WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 28: Episode 39 – The AUDITION


Ah, I remember those cereal mascot ads when I was a kid, especially those with bears and yet the first thing I got that bear is the Golden Crisp bear……yet Golden Crisp sucks as a cereal.

Hello and welcome back to We Bare-cap Bears with the last episode of our week-long showing of new episodes and it’s on The Audition.

The bears audition to be the next mascot for their favorite cereal. They get so caught up in the process that their competitiveness gets the best of them.

Well, we got the plot out of the way. Of course they auditioned (with goofy results!) and all three got the part in some way and they means some competition is to be had with the trio of brothers and we know how the process of that will go.

(Yeah, that tweet was referring to Eric Edelstein, the voice of Grizz, in the movie Green Room…….and yes, that movie was good. Possibly the one horror and/or thriller movie this year that didn’t bore me. *coughTHEWITCHcough*. Oh, good intense moments, that creepy and unsettling feel is present throughout acting was good from everyone, especially Patrick Stewart and Anton Yelchin – shame about what happened to him earlier this year.  Overall, it’s a 8.5/10)

Anyway, the director (who is quite an asshole moron) gave the bears an audition and NONE of them got the part and instead it went to…….the director himself.

And so the bears forgive each other and all is well.

Screenshot 2016-07-25 17.06.53

VERDICT: OK, I actually dig this episode a lot, much back to cycle of humorous WBB episodes I can give a few re-watches to and it helps that the funniest moments of the show were the audition takes of the Bears from Grizz’s overacting, Panda trying to sound cute in his shy reserve and Ice Bear being…..well, Ice Bear—wait, Alonzo Tigerheart. The next best thing in acting.

And that is it for the week of We Bare-cap Bears. It’s good to have this show showing new episodes for a week, especially with CN airing the Summer of Steven all month and yes, that has been fantastic as well.

Screenshot 2016-07-25 17.08.34
“I’m auditioning for a movie with Chris Pratt in it.”
Screenshot 2016-07-25 17.08.45
“Is this for a new SNL skit?”
Screenshot 2016-07-25 17.08.48
Ice Bear need to talk to Comedy Central.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and…….yeah, I’ll never look at Grizz the same way again.


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