WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 26: Episode 37 – BEAR Flu


What happens when you always swim in a dirty-ass lake and your dumb ass don’t read the sign saying “DO NOT SWIM IN THIS LAKE!?”

Well….good thing our dear Bears know the answer of that. In today’s session of We Bare-cap Bears, we look into Bear Flu.

The bears
become terribly ill and Chloe takes it upon herself to take care of them. But things get tricky when word of the bears’ sickness goes viral.

So with the bears getting sick, it is up to Chloe to take care of them and they are not making this easily for her. Grizz doesn’t think he’s that sick and tries to do any normal stuff although he really should be resting (No, for real, Grizz, just let the smarter 10-year-old little girl take care of you and you rest your big ass). Ice Bear……well, he’s the usual Ice Bear we know and love but sicker and…….Please……Help…..Ice Bear. And as for Panda…..well, Panda thinks he has something call the Bear Flu and also thinks it is some serious shit like it’s life-threatening and Panda tweets about it although one of the doctors said it doesn’t exist and that’s the end of the—- PFFTT!!!


One mention of Bear Flu on the internet and everyone overreacts about this like it’s the end of the world and the CDC (or whatever version of that in the show) arrives to contain them from escaping. So Chloe eventually thought of a plan to get them out. They did, got the bear flu thing squashed and things are solved……well, it made Chloe sick, too.

VERDICT: Hmmm……this might be the lesser of the Chloe-centric episodes for me but while I say that, it’s not a terrible episode. In fact, it’s a funny episode especially with the whole Bear Flu part and it has satire to that considering we do go overboard when it comes to diseases that people display as life-threatening and fatal and while we as people should be inform of what diseases are out there and what to do from getting them, you should also know when you’re acting like some crazed motherfucker. Although if I was Chloe, I had to strap them bears to be a chair or at least Grizz and detox Panda from the internet.

In short, a rather OK episode.

That’s it for me for today. I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and don’t jump into lakes that’ll get you sick.



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