to him.
“Uh……yeah….why?” He asked.
“Oh, nothing much.” Emi said. “Just need to know if you gotten yourself clean from what we did…..or what you did with SOMEONE ELSE!” As she plays the A-Key’s audio file of him and Leona fucking in the room.

“Uh, what’s going on?” He said.
“DO……..NOT…….PLAY…..DUMB….WITH…..ME!” Emi said. “I know all about it.”
He then realizes that fact. “Oh……”
“You had her….in this room…..and you fucked her……” Emi said. “And yet you went along and do it with me right after!?”

“I didn’t think anything would happen between us back then….” Nariaki said.
“So you decide to fuck her in this room!? Where I SLEEP AT!?” Emi shouted. “Where Mai sleeps at!?”
“HEY! HEY!!” Nariaki said. “We did it on my bed so no worries about any–”

“THAT’S NOT THE POINT!! Well, most of it is but YOU LIED TO ME!” Emi said as she slaps him. “So all that happened back there with you and me……was that just for a quick fuck for luck or something? The way you touch me? Hold me? Even when you kissed me?”
“Emi…….what happened back there was actually genuine.” Nariaki said. “I meant everything I said back there. You know that and I do care about you.”

“Nari……I don’t know whether to believe you or not.” Emi said.

Then suddenly, Mai just barged into the room. “GUYS! GUYS!! Something awful happened and…..” She immediately paused to see what was Nari and Emi talking about. “Uh….did I miss something?”

“No….” Nariaki said. “Mai, what awful thing has happened?”

Later on, she showed them the recording of the fourth event and the murders of both Oz and Charlie.
“Oh……..god.” Emi said with a terrified look on her face.
“That really happened?” Nariaki asked. “That just happened.”

“That poor kid…..” Emi said. “I just saw somebody we talked to die right in front of our eyes.”
“You think it’s horrifying to you….imagine what Hana is going through.” Mai said.
“Shit…..” Nariaki said. “This is really got me more terrified than before.”
“Now you get what I was saying.” Emi said. “We need to find a way out to get the hell out of here!!! Money or not, it’s not worth losing our lives for!”

“So what? We forfeit?” Nariaki asked.
“Not forfeit! JUST LEAVE!!” Emi yelled as she opened the door and noticed Black Freighter standing in the way.
“Yo, you seen your friend around here?” BF said.
“Look, I don’t know what you want with him but we – meaning me, Nari and Mai – are out of here!!!” Emi shouted.
However, BF kept blocking her way out of there, leaving Emi annoyed and angry but she directly tries to push him out of the way but BF picked and grabbed her.
“You can’t leave just yet.” BF said. “Not right now!”
“Why not?” Nariaki said.
“EXACTLY!?” Emi yelled. “We’ve seen enough of this shit!! People getting killed all in the pursuit of some authoritative power?!”

“What about everyone else? Or the past people that can here and died? Hell, or even…..Hazuki Kanemoto?” That name immediately got Nari’s and Mai’s attention.

“Wait…….why did you say our mom’s name?” Mai asked.

BF then showed them the files on her and what else they dug up on the Academy.
“Our mom did this shit?” Nariaki asked.
“Before you two were even born.” BF said. “Hell, she won the game but she initially turned down the position….she wanted a normal life with her future husband and well… two.”

“I can see why she never told us about this.” Nariaki said. “Imagine her trying to tell this to us……we’d probably be more fucked up than usual.”
“She was one of the best contestants of the Academy.” BF said. “And like many others……”
“Like many others?” Emi said.
“Well……like your parents’ unfortunate end, some winners got those, too.” BF said as he showed them the files of what winners got mysterious deaths years after being in the Academy.

“Holy hell.” Nariaki said.
“So these are the guys responsible for our parents’ death?” Mai said. “And we are in the same place as they are?”
“Well, those guys are long gone.” BF said. “And who knows what happen to you in the long run?”

“That means we need to take down the Academy……” Nariaki said. “And soon.”
“How?” Emi asked. “We can’t just take down something as The Academy? And also….PUT ME DOWN NOW!!”
“OK, OK!!” Black Freighter said. “You were getting kinda–”
“Say heavy and I’ll break your fucking feet.” Emi said.
“Noted.” BF said. “Now we need him to uncover more things and hopefully stop this before anyone else gets hurt.”
“Be careful, Nari!” Mai said.
“Don’t worry, guys.” Nariaki said. “I’m going to make sure I stop this before it gets any further.” He then stop to see about Emi and her feelings about this.
“Emi?” he said.
“Nari… have something to do. This is worth more than our little squabble.” Emi said. “Do it for your parents, for Mai and for everyone here alive or dead. Just please…… don’t lose yourself over this…..and survive.” As she gave him a hug before leaving.


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