WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 29: Episode 40 + 41 – Captain CRABOO


HAPPY LABOR DAY!!!……….Although that has nothing to do with this episode. Yep, this is going to be a special re-cap of We Bare Bears because this is the first half-hour episode of the series and it features a returning character……..CAPTAIN CRABOO!!

maxresdefault (4)

OK, OK, Calm down, Ice Bear. I’m sure things will still be good with Craboo living with y’all again.

Anyway, yes, the episode starts out with the bears finding Captain Craboo in their toilet (OK, not in the toilet) and at first, only Grizz and Panda are very fond of Craboo while Ice Bear is definitely not feeling him as much. However, one day, they decided to go to the pet store and once again, they run into Nom Nom and as usual, he’s being an asshole to the bears and even at Craboo. However, Craboo happens to land on Nom Nom’s head, which pleases Ice Bear and he now likes him and he’s freaking out over nothing and has him arrested.

The Bears know that Craboo didn’t do any harm to Nom Nom as they went on trial.

That went worse as Nom Nom feigns Craboo attacking him again but this time, the bears grab Craboo and escaped from the trial, now becoming fugitives, which leads us to the second half of the episode.

They can’t go back home since Ice Bear smells po-po and they need to leave and hide out until the coast is clear.

However, when Panda took a pic of Ice Bear holding Craboo…..

Later on, they were found because of that pic.

And so the bears go all out in this big chase from the police to the highway to the trees to nearly having Panda falling over and as they reached the ocean to set Craboo free, Nom Nom is mad with power trying to grab Craboo but he narrowly escaped from Nom Nom and at last, he goes to the ocean but not without the Bears saying their heartfelt goodbyes, especially from Ice Bear. Nom Nom is very pissed and acting disorderly but is arrested for that and as for bears, they get community service by picking up trash on the highway and somewhere in the world, Craboo is at an island.


FINAL VERDICT: Wow, this was quite an eventful episode, at least when it comes to We Bare Bears but damn, this hit in all the emotional places when it comes to Craboo and how Ice Bear went from not liking Craboo to really loving the guy and Craboo was a bit irritating at first in his debut episode but here……yeah, he was honestly great.

Now, as for a certain other character, well, my tweets say it all:

And I’m not the only one….

Yeah, Nom Nom is pure asshole in this episode and yeah, I get that is his character and all but damn, I never wanted to punch a koala in the face as much as Nom Nom. But then again, if I did, I probably be arrested and serving a 6-year sentence.

But I do like that he is a villain to the Bears, just don’t make me feel compassion for him anymore, especially after this. I don’t need another Nom Nom’s Entourage.

So yeah, this episode is easily one of the show’s best to date. It made you feel compassion for Craboo and mostly hatred for Nom Nom but all in the right places.


I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and nah, for real, Fuck Nom Nom.


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