WE BA[RE-CAP] BEARS 25: Episode 36 – The ISLAND


Baby BEARS ARE HERE AGAIN! Those Baby Bears are here again!!! In this next re-cap of WBB, BABY BEARS ARE HERE AGAIN!

In case you didn’t get the memo, this episode centers on once again, the Bears as their younger selves.

While trying to sail to Japan, the baby bears get stranded on an island. Luckily, they meet Dave and Karla, who help with survival on the island while looking for an escape.

See that guy on the right? Yeah.......
See that guy on the right? Yeah…….

So the bears made their way to Japan sailing on a box where they immediately wiped out and get stranded in this island. After being chased by a iguana or gila monster or big-ass lizard (I don’t know; someone correct me) and trapped in quicksand, the trio met Dave and Karla, who have been inhabiting the island for some time and they help the bears out with survival.

However, as they stay with Karla and Dave, the bears try to find a way off the island with finding an abandoned plane, hoping to find emergency supplies but while Karla is reluctant to find something to get off the island, Dave seems very, very, very suspect. They didn’t find the supplies at there but later on, Ice Bear finds the supplies and they find out Dave has been purposely hiding them so Karla can give up hope and fall in love with him. (I’ll get to that later on.)

Screenshot 2016-07-30 12.43.37

So, The bears fall into quicksand again but this time with a life raft, Karla finds out, is pissed and proceeds to leave out of there, leaving Dave there to suck and die. Eventually, Karla gets rescued and the Bears finally made it out to Japan.  Oh, and Dave is probably dead or something but who gives a fuck about him?

Screenshot 2016-08-02 14.12.47

VERDICT: First, let me say that……WOW, this was a great episode and is definitely among my top favorites. Seeing the younger bears again stranded in some unknown location always brings that wonderment of adventure and heart, especially with scenes of them and Karla with that song she sang to the bears. In other note, man, FUCK DAVE!! Fuck him so much!! I never thought I see a character more douchey than Nom Nom  but here he is. The guy is keeping her here, hiding all the emergency supplies and ways for them to escape just so he can get in her pants. He’s about as bad a person as Troy Ave. is (He’s a rapper, look him up and you see why)……. well, kinda. Either way, Dave is a douche and fuck him.

And despite that, I really enjoyed this episode and it’s definitely one that has that WBB charm and heart.Screenshot 2016-08-02 16.19.32

I’m MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid……and for real, fuck Dave.




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