WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 27: Episode 38 – Chicken and WAFFLES


Wait, so this has nothing to do with Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles?

Welcome to another edition of We Bare-cap Bears with today’s episode……uh, Chicken and Waffles. And this is a Panda episode……..oh……..yeah.

Panda needs to meet his bros at the hottest restaurant in town, but loses his contacts and can’t see how to get into the city.

OK, there isn’t much to go on from here. It’s the bros trying to make their reservation to this restaurant called Chicken and Waffles (Ice Bear does like Soul Food so kudos to him) and while they were about to make it, Panda left his cell phone back at the house and he needs to get it back. I don’t know why….OK, I do understand. He wants to take pics of his food and all that.

Well, he lost his contacts (I didn’t know he wore them at first) so he’s blind as hell so he get the help of Charlie to get him there on time. Antics happen like Panda running into cats, which he is allergic to and of course, Charlie donning a disguise to conceal his identity to the public. Eventually, they get to the restaurant while Grizz and Ice Bear stalling at first.

Eventually………well, they went on home to eat pine-cones and leaves…..nature’s chicken and waffles but minus the itis.

VERDICT: Wow……..I wasn’t really feeling this episode that much. I don’t know…..my guess is that the whole ‘leaving the phone at home’ part seems something that could’ve been re-written. Wallet or money would’ve work better than phone or at least the whole ‘pay with your phone’ thing but I’m getting ahead of myself. Point is, I didn’t care for that part and it could’ve been worked on some more. That and I’ve been saying for some time that Panda has been the least interesting part or not my favorite of these recent episodes and it focused on him more……I couldn’t care less for him and it’s not that I don’t like Panda. I do like him fine but I felt nothing for him in this episode, especially since I blame him more for being late for his reservation than Charlie. Also, this is another Charlie goes out in public and must avoid being seen as his true self episode and it still has some good moments going for it but not as much.

Point is, this is a disappointing episode for me. I wouldn’t go back and watch this one. Hell, I preferred Nom Nom’s Entourage than this.

Screenshot 2016-08-04 15.33.33
Don’t worry, Panda. Y’all have more good or decent than bad episodes.

Sorry, guys. But, hey, you still got more episodes I like than dislike so you’re still good to me.

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and I need to make some chicken and waffles.



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